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  1. This is the ITT: Pokemon are real complete recap. Be warned, this is a long read, as it covers every single thread thus far and gets updated once a week. It's a work in progress at the moment, and won't be worked on until desuarchive gets images back.
  3. Thread 1 :
  4. -An anon bullies his Lucario, Tina, over her weight. His Salazzle confronts him on the matter and he bullies her over her smell. It is revealed that the anon is apart of Team Skull.
  5. -An anon who works for a Hoenn archaeologist group threatens to sweep the Team Skull anon with a team of level five Lileeps. Cradily Anon then visits Johto with the intent of fighting him.
  6. -An anon believes his Sableye is sick due to strange behavior and fevers. With the help of other anons and a Psychic he discovers his Sableye loves him. After much self reflection and discussion the anon eventually pursues a relationship with his Sableye. They fuck.
  7. -An anon has a problem with his Beeheeyem dressing herself in provocative clothing and inserting sexual images into his head, while being insistent on making sure anon never has a date. They fuck.
  8. -An anon (later shown to be named Alistair) has an issue with his Tyrantrum, Henry, being hyper aggressive. He eventually finds out that Henry has chosen him as a mate.
  9. -An anon saves a Durant from death by Heatmor.
  11. Thread 2:
  12. -The anon continues to attempt to acclimate his Durant to a new home. He takes her to a Psychic trainer to find the best way to do so. The Psychic reveals that the Durant has romantic interest in the anon. Anon plans on how to fug the ant - they fug at the end of thread and anon makes plans for doing so more often in the future.
  13. -Alistair decides to accept Henry's romantic advances. After receiving the advice of several anons he plans a trip to Black City to buy the necessary equipment to prep himself for possible sex. They have non penetrative sex when they get back home.
  14. -An anon seeks advice on fucking his Garbodor and Muk, both of which he has promised himself to.
  15. -A Honchkrow owned by an anon gets in a shootout with the cops and blackmails his trainer with porn.
  16. -A Yanmega seeks advice on romancing her trainer. After following the advice of several anons she ends up romancing him and seeking advice on fucking him.
  17. -An anon (later shown to be named Emrys) get pranked by his Aegislash, Cali. They plot something in the other room.
  18. -An anon faces a dilemma over whether or not to evolve his Pikachu into an Alolan Raichu.
  19. -An anon goes to an uninhabited island and finds a Qurupeco. It calls in a Deviljho and he dies.
  20. -Dragontits appears asking for advice on fucking some dragons.
  22. Thread 3:
  23. -Someone beats up Team Skull anon and takes his Lucario and Salazzle.
  24. -An anon wonders why his Trevenant isn't open to affection. He lets his Trevenant post, and it is revealed that
  25. -Yanmega continues seeking advice on fucking her trainer.
  26. -An anon seeks advice on raising his new Klink.
  27. -The Pikachu trainer speaks with a Psychic and discovers his Pikachu wishes to evolve into an Alolan Raichu. He promises to buy her a Thunderstone and adopts an Espeon.
  28. -An anon and his Hypno deal with the negative stereotypes surrounding Hypno.
  29. -An anon's Eevee evolves into Sylveon after spending some time on Tumblr.
  30. -An anon tries to avoid dying by a horny heavy metal Aggron.
  31. -An anon (later revealed to be named Buddy)
  32. -An anon announces his desire to fuck a wailord and is revealed to be a Skitty who works at a daycare.
  33. -Pornspammer kills his first thread.
  35. Thread 4:
  36. -An anon worries about potentially being raped by his Galvantula and Ariados.
  37. -Anon receives advice on getting fugged by his Aggron and buys a bunch of beds.
  38. -Skitty sends a dick pic and everyone is terrified. He also gives sex advice and reveals the number of Pokemon he has killed with his penis. He plans a daring Daycare escape with an anon and mafia bird.
  39. -Buddy chats with people about his Girafarig's behavior.
  40. -An anon asks for advice on his Croagunk's jealous behavior. Croagunk knocks the anon out and starts posting in the thread - she is revealed to be fairly yandere.
  41. -A salty Zigzagoon wonders how the fuck all the thread Pokemon got computers.
  42. -An anon becomes human again after recently being turned into an Arcanine. He wonders how to rebuild his life.
  44. Thread 5:
  45. -Zigzagoon gets into some salty arguments with the thread humans
  46. -Alistair loses three shirts to Tyrantrum jizz and discusses the potential of being stuck with a tubsworth of jizz in his bowels.
  47. -The Mafiabird remains terrified at the thought of Pyrite town and tries to sell a mega stone.
  48. -Skitty gives sex advice
  49. -The yandere Croagunk worries about her trainer getting stolen from her. Abandonment issues all around.
  50. -An anon gets invited to a restaurant and discover they cook the trainer's teams. An anon with a Magcargo and Skarmory heads to the Sevii islands to take care of the problem. The restaurant burns.
  51. -Looker shows up in a shitty disguise looking for the restaurant burner.
  52. -Emrys' Pokemon try to convince him to do the League Challenge with just an Aegislash, Umbreon, and Eevee egg. He decides to do the Kanto challenge after receiving advice from Alistair.
  53. -An anon receives a strange robotic Pikachu
  54. -A Rampardos makes friendly conversation with the rest of thread. He tries to ask for advice on keeping a shitbag away from his trainer.
  56. Thread 6:
  57. -Thread discusses death, the afterlife, and coming back as ghosts.
  58. -People give Rampardos advice on convincing his trainer to move to a different town
  59. -Alistair continues discussing how the hell to fuck a 32ft dinosaur with anons
  60. -Guzma gets into an argument with thread and threatens to fight most of its members.
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