Pay2Win is shit

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  1. Erik Broes: _Grum, Minecrft developer for Mojang
  3. [3/06/2014 9:21:00 PM] WoodysGamertag: Erik didn't like selling unbans (among other things) but I'm not sure he's thought it through.  From my perspective they aren't a profit center. They are easily under 1% of sales.  But the challenge is what do you do with a cheater that's spent a lot of money at your server? Do you really ban them the first time they use a mini-map client without a way for them to get back?
  5. The charge is designed to be a slap on the wrist that makes them want to not want to do it again.
  6. [3/06/2014 9:24:56 PM] 9gigsofram: often they'll just buy a new minecraft account also
  7. [3/06/2014 9:26:28 PM] WoodysGamertag: When we give out the "permaban" we also ban all the accounts that shared IPs. It's actually pretty rare that somebody gets all three strikes.  They either stop cheating or they tone it down enough not to get caught.
  8. [3/06/2014 9:31:24 PM] Erik Broes: We had a nice discussion at the office. Most likely we'll have a handful of points in our new EULA and that should be enough to tame the bad stuff.
  9. [3/06/2014 9:32:23 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: this will be interesting see happen
  10. [3/06/2014 9:32:51 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik has mojang employed a PR department for this? so you still  look like a loverly 7 year olds game development company who is all nice?
  11. [3/06/2014 9:34:33 PM] WoodysGamertag: I'm not sure what the "bad stuff" is.  I assume selling in game items?
  12. [3/06/2014 9:35:27 PM] WoodysGamertag: Unbans are more an act of kindness. The alternative is issuing the death penalty at the first offense.
  13. [3/06/2014 9:36:26 PM] dithrlos: ^actually a fair way to look at things
  14. [3/06/2014 9:36:37 PM] dithrlos: that's why using temp bans are also effective.
  15. [3/06/2014 9:38:37 PM] WoodysGamertag: Yeah, there are some guys that I'd love to ban on the first offense but don't because we try to make our "justice system" equal and fair to everybody.  The only exception is certain player to player interactions like IRL money scamming, racism, etc.
  16. [3/06/2014 9:46:34 PM] WoodysGamertag: Also, I saw Reno was angry because I pay my staff. That's actually something I'm proud of. My father owned a small business and I worked there when I was young. (the 90's).  After I left I realized how generous his retirement plan was. When I asked him about it he said, "Well, the firm does pretty well and I think it's important to share it with the people that helped get it there."
  18. I could pocket a lot more than I do.  I have fans that would write code and build for free.  I send money to guys that didn't ask for it and most of my staff started off doing it for free.  They just became too helpful for me to keep accepting their work and not paying for it. They earned appreciation and money is how companies say, "Thank you."
  20. Paying people isn't bad, it's the way a good business gives back.
  21. [3/06/2014 9:48:52 PM] dithrlos: ^^^^
  22. [3/06/2014 9:49:01 PM] dithrlos: the amount of correctness in that statement.
  23. [3/06/2014 9:52:51 PM] WoodysGamertag: Ok, enough from me for now. Time to drive the kids to school.
  24. [3/06/2014 9:53:54 PM] dithrlos: have fun! tell collin he's awesome and tell hope to kick ass today XD
  25. [3/06/2014 10:02:31 PM] dillyg10: See Erik… and Woody does make a great point. Minecraft provides a lively hood for some people. It's inspired thousands of young developers, architects, business managers, and sysadmins alike. I honestly would have learned NOTHING about the world I know today without Minecraft teaching me that. I'm 16 years old, and I know more about programming than most 30 year old IT guys, and that's a blessing. The profit is the icing on the cake, but it's the motive that drives us to say "hey, maybe instead of fucking around on Diablo, let's work on something great."
  26. [3/06/2014 10:04:00 PM] Erik Broes: It actually matters nothing if you build a business around this
  27. [3/06/2014 10:04:22 PM] Erik Broes: You can build a business around anything that isn't allowed -- you are not allowed to complain about it when someone stops you from doing so.
  28. [3/06/2014 10:04:38 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: erik
  29. [3/06/2014 10:04:53 PM] Erik Broes: You should also not run a server for 'profits' -- it should be to offer a nice experience for the users on it
  30. [3/06/2014 10:04:54 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: I'm not going to sit here and tell you you're retarded or anything
  31. [3/06/2014 10:05:04 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: but please just sit here and listen to this
  32. [3/06/2014 10:05:09 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: just for a moment.
  33. [3/06/2014 10:05:09 PM] Erik Broes: Except that you just did by still talking now
  34. [3/06/2014 10:05:20 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: don't put words in my mouth.
  35. [3/06/2014 10:05:36 PM] Erik Broes: Erm, you said it; its like saying: "I don't mean to offend you but …."
  36. [3/06/2014 10:05:47 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: minecraft relies on it's servers, and on youtubers.
  37. [3/06/2014 10:05:50 PM] Erik Broes: it doesn't
  38. [3/06/2014 10:05:55 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: yes it does.
  39. [3/06/2014 10:05:58 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik
  40. [3/06/2014 10:06:00 PM] Erik Broes: Minecraft still sells 10k+ copies a day
  41. [3/06/2014 10:06:04 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: k
  42. [3/06/2014 10:06:07 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: you don't understand
  43. [3/06/2014 10:06:17 PM | Edited 10:06:25 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: you know full well, that sprarkelz and yogscast kicked off minecraft properly
  44. [3/06/2014 10:06:26 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it wouldn't HAVE that support without servers and youtube
  45. [3/06/2014 10:06:27 PM] Erik Broes: no you don't understand that you cannot just 'say things' and magically 'turn them into truths' without actually having facts to back it up
  46. [3/06/2014 10:06:38 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: there are facts to back it up.
  47. [3/06/2014 10:06:52 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: I don't care enough to prove you wrong on that
  48. [3/06/2014 10:06:53 PM] Erik Broes: Oh, you have numbers that we cannot obtain? let us know please.
  49. [3/06/2014 10:06:53 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: i've been in this business just as long as you erik
  50. [3/06/2014 10:07:07 PM] Erik Broes: And that is where you go wrong
  51. [3/06/2014 10:07:10 PM] Erik Broes: its not a business
  52. [3/06/2014 10:07:16 PM] Erik Broes: running servers is *NOT* A BUSINESS*
  53. [3/06/2014 10:07:26 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: (facepalm)
  54. [3/06/2014 10:07:29 PM] dillyg10: Erik, look my point is this. Minecraft server profitability does more good than harm.
  55. [3/06/2014 10:07:34 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: that's not what i was saying
  56. [3/06/2014 10:07:38 PM] Erik Broes: you *cannot* create your business around something you are not allowed to make profit on -- well you can, but you'd be rather daft
  57. [3/06/2014 10:07:46 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik
  58. [3/06/2014 10:07:51 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: out of interest
  59. [3/06/2014 10:07:59 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: this is like arguing against a brick wall.
  60. [3/06/2014 10:08:02 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: is mojang prepared to attack EVERY server which has a donation system?
  61. [3/06/2014 10:08:06 PM] Erik Broes: No
  62. [3/06/2014 10:08:12 PM] Erik Broes: Donations are allowed by our EULA
  63. [3/06/2014 10:08:23 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: erik
  64. [3/06/2014 10:08:27 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: as you can't pick and chose who to take down
  65. [3/06/2014 10:08:32 PM] Erik Broes: but we'll most likely hack down on the fact that most people give 'perks' for donations -- which under almost all laws makes it a purchase
  66. [3/06/2014 10:09:00 PM] dillyg10: Erik, people don't see the point of donating for a cause that isn't a charity
  67. [3/06/2014 10:09:04 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: you do realize that if mojang starts hitting down these servers people won't stand for it. minecraft won't last for more then 5 more months
  68. [3/06/2014 10:09:08 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik you know how many issues blizzard had with this?
  69. [3/06/2014 10:09:11 PM] dillyg10: You're going to loose large constructed servers like Hypixel
  70. [3/06/2014 10:09:15 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: when the did it with WoW
  71. [3/06/2014 10:09:20 PM] Erik Broes: Jake: lol stop making these retarded wild accusations
  72. [3/06/2014 10:09:34 PM] dillyg10: That retain such high player counts because they create something that's full, beautiful and amazing and helps retain players into the game.
  73. [3/06/2014 10:09:38 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: erik
  74. [3/06/2014 10:09:44 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Jake this is kinda wild :P
  75. [3/06/2014 10:09:49 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: i'd like to speak to your supervisor
  76. [3/06/2014 10:09:50 PM] Erik Broes: I don't see how having 10k people is 'worth' anything
  77. [3/06/2014 10:09:59 PM] Erik Broes: Jake: trust me you dont hahaha
  78. [3/06/2014 10:10:01 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Status? Ego?
  79. [3/06/2014 10:10:16 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik is Partick your supervisor on these matters?
  80. [3/06/2014 10:10:17 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: for misrepresenting mojang and verbally attacking an individual.
  81. [3/06/2014 10:10:24 PM] Erik Broes: Max: no
  82. [3/06/2014 10:10:27 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™:
  83. [3/06/2014 10:10:29 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: actually does he still work at mojang as the business manager
  84. [3/06/2014 10:10:33 PM | Edited 10:10:50 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: is it work me skpying him?
  85. [3/06/2014 10:10:41 PM] Erik Broes: I'm not verbally attacking anything :)
  86. [3/06/2014 10:10:54 PM] Erik Broes: also, i said your accusations are retarded; not that *YOU* are retarded
  87. [3/06/2014 10:10:59 PM] Erik Broes: biiig difference
  88. [3/06/2014 10:11:03 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: not very
  89. [3/06/2014 10:11:07 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: be careful fine lines there :P
  90. [3/06/2014 10:11:19 PM] Erik Broes: oh yes, i make sure not to cross those lines ;)
  91. [3/06/2014 10:11:21 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: if I represent those statements completely
  92. [3/06/2014 10:11:26 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik, is Patrick a good person to talk to about this?
  93. [3/06/2014 10:11:34 PM] Erik Broes: Max: if you want to have a worse experience than me? nope :P
  94. [3/06/2014 10:11:39 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: whatever not worth continuing that
  95. [3/06/2014 10:11:43 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: and erik
  96. [3/06/2014 10:11:43 PM | Edited 10:11:55 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: will he have a thicker brick wall?
  97. [3/06/2014 10:11:53 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: can we get a better experience?
  98. [3/06/2014 10:11:58 PM] Erik Broes: Just for funsies, both Nathan and I have a less extreme vision for the future than the rest of us here if i were to go by the meeting we had this morning
  99. [3/06/2014 10:11:58 PM] Craig Egerton: [Tuesday, 3 June 2014 10:05 PM] Erik Broes:
  101. <<< Minecraft still sells 10k+ copies a daythink about how many of those accounts log in to multiplayer, even on XBLA
  102. [3/06/2014 10:12:18 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: or a direction to a new game that will support us?
  103. [3/06/2014 10:12:22 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik can I come visit? and listen in?:P
  104. [3/06/2014 10:12:30 PM] Erik Broes: Max: you'll get the news 'asap'
  105. [3/06/2014 10:12:39 PM] Erik Broes: but hey, that's what they said to me 7mths ago
  106. [3/06/2014 10:12:45 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: erik
  107. [3/06/2014 10:12:49 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: tell us this
  108. [3/06/2014 10:12:51 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: i've always known it was going to happen
  109. [3/06/2014 10:13:02 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: well it's always been obvious
  110. [3/06/2014 10:13:12 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: are we in a spot where we're going to have to pull our investments and leave?
  111. [3/06/2014 10:13:13 PM] Erik Broes: Keep in mind, nothing is changing -- we're just making it more clear what you *can* and cannot do
  112. [3/06/2014 10:13:25 PM] Erik Broes: Jake: if you have done your investments in a wrong thing, probably
  113. [3/06/2014 10:13:31 PM] Erik Broes: you can still make money, just not the way you are doing it now
  114. [3/06/2014 10:13:44 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: you CANNOT sell in game perks basiclly
  115. [3/06/2014 10:13:45 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: so selling builds is illegal?
  116. [3/06/2014 10:13:47 PM] Erik Broes: we'll actually explicitly *LET* you make money in what we discussed this morning
  117. [3/06/2014 10:13:49 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: just wondering
  118. [3/06/2014 10:14:14 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: am I getting the right idea there?
  119. [3/06/2014 10:14:15 PM] Erik Broes: so in fact the new 'thing' is better than the old -- which explicitly says you *CANNOT* make money
  120. [3/06/2014 10:14:34 PM] Erik Broes: Max: replace perks with 'anything'
  121. [3/06/2014 10:14:40 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: ok
  122. [3/06/2014 10:14:45 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: that's fine by me
  123. [3/06/2014 10:14:53 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: so basically mc's done
  124. [3/06/2014 10:14:56 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: good to know
  125. [3/06/2014 10:15:01 PM] Erik Broes: Jake: why? nothing changes?
  126. [3/06/2014 10:15:03 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: I'll be changing my business model
  127. [3/06/2014 10:15:17 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: "buisness model"
  128. [3/06/2014 10:15:22 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: way of funding my server
  129. [3/06/2014 10:15:53 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: anyway Erik, that has cleared up some issues
  130. [3/06/2014 10:15:59 PM] dillyg10: O_o
  131. [3/06/2014 10:16:01 PM] Erik Broes: We'll give you a way to fund your server besides donations -- or at least that is our idea sofar
  132. [3/06/2014 10:16:05 PM | Edited 10:16:12 PM] dillyg10: What other way do you think of doing it?
  133. [3/06/2014 10:16:06 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: ad system?
  134. [3/06/2014 10:16:17 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: way to stop people for making thousands and only a little just enough to pay for servers
  135. [3/06/2014 10:16:55 PM] Erik Broes: meh I cannot go into it more right now
  136. [3/06/2014 10:17:05 PM] Erik Broes: because nothing is actually decided upon
  137. [3/06/2014 10:17:09 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: haha a :P referal links for realms
  138. [3/06/2014 10:17:11 PM] Erik Broes: and whatever I'll say here will be raped from context
  139. [3/06/2014 10:17:11 PM] dillyg10: Understood :P
  140. [3/06/2014 10:17:34 PM] dillyg10: Just keep us in the look when you can Erik
  141. [3/06/2014 10:17:34 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: On 6/3/14, at 8:47 AM, Erik Broes wrote:
  142. > and whatever I'll say here will be raped from context
  144. (heart)
  145. [3/06/2014 10:17:51 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: don't feed the trolls erik, don't feed the trolls.
  146. [3/06/2014 10:17:55 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: rule number 1.
  147. [3/06/2014 10:17:56 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: As long as it's opt in / out I Don't care
  148. [3/06/2014 10:18:13 PM] dillyg10: And also keep in mind how many people here really love the game, and really love what we have the oppruntunity to do with the game :).
