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  1. Remi Wesnofske
  2. Richard
  3. 01/18/19
  4. Period 8
  5. Blue Sheet
  6. Passage #1
  8. A nonfunctional marriage will eventually tear apart a home, not all marriage as perfect. American custom shaped the households and parenting of today. Divorces will break relationships, marital, but also close friends. However some are able to keep at least some friends. Friends can help people through anything. Friends will be there for you, and true ones will stay with you, helping you through many things.
  9. The title is “Stone Soup.” It reveals about the passage that the passage will be about a “heavy” topic, as in stones are heavy. The genre of this selection is non-fiction. Another title could be “Healing.”
  10. In the beginning the tone is slightly miffed and morbid. Half way through, paragraph 3, the tone shifts to a more positive tone. This tone shift signifies what the passage is about, that even bad experiences and events will get better.
  11. Images
  12. “A nonfunctioning marriage is a slow asphyxiation.” This gives the image that a bad marriage is slowing killing either itself, or someone else.
  13. “It is waking up despised ... you’re nothing if you aren’t loved.” This gives the impression that a failing marriage is that it’s like waking up, and your day is already ruined.
  14. “Disassembling a marriage in these circumstances is an much fun as amputating your own gangrenous leg.” This quote gives the image that looking on and dissecting your failing marriage is like amputating an infected body part.
  15. “We’d like so desperately ... he’s a close enough snake to bite us.” This gives the image that it’s hard to notice and admit a failure, even if it is right in front of you.
  16. 5. Elements
  17. “Disassembling a marriage in these circumstances is an much fun as amputating your own gangrenous leg.” This is a simile, what compare two things using like or as.
  18. “Everybody else, for heaven’s sake, should stop throwing stones.” This is an allusion, which a reference to something else, in this case the title of the passage.
  19. “The quick hand of cruel fate” This is a idiom, in which a phrase is used to describe something, and that the phrase shouldn’t be taken literally.
  21. Passage #2
  22. The constitution is not perfect, and that Ben Franklin will probably never fully approve it, but because of all the experiences he’s had, he is more likely to respect others peoples opinions, instead of his own. Many people and religions think themselves in possession of all the truth. Ben Franklin agrees with most of the constitution, and agrees that is will be the backbone for a proper government. Ben Franklin believes that this is the best possible constitution they could make at the time. Ben Franklin has not spoken ill of the constitution in a foreign nation. The constitution, should it be approved, will help the new government. Ben Franklin wishes that everyone of the convention should put aside some of their objections and should help the constitution.
  23. There is no title to this passage, if there was, a good title would be “Towards the same Goal.”
  24. The tone throughout the passage is supportive, in respect to the constitution. The tone does not necessarily change through the passage.
  25. Images
  26. “Within these walls they were born, and here they shall die.” This gives the expression that Ben Franklin does not share his secrets and opinions that he have made about the constitution.
  27. “Steele a Protestant in a ... and the Church of England is never in the wrong.” This gives the impression that the debate between they in not dissimilar to the debate for the constitution.
  28. “It is therefore that the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgement, and to pay more respect to the judgement of others.” This contributes to Ben Franklins tone because it shows why he has become more supportive of the constitution, as it was made by others so he more likely to agree wi5 what they say.
  29. “Would with me, on this occasion doubt a little of his own infallibility, and to make manifest our unanimity, put his name to this instrument.” This gives the impression that the Constitution is right, and that even if you might disagree, you should support it by signing it, because it will benefit others.
  30. 5. Elements
  31. “that out councils are confounded like those of the like the Builders of Babel;” This is a simile because it compares two things using like or as, in this case it uses “like.”
  32. “Put his name to this instrument.” This is a metaphor, because the constitution is not literally an instrument, so the meaning is hidden.
  33. “States are on the point of separation, only to meet hereafter for the purpose of cutting one another’s throats.” This could be considered foreshadowing, which gives references to further events, for the Civil War, even though Ben Franklin did not know when it would occur, he did know that eventually something was going to break, and the nation would be in turmoil.
  35. Passage #3
  36. The Monica Lewinsky Case conflicted with the State of the Union in 1998 and 1999, and the Clinton presidency was seen as “lame.” The media doesn’t necessarily not tell you the truth, it just only tells you either what you want to hear or what I wants you to hear. It is compared to a soap opera, with its many different topics and genres. The sole reason for media is to get money. Media gets to chose what they want to show.
  37. The title is “The Real Thing” and the specific chapter is “News as Soap Opera.” It reveals that the passage will be one about the news and the “realness” of it and how to compares to a soap opera. The genre of the selection is non-fiction. A good title would be “You can have Whatever you want, but only from this Menu.”
  38. The tone is indifferent yet slightly dissenting. The tone does not shift through the passage.
  39. Images
  40. “In 1998 and 1999, the State of the Union was again overshadowed;” The use of overshadowed shows that the State of the Union was less important, compared to other news.
  41. “Yet had an unprecedentedly private flavor.” This gives the image that it was very suspicious.
  42. “Happily, the result was delayed, and the President was nearly finished when he lost the limelight.” This gives the image that people were happy when the news switched.
  43. “By 2000, In fact, the State of the Union had become a slideshow.” This shows that the State of the Union had become something boring, and was only a review of what happened.
  44. 5. Elements
  45. “Lame duck presidency.” This is a idiom, which is a saying with a different meaning, in this case the quote calls the presidency a “lame duck,” as it is not literally a lame duck, meaning it has a different meaning.
  46. “There is an increasing tendency for news to adopt the generic conventions of the soap opera.” This is a metaphor because it compares the news and soap operas, but does not do it explicitly.
  47. “Networks and cable channels are out for consumers’ bloods.” This is personification, which gives human qualities to an other wise not human thing. In this case it gives the networks and channels the quality of being “bloodthirsty.”
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