Pre-cum Of The Heart

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  1. Kris watched as Susie’s hands shook as she tightly held the letter to her chest, as if it said something sacred.
  2. Susie wiped her eyes with sleeves, one arm still clutching the letter of creepy love close to her.
  3. Uh, that was odd...
  4. Kris moved from behind his open locker door, and moved toward Susie.
  5. Upon noticing Kris Susie quickly stashed the letter in her pocket.
  6. ”H-hey freak!” Susie stutters,her voice is slightly choked up.
  7. Kris decides to ask Susie if she is okay.
  8. Susie let’s out a painfully forced smile as she replies.
  9. ”I’m fine freak, I just...sweat from my eyes when-“ Susie stopped herself
  10. “I mean...look I’m fine okay!” Susie snapped at Kris.
  11. He shrugged as the bell rang signaling the end of the school day.
  12. They both said their goodbyes to each other
  13. and left for their respective homes.
  14. When Susie enters he room, she takes out the letter and reads it again.
  15. It’s the most romantic thing she had ever read, “A river of yogurt” that’s fucking deep.
  16. She feels herself tear up again reading it.
  17. Someone in her school wanted her with such intensity...
  18. Someone loved her....
  19. Susie feel back on the mattress she called a bed, and clutched the letter to her chest as she looked at the ceiling.
  20. But who wrote it? She needs to meet this person.
  21. That’s when Susie gets an idea, she’ll just do what they did!
  22. would she know who to send it to?
  23. Susie thought about it before turning over into her pillow in frustration.
  24. Thats when an idea hit her, she’d just leave it on her locker as reply.
  25. Susie then grabbed a paper and pen from under her mattress, no Godzilla fantasies tonight, but pure pre-cum of the heart in letter form.
  26. Susie spends the night making her magnum opus.
  27. Kris noticed Susie was acting rather odd today, she seems rather sick, what with having a blush across her face the entire walk to school.
  28. She didn’t make small talk, so she probably isn’t in the mood, so he won’t force her.
  29. As they went to their respective class Susie breathed a sigh of relief as Kris went in first she pulled a white envelope from her tattered jeans.
  30. Susie smiled as she walked down the hallway, letter in hand, the words “For whoever admired me.” Written on the back.
  31. Susie put the letter slightly sticking out of her lockers slit she looked at it hopefully before walking slowly to class, looking behind her every so often.
  32. It wasn’t until lunch that Susie noticed that envelope was now gone, a feeling of dread and excitement filling her.
  33. As she sat down to a very confused and flustered Kris.
  34. He was probably sick, so she won’t push too much conversation with him today.
  35. Kris looked at the letter he had obtained.
  36. He read it from its position hidden under the table as he shakily held it.
  37. ”Your words of lust make my heart experience ovarian quakes, within my pond of desire.
  38. Like the most succulent of meats you have made me desire more, maybe a bit of yours.
  39. A river of lust and love is all that lies between us behind a blindfold of ignorance. I feel trapped within a refracted labyrinth of our pain and pleasure.
  40. I need to know whom I love, such so that I may love you.”
  41. Kris felt his cheeks burn, damn that was romantic....was it meant for him?
  42. Kris was screaming inwardly at the realization, Susie sent him a love letter!
  43. Him of all people, the weird kid, the one who never got invited to any birthday parties as a kid.
  44. The one who put bathbombs in the toilet of his own house. The freak.
  45. Kris smiled before realizing it wasn’t really meant for him. Susie left this for the one who wrote her that letter, she didn’t know he wrote it.Kris felt his smile fall, he knew she didn’t like him that way.
  46. If she found out he wrote it as a prank their friendship would be over.
  47. But he can’t just string her along like this, he had to tell her.
  48. Kris looked to the oblivious Susie who was helping herself to his metal lunchbox.
  49. She had a relaxed smile as she pilfered his lunchbox for any meat.
  50. He knows she has just started to trust people, and telling her now would be the best, she might hate him for a while, and it would take many sandwiches to make it up to her. But he could salvage it.
  51. He just needed to tell her.
  52. ”Hey, uh Susie?” Kris nervously asked ”Hm?” Susie said through mouthful of ham and bread. ”I-I know w-who might...” Kris trailed off, say it damn it!
  53. ”Who did what to what?” Susie asked confused. Kris felt his brain working and through all the determination and electric synapses displayed the words “Fuck It.” before shutting off. Kris felt his neck retract a bit as he spoke “Who would win a fight? Bigfoot or Nessie?”. Susie blinked “Is it prison or stadium rules?”