  149. [3/06/2014 10:18:20 PM] Erik Broes: we're not going to be trackign anything of this
  150. [3/06/2014 10:18:25 PM] Erik Broes: we are not interested in that
  151. [3/06/2014 10:18:56 PM] Erik Broes: if you are on a server, your experience should be the same as every other player
  152. [3/06/2014 10:18:57 PM] Erik Broes: we just do not want people to mix the pools of 'paying people' and 'nonpaying people'
  153. [3/06/2014 10:19:10 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it's not pay to win
  154. [3/06/2014 10:19:25 PM] Erik Broes: yes, but also no 'showoff perks i bought'
  155. [3/06/2014 10:19:25 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: thats how it's set
  156. [3/06/2014 10:19:26 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it's pay to add accessory
  157. [3/06/2014 10:19:29 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: or to speed up
  158. [3/06/2014 10:19:33 PM] Erik Broes: yes, not allowed
  159. [3/06/2014 10:19:48 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik can you confirm or deny my pm plz (heart)
  160. [3/06/2014 10:20:28 PM] Erik Broes: You would be able to charge for access to your server
  161. [3/06/2014 10:20:34 PM] Erik Broes: and take donations
  162. [3/06/2014 10:20:40 PM] Erik Broes: and that's it.
  163. [3/06/2014 10:21:24 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Pay2Play has never worked ;)
  164. [3/06/2014 10:24:22 PM] Erik Broes: Then make donations work :)
  165. [3/06/2014 10:24:46 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: haha :P
  166. [3/06/2014 10:32:19 PM] TATIMBLIN: Perhaps if more servers did pay2play it would be more customary and easier accepted by players. I can see it hard to do know since you'd be the only one most people would just find another server.
  167. [3/06/2014 10:33:17 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: actually erik
  168. [3/06/2014 10:33:45 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it would be great if you would just use mine realms to us
  169. [3/06/2014 10:33:59 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: make it so we can buy licenses to run a server.
  170. [3/06/2014 10:34:07 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: then we can host how we wish
  171. [3/06/2014 10:34:22 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: and boom
  172. [3/06/2014 10:34:24 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: you make money
  173. [3/06/2014 10:34:26 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: we make money
  174. [3/06/2014 10:34:28 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: all good
  175. [3/06/2014 10:34:35 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it'll cut out the bad servers
  176. [3/06/2014 10:34:41 PM] dillyg10: Hey, dithrolos
  177. [3/06/2014 10:34:45 PM] dillyg10: Discussion isover
  178. [3/06/2014 10:34:51 PM] dillyg10: Erik and Mojang are making up their minds
  179. [3/06/2014 10:34:53 PM] dillyg10: we'll see what happens
  180. [3/06/2014 10:34:54 PM] dillyg10: move on
  181. [3/06/2014 10:37:18 PM] || Moses ||: Wait Erik, so donations wont be allowed anymore?
  182. [3/06/2014 10:37:37 PM] dillyg10: On 6/3/14, at 9:06 AM, shadow_moses54 wrote:
  183. > Wait Erik, so donations wont be allowed anymore?
  185. (facepalm) Read.
  186. [3/06/2014 10:37:42 PM] dillyg10: On 6/3/14, at 8:53 AM, Erik Broes wrote:
  187. > Then make donations work :)
  188. [3/06/2014 10:37:50 PM] || Moses ||: Its over 500 msgs.. .-.
  189. [3/06/2014 10:38:05 PM] dillyg10: Then spend over 2 second reading through them
  190. [3/06/2014 10:38:23 PM] TATIMBLIN: ^^jake brings up the biggest issue I see with servers. When someone quickly makes a server and has enough money to pay the first month thinking donations will cover the rest. Then a few donations come in for "lifetime" ranks. But not enough and they close the server and keep the money.
  191. [3/06/2014 10:39:04 PM] dillyg10: [6/3/14 9:03:44 AM] dillyg10: Hey, TATIMBLIN
  192. [6/3/14 9:03:48 AM] dillyg10: Discussion isover
  193. [6/3/14 9:03:54 AM] dillyg10: Erik and Mojang are making up their minds
  194. [6/3/14 9:03:56 AM] dillyg10: we'll see what happens
  195. [6/3/14 9:03:57 AM] dillyg10: move on
  196. [3/06/2014 10:39:40 PM] TATIMBLIN: Ooook
  197. [3/06/2014 10:56:53 PM | Removed 11:22:11 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: This message has been removed.
  198. [3/06/2014 10:57:10 PM | Removed 11:22:15 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: This message has been removed.
  199. [3/06/2014 10:57:13 PM | Removed 11:22:04 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: This message has been removed.
  200. [3/06/2014 11:02:47 PM] WoodysGamertag: Erik: You're suggesting a model where the players have no incentive to donate.  That would be the death of servers.  I don't understand how you can't see that these servers help mojang.
  201. [3/06/2014 11:03:06 PM] WoodysGamertag: Ok, it's not the way you like to play but why would you take away what other people want?
  202. [3/06/2014 11:04:17 PM] WoodysGamertag: The world is filled with factions players that love what we do.  It's filled with mini-game players that love what Hypixel does.  All of them buy minecraft because of it.
  203. [3/06/2014 11:04:54 PM] WoodysGamertag: But now I hear, "Sorry, I don't like the player experience on your server. I'm going to end it."
  205. Why?  I have sastified customers.
  206. [3/06/2014 11:05:56 PM] WoodysGamertag: I have guys that play every waking moment and have enough faith in my team that the moment we tease something new they are chomping at the bit to get more details about it.  It's a thriving server with a faithful community. There are no victims here.
  207. [3/06/2014 11:07:13 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: again with the good point woody, i mean it's a situation where if it's not broken, why fix it.
  208. [3/06/2014 11:35:55 PM] Erik Broes: WoodyGamertag: how is 'having the server around' not a good enough reason to donate?
  209. [3/06/2014 11:36:28 PM] Erik Broes: Jake: it is broken, so we're going to be fixing it
  210. [3/06/2014 11:36:50 PM] Erik Broes: And you sortof have to thank yourselves for not following the rules in the first place and having it become more and more broken
  211. [3/06/2014 11:37:43 PM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": Can i ask, what if you view on the server situation, and why (if its been in your terms) do you take action now?
  212. [3/06/2014 11:39:22 PM] Erik Broes: My personal view? its hard to create a proper line between acceptable and non-acceptable microtransactions
  213. [3/06/2014 11:39:53 PM] Erik Broes: anything that changes gamebalance in any way or temps by either peerpresure or simple greed to extract money from people is a huge no-no for me
  214. [3/06/2014 11:39:58 PM] Drew: I can't wait to see minecraft die because Erik's retarded expectations
  215. [3/06/2014 11:40:09 PM] Erik Broes: This is less extreme than the planned changes
  216. [3/06/2014 11:40:55 PM] Drew: I really don't think mojang would like the fact that one of their employees is in a chat flamming and arguing with mowing customers
  217. [3/06/2014 11:41:04 PM] Drew: Mojang*
  218. [3/06/2014 11:41:21 PM] Drew: I for one will not be buying anything else mojang
  219. [3/06/2014 11:41:30 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: ^
  220. [3/06/2014 11:42:00 PM] craig-egerton: [Tuesday, 3 June 2014 11:35 PM] Erik Broes:
  222. <<< WoodyGamertag: how is 'having the server around' not a good enough reason to donate?most people dont realise what they have till its gone
  223. [3/06/2014 11:42:01 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: erik
  224. [3/06/2014 11:42:18 PM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": honestly i don't see minecraft dieing, even if mojang changes things, i would assume people would work around the system, and/or work with the system, but if they have it in the terms at the moment and yet nothing had happened, i still don't see why they are changing it now?
  225. [3/06/2014 11:43:10 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: so grum
  226. [3/06/2014 11:43:20 PM] WoodysGamertag: [Tuesday, 3 June 2014 11:35 PM] Erik Broes:
  228. <<< how is 'having the server around' not a good enough reason to donateIt's just not.  I like wikipedia but I've never donated. Have you? It's just kind of somebody else's responsibilty.  People won't support the server if they get nothing in return other than having it around.  I suspect that deep down you know that too.
  229. [3/06/2014 11:43:21 PM] Drew: I used to like mojang but Erik made me realize they are not a good company
  230. [3/06/2014 11:43:23 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: remember that mod api you were supposed to do 2 years ago?
  231. [3/06/2014 11:43:30 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: yeah hows that coming.
  232. [3/06/2014 11:44:36 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: oh and grum
  233. [3/06/2014 11:44:44 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: just remember what got you started.
  234. [3/06/2014 11:44:47 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: bukkit
  235. [3/06/2014 11:44:58 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: which wouldn't have happened without these larger servers.
  236. [3/06/2014 11:45:16 PM] WoodysGamertag: People look at the price of a rank and say, "OMG, it's horrible. How can they charge that?"
  238. It's optional. You can play at WoodyCraft for free. It's just time consuming to mine diamonds and enchant armor.  I've never said, "OMG, my son has hundreds of dollars of minecraft stuff animals. How can they charge that?"
  240. It was optional, I don't blame you for charging $40 for a toy. I could have decided not to buy it.  Instead, my son is a happy customer who sleeps with creepers and enderman.
  241. [3/06/2014 11:45:28 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: so why, you of ALL people, are you attacking people who helped you get started.
  242. [3/06/2014 11:45:46 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: especially when these server provide content for youtubers, who bring in all of your players.
  243. [3/06/2014 11:45:55 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: it's just ridiculous.
  244. [3/06/2014 11:49:18 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: also
  245. [3/06/2014 11:49:36 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: why the fuck would you attack your biggest supporters for events like minecon
  246. [3/06/2014 11:49:48 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: one booth alone has sold for 30 grand in the past.
  247. [3/06/2014 11:50:17 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: what makes that kind of a loss worth it for a $13 a month server host.
  248. [3/06/2014 11:50:47 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: Oh a more happy note:
  250. [3/06/2014 11:50:53 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: just got that tweet from a sticker company :$
  251. [3/06/2014 11:51:10 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: lol
  252. [3/06/2014 11:51:12 PM] Drew: Really the only people these plans will hurt is the honest servers, the bad servers won't give two fucks and continue doing bad stuff
  253. [3/06/2014 11:51:23 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: yup.
  254. [3/06/2014 11:51:43 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: i mean most big servers wouldn't mind giving a license fee to mojang too.
  255. [3/06/2014 11:52:49 PM] Max | Sraph LTD: nobodey would
  256. [3/06/2014 11:54:17 PM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": well, if that cuts out the servers that just join to make money, like with $500 ranks... (usually smaller servers)
  257. [3/06/2014 11:56:53 PM] Erik Broes: On 03/06/2014, at 16:13, Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™ wrote:
  258. > remember that mod api you were supposed to do 2 years ago?
  260. Which one?
  261. [3/06/2014 11:57:36 PM] Erik Broes: I've never ever said anything ever about doing a mod api :(
  262. [3/06/2014 11:58:12 PM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 10:27 AM, Erik Broes wrote:
  263. > I've never ever said anything ever about doing a mod api :(
  264. But mojang did, whether you like it or not that's what they called it
  265. [3/06/2014 11:58:51 PM] Erik Broes: Not sure how that matters? :)
  266. [3/06/2014 11:59:12 PM] Erik Broes: Notch also said we'd have a 'license for the api that would cost money'
  267. [3/06/2014 11:59:41 PM] Erik Broes: As long as the people that scream things are not actually working on those things, I'd just ignore them if I were you :)
  268. [12:00:00 AM] Drew: It matters you know what's he's talking about you don't need to be an ass about it
  269. [12:00:43 AM] Erik Broes: I don't see how you can justify breaking the EULA in any way
  270. [12:00:48 AM] Erik Broes: it just feels a bit stupid :D
  271. [12:01:25 AM] Erik Broes: It's like complaining after a cop gives you a ticket jaywalking, you *KNOW* it is not right and still you do it
  272. [12:01:43 AM] aa2202aa2202: Grum
  273. [12:02:06 AM] aa2202aa2202: you guys can't enforce this
  274. [12:03:01 AM] Erik Broes: We actually can
  275. [12:03:18 AM] aa2202aa2202: how?
  276. [12:03:36 AM] Drew: Its really quite easy
  277. [12:03:51 AM] aa2202aa2202: There is many ways around it
  278. [12:04:00 AM] Erik Broes: We'll ask nicely and then send really mean lawyers :)
  279. [12:04:06 AM] aa2202aa2202: aure
  280. [12:04:08 AM] aa2202aa2202: sure
  281. [12:04:13 AM] aa2202aa2202: go track down every server
  282. [12:04:17 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": how are you going to enforce this to all the servers lol
  283. [12:04:30 AM] aa2202aa2202: Also I will have a thing saying that the purchases are not related
  284. [12:04:32 AM] aa2202aa2202: to mojang
  285. [12:04:42 AM] aa2202aa2202: Mojang fucks up their game
  286. [12:04:44 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": no offence but that will give a bad name to mojang, and also will waste a hell of a lot of money
  287. [12:04:55 AM] Erik Broes: If they are not related to mojang you won't see them ingame :)
  288. [12:05:21 AM] aa2202aa2202: Il sell a code
  289. [12:05:28 AM] aa2202aa2202: then people with that code
  290. [12:05:29 AM] aa2202aa2202: get rewards
  291. [12:05:36 AM] Erik Broes: not really, as a gaming company defending your own IP is not 'weird', especially if you have very tolerant rules on how people *can* make money with your game
  292. [12:06:07 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": not to put the fact that you will be going after a majority of underage kids who want to play the game with there friends and give people who want to help pay for the server, by giving them in game stuff, a knock on the door
  293. [12:06:07 AM] publicpwner21: could we get someone working on a minecraft rip? so that after all of the servers for minecraft are gone we have something to continue with.
  294. [12:06:20 AM] aa2202aa2202: ^
  295. [12:06:27 AM] aa2202aa2202: Minecraft will eventually die
  296. [12:06:31 AM] Erik Broes: we're not going after the kids
  297. [12:06:34 AM] Erik Broes: obviously not :)
  298. [12:06:52 AM] Erik Broes: Mason: and we'd take down that without sending a nice letter ;)
  299. [12:07:06 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": but thats what it is, i can name hundreds of server that make money and they are run by underage kids
  300. [12:07:11 AM] Erik Broes: I truly do not see what you guys have so much problems with?
  301. [12:07:27 AM] aa2202aa2202: You clearly don't know a lot
  302. [12:07:30 AM] aa2202aa2202: about the community
  303. [12:07:43 AM] Drew: He clearly knows nothing about anything
  304. [12:07:49 AM] publicpwner21: [12:06 AM] Erik Broes:
  306. <<< Mason: and we'd take down that without sending a nice letter ;)did you send a letter to cube world?
  307. [12:07:52 AM] WoodysGamertag: I feel like these threats and attempts to catch Erik in some kind of logic trap aren't productive.  The fact is minecraft owns the IP and have the right to do what they want with it.
  309. I just wish they saw it as a partnership like I do.
  310. [12:08:05 AM] Leet: [12:08 AM] Erik Broes:
  312. <<< I truly do not see what you guys have so much problems with?Because you're talking to a bunch of people who make a living off of running servers.
  313. [12:08:06 AM] Erik Broes: I've seen no threats at all?
  314. [12:08:26 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: [12:01 AM] Erik Broes:
  316. <<< It's like complaining after a cop gives you a ticket jaywalking, you *KNOW* it is not right and still you do itOnly in that situation, it's possible that the person won't get caught
  317. [12:08:26 AM] Erik Broes: Ah! Maybe that is the problem, servers are not to make a living off at all
  318. [12:08:30 AM] Erik Broes: maybe you forgot to read our EULA
  319. [12:08:41 AM] Erik Broes: Reno: and that is still the case
  320. [12:08:45 AM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 10:38 AM, Erik Broes wrote:
  321. > maybe you forgot to read our EULA
  322. Maybe you forgot what makes your game what it is
  323. [12:08:46 AM] WoodysGamertag: It's been a win/win.  Servers like mine have extended the life of minecraft and the players love the game more than they would if it was just survival.
