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  1. Requirements
  3. This page handles the installation of the Ampache database and the creation of the ampache.cfg.php file. Before you continue please make sure that you have the following prerequisites:
  5.     A MySQL server with a username and password that can create/modify databases
  6.     Your webserver has read access to the files /home/u360312411/public_html/ampache/sql/ampache.sql and /home/u360312411/public_html/ampache/config/ampache.cfg.php.dist
  8. Once you have ensured that the above requirements are met please fill out the information below. You will only be asked for the required config values. If you would like to make changes to your Ampache install at a later date simply edit /home/u360312411/public_html/ampache/config/ampache.cfg.php
  9. Required
  10. ampache.cfg.php.dist is readable        OK
  11. ampache.sql is readable         OK
  12. PHP Version:    OK 5.2.17
  13. PHP MySQL Support:      OK 5.1.58
  14. PHP Session Support:    OK
  15. PHP iconv Support:      OK
  16. PHP PCRE Support:       OK
  17. PHP putenv Support:     ERROR
  18. Optional
  19. PHP gettext Support:    OK
  20. PHP mbstring Support:   OK
  21. PHP Memory Limit:       OK 144M
  22. PHP Execution Time Limit:       ERROR Execution time limit less than recommended 30
  23. Minimum requirements not met. Unable to install Ampache.
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