  324. [12:09:20 AM] Drew: Mojang just wants a bunch of survival clones now
  325. [12:09:26 AM] Drew: So the game will just die
  326. [12:09:33 AM] aa2202aa2202: ^
  327. [12:09:34 AM] Drew: No one will dev or create for it anymore
  328. [12:09:46 AM] Erik Broes: Why would it be impossible to have a game-mode or a minigame somewhere?
  329. [12:10:00 AM] WoodysGamertag: While I don't love the phrasing, Drew is on to something.  Servers have made minecraft more than it would be if it was only from mojang.
  330. [12:10:01 AM] Erik Broes: Or is it only possible if there are big amounts of money involved?
  331. [12:10:02 AM] aa2202aa2202: No-one will spend 20 euro
  332. [12:10:07 AM] aa2202aa2202: on survival
  333. [12:10:18 AM] Drew: No one will have time to spent hours and hours creating stuff anymore
  334. [12:10:39 AM] xerucide: Guize, guize, you'll never guess what I just saw
  335. [12:10:42 AM] xerucide: A server
  336. [12:10:45 AM] xerucide: That has a paid...
  337. [12:10:53 AM] xerucide: DEV rank
  338. [12:10:59 AM] Drew: I for one have spent the last year creating stuff only to find out now that was all useless
  339. [12:11:25 AM] Erik Broes: Wait, so people do not create anything in their spare time?
  340. [12:11:39 AM] Erik Broes: Isn't this how all your tools and even the game has been created initially? :)
  341. [12:11:44 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": Erik, do you think mojang will plan to shut down all money making server schemes, or don't you think if that was the case to try to salvage it and make it in to something you can work with? So it can benefit all of us?
  342. [12:12:06 AM] Erik Broes: Plans sofar are that you will have a way to make money
  343. [12:12:06 AM] Drew: I feel like the way mojang treats us we should just shut down and move one
  344. [12:12:21 AM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 10:41 AM, Erik Broes wrote:
  345. > Wait, so people do not create anything in their spare time?
  346. Its not spare time for a lot of us
  347. [12:12:24 AM] Erik Broes: which is actualyl FAR better than it is now, as the EULA says you have no way to make money ;P
  348. [12:12:36 AM] Drew: Maybe a few people sure
  349. [12:12:44 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": and will it effect the players gameplay on our servers?
  350. [12:13:32 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: maybe that is your mistake then?
  351. [12:13:53 AM] Erik Broes: I mean, you just decided to only do things for money eventhough there are no money flows allowed from the things you do this for?
  352. [12:13:56 AM] WoodysGamertag: I spend all my waking hours working on my server.  Honestly, it's about 18 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm sure that servers like Hypixel have guys (or teams of guys) doing the same.  If you take away the profit motive then the pros will leave and only amateurs will be interested.
  354. YouTube went through a similar change in reverse.  When they started monetizing channels people like CaptSparklez were born. The pros rolled in and made high effort videos.
  355. [12:14:09 AM] Erik Broes: Seems like a simple thing you'd look at before you start on that
  356. [12:14:12 AM] WoodysGamertag: It will hurt minecraft for sure.
  357. [12:14:15 AM] TATIMBLIN: I've been ready through most of this and wanted chime in. It seems a great example to what kind of servers you are trying to make is the planetminecraft server.
  358. [12:14:56 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: I think Erik's just a douchebag who should've been fired when he never did what he was hired for
  359. [12:14:58 AM] TATIMBLIN: *reading
  360. [12:15:02 AM] Erik Broes: Why do you instantly say that it is absolutely impossible to make anything unless there is money involved?
  361. [12:15:07 AM] Erik Broes: that is just sad :)
  362. [12:15:15 AM | Edited 12:15:16 AM] Erik Broes: (and very greedy)
  363. [12:15:37 AM] Erik Broes: strange, I'm still doing that every day :/
  364. [12:15:56 AM] Erik Broes: I never did what i was hired for?
  365. [12:15:59 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": lol reno, i think thats a bit too far haha
  366. [12:16:06 AM] aa2202aa2202: No
  367. [12:16:10 AM] aa2202aa2202: He did do his work
  368. [12:16:26 AM] xerucide: My god shit is going down in this chat
  369. [12:16:26 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: Working on the mod API?
  370. [12:16:30 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: Weird, we still don't have one
  371. [12:16:34 AM] Erik Broes: It's retarded logic, if I wouldn't be doing the work I'd be hired for wouldn't I already be fired? :)
  372. [12:16:36 AM] xerucide: And I'm over here fiddling with myself
  373. [12:16:40 AM] aa2202aa2202: winter
  374. [12:16:49 AM] aa2202aa2202: Its not just the mod API
  375. [12:16:50 AM] Erik Broes: Reno: oh, and the fact that you do not have one means we're not working on it? :)
  376. [12:17:03 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: [12:16 AM] Xeru:
  378. <<< And I'm over here fiddling with myselfWe don't need to know you're masturbating
  379. [12:17:08 AM] Erik Broes: Do you even logic? :D
  380. [12:18:11 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": If you knew that server were breaking the EULA, then why give them a panel at Minecon? That saying 'Hey look these are the guys that break our rules, and you should listen to them as they help others break our rules!'
  381. [12:18:25 AM] Erik Broes: Nikolaous: I'll bring an extra shirt :D
  382. [12:18:40 AM] Erik Broes: and why would you egg me? you are actually getting a 'sortof heads up' -- be happy :)
  383. [12:18:49 AM] aa2202aa2202: ^
  384. [12:18:59 AM] TATIMBLIN: Erik: I think minecraft servers could have run without money, but capped at a max of around 200 players. However since money has been introduced it would be hard to go back that state. I'd also like to ask what you plan to do about leveling the playing field when people already have ranks
  385. [12:19:19 AM] Erik Broes: So who broke the rules that we gave a panel? :/ (just curious, it doesn't actually matter obviously)
  386. [12:20:19 AM] Erik Broes: You can have ranks obviously, you just cannot buy them with hard cash :)
  387. [12:20:30 AM] TATIMBLIN: It be hard to take all of the paid ranks away from the millions of users, and if you let them keep it would be even more unfair, due to now instead of paying to get equal opportunities ingame it is just physically impossible
  388. [12:20:51 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": Overcast Network, Hypixel, Shotbow, they all answer questions about server, and even helped some kids get some donations in to sell things with BuyCraft!
  389. [12:21:12 AM] aa2202aa2202: You can easily get around it
  390. [12:21:20 AM] aa2202aa2202: One can donate a specific amount
  391. [12:21:27 AM] aa2202aa2202: then you specify the ranks in game
  392. [12:21:29 AM] WoodysGamertag: [12:14 AM] Erik Broes:
  394. <<< Why do you instantly say that it is absolutely impossible to make anything unless there is money involved?Because pros work for money.  I think the youtube example is a great one.  Sparklez hired an animation team, a vocalist, etc.  I hire developers, admins, support staff, etc.  You get top quality work when you pay for it.  If you hope that the online multiplayer experience will continue to expand or even stay where it is without a profit motive than you're kidding yourself.
  396. To be honest, this feels more like an attack on the community than a move in mojang's best interest.  I can't understand your motivation.
  397. [12:21:30 AM] aa2202aa2202: or something
  398. [12:21:39 AM] aa2202aa2202: ^^
  399. [12:21:53 AM] Erik Broes: Tatimblin: yeaaaaah and you get to solve that isn't that fun!! You created this unbalance that was purely fed by greed
  400. [12:21:55 AM] WoodysGamertag: Every server owner breaks the EULA, every single one.
  401. [12:22:17 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": This was also broadcasted on the Minecraft Youtube Channel, so you promoted that you can have a server like these guys, who make money and who just helped people at a Minecraft Convention which you arranged them to do
  402. [12:22:42 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: nope, because then it's not a donation
  403. [12:23:01 AM] Erik Broes: Woody: not true, servers exists that do not do microtransations or perks for donations
  404. [12:23:10 AM] TATIMBLIN: I haven't made anything from ranks so 1. Don't judge me and 2. It is your game
  405. [12:23:49 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": ^ lol, please show me
  406. [12:23:52 AM] aa2202aa2202: Don't get me wrong
  407. [12:23:56 AM] aa2202aa2202: But many methods to get around it
  408. [12:24:30 AM] Erik Broes: tatimblin: good to hear you are not selling ranks then :)
  409. [12:25:42 AM] WoodysGamertag: [12:22 AM] Erik Broes:
  411. <<< Woody: not true, servers exists that do not do microtransations or perks for donationsCan you name some? I'm curious if they are popular.
  412. [12:25:48 AM] aa2202aa2202: 60% of servers will shut down
  413. [12:25:57 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": did you know that the people in the panel at Minecon were breaking your EULA?
  414. [12:26:01 AM] aa2202aa2202: Minecraft will slowely die
  415. [12:26:12 AM] craig-egerton: [12:00 AM] Erik Broes:
  417. <<< I don't see how you can justify breaking the EULA in any waypoints like this, no one has here, we are talking about making the EULA stupid
  418. [12:26:22 AM] TATIMBLIN: Mhm we did ranks based on points that couldn't be bought. And setup a way to donate for nothing
  419. [12:26:36 AM] aa2202aa2202: Then 1 day mojang will regret their decision
  420. [12:27:15 AM] Erik Broes: no, talking about rewording the EULA so you actually get more rights :)
  421. [12:27:47 AM] Erik Broes: Tatimblin: that seems like a nice system, according to everyone in here your server either sucks super hard or it will die in days
  422. [12:28:17 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": ohhhhhh so you still won't enforce the EULA, but just change it so that we have some rights?
  423. [12:28:40 AM] WoodysGamertag: I like the rights we have now, EULA non-enforcement :)
  424. [12:28:45 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": So nothing will change but actually giving us some right to do things
  425. [12:29:06 AM] aa2202aa2202: Just have players donate
  426. [12:29:07 AM] aa2202aa2202: on forums
  427. [12:29:12 AM] aa2202aa2202: they save they donated
  428. [12:29:15 AM] aa2202aa2202: then give them ranks
  429. [12:29:17 AM] aa2202aa2202: So easy to bypass
  430. [12:29:18 AM] aa2202aa2202: :)
  431. [12:29:22 AM] TATIMBLIN: There were about 30 people on, so it was nice for a while (30 is good for just creative IMO)
  432. [12:29:28 AM] aa2202aa2202: Have it as a donation payment
  433. [12:29:43 AM] aa2202aa2202: And add MC username to reason
  434. [12:29:49 AM] aa2202aa2202: What can mojang do
  435. [12:29:51 AM] aa2202aa2202: without a webstore
  436. [12:30:16 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: nope, you cannot 'give' people ranks based on an outside payment :)
  437. [12:30:50 AM] Erik Broes: It's really simple, money you spend outside of the game cannot reflect inside the game at all
  438. [12:30:54 AM] Iphonetips1 "SaiCoGaming": dw I'm sure BuyCraft will come up with a way around it haha
  439. [12:31:14 AM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: On 6/3/14, at 10:36 AM, Mason // PixelPrison wrote:
  440. > could we get someone working on a minecraft rip? so that after all of the servers for minecraft are gone we have something to continue with.
  442. not making a rip, but I'm developing something better.
  443. [12:31:16 AM] aa2202aa2202: How will you monitor this
  444. [12:31:30 AM] aa2202aa2202: I will have a donate button
  445. [12:31:38 AM] aa2202aa2202: no ranks mentioned
  446. [12:31:39 AM] TATIMBLIN: Though it was too expensive for not making any money so we all left to a server that was hosted by a bigger server in return for builds
  447. [12:31:59 AM] aa2202aa2202: Just mention it in game/forums
  448. [12:32:29 AM] aa2202aa2202: And again
  449. [12:32:34 AM] aa2202aa2202: you can't monitor the ranks I give
  450. [12:32:35 AM] aa2202aa2202: in any way
  451. [12:33:02 AM] aa2202aa2202: And again you can't verify that the people that have ranks have donated
  452. [1:16:55 AM] Jordan // LOF Network: Can someone please answer my questions
  453. [1:17:35 AM] Jordan // LOF Network: Is this officially happening? What exactly do we have to change
  454. [2:20:55 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: I'm 99% sure they do
  455. [2:22:11 AM] 9gigsofram: That would be increadilbly dumb
  456. [2:22:34 AM] Dan: because Mojang is not a rip off merchant. did you know their game is a 20 euro one time fee, although if you want to play with your friends it would've been free but they closed all big servers for their 10 euro a month (or 120 euro a year) service.
  457. [2:23:24 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: Dan
  458. [2:23:37 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: People don't spend 120 euroes a year on server perks?
  459. [2:23:46 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: not to my knowledge...
  460. [2:25:07 AM] craig-egerton: [2:23 AM] Max | Sraph LTD:
  462. <<< People don't spend 120 euroes a year on server perks?factions etc. they do
  463. [2:26:03 AM] craig-egerton: first year is alot more but they still spend alot
  464. [2:26:26 AM] Dan: I know Max! but if you can't setup a LAN server, or host a server yourself then you're going to need to pay Mojang that to maintain your server for you!
  465. [2:27:06 AM] Dan: correction
  466. [2:27:22 AM] Dan: I doubt merely 50 of them have spent 120 euros
  467. [2:27:30 AM] Dan: 500,000 people have joined my server
  468. [2:27:44 AM] Dan: but if that were realms, they'd need to pay 10 euroes just to get a server with their friends!
  469. [2:30:46 AM] Dan: although, Erik seems pretty confident that everyone would voluntarily pay to Realms and if they didn't it shouldn't be there, right Erik? ([16:36:07] Erik Broes: Dan: then maybe your server shouldn't be there)
  470. [2:30:49 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: I've over 750,000 but then i've been around a bit longer
  471. [2:30:52 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: srs dan on 500,000?
  472. [2:31:01 AM] danstoogood: why don't we try that Erik?
  473. [2:31:13 AM] aa2202aa2202: max
  474. [2:31:37 AM] danstoogood: you seem extremely confident that this world is filled with warm hearted people
  475. [2:32:21 AM] bloxparadise_: dan i doubt he's listening to you
  476. [2:33:37 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: Yes aa2202
  477. [2:33:46 AM] danstoogood: I doubt that :P
  478. [2:35:05 AM] dillyg10: Same conversation as this morning?
  479. [2:35:23 AM] Gummy: So just to clear the air, how is everyone today?
  480. [2:35:58 AM] lofnetwork: Yep
  481. [2:36:04 AM | Edited 2:38:25 AM] danstoogood: yea dilly, it seems Erik is a hypocrite
  482. [2:36:06 AM] danstoogood: :|
  483. [2:37:05 AM] christian.payne23: Why cant we be friends? Why cant we be friends?
  484. [2:37:44 AM] ilucamc: On 6/3/14, at 19:05, xllgummybearxll wrote:
  485. > So just to clear the air, how is everyone today?
  487. Well tried
  488. [2:38:10 AM] bloxparadise_: Because erik isn't friendly?
  489. [2:39:00 AM] Curtis.: Funny how he ignored the questions about TheHive being shut down.
  490. [2:40:04 AM] bloxparadise_: Like he didn't ignore anyone else
  491. [2:41:01 AM] christian.payne23: He ignored all the questions
  492. [2:41:31 AM] christian.payne23: I want to know how they think its right they get games like The Walls, that originated somewhere else for realms. but are going to close down those servers
  493. [2:41:57 AM] christian.payne23: Without servers like hypixel, or mineplex, or thehive, mojang wont get ideas for realms, so it will fail aswell.
  494. [2:42:12 AM] bloxparadise_: Anyone have a plugin that lets you assign commands to mobs?
  495. [2:43:42 AM] aa2202aa2202: guess what
  496. [2:43:53 AM] bloxparadise_: what?
  497. [2:48:21 AM] youaresohistory1:
  498. Add me if interested
  499. [2:50:39 AM] aa2202aa2202: youaresohistory
  500. [2:50:42 AM] aa2202aa2202: Is a scammer
  501. [2:50:43 AM] aa2202aa2202: most likely
  502. [2:50:52 AM] aa2202aa2202: He has been offering a lot of pre-built maps......
  503. [2:50:57 AM] youaresohistory1:  ?
  504. [2:50:59 AM] youaresohistory1: Proof.
  505. [2:51:23 AM] aa2202aa2202: Proof that its yours
  506. [2:51:33 AM] bloxparadise_: What if he has made alot?
  507. [2:51:37 AM] youaresohistory1: Pre-built doesn't mean a scam...
  508. [2:51:45 AM] aa2202aa2202: Ahahha
  509. [2:51:46 AM] aa2202aa2202: thats funny
  510. [2:51:49 AM] aa2202aa2202: I live 20 minutes
  511. [2:51:52 AM] aa2202aa2202: from that castle
  512. [2:51:56 AM] youaresohistory1: Everytime I post, you're just like: SCAMMER!
  513. [2:52:04 AM] craig-egerton: [2:50 AM] Amir:
  515. <<< youaresohistory
  516. Is a scammer
  517. most likely
  518. He has been offering a lot of pre-built maps......he isnt a scammer
  519. [2:52:08 AM] youaresohistory1: Please provide some proof before mindlessly accusing me.
  520. [2:52:08 AM] youaresohistory1: Thanks.
  521. [2:52:34 AM] craig-egerton: pretty sure its a build team behind it
  522. [2:52:39 AM] aa2202aa2202: I said most likely
  523. [2:52:51 AM] dithrlos: as much as i hate him
  524. [2:52:51 AM] aa2202aa2202: Am 03.06.14, um 19:21 hat youaresohistory1 geschrieben:
  525. > Everytime I post, you're just like: SCAMMER!
  527. First time i said it
  528. [2:52:55 AM] dithrlos: he isn't a scamer
  529. [2:53:05 AM] dithrlos: scammer*
  530. [2:53:29 AM] aa2202aa2202: I said most likely
  531. [2:53:30 AM] aa2202aa2202: -.-
  532. [2:53:36 AM] aa2202aa2202: I was just assuming
  533. [2:53:38 AM] youaresohistory1: Really?
  534. [2:53:50 AM] ilucamc: He really isn't
  535. [2:55:04 AM] youaresohistory1: A pretty bad assumption
  536. [2:55:36 AM] craig-egerton: Amir, we where just informing you your assumption was wrong, that is all
  537. [2:56:16 AM] aa2202aa2202: yeah
  538. [2:57:01 AM] aa2202aa2202: Am 03.06.14, um 19:25 hat youaresohistory1 geschrieben:
  539. > A pretty bad assumption
  541. Not really
  542. [2:57:32 AM] aa2202aa2202: A pretty good one actually a lot of scammers around these days.
  543. [2:58:24 AM] aa2202aa2202: Especially with builds and pre build ones but however since you seem to have a good history I can say that my assumption was false
  544. [2:58:26 AM] aa2202aa2202: But i didn't really know you
  545. [2:58:27 AM] aa2202aa2202: so yeah
  546. [2:58:58 AM] youaresohistory1: So your inference from my picture was: It's prebuilt. Therefore, it's from PMC
  547. [2:59:03 AM] youaresohistory1: :P
  548. [3:00:12 AM] craig-egerton: chill guys, we are all friends here (heart)
  549. [3:00:27 AM] aa2202aa2202: Argument ends here.
  550. [3:00:33 AM] youaresohistory1: Doesn't matter.
  551. [3:09:31 AM] Erik Broes: although, Erik seems pretty confident that everyone would voluntarily pay to Realms and if they didn't it shouldn't be there, right Erik? ([16:36:07] Erik Broes: Dan: then maybe your server shouldn't be there) <-- no realms is like a GSP
  552. [3:09:50 AM] bloxparadise_: is that all you can fucking say
  553. [3:09:52 AM] bloxparadise_: quit your job
  554. [3:09:56 AM] Erik Broes: or rather; we act as a GSP which has nothing to do with microtransactions or other shit servers are pulling :)
  555. [3:10:56 AM] bloxparadise_: "other shit servers"
  556. [3:11:00 AM] bloxparadise_: seems like you're the ungrateful one
  557. [3:11:07 AM] aa2202aa2202: Erik
  558. [3:11:10 AM] aa2202aa2202: stop ignoring all points
  559. [3:11:11 AM] aa2202aa2202: scroll up
  560. [3:11:14 AM] aa2202aa2202: and REPLY To all of them
  561. [3:12:24 AM] ilucamc: Erik. Please tell me why servers shouldn't be able to accept donations?
  562. [3:13:06 AM] bloxparadise_: Because he's jealous lol
  563. [3:14:14 AM] ilucamc: I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but didn't he also say we can't be accepting profit from this?
  564. [3:15:49 AM] bloxparadise_: wouldn't doubt it
  565. [3:20:54 AM] danstoogood: [3:09 AM] Erik Broes:
  567. <<< other shit servers are pulling
  568. [3:21:36 AM] danstoogood: that is what is upsetting me
  569. [3:21:43 AM] danstoogood: you're acting as-if every server tries to rip off their players
  570. [3:22:28 AM] bloxparadise_: mojang in general upsets me in general lol
  571. [3:23:34 AM] aa2202aa2202: Wow
  572. [3:23:36 AM] aa2202aa2202: .,.
  573. [3:32:57 AM] nextinlinebro_: GUYS LOOK OMG
  574. [3:33:22 AM] bloxparadise_: OMG
  575. [3:33:29 AM] bloxparadise_: LOLOL
  576. [3:34:06 AM] bloxparadise_: haha i just love the background view
  577. [3:34:07 AM] bloxparadise_: of india
  578. [3:34:19 AM] ilucamc: Amazing
  579. [3:35:39 AM] shahriya96: hes hot
  580. [3:35:57 AM] bloxparadise_: lol
  581. [3:36:10 AM] youaresohistory1: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  582. [3:36:16 AM] bloxparadise_: Wonder how long it took to dress up XD
  583. [3:45:51 AM] publicpwner21: I love
  584. [3:45:54 AM] publicpwner21: the rainforest sounds
  585. [3:45:57 AM] publicpwner21: in the background
  586. [3:46:05 AM] publicpwner21: or whatever that shit be
  587. [3:46:33 AM] bloxparadise_: XD
  588. [3:46:54 AM] publicpwner21: he also has some really nice hair
  589. [3:48:21 AM] christian.payne23: I think erik gave up
  590. [3:49:05 AM] Erik Broes: Lol no
  591. [3:49:18 AM] Erik Broes: Learning Swedish so just busy
  592. [3:50:07 AM] bloxparadise_: I hoep you're joking
  593. [3:52:42 AM] ilucamc: Why doesn't anyone say, "is anyone renting .net"?
  594. [3:53:13 AM] bloxparadise_: cuz .net sucks
  595. [3:54:16 AM] ilucamc: How so?
  596. [3:54:30 AM] bloxparadise_: It's not as pouplated
  597. [3:54:49 AM] bloxparadise_: hence the reason nobody asks is anyone renting .net
  598. [3:55:00 AM | Edited 3:55:10 AM] danstoogood: ok, I can understand Mojang's aggrevation, ok
  599. [3:55:03 AM] christian.payne23: Erik, explain one thing for me
  600. [3:55:29 AM] danstoogood: but, I think a lot of things are being distorted
  601. [3:56:04 AM | Edited 3:56:08 AM] danstoogood: for example, - it's not even possible to "redirect" through the client
  602. [3:56:09 AM | Edited 3:56:32 AM] christian.payne23: How can you steall the mini game ideas from servers, but then threaten them? If you make the owners close the servers, mojang wont have anymore good ideas to steall for your precious realms.....
  603. [3:56:34 AM] danstoogood: we're not all money thirsty 13 year olds, I just want you to understand that :P
  604. [3:56:36 AM] christian.payne23: ^^^^^
  605. [3:57:42 AM] Drew: Heck im not even taking donations atm :P
  606. [3:58:24 AM] danstoogood: and, people moan about being innappreciative, but most of this chit chat is like;
  607. [3:58:31 AM | Edited 3:58:50 AM] danstoogood: a 5 second wait for a free mod isn't too bad, and people are claiming that is the problem with the community
  608. [3:59:34 AM] danstoogood: for example some other upvoted posts: "Im patiently awaiting Mojang to totally wreck the shitty modders who screw with the game by intentionally crashing the game or by adding DRM in their mods."
  609. [4:02:29 AM] danstoogood: I just feel mojang and the "reddit group" have cast a negative blanket over all of us due to just a few of the server owners actions
  610. [4:09:06 AM] dillyg10: Seriously
  611. [4:09:18 AM] dillyg10: This has been a nearly 24 hour discussion
  612. [4:09:21 AM] dillyg10: It's time to call it quits.
  613. [4:10:47 AM] calebmerridethbell: No, this is interesting! haha.
  614. [4:11:03 AM] bloxparadise_: it gets frusturating :/
  615. [4:11:12 AM] ilucamc: ^
  616. [4:12:38 AM | Edited 4:13:14 AM] danstoogood: sorry it's just annoying me that people are saying "I hate servers that you have to pay to, why do mineplex and hypixel do that?" without understanding the infrastructure behind these servers, and that as soon as these changes are in effect, the servers will be unable to run and everything will change, almost immediately
  617. [4:13:52 AM] danstoogood: sure, those servers filled with bold text and overpriced ranks will close, but also large community servers will cease to exist
  618. [4:17:33 AM] Erik Broes: I dont see why they would stop to exist; they will change their business model and actually be allowed to make money that way
  619. [4:18:19 AM] bloxparadise_: Not all of us are rich as shit
  620. [4:18:28 AM] bloxparadise_: Uh because nobody will fucking donate?
  621. [4:18:40 AM] bloxparadise_: What's so hard to understand?
  622. [4:18:47 AM] Drew: We should all just stop talking about this in here because its going to get no where :)
  623. [4:19:05 AM] danstoogood: I am reading reddit now
  624. [4:19:09 AM] Erik Broes: Oh so people wouldn't want you around? :D
  625. [4:19:09 AM] danstoogood: and I think I have the COMPLETE wrong idea
  626. [4:19:09 AM] danstoogood: lol
  627. [4:19:14 AM] danstoogood: holy shit
  628. [4:19:23 AM] danstoogood: well I sorta had the right idea
  629. [4:19:30 AM] danstoogood: ok I am going to rework my server
  630. [4:20:14 AM] Erik Broes: When we make up our mind about what will be in the EULA you will have some time to adjust
  631. [4:20:20 AM] danstoogood: ok
  632. [4:20:27 AM] danstoogood: soz for coming across so harshly lol
  633. [4:20:29 AM] bloxparadise_: Dan what are you reading?
  634. [4:20:43 AM] danstoogood: I feel kinda like a dick that nothing has ever been announced
  635. [4:20:46 AM] Erik Broes: But sofar the changes are in your favor, right now you have no rights at all to make money, then you will
  636. [4:21:00 AM] danstoogood: soz Erik lol
  637. [4:21:20 AM] bloxparadise_: Dan link/
  638. [4:21:37 AM] danstoogood:
  639. [4:21:38 AM] Erik Broes: it's just nice food for thought, so you can already consider less lame ways to squeeze money from people :P
  640. [4:21:41 AM] danstoogood: I'm just reading through that
  641. [4:22:10 AM] dillyg10: xD
  642. [4:22:11 AM | Edited 4:22:30 AM] danstoogood: yea Erik, can you give us a brief idea of what's going to happen so we can sort of think ahead? :P
  643. [4:22:17 AM] dillyg10: Erik you're such a fucking troll
  644. [4:22:20 AM] christian.payne23: But we are not squeezing money....
  645. [4:22:22 AM] Erik Broes: it's not set in stone yet; the first draft after todays meeting hasn't even gone out
  646. [4:22:33 AM] dillyg10: Seriously, it's just hilarious
  647. [4:22:54 AM] dillyg10: Continue ;P
  648. [4:23:06 AM] christian.payne23: It is OPTIONAL TO DONATE or PURCHASE RANKS OR ITEMS. We are not forcing them to. It is optional. it is their choice.
  649. [4:23:20 AM] danstoogood: any information AT ALL? (wasntme)
  650. [4:23:38 AM] danstoogood: captain that argument is over
  651. [4:23:41 AM] dillyg10: I honest to god wonder how long this conversation will carry on
  652. [4:23:44 AM] danstoogood: this all started over a tweet from Marc, lol
  653. [4:23:51 AM] dillyg10: Like... I'm putting bets on another 2 days
  654. [4:24:16 AM] nextinlinebro_: I say we move back to the #bickering IRC channel
  655. [4:24:17 AM] nextinlinebro_: ANyone agree?
  656. [4:24:50 AM] Erik Broes: CaptainBob: is it also optional to follow our EULA? :P
  657. [4:25:01 AM] Erik Broes: no this started 7 months ago when i brought up the issue
  658. [4:25:22 AM] christian.payne23: No its not. But why the hell, after like 4 years, do you care so much about it now?
  659. [4:25:24 AM] Erik Broes: the '$10k perk' has put some fire under certain peoples asses
  660. [4:26:01 AM] Erik Broes: and now finally things are given the right priority
  661. [4:26:07 AM] dillyg10: Lol and it all started
  662. [4:26:25 AM] dillyg10: Because fucking felipe sent a C&D to matt
  663. [4:26:28 AM] Erik Broes: Because it is a growing problem for us?
  664. [4:26:33 AM] dillyg10: So
  665. [4:26:39 AM] dillyg10: Think about that :)
  666. [4:26:55 AM] Erik Broes: When you now google for minecraft servers it starts to become about 'shop/perk/rank/whatever' almost instantly
  667. [4:27:07 AM] Drew: The right priority lmfao
  668. [4:27:25 AM] Erik Broes: we get increasing amounts of complaints from users on support with 'things going wrong' or 'being unfair' or 'my kids has paid for this blabla and we demand a chargeback'
  669. [4:27:39 AM] dillyg10: Err
  670. [4:27:48 AM] christian.payne23: Then get rid of the freaking assholes who have the 10k perk....
  671. [4:27:50 AM] Erik Broes: dillyg10: heh that is what got me into this chat
  672. [4:27:54 AM] Erik Broes: but it started before that
  673. [4:27:54 AM | Edited 4:28:03 AM] dillyg10:
  674. [4:27:56 AM] christian.payne23: Why punish us all?
  675. [4:28:08 AM] Drew: How about that list of 1,600 hacked accounts I sent you months ago you did nothing about and now a bunch of kids are reselling? I guess that doesn't matter, glad you got your priorities straight
  676. [4:28:10 AM] bloxparadise_: Then email them back and say its not your responsibility?
  677. [4:28:22 AM] danstoogood: one point I would like you to acknowledge is that those issues are USUALLY associated with the poorly managed servers
  678. [4:28:36 AM] bloxparadise_: I haven't had 1 chargback since I opened
  679. [4:28:37 AM] Erik Broes: It's quite simple really, Mojang doesn't like the way the game is slowly turning into a pay2win/pay2play monetized playground eventhough our rules say you cannot do that
  680. [4:28:44 AM] bloxparadise_: if I did, it was a small one that was resolved quickly
  681. [4:28:59 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: that list is forwarded to the right people
  682. [4:29:12 AM] Erik Broes: more i cannot do about it, i dont even have access to the accounts in that way
  683. [4:29:30 AM] christian.payne23: I had one charge back. And it was because the dad didn't know what was going on. I emailed him, and it was solved. Simple as that
  684. [4:29:56 AM | Edited 4:30:45 AM] danstoogood: so Erik, would you say that after these changes are in effect a $5 a month OPTIONAL and strictly optional payment for a coloured name and other various coded perks (none of Minecraft's IP) which would support upkeep is accepted?
  685. [4:29:57 AM] christian.payne23: just like blox
  686. [4:30:02 AM] danstoogood: I am not planning on doing so
  687. [4:30:20 AM] danstoogood: just simply would like to get an idea of what you guys are thinking of doing
  688. [4:30:20 AM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 2:58 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  689. > It's quite simple really, Mojang doesn't like the way the game is slowly turning into a pay2win/pay2play monetized playground eventhough our rules say you cannot do that
  691. [4:30:33 AM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 2:58 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  692. > Drew: that list is forwarded to the right people
  693. well nothing happened lol
  694. [4:30:53 AM] Erik Broes: no, but you can surely add some soft/ingame currency that people can earn by playing to color their name
  695. [4:30:55 AM] Drew: Now a bunch of kids are getting their accounts sold out from under them
  696. [4:31:07 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: then 'those other servers' will not be bothered by the changes
  697. [4:31:26 AM] danstoogood: I am confused now
  698. [4:31:38 AM] bloxparadise_: Then how do you expect me to pay for my server, erik?
  699. [4:31:44 AM] danstoogood: Erik what exactly are you proposing lol
  700. [4:32:00 AM] danstoogood: I mean, $5 a month for a coloured name, if they want to support the server I thought would be perfectly acceptable? :P
  701. [4:32:04 AM] Erik Broes: yeah i should rephrase that 'add' i used; 'create a currency system in the game' -- not 'award virtual currency for real money'
  702. [4:32:09 AM] dillyg10: Okay Erik, what about this
  703. [4:32:10 AM] Erik Broes: blox: with money?
  704. [4:32:13 AM] bloxparadise_: And after I can't pay for my server, how do you expect players to have fun and play minecraft?
  705. [4:32:13 AM] dillyg10: People pay me money
  706. [4:32:15 AM] dillyg10: But
  707. [4:32:23 AM] bloxparadise_: Seems we're just saying the same shit over and over..
  708. [4:32:25 AM] dillyg10: they send it in the form of goat
  709. [4:32:30 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: what about $5 a month without a colored name to support their server?
  710. [4:32:31 AM] dillyg10: In exchange for that goat
  711. [4:32:35 AM] dillyg10: I give them cattle
  712. [4:32:37 AM] dillyg10: ingame.
  713. [4:32:43 AM] danstoogood: then it would be less appealing
  714. [4:32:46 AM] dillyg10: The cattle can be brought to an in game shop
  715. [4:32:51 AM] dillyg10: Where they can exchange that
  716. [4:32:53 AM] dillyg10: for perks.
  717. [4:32:56 AM] dillyg10: Now how does that sound?
  718. [4:32:59 AM] Erik Broes: dan: why not? :)
  719. [4:33:01 AM] danstoogood: and then we can get on the topic of Realms being free and letting people pay as they please
  720. [4:33:07 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: Erik
  721. [4:33:23 AM] danstoogood: which if you think is possible I am happy to experiment with that
  722. [4:33:34 AM] bloxparadise_: ^
  723. [4:33:36 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: what about we go on like we have for the last 3 years of minecraft
  724. [4:33:41 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: maybe slightly bloated on the youtube side, with sponsorship prices
  725. [4:33:43 AM] Max | Sraph LTD: it's a good eco system
  726. [4:33:44 AM] Erik Broes: we have no intention to make realms free, again, realms is more like a GSP not a 'microtransaction to good you already have paid for'
  727. [4:34:04 AM] danstoogood: just you know that players do not wish to receive nothing in return
  728. [4:34:11 AM] danstoogood: GSP? what's that
  729. [4:34:39 AM | Removed 4:34:35 AM] danstoogood: This message has been removed.
  730. [4:34:43 AM] dillyg10: So my marketing strategy is: (sheep) = (dog) = (cash)
  731. [4:34:53 AM] Erik Broes: how is it good? people investing thousands and thousands for both DDOS protection and 'being high on a serverrankinglist', selling weird shit for outrageous prices (actually asking more than the game gets sold for! O.o)
  732. [4:34:53 AM] dillyg10: I think that'll align with your EULA
  733. [4:35:03 AM] Drew: But you haven't paid for it
  734. [4:35:10 AM] Erik Broes: GameServerProvider (think multiplay)
  735. [4:35:14 AM] Drew: A perk that I create is not something they paid for
  736. [4:35:55 AM] Drew: They didn't party for prefixes when they bought minecraft
  737. [4:36:10 AM] aa2202aa2202: SSSS
  738. [4:36:33 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: a perk that requires the client to see it is something they paid for
  739. [4:36:39 AM] aa2202aa2202: Am 03.06.14, um 21:04 hat Erik Broes geschrieben:
  740. > how is it good? people investing thousands and thousands for both DDOS protection and 'being high on a serverrankinglist', selling weird shit for outrageous prices (actually asking more than the game gets sold for! O.o)
  742. Deal with it
  743. [4:36:41 AM] aa2202aa2202: You won't change shit
  744. [4:37:31 AM] Drew: No it's really not
  745. [4:37:37 AM] bloxparadise_: Uh I can sell whatever the shit I want for whatever price, I thought that wasn't mojang's business
  746. [4:37:50 AM] nextinlinebro_: @Erik Have you ever tried smoking pot?
  747. [4:38:20 AM | Edited 4:38:19 AM] Drew: I guess that they already bought your game because they paid for windows to see it (rofl)
  748. [4:38:20 AM] bloxparadise_: looool
  749. [4:38:52 AM] Erik Broes: nope and never intend to unless i get some weird cancer
  750. [4:39:28 AM] dillyg10: What kind of alcohol do you guys drink in Sweeden?
  751. [4:39:42 AM] bloxparadise_: have you ever checked?
  752. [4:39:43 AM] bloxparadise_: you should
  753. [4:39:46 AM] nextinlinebro_: Clearly you need to try some
  754. [4:40:16 AM] 9gigsofram: so you are going to turn it into world of warcraft private servers :P
  755. [4:40:25 AM] dillyg10: Honestly not a trolly question, always wondered :P
  756. [4:40:42 AM | Edited 4:40:36 AM] 9gigsofram: even more pay to win to maintain the legal workarounds :O
  757. [4:41:46 AM] Erik Broes: dillyg10: overly expensive ones hehe
  758. [4:42:16 AM] danstoogood: I don't think as a representative of a large company he can admit to smoking a class B drug
  759. [4:42:16 AM] bloxparadise_: Erik do you get paid least at mojang? xD
  760. [4:42:32 AM] 9gigsofram: fancy
  761. [4:43:22 AM] dillyg10: Heh :P
  762. [4:43:30 AM] Erik Broes: blox: obviously :P
  763. [4:43:36 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: why not?
  764. [4:43:46 AM] Erik Broes: smoking pot is not illegal; just stupid
  765. [4:43:56 AM] Erik Broes: pot/weed/grass/whatever
  766. [4:43:56 AM] 9gigsofram: well its not smoking it that is illegal
  767. [4:43:58 AM] danstoogood: it's a class B drug here lol
  768. [4:43:59 AM] Drew: As a representative of a company he shouldn't be distributing illegally obtained property either xD
  769. [4:44:02 AM] 9gigsofram: its possessing it
  770. [4:44:03 AM] dillyg10: I mean, do you guys get more of a german or russian influence there?
  771. [4:44:10 AM | Edited 4:44:14 AM] dillyg10: As far as the alcohol goes
  772. [4:44:19 AM] nextinlinebro_: He gets paid in twisslers
  773. [4:44:22 AM] bloxparadise_: k thx for ruining the joke
  774. [4:44:23 AM] danstoogood: and pricey
  775. [4:44:24 AM] 9gigsofram: and if he visited somwhere it was legal he could say what he wanted :P
  776. [4:44:27 AM] nextinlinebro_: Id love to get paid in twisslers
  777. [4:44:30 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: also mojang is not a large company
  778. [4:44:42 AM] danstoogood: :O
  779. [4:45:11 AM] danstoogood: the 3rd biggest selling video game
  780. [4:45:14 AM] Erik Broes: ~36 people is not 'large' by any means :)
  781. [4:45:42 AM] danstoogood: lol my friend who's in amsterdam atm literally just messaged me as that subject came up in chat
  782. [4:44 AM] KooKie:
  784. <<< holy shit Dan
  785. In Amsterdam, like literally a weed store every 100m
  786. [4:45:52 AM] Erik Broes: yes with a team of 5 for the game, 4 for realms … whooo :P
  787. [4:46:29 AM] 9gigsofram: 4 for realms?
  788. [4:46:35 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: bull shit, it has lots of shops where you can get it, but once you leave the touristy area its 'as hard to get as anywhere'
  789. [4:46:36 AM] 9gigsofram: seems a tad excessive :P
  790. [4:46:49 AM] bloxparadise_: yeah that's a shit load of money
  791. [4:46:51 AM] bloxparadise_: so why t'f you guys mad
  792. [4:46:52 AM] 9gigsofram: i guess support takes up alot of that though
  793. [4:47:17 AM] dillyg10: Erik, totally out of the blue
  794. [4:47:19 AM] Erik Broes: because some servers are ruining the game? :)
  795. [4:47:19 AM] bloxparadise_:
  796. [4:47:19 AM] dillyg10: but do you guys do internships at Mojang?
  797. [4:47:34 AM] Erik Broes: no support is another company
  798. [4:47:47 AM] bloxparadise_: you said it yourself
  799. [4:47:48 AM] bloxparadise_: "some"
  800. [4:47:59 AM] bloxparadise_: how about you go deal with those "some" servers and leave us alone
  801. [4:48:12 AM] Drew: How are 'some' servers ruining the game
  802. [4:48:19 AM] Erik Broes: dillyg10: nothing noteworthy
  803. [4:48:21 AM] Drew: The servers are independent
  804. [4:48:27 AM] Erik Broes: we've had some person visit for a week for example
  805. [4:48:32 AM] Drew: They dont affect the game
  806. [4:48:54 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: they ruin the image of the game by ever so slowly push it to 'pay2win'
  807. [4:48:57 AM] 9gigsofram: less than 1% of servers :P
  808. [4:49:06 AM] 9gigsofram: what do those 4 people do :O
  809. [4:49:33 AM] dillyg10: On 6/3/14, at 3:18 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  810. > dillyg10: nothing noteworthy
  812. Ehh was just curios, was thinking about going abroad for school at some point, sweden seems like a neat place :P
  813. [4:49:40 AM] bloxparadise_: if you are referring to mineplex/hypixel/hive/octc then deal with them
  814. [4:49:57 AM] nextinlinebro_: @Grum ^-^
  815. [4:50:17 AM] dillyg10: Ah, so nothing longterm :P
  816. [4:50:21 AM] Erik Broes: blox: we will be
  817. [4:50:41 AM] bloxparadise_: "BEST PLUGIN DEVLOPMENT"
  818. [4:50:54 AM] Drew: My server isn't pay to win
  819. [4:50:58 AM] Drew: As are most servers
  820. [4:51:03 AM] bloxparadise_: "FOR ALL OF YOUR PLOGIN NEEDS"
  821. [4:51:16 AM] Erik Broes: dillyg10: not sofar -- i personally wouldn't have much time for it
  822. [4:51:40 AM] VoxaDub: Grum what does 'dealing with them' mean?
  823. [4:51:51 AM] Drew: I DONT think so little kids servers are ruining any image
  824. [4:52:14 AM] danstoogood: Erik do you want to play our servers with us so we can demonstrate lol
  825. [4:52:29 AM] Erik Broes: Voxadub: making the rules more explicit in what they can and cannot do :P
  826. [4:52:48 AM] Erik Broes: but we cannot just go to the 'big ones' and say: hey stop! -- would be unfair to the smaller ones right?
  827. [4:53:02 AM] Drew: I DONT think you have any idea what's going on in your community
  828. [4:53:03 AM] bloxparadise_: "they"
  829. [4:53:07 AM] bloxparadise_: does that mean I can sell diamond blocks lol
  830. [4:53:30 AM] Drew: Idk why my tablet keeps capsing  DONT
  831. [4:53:43 AM] 9gigsofram: question
  832. [4:53:44 AM] Erik Broes: blox: seeing your screaming -- that is what you are doing right?
  833. [4:53:51 AM] VoxaDub: So like selling stuff?
  834. [4:54:05 AM] 9gigsofram: can we ignore these guidelines if we live in uae and have a server hosted offshore :P
  835. [4:54:14 AM] Erik Broes: Drew: i probably mostly know the bad stuff -- sitting in here :P
  836. [4:54:41 AM] dillyg10: On 6/3/14, at 3:21 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  837. > dillyg10: not sofar -- i personally wouldn't have much time for it
  839. Ah that's a shame, well it won't be a few years till I'm at that point anyways, keep your schedule open :P
  840. [4:54:46 AM] bloxparadise_: Erik i'm not screaming m8
  841. [4:55:02 AM] Erik Broes: 9gigsofram: no? :)
  842. [4:55:03 AM] Drew: On 6/3/2014, at 3:24 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  843. > Drew: i probably mostly know the bad stuff -- sitting in here :P
  844. Fair enough
  845. [4:55:29 AM] Erik Broes: dillyg10: i'd make you cry ;)
  846. [4:58:19 AM] dillyg10: On 6/3/14, at 3:25 PM, Erik Broes wrote:
  847. > dillyg10: i'd make you cry ;)
  849. Hmm, maybe I should get Notch to do it. I can work on all his... projects
  850. [4:58:23 AM] 9gigsofram: well what would you do about it :P
  851. [4:58:26 AM] 9gigsofram: just asking for when sombody does that
  852. [4:59:14 AM] VoxaDub: That is a good point, what will happen if you (mojang) approaches a server about something and they dont do anything about it?
  853. [4:59:57 AM] VoxaDub: Cuz I cant imagine it would be very effective to sue every server owner out there
  854. [5:00:18 AM] VoxaDub: And some large networks could hold their own in court, due to the money they make.
  855. [5:01:25 AM] bloxparadise_: Uh well a violation of a tos isn't something you can just win
  856. [5:02:36 AM] 9gigsofram: well they dont evne need court
  857. [5:02:42 AM] danstoogood: also you do not need a minecraft account to run a server
  858. [5:02:52 AM] 9gigsofram: and
  859. [5:02:53 AM] Erik Broes: that doesn't matter
  860. [5:02:57 AM] 9gigsofram: jsut bulletproof hosting
  861. [5:03:01 AM] 9gigsofram: company represented in an appropriate country
  862. [5:03:10 AM] VoxaDub: @dan thats what I was going to say lol
  863. [5:03:23 AM] bloxparadise_: erik can you answer the question
  864. [5:03:26 AM] bloxparadise_: what would you do if we violated the tos
  865. [5:04:00 AM] 9gigsofram: i dont run a large server
  866. [5:04:05 AM] Erik Broes: blox: send a mail asking you to fix it
  867. [5:04:06 AM] 9gigsofram: im just asking qustions :P
  868. [5:04:57 AM] VoxaDub: Same
  869. [5:04:59 AM] Erik Broes: i know what you run 9gigsofram ;)
  870. [5:05:02 AM] bloxparadise_: and if we don't?
  871. [5:05:46 AM] Erik Broes: blox: lawyers? :(
  872. [5:06:34 AM] 9gigsofram: as i  said
  873. [5:06:36 AM] 9gigsofram: its not that big
  874. [5:06:41 AM] 9gigsofram: just 53 players on right now :P
  875. [5:06:49 AM] VoxaDub: But erik is it legitmate that you would do that with EVERY server?
  876. [5:07:15 AM] bloxparadise_: ip?
  877. [5:07:18 AM] VoxaDub: Because I can imagine most large ones would try to fight it, if for say its disallowing selling items.
  878. [5:07:23 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: if need be :/
  879. [5:07:32 AM] 9gigsofram:
  880. [5:07:40 AM] Erik Broes: i think the large ones will change right away
  881. [5:07:47 AM] Erik Broes: well as fast as a large one can change :)
  882. [5:08:13 AM] VoxaDub: Well yeah most likely they will, but If it impedes on donations that could be another story.
  883. [5:08:27 AM] danstoogood: I'm happy to re-work my packages, just I'd like to know if you're completely aboloshing the "purchase" idea
  884. [5:08:30 AM | Edited 5:08:32 AM] danstoogood: (worry)
  885. [5:08:33 AM] bloxparadise_: so what do you want us to change exactly
  886. [5:09:03 AM] 9gigsofram: they'll either comply or move to safe havens so they don't need to i suppose :P
  887. [5:09:13 AM] bloxparadise_: can you guys maybe announce this somehow
  888. [5:09:14 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: that is the plan yes
  889. [5:09:27 AM] Erik Broes: but again, nothing set in stone :)
  890. [5:09:40 AM] VoxaDub: Yeah thats my question lol, seems everyone at mojangs keeps avoiding answering it too.
  891. [5:10:12 AM] bloxparadise_: Erik you want to completely stop us from getting donations
  892. [5:10:26 AM] danstoogood: so hypixel will no longer have a VIP option, if what is currently being planned was to take place?
  893. [5:10:33 AM] Erik Broes: blox: we will when we change it
  894. [5:10:45 AM] Erik Broes: no, you can get donations, but as donations work, you cannot give anything back -- because then it is a purchase
  895. [5:11:14 AM] VoxaDub: So the goal is to get rid of server purchases?
  896. [5:11:18 AM] VoxaDub: Oh dear god.
  897. [5:11:40 AM] bloxparadise_: rip minecraft
  898. [5:11:43 AM] VoxaDub: So I'm assuming buycraft and enjin will be shut down?
  899. [5:11:53 AM] 9gigsofram: that not going to fly :P
  900. [5:12:11 AM] bloxparadise_: erik, you are a bitch
  901. [5:12:14 AM] bloxparadise_: sincerely
  902. [5:12:15 AM] bloxparadise_: me
  903. [5:12:38 AM] Drew: > [Tuesday, June 3, 2014 3:42:16 PM ( ?° ?? ?° )? bloxParadise_ | Public Skype] me
  905. *everyone
  906. [5:12:45 AM] bloxparadise_: Not just you but the shits working at Mojang that want to ruin this game that was perfect before
  907. [5:13:01 AM] VoxaDub: @9gigs yeah my thoughts exactly....
  908. [5:13:07 AM] Erik Broes: blox: i'm not a dog :D
  909. [5:13:23 AM] VoxaDub: This is literally going to ruin minecraft, I really dont want to start an argument but why would mojang ever think this would be a good idea?
  910. [5:13:24 AM] ngusox: "I like dicks in and around my mouth" -Erik
  911. [5:13:39 AM] bloxparadise_: sure you may not be a dog but you're sure acting like one
  912. [5:13:55 AM | Edited 5:14:08 AM] danstoogood: yeah as much as I think Hypixel, Mineplex, my server, others in this chat, etc will stop
  913. [5:14:00 AM] Erik Broes: how are we ruining the game by enforcing/loosening the EULA? O.o
  914. [5:14:20 AM] bloxparadise_: first your shitty uuid updates
  915. [5:14:25 AM] bloxparadise_: now this bullshit?
  916. [5:14:25 AM | Edited 5:14:27 AM] danstoogood: you're going to have all the servers that are causing you problems
  917. [5:14:28 AM] danstoogood: still causing you problems
  918. [5:14:30 AM | Edited 5:14:31 AM] bloxparadise_: get your head outta your ass m8
  919. [5:14:32 AM] VoxaDub: Because servers are what made the game become what it is.
  920. [5:14:40 AM] VoxaDub: I cant see how you wouldnt agree?
  921. [5:14:55 AM] 9gigsofram: the problem is as i brought up before
  922. [5:14:55 AM] danstoogood: and you cannot take people to court over that
  923. [5:14:59 AM] bloxparadise_: yes @VoxaDub im sure he knows that
  924. [5:14:59 AM] danstoogood: you're still going to get the emails :P
  925. [5:15:00 AM | Edited 5:15:03 AM] Erik Broes: prepping for renames *after* 1.8 is something bad? O.o
  926. [5:15:03 AM] 9gigsofram: people can completely ignore it
  927. [5:15:09 AM] 9gigsofram: if they have the knowhow and money
  928. [5:15:20 AM] VoxaDub: Blox, I cant imaging this is up to erik, I may be wrong but he might not have a say.
  929. [5:15:25 AM] 9gigsofram: so large servers will get larger
  930. [5:15:26 AM] 9gigsofram: generally that is only large servers
  931. [5:15:30 AM] 9gigsofram: and smaller ones smaller
  932. [5:15:56 AM] VoxaDub: I understand mojang obviously wants to make more money, its understandable, but by doing this it will ultimately kill their game.
  933. [5:15:58 AM] danstoogood: 9gigs speaks the truth!
  934. [5:16:09 AM] danstoogood: and the large servers are not causing Mojang any problems...
  935. [5:16:19 AM] Erik Broes: we'll give our lawyers some exercise then in that scenario
  936. [5:16:23 AM | Edited 5:16:34 AM] VoxaDub: @9gigs very true the large ones that can survive will thrive the most.
  937. [5:16:39 AM] bloxparadise_: i honestly hope it does
  938. [5:17:06 AM] VoxaDub: Wow, really sad to see that said to be honest. :/
  939. [5:17:08 AM] Drew: So silly :P
  940. [5:17:21 AM] VoxaDub: Mojang is turning themself into the bad guy now...
  941. [5:17:25 AM] 9gigsofram: erik
  942. [5:17:27 AM] 9gigsofram: that will not work at all
  943. [5:17:28 AM] 9gigsofram: lol
  944. [5:17:33 AM | Edited 5:17:34 AM] danstoogood: erik can we speak to some other Mojang employees about this?
  945. [5:17:46 AM] bloxparadise_: erik I hope you lose your job, I hope some hobo that has flammable piss pisses all over your shit, then you
  946. [5:17:50 AM] 9gigsofram: they just need to be represented somwhere with lax copywrite laws
  947. [5:17:56 AM] danstoogood: because I feel you are exagerating this issue, sort of bending it the way you want it to go
  948. [5:17:56 AM] 9gigsofram: like the private wow servers are
  949. [5:18:02 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: like who? :)
  950. [5:18:02 AM] bloxparadise_: most arrogant person i've met up to now
  951. [5:18:11 AM] bloxparadise_: mind getting other employees in here?
  952. [5:18:16 AM] 9gigsofram: itll work for midlevel and small
  953. [5:18:18 AM] 9gigsofram: but not large
  954. [5:18:22 AM] VoxaDub: Well fuck no idea how I'm going to pay for college now.
  955. [5:18:34 AM] danstoogood: I feel like you're turning us against Mojang in general, and "twisting" their proposed plans
  956. [5:18:36 AM] 9gigsofram: and any lawsuit will take years
  957. [5:18:39 AM] bloxparadise_: i hope @lelddos ddoses realms
  958. [5:18:44 AM] Drew: Imma  go have to work somewhere now and wont be able to dev anymore :)
  959. [5:18:49 AM] Drew: Guess this is what erik wants
  960. [5:18:54 AM] 9gigsofram: i assume that is sarcasm voxa lol
  961. [5:19:03 AM] Drew: No more people doing stuff for minecraft :D
  962. [5:19:04 AM] ngusox: lold
  963. [5:19:13 AM] Erik Broes: blox: how on earth am I arrogant? because I can argue for the things I say?
  964. [5:19:18 AM] VoxaDub: God I cant even imagine the havoc its going to create.
  965. [5:19:31 AM] 9gigsofram: he's not arrogant :P
  966. [5:19:49 AM] 9gigsofram: just keep in mind once you do this you cannot take it back
  967. [5:19:54 AM] Drew: > [Tuesday, June 3, 2014 3:49:11 PM Erik Broes] blox: how on earth am I arrogant? because I can argue for the things I say?
  969. No because you dont listen to anyone but yourself
  970. [5:19:58 AM | Edited 5:20:01 AM] 9gigsofram: as you'd be increasing your liability if you did
  971. [5:20:01 AM] bloxparadise_: no because you want to fuck this game up
  972. [5:20:18 AM] danstoogood: I feel that Erik is stating what he wants, rather than what Mojang are discussing
  973. [5:20:27 AM] danstoogood: if you don't mind me asking, what happened to your server? :P
  974. [5:21:13 AM] Erik Broes: I've said a lot of times before that whatever i'm saying is *my* opinion
  975. [5:21:46 AM] bloxparadise_: let me guess some hobo with flammable piss pissed on his physical box
  976. [5:21:50 AM] VoxaDub: Erik had a server? :O
  977. [5:21:54 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: funny that MC is still around then
  978. [5:22:06 AM] Erik Broes: oh wait, that is solely because of servers right?
  979. [5:22:15 AM] xllgummybearxll: No offense, but I don't think anyone wants your opinion. We want the truth
  980. [5:22:30 AM] Erik Broes: that is what i've also given
  981. [5:22:37 AM] Erik Broes: you have more info than anyone on the planet
  982. [5:22:51 AM] bloxparadise_: Yeah and being the dumbass you are, shutting down hypixel/big servers won't help
  983. [5:22:56 AM] VoxaDub: @xllgummybearxll true that
  984. [5:22:57 AM | Edited 5:23:06 AM] danstoogood: I am seeing people forgetting about the needless hours of time that go into Minecraft Servers, and assuming it's free money
  985. [5:23:00 AM] danstoogood: because I am seeing two sides of the story here
  986. [5:23:39 AM] VoxaDub: Yeah exactly what dan said
  987. [5:23:47 AM] Erik Broes: how are we shutting down big servers?
  988. [5:23:52 AM] VoxaDub: apparently it wasnt going to happen according to @Marc_IRL
  989. [5:23:54 AM] Erik Broes: they just have to change their business a bit and will have a legal way to conduct it after the discussed changes
  990. [5:24:22 AM] VoxaDub: Erik, why ask such silly questions.
  991. [5:24:23 AM] bloxparadise_: "change their business" you mean remove it?
  992. [5:24:28 AM] VoxaDub: How would you not be shutting down servers by doing that?
  993. [5:24:35 AM] Erik Broes: We will tell the community when we're doing the change
  994. [5:24:42 AM] bloxparadise_: do you even know what the hell hypixel runs on?
  995. [5:24:46 AM] Erik Broes: which is when we decide on what we will change
  996. [5:24:48 AM] bloxparadise_: how much money it costs to maintain their structure?
  997. [5:24:51 AM] bloxparadise_: obviously you don't
  998. [5:24:52 AM] danstoogood: so Erik, could we add some other employees to discuss this?
  999. [5:24:55 AM] VoxaDub: @blox lol......
  1000. [5:24:56 AM] xllgummybearxll: Servers need donations to keep them up. How can you keep a server up without cash? It's not like anyone can run a 32 GB machine free of charge.
  1001. [5:25:14 AM] bloxparadise_: trust me, kids won't donate if they don't get perks
  1002. [5:25:22 AM] bloxparadise_: agreed @dan
  1003. [5:25:51 AM] VoxaDub: Next step on mojangs agenda >> Remove multiplayer button >> Replace with realms
  1004. [5:26:20 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: what do you think they'll say different? that you have been not ignoring our EULA and that we didn't have a meeting to do changes? unless you get Dinnerbone in here you will get even harsher views than I've presented sofar
  1005. [5:26:42 AM] VoxaDub: I dont know anyone that 'dontates to donate' anymore, its expected to receive something for buying something on the server
  1006. [5:26:47 AM] bloxparadise_: lool
  1007. [5:27:00 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: I still don't get why realms keeps getting dragged into this discussion -- did oyu see your numbers drop since realms is live?
  1008. [5:27:11 AM] danstoogood: why not add him Erik? :)
  1009. [5:27:33 AM] bloxparadise_: Stop denying the question
  1010. [5:27:35 AM] bloxparadise_: Add another employee
  1011. [5:27:48 AM] Erik Broes: Because he has no patience for most people here ;)
  1012. [5:27:54 AM] aa2202aa2202: Guys
  1013. [5:27:56 AM] aa2202aa2202: just chill
  1014. [5:28:00 AM] aa2202aa2202: and let them enforce this method
  1015. [5:28:02 AM] aa2202aa2202: :)
  1016. [5:28:06 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: every decision always hurts everything and everyone, even us making a new version … it's always panic
  1017. [5:28:07 AM] aa2202aa2202: Not a problem for most of us anyways
  1018. [5:28:10 AM] xllgummybearxll: "Patience"
  1019. [5:28:20 AM] bloxparadise_: He better get some patience then -.-
  1020. [5:28:23 AM] VoxaDub: Erik, no. The Point is that mojang wants more money and thats their only other option as of now
  1021. [5:28:56 AM] 9gigsofram: good point
  1022. [5:29:05 AM] 9gigsofram: if servers have less features
  1023. [5:29:12 AM] 9gigsofram: realms will get more popular :P
  1024. [5:29:33 AM] danstoogood: I think if everyone found about the real reason this is happening the rest of the community would have a different opinon - don't you Erik? ;)
  1025. [5:29:34 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: no, we made a system that filled a need people have -- it has nothing to do with any other servers
  1026. [5:29:37 AM] xllgummybearxll: If Mojang is just looking for money, there are so many other routes unexplored.
  1027. [5:30:04 AM] Erik Broes: we're not looking for money at all
  1028. [5:30:21 AM] VoxaDub: How, can you not say that all these new changes are ultimately to promote realms?
  1029. [5:30:27 AM] Erik Broes: we just dont want the game to turn into a pay-to-win/microtransaction crapfest
  1030. [5:30:27 AM] xllgummybearxll: mhm
  1031. [5:30:50 AM] bloxparadise_: then give us realms for free
  1032. [5:31:16 AM] VoxaDub: If they're not looking for money why would they care about servers making money then?
  1033. [5:31:23 AM] danstoogood: not for free.
  1034. [5:31:26 AM] danstoogood: for the price it costs them.
  1035. [5:31:28 AM] bloxparadise_: Why?
  1036. [5:31:31 AM] Erik Broes: Because realms  is a super simple 'single-player-but-on-a-server-with-your-friends-without-mods' experience for 'at most' 10 people pure vanilla
  1037. [5:31:33 AM] danstoogood: surely that'd be acceptable
  1038. [5:31:34 AM] VoxaDub: And how convinent for it to come up right as realms is starting out.
  1039. [5:32:01 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: as i said before, i brought it up 7months ago -- we have EULA changes in the pipeline for 7 months as well
  1040. [5:32:03 AM] VoxaDub: Its been pay2win since multiplayer was realeased....
  1041. [5:32:09 AM] Erik Broes: ones that are far more drastic than the new ones
  1042. [5:32:15 AM | Edited 5:32:19 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: and that makes it good how?
  1043. [5:32:20 AM] bloxparadise_: yet it costs money
  1044. [5:32:24 AM] VoxaDub: Ever since servers started up with enjin store it has been
  1045. [5:33:27 AM] VoxaDub: Ok but if mojang doesnt care about money why are they worried about updating the EULA then? It was pay2win far before 7 months ago wouldnt you agree?
  1046. [5:33:28 AM] bloxparadise_: [5:31 AM] Amir Omidi:
  1048. <<< No one is "forcing" players to pay.nobody is even forcing them to play for that matter
  1049. [5:33:34 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: no-one is forcing servers to ask for payments, we even have this EULA stating you cannot do that
  1050. [5:33:53 AM] VoxaDub: I never said pay2win was good, its just a part of servers now its expected and accepted.
  1051. [5:34:20 AM] aa2202aa2202: mineplex got 70 GBPS
  1052. [5:34:22 AM] aa2202aa2202: ddos
  1053. [5:34:54 AM] VoxaDub: Well there are a few servers where you must donate to play
  1054. [5:35:11 AM] Erik Broes: voxadub: yeah and because of this 'now it is accepted and expected' -- that exactly is what makes us change it
  1055. [5:35:38 AM] 9gigsofram: it wasnt the bandwidth that causd the problem
  1056. [5:35:41 AM] 9gigsofram: but the content
  1057. [5:35:52 AM] 9gigsofram: was a ssyn flood
  1058. [5:36:17 AM] aa2202aa2202: No-one threatened to ddos mojang
  1059. [5:36:17 AM] aa2202aa2202: .?
  1060. [5:36:46 AM] 9gigsofram: udp floods generally go unnoticed on incapsula and alot of simular providers as they drop it
  1061. [5:36:50 AM] 9gigsofram: since websites and scuh dont need it
  1062. [5:36:56 AM] Erik Broes: oh people have :P
  1063. [5:36:58 AM] Erik Broes: lots of time ;)
  1064. [5:37:01 AM] 9gigsofram: [5:36 AM] Amir:
  1066. <<< No-one threatened to ddos mojang
  1067. .?
  1068. [5:37:02 AM] Erik Broes: (and they do)
  1069. [5:37:06 AM] 9gigsofram: i suggested that it could happen
  1070. [5:37:10 AM] 9gigsofram: a while ago
  1071. [5:37:10 AM] bloxparadise_: @Erik
  1072. [5:37:11 AM] bloxparadise_:
  1073. [5:37:11 AM] bloxparadise_: xD
  1074. [5:37:16 AM] bloxparadise_: i bet they made 100k off of kits alone lool
  1075. [5:37:33 AM] 9gigsofram: but i assume mojang takes the same attitude as me
  1076. [5:37:40 AM] 9gigsofram: "i do not negotiate with terrorists"
  1077. [5:37:46 AM] bloxparadise_: why does that bother you
  1078. [5:38:38 AM] Erik Broes: Because it is $100k spent on items that belong to the users already; they have paid for them by buying the game
  1079. [5:38:52 AM] VoxaDub: Well I guess I better get my youtube going
  1080. [5:39:04 AM] calebmerridethbell: any help?
  1081. [5:39:11 AM] calebmerridethbell: Keeps giving
  1082. [5:39:14 AM] Erik Broes: you do not get to resell IP that users already paid for
  1083. [5:39:14 AM] bloxparadise_: they bought the game not extra items bro
  1084. [5:39:15 AM] Erik Broes: cannot be that hard to understand that
  1085. [5:39:19 AM] ileetgamerx: (facepalm)
  1086. [5:39:22 AM] bloxparadise_: if I remove my donation system
  1087. [5:39:27 AM] bloxparadise_: I have a shop system
  1088. [5:39:27 AM] bloxparadise_: with signs
  1089. [5:39:41 AM] bloxparadise_: isn't that the same thing?
  1090. [5:39:49 AM] aa2202aa2202: ^^^^^^^^
  1091. [5:39:50 AM] aa2202aa2202: l0l
  1092. [5:39:57 AM] aa2202aa2202: No seriously though
  1093. [5:40:04 AM] aa2202aa2202: just wait out and see how mojang enforces these changes
  1094. [5:40:21 AM] Erik Broes: blox: there are no 'extra items'
  1095. [5:40:32 AM] VoxaDub: But I thought the entire goal of minecraft was to support development? And why would you take time to make awesome servers like that, that are custom developed not to thicken your pocket?
  1096. [5:41:02 AM] bloxparadise_: ^
  1097. [5:41:30 AM | Edited 5:41:35 AM] VoxaDub: Theres not 'extra items' on donation stores?
  1098. [5:41:58 AM] VoxaDub: Its all stuff you can do just ingame essentially
  1099. [5:41:58 AM] Erik Broes: huh? the goal of minecraft to support development? that makes no sense
  1100. [5:42:03 AM] VoxaDub: for the most part at least
  1101. [5:42:22 AM] bloxparadise_: neither does your stupid ass eula
  1102. [5:42:35 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: Erik are you done talking yet
  1103. [5:42:55 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: Could we at least have our final moments with server profits be peaceful
  1104. [5:42:56 AM] 9gigsofram: is it differant if they can earn the items ingame?
  1105. [5:43:16 AM] Erik Broes: blox: feel free to grow up :)
  1106. [5:43:24 AM] bloxparadise_: lool
  1107. [5:43:48 AM] VoxaDub: Sorry worded odd, meant to say that a large part of minecraft was the development side of it, and mojang initially supporting it such as mods and new server gamemodes and such and with the new enforced EULA's that wont be nearly as much of a possibility
  1108. [5:43:53 AM] bloxparadise_: im 15, not ready for that yet
  1109. [5:44:12 AM] aa2202aa2202: Guys
  1110. [5:44:19 AM] VoxaDub: @Reno yup, yup, yup....
  1111. [5:44:31 AM] Erik Broes: blox: but you can read right? so you must be able to read the EULA? :D
  1112. [5:44:46 AM] Erik Broes: not will we ever
  1113. [5:44:59 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: we *never* supported mods of any sorts
  1114. [5:45:01 AM] VoxaDub: Well hopefully we at least get the summer :P
  1115. [5:45:05 AM] Erik Broes: and there are no 'new server game modes' -- people added minigames -- that's it
  1116. [5:45:07 AM] bloxparadise_: yeh I can read it but it's still stupid as fuck
  1117. [5:45:20 AM] VoxaDub: Erik was it not encouraged though?....
  1118. [5:45:39 AM] Erik Broes: yeah i agree, its stupid as fuck that eventhough the EULA says you cannot make money you start making money of it
  1119. [5:45:41 AM] ileetgamerx: The stupidity that I just read... (facepalm)
  1120. [5:45:41 AM] VoxaDub: Thats like a huge aspect of minecraft
  1121. [5:45:50 AM] Erik Broes: i mean that is as stupid as spending the money from a paypal 'donation' before the contestation period is over
  1122. [5:45:54 AM] VoxaDub: Mainly a large reason why it got so popular
  1123. [5:46:07 AM | Edited 5:46:35 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: ONE MAJOR RULE
  1125. The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we‘ve made. By “distribute anything we‘ve made” what we mean is “give copies of the game away, make commercial use of, try to make money from, or let other people get access to our game and its parts in a way that is unfair or unreasonable”. So the one major rule is that (unless we specifically agree it – such as in brand and asset usage guidelines) you must not:
  1127. - give copies of our Game to anyone else;
  1128. - make commercial use of anything we‘ve made;
  1129. - try to make money from anything we‘ve made; or
  1130. - let other people get access to anything we‘ve made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable.
  1132. …and so that we are crystal clear, what we have made includes, but is not limited to, the client or the server software for our Game. It also includes modified versions of a Game, part of it or anything else we‘ve made.
  1134. Otherwise we are quite relaxed about what you do - in fact we really encourage you to do cool stuff - but just don‘t do those things that we say you can‘t.
  1135. [5:46:11 AM] wavemakerhse: erik what was that whole modding panel at minecon about?
  1136. [5:46:25 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: we didn't not let you do it as many other games did
  1137. [5:46:35 AM] VoxaDub: Because it was one of the first games to be truly open source for the most part that allowed freedom to the players to create it as they wanted
  1138. [5:46:37 AM] wavemakerhse: the community is what made minecraft minecraft. and the community decided to innovate
  1139. [5:46:41 AM] aa2202aa2202: Then mojang decides to kill it
  1140. [5:47:17 AM] 9gigsofram: erik
  1141. [5:47:21 AM] Erik Broes: x_Height: about what modders do with the game? doesn't mean we support it in any official capacity
  1142. [5:47:28 AM] 9gigsofram: put the eula change out after you put out the modding api
  1143. [5:47:41 AM] 9gigsofram: (rofl)
  1144. [5:47:41 AM] wavemakerhse: and this is what we have created. Now if you want to take that from us just because we have begun to make more money than you. than your arrogant as hell
  1145. [5:47:46 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: we've never been opensource -- we haven't cracked down on people decompiling the game and changing it -- the rules around this never have changed though
  1146. [5:47:58 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: You know, the more I look at Mojang's logo, the more it looks like they took the Apple logo and messed with it
  1147. [5:48:02 AM] Erik Broes: 9gigsofram: so never? we're not doing a modding api
  1148. [5:48:08 AM] VoxaDub: Im really confused to be hones, you seem to be going two sided on a lot of things.
  1149. [5:48:18 AM] bloxparadise_: ^^^^^
  1150. [5:48:52 AM] VoxaDub: Erik: I meant opensource in broader terms, more for modding and server plugin wise
  1151. [5:48:56 AM] ileetgamerx: [5:48 AM] x_Height | Ethan:
  1153. <<< and this is what we have created. Now if you want to take that from us just because we have begun to make more money than you. than your arrogant as hell^^^^^^^
  1154. [5:49:38 AM | Edited 5:49:40 AM] bloxparadise_: [5:48 AM] Leet:
  1156. <<< and this is what we have created. Now if you want to take that from us just because we have begun to make more money than you. than your arrogant as hell^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  1157. [5:50:32 AM] bloxparadise_: lies
  1158. [5:50:35 AM] 9gigsofram: correct
  1159. [5:50:50 AM] VoxaDub: I somewhat doubt theres any server owners out there that have made more than mojang.
  1160. [5:51:06 AM] VoxaDub: I dont recall any server owner managing to make around 500mil or more off his/her server
  1161. [5:51:27 AM] Erik Broes: Reno: its like a sewing machine :P
  1162. [5:51:46 AM] Erik Broes: we dont make $500M of our server either :P
  1163. [5:52:19 AM] nextinlinebro_: I dont think any of us make 500 Million
  1164. [5:52:20 AM] nextinlinebro_: lol
  1165. [5:52:24 AM] dillyg10: I do
  1166. [5:52:26 AM] wavemakerhse: voxadub, I was talking about everyone in general
  1167. [5:52:39 AM] VoxaDub: Yeah I was referring to game sales on all platforms
  1168. [5:53:01 AM] bloxparadise_: ./eco reset hypixel
  1169. [5:53:02 AM | Edited 5:53:06 AM] bloxparadise_: happy?
  1170. [5:53:23 AM] bloxparadise_: if I made 500 million I wouldn't be here arguing
  1171. [5:54:10 AM] wavemakerhse: XD\
  1172. [5:54:36 AM] VoxaDub: x_height, I still highly doubt all servers pooled together it would be more than what mojang made
  1173. [5:54:50 AM] ileetgamerx: [5:48 AM] Erik Broes:
  1175. <<< 9gigsofram: so never? we're not doing a modding api..What made you guys decide to not work on the mod api?
  1176. [5:55:04 AM] bloxparadise_: doubt it also
  1177. [5:55:16 AM] Erik Broes: VoxaDub: and still any server making anything through sales is wrong
  1178. [5:55:21 AM] Erik Broes: which is almost every server :)
  1179. [5:55:36 AM] Erik Broes: Leet: plugin api? :P
  1180. [5:55:57 AM] bloxparadise_: how is it wrong
  1181. [5:56:00 AM] dillyg10: You know, I think I agree with Erik in the new EULA
  1182. [5:56:16 AM] wavemakerhse: how is it wrong?
  1183. [5:56:21 AM] bloxparadise_: the fuck
  1184. [5:56:36 AM] danstoogood: Erik
  1185. [5:56:38 AM] VoxaDub: Without the EULA though how is it 'wrong'?
  1186. [5:56:41 AM] ileetgamerx: No, the mod api, that you talked about here:
  1187. [5:56:42 AM] danstoogood: what happened to your server? :O
  1188. [5:56:46 AM] danstoogood: is it still out there? :O
  1189. [5:56:50 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: yes i think so -- havent been there for eons though
  1190. [5:56:55 AM] Erik Broes: think it shrunk a bit :)
  1191. [5:57:27 AM] Erik Broes: Leet: i never talked about a mod api
  1192. [5:57:32 AM] dillyg10: Server owerns have gotten greedy
  1193. [5:57:36 AM | Edited 5:57:45 AM] dillyg10: It's time to make a change
  1194. [5:58:03 AM | Edited 5:58:11 AM] wavemakerhse: Please respond to the question erik. What is wrong with us making money off of minecraft
  1195. [5:58:18 AM] Erik Broes: ^^ :D
  1196. [5:58:19 AM] VoxaDub: So has mojang? So hows it any different?
  1197. [5:58:20 AM] bloxparadise_: HOW
  1198. [5:58:32 AM] bloxparadise_: how much did he pay you
  1199. [5:58:47 AM] danstoogood: Erik could you link us to the server?
  1200. [5:58:54 AM] dillyg10: Seriously, looking at the back and forth here
  1201. [5:58:57 AM] danstoogood: or atleast provide us with the name?
  1202. [5:59:03 AM] Erik Broes: how on earth have we gotten greedy?
  1203. [5:59:04 AM] dillyg10: No wonder he's taking away your profit
  1204. [5:59:10 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: iirc
  1205. [5:59:13 AM] dillyg10: You all act like a bunch of dicks to him
  1206. [5:59:31 AM] VoxaDub: Dilly do you even run a server?
  1207. [5:59:37 AM] dillyg10: If THIS is what is representing the server owner community
  1208. [5:59:45 AM] Drew: Erik sounds like a 12yr old troll
  1209. [5:59:47 AM] dillyg10: Then I can totally understand why Mojang wants to do what it's doing
  1210. [5:59:56 AM] bloxparadise_: hey we tried talking to him but he's too busy learning swedish or whatever the fuck it was
  1211. [6:00:15 AM] VoxaDub: How am I acting like a dick? I'm having a civil argument.
  1212. [6:00:23 AM] danstoogood: ouch Erik
  1213. [6:00:28 AM] dillyg10: I do Voxa
  1214. [6:00:28 AM] danstoogood: your server offers VIP
  1215. [6:00:28 AM] danstoogood:
  1216. [6:00:43 AM] danstoogood: Access to the VIP forum
  1217. Access to the Survival world (without a separate request via forum)
  1218. Participation in VIP meetings
  1219. More teleport options, such as / tp, / TPON, / tpoff, / tpback, / tpforward
  1220. TNT arrows using / tnta
  1221. Sponges also work on lava
  1222. [6:01:08 AM] VoxaDub: lol....
  1223. [6:01:38 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:00 AM] Amir Omidi:
  1225. <<< You're making money off of someone elses workI thoght someone building something or someone making a plugin or a mod was their own work?..
  1226. [6:01:49 AM] danstoogood: you call it a donation
  1227. [6:01:55 AM] danstoogood: but I thought you were offering all of that
  1228. [6:02:02 AM] danstoogood: it's a purchase then, SURELY?
  1229. [6:02:20 AM] danstoogood: THIS HYPOCRISY IS INCREDIBLE
  1230. [6:02:38 AM] bloxparadise_: this chat is giving me cancer
  1231. [6:02:39 AM] *** bloxparadise_ has left ***
  1232. [6:02:53 AM] Erik Broes: dan that was different when I was still involved; they'd also have to change
  1233. [6:03:36 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: so they are not 'ingame' -- that is the part tha matters
  1234. [6:03:49 AM] Erik Broes: you can sell whatever the fuck you want -- but it has nothing to do with our game and shouldn;t be reflected in it
  1235. [6:04:53 AM] VoxaDub: Idea: Mojang makes the next mineplex makes 1mil per month everyones happy
  1236. [6:05:10 AM | Edited 6:05:54 AM] danstoogood: we are ripping people off - when Mojang is charging £8 a month for a 20 slot server
  1237. Erik accuses us of mispresenting information - - yet a server he is an "administrator" on has a 15 EURO payment option for VIP that they call a donation, phaa
  1238. we're using Mojang's "platform" to make money which is apparently so different to them using oracles platform to make money
  1240. all of these changes Erik is stating is purely his opinion, and he's breaking the EULA himself (yes, he's an employee too!?!?!)
  1241. [6:05:20 AM] Erik Broes: no because its not about the money VoxaDub
  1242. [6:05:36 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: *WAS* an adminisrtator
  1243. [6:05:52 AM] danstoogood: seems you're still listed there
  1244. [6:05:57 AM] VoxaDub: Worth a shot :P
  1245. [6:05:58 AM] Erik Broes: i havent done anything with that server since 6-7 months after Bukkit started orso
  1246. [6:06:00 AM] danstoogood: I thought the EULA was always like that?
  1247. [6:06:04 AM] danstoogood: as you yourself said
  1248. [6:06:11 AM] Erik Broes: yes, listed because they are proud i was there once upon a time
  1249. [6:06:20 AM] Erik Broes: i have no rights at all, 'old furniture' it is :P
  1250. [6:06:21 AM] danstoogood: but Erik, the EULA has always been like that
  1251. [6:06:32 AM] VoxaDub: Then how is it up to date? Has 1.7 really been out that long? o.O
  1252. [6:06:51 AM] xllgummybearxll: Are you going to charge us to make single player worlds next? :P
  1253. [6:07:38 AM] Erik Broes: Dan and 'back in my time' we just had the donations open for 2 days and got enough money to fund the server for another 9 months
  1254. [6:07:59 AM] danstoogood: "After a fundraiser there by the various members put together enough money to hire."
  1255. [6:08:07 AM] danstoogood: seems you actually needed a fundraiser
  1256. [6:08:14 AM] danstoogood: and you still offered various pay to win perks
  1257. [6:08:21 AM] danstoogood: including a private world - WOW
  1258. [6:08:27 AM] Erik Broes: Gummy: we're not charging for anything -- neither should you :P
  1259. [6:08:58 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: I can repeat it once more -- i *USED* to admin on that server a long long long time ago
  1260. [6:09:12 AM] 9gigsofram: erik you have an unfair advantage
  1261. [6:09:17 AM] 9gigsofram: and that was a differant time anyway :P
  1262. [6:09:45 AM] *** VoxaDub added bloxparadise_ ***
  1263. [6:09:55 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: things were different back then -- though they'd still fall under the 'wrong' category; we gave away yellow nicks for the people who donated
  1264. [6:10:32 AM] danstoogood: [6:00 AM] Dan:
  1266. <<< Access to the VIP forum
  1267. Access to the Survival world (without a separate request via forum)
  1268. Participation in VIP meetings
  1269. More teleport options, such as / tp, / TPON, / tpoff, / tpback, / tpforward
  1270. TNT arrows using / tnta
  1271. Sponges also work on lava
  1272. [6:10:38 AM] danstoogood: you literally sectioned off VIPs from the normal players
  1273. [6:10:39 AM] ngusox: welcome back i missed u
  1274. [6:10:41 AM] danstoogood: now if that isn't pay to win
  1275. [6:10:58 AM] ngusox:
  1276. [6:10:59 AM] Erik Broes: I'm actually quite ok with things like a nick-color or something like that, or a 'pet in the lobby' -- however it's super hard to define the grey area so its simpler to simply say no in general
  1277. [6:11:11 AM] xllgummybearxll: Your not charging for anything? You make others pay £8 a month like Dan said just for a 20 slot server
  1278. [6:11:18 AM] danstoogood: so you are ok with that?
  1279. [6:11:19 AM] bloxparadise_: i got chemo
  1280. [6:11:24 AM] danstoogood: earlier you told me $5 for a color name was terrible
  1281. [6:11:35 AM] youaresohistory1:
  1282. [6:11:37 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: i think it is -- and i'm not ok with that nor involved with that server for a long time :)
  1283. [6:12:12 AM] VoxaDub: so simple.... :/
  1284. [6:12:46 AM] danstoogood: [6:10 AM] Erik Broes:
  1286. <<< I'm actually quite ok with things like a nick-color or something like that, or a 'pet in the lobby'
  1287. [6:12:52 AM] danstoogood: but you think it is terrible
  1288. [6:12:55 AM] danstoogood: OOOKKKK
  1289. [6:14:33 AM] ileetgamerx: Erik can you explain what you are and aren't ok with, if you explained it before I missed it.
  1290. [6:14:44 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: no,  others think that, but it's impossible to define the gray area
  1291. [6:15:09 AM] 9gigsofram: can't sell items, but can sell perks
  1292. [6:15:17 AM] 9gigsofram: that is less grey :P
  1293. [6:15:17 AM] Erik Broes: Amir when our client is involved so is the EULA
  1294. [6:15:28 AM] 9gigsofram: perks come from pluigns / mods generally
  1295. [6:16:13 AM] bloxparadise_: what if I sold a block of stone, and that stone was named "sexy block"
  1296. [6:16:16 AM] bloxparadise_: it wouldn't be stone
  1297. [6:16:19 AM] bloxparadise_: it'd be sexy block :D
  1298. [6:16:37 AM] 9gigsofram: i didnt agree to this eula while installing minecraft :O
  1299. [6:16:45 AM] ileetgamerx: So we cannot sell items from Minecraft, but we can sell a rank that contains perks from our own plugins  that we made? Example: Join full game servers for a game plugin I made but NOT selling a diamond sword?
  1300. [6:17:02 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:16 AM] ( ?° ?? ?° )? bloxParadise_ | Public Skype:
  1302. <<< what if I sold a block of stone, and that stone was named "sexy block"
  1303. it wouldn't be stone
  1304. it'd be sexy block :DLOL
  1305. [6:17:09 AM] bloxparadise_: no, erik said he wants to stop all purchases
  1306. [6:17:15 AM] Erik Broes: Leet: er on phone now so rather not. But I  short anything that doesn't change gameplay would be fine from my perspective.
  1307. [6:17:28 AM | Edited 6:17:33 AM] 9gigsofram: no he siad you cant sell anything
  1308. [6:17:36 AM] danstoogood: Erik, I get the feeling you're one of those people that wouldn't even accept a voluntary donation for a beer
  1309. [6:17:46 AM] danstoogood: and would rather donate it to charity
  1310. [6:17:56 AM] 9gigsofram: hmmm
  1311. [6:18:02 AM] Erik Broes: I don't like beer, so no
  1312. [6:18:05 AM] xllgummybearxll: Kids don't have to donate.
  1313. [6:18:09 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:17 AM] ( ?° ?? ?° )? bloxParadise_ | Public Skype:
  1315. <<< no, erik said he wants to stop all purchases
  1316. [6:11 AM] Erik Broes:
  1318. <<< I'm actually quite ok with things like a nick-color or something like that, or a 'pet in the lobby'
  1319. [6:18:19 AM] Erik Broes: Nah I don't do charity
  1320. [6:18:25 AM] bloxparadise_: oh
  1321. [6:18:33 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:17 AM] Erik Broes:
  1323. <<< Leet: er on phone now so rather not. But I  short anything that doesn't change gameplay would be fine from my perspective.What about hub perks, such as flying, bypassing "Magic Clock" (Vanish players), etc?
  1324. [6:18:36 AM] Erik Broes: I have better ways to spend my money
  1325. [6:18:39 AM] bloxparadise_: so all we have to do is remove kits & blocks
  1326. [6:18:42 AM] bloxparadise_: you're confusing as shit
  1327. [6:19:22 AM] bloxparadise_: im sure players do to.. coughrealmscough
  1328. [6:20:05 AM] Erik Broes:
  1330. Blox: nothing has gone beyond the meeting we had this morning.
  1331. [6:20:25 AM] bloxparadise_: earlier you said you didn't want us to even have purchases
  1332. [6:20:37 AM] xllgummybearxll: See Erik, it's optional for people to donate. They donate for perks and that is their option to buy them. You can't stop someone from making a purchase on a server.
  1333. [6:20:47 AM] Erik Broes: Amir: if you make a server that requires our client to play on it you play by our rules
  1334. [6:21:22 AM] Erik Broes: If you make your own server and client...  So your own game,  you get to make your own rules.
  1335. [6:21:41 AM] danstoogood: [6:04 AM] Dan:
  1337. <<< we are ripping people off - when Mojang is charging £8 a month for a 20 slot server
  1338. Erik accuses us of mispresenting information - - yet a server he is an "administrator" on has a 15 EURO payment option for VIP that they call a donation, phaa
  1339. we're using Mojang's "platform" to make money which is apparently so different to them using oracles platform to make money
  1340. [6:21:43 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:19 AM] Leet:
  1342. <<< What about hub perks, such as flying, bypassing "Magic Clock" (Vanish players), etc?
  1343. [6:21:46 AM] danstoogood: just consider that
  1344. [6:21:54 AM] Erik Broes: Blox: that was the gist of the meeting indeed
  1345. [6:22:04 AM] bloxparadise_: your rules are shit tho bb
  1346. [6:22:19 AM] danstoogood: js, if this is ever taken to another level
  1347. [6:22:24 AM] Erik Broes: Leet: no paying money for anything ingame
  1348. [6:22:25 AM] danstoogood: Erik has also broken the EULA
  1349. [6:22:38 AM] danstoogood: ;)
  1350. [6:22:53 AM] Erik Broes: Dan: yup
  1351. [6:23:05 AM] xllgummybearxll: I agree with Dan. You said you weren't asking for money
  1352. [6:23:08 AM] Erik Broes: Once upon a time I indeed
  1353. [6:23:18 AM] ileetgamerx: T________________________________T you just said a hub pet or a colored name was ok
  1354. [6:23:23 AM] bloxparadise_: realy? you said a colored name was ok
  1355. [6:23:30 AM] bloxparadise_: what the fuck are you on m8?
  1356. [6:24:03 AM] danstoogood: so Erik can we discuss this with another representative of Mojang?
  1357. [6:24:07 AM] danstoogood: as you're only stating your opinion
  1358. [6:24:48 AM] dillyg10: I say
  1359. [6:24:51 AM] dillyg10: New EULA
  1360. [6:25:00 AM] dillyg10: =
  1361. [6:25:05 AM] dillyg10: Happier Minecraft
  1362. [6:25:20 AM] Erik Broes: So would anyone else until it is in the EULA
  1363. [6:25:41 AM] ileetgamerx: [6:24 AM] Dan:
  1365. <<< so Erik can we discuss this with another representative of Mojang?
  1366. as you're only stating your opinionHopefully someone who knows what they're talking about and doesn't change their mind every other message.
  1367. [6:25:42 AM] Erik Broes: Mmm bedtime!
  1368. [6:25:52 AM] bloxparadise_: ^
  1369. [6:26:39 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: I got an F on one of my practical assignments for my Photography final
  1370. [6:26:44 AM] danstoogood: ah
  1371. [6:26:51 AM] danstoogood: seems Erik can't add another member of staff
  1372. [6:26:54 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: Apparently bricks aren't repetition
  1373. [6:29:22 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: My English professor gave me a 0 on my final, portfolio and oral presentation
  1374. [6:29:32 AM] Reno Philibert | MineDesign: wtf is wrong with these peopel
  1375. [6:33:11 AM] youaresohistory1: Is the war over?
  1376. [6:35:17 AM] youaresohistory1:
  1377. Add me if interested
  1378. [6:37:09 AM | Removed 6:38:59 AM] wavemakerhse: This message has been removed.
  1379. [6:38:05 AM] VoxaDub: ^
  1380. [6:38:13 AM] xllgummybearxll: Can we atleast be respectful
  1381. [6:38:24 AM] bloxparadise_: no
  1382. [6:38:56 AM] youaresohistory1: THERE ARE NO RULES IN WAR.
  1383. [6:39:07 AM] xllgummybearxll: Ok
  1384. [6:39:12 AM] wavemakerhse: sorry
  1385. [6:39:16 AM] wavemakerhse: XD
  1386. [6:39:23 AM] bloxparadise_: lolol
  1387. [6:40:31 AM] youaresohistory1: Regardlesss, since you guys all think this guy is stubborn as fuck, there's really no point trying to change his mind. Right?
  1388. [6:41:25 AM] bloxparadise_: no
  1389. [6:41:51 AM] xllgummybearxll: It'd be amazing to get anther employee in here
  1390. [6:42:15 AM] bloxparadise_: ikr
  1391. [6:42:43 AM] dillyg10: I agree
  1392. [6:42:49 AM] dillyg10: OH DINNERBONE
  1393. [6:42:53 AM] dillyg10: WE CALL UPON THE
  1394. [6:42:59 AM] danstoogood: you guys do understand what Erik is doing, right? :P
  1395. [6:43:34 AM] Drew: > [Tuesday, June 3, 2014 5:11:53 PM Gummy] It'd be amazing to get anther employee in here
  1397. That will never hapopened xD Grum does'nt want other mojangers to see how badly he represents their company
  1398. [6:43:42 AM] bloxparadise_: FUCK YOU
  1399. [6:43:44 AM] bloxparadise_: I DONT WANT DINNERBONE IN HERE
  1400. [6:43:47 AM] VoxaDub: *KHA KHA* Dinnerbone summoning call
  1401. [6:44:16 AM] danstoogood: Marc_IRL said it himself, "People could have stayed cool about it" whereas "the ones that are yelling and screaming about it are the ones that will force some sort of a decision to be made"
  1402. [6:44:29 AM] danstoogood: "Nothing has been changed, nothing new has been enforced."
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