  54. Fuck can’t go back now, “Prison rules.”. Susie shrugged “Probably Bigfoot then, the guy is fast I mena nobody’s gotten a good photograph of the guy,and he’s probably smart enough to make a shiv or something.”
  55. Kris shook his head “How? Nessie is more twice his size.” Kris felt himself getting into his bullshit debate.
  56. Susie took a bite out of her sandwich before leaning toward, “Well you see....”
  57. The spent their entire lunch deciding if Bigfoot could snap such a long neck.
  58. Before they knew it the bell had rung.
  59. As Kris left the lunchroom with Susie, he realized something.
  60. Susie has an odd fucking fountain of knowledge.
  61. How she knew about the force it would take to break a 15 foot neck but thought Tuesday was a myth until a week ago is a mystery to him.
  62. Kris then felt his pants looking for his emergency stress chocolate, but instead felt, paper....
  63. Oh shit! He was supped to tell Susie about the prank!
  64. Kris looked up at Susie noticing the content grin on her face.
  65. Did he, really want to possibly ruin their friendship by telling her?
  66. Kris felt his hands grasp the letter form inside his pocket.
  67. He just had to....find the right time to tell her, that’s it.
  68. Kris is silent as Susie nonchalantly kicked the door open to the last class of the day.
  69. Their class didn’t react, it had become routine at this point.
  70. As Susie and Kris took their seats Kris, began to think back.
  71. That letter....she wrote it for her secret admirer, the letter he made as a joke.
  72. He can’t just let her think that it was some prank now with how hard she worked on that letter.
  73. It would be cruel, and something that he alone caused.
  74. Kris shuddered at the thought, he had to keep this up, just for a bit longer. Kris looked over to Susie, noticing that she is silently snoring at her desk, drool slowly pooling on her desk.
  75. Thank you, geometry.
  76. Kris pulled out a paper and pencil from his desk, He could do this, he just had to plant the letter before she woke up. It took most of the class, but he managed something in the same tone as his first love letter, now he just had to plant it. Kris looked back at Susie, she’s leaning on her desk, still out cold. Kris quickly got out of his desk, and calmly walked out of the classroom, the teacher didn’t seem to care as about 2 minutes of class remained, plus the fact that the teacher hasn’t moved for the entire class.
  77. Kris planted the note inside of Susie’s locker and hastily returned as the bell rang.
  78. Kris quickly sat down next to Susie as the students left the class.
  79. >He was thankful hat Susie was able to always sleep through the class bell.
  80. Kris lightly shoved Susie, who awoke with a visible jump.
  81. “HoShit-Oh,is class over Kris?” Susie asked wiping drool from her mouth with her sleeve.
  82. Kris nodded, and thus the duo is are the last students to leave class.
  83. As Susie left with Kris however, she glanced at her locker.
  84. She stopped dead in her tracks.
  85. In the slot of her locker, a sheet of paper stuck out, with the same sticker as before.
  86. A letter...she got a response!
  87. ”Hey Kris?”
  88. Her friend looked at her with his usuals stoic expression.
  89. ”You go on ahead, I have some things I have to do at my locker first.” Susie said trying to hide the excitement in her voice.
  90. The boy shrugged as he exited the school without Susie.
  91. Susie ran to her locker, a smile on her face as she took the letter from the slit in her locker.
  92. She couldn’t help but feel giddy as she began to read another letter from her secret admirer.
  93. ”Your ovarian quakes cause my heart to vibrate anew. It’s palpitations cause the glass ceiling of our labyrinth to crack under its passion. The fragrance of you desire makes my body shiver, I feel myself being pierced by your oral quiver.
  94. From my nips to my hips they both gyrate at your very name. Like bucket a of pudding I find you irresistible, I want you, I need you, I hear you say who are? And that you need me too. But I’m afraid of how you’d feel about me. Would you embrace my love,lust and desire, or burn my upon my passion funeral pyre. My love for you is like a truck.”
  95. Susie found herself standing in the hallway, at a loss for words once more.
  97. Kris sighed as he walking down the sidewalk.
  98. “My love for you is like a truck.” What the fuck does that even mean? And why did he write it in the fake love letter?
  99. He lightly shook his head. Maybe she’ll get creeped out and stop replying? That’d be great.
  100. In all honesty he hated poetry, he never understood it.
  101. He just hoped Susie was fine with his terrible letter.
  103. Susie is currently holding the letter to her chest as she lays on her mattress.
  104. Holy shit! Her admirer was a literary genius!
  105. Especially that last line, that fucking hit her where she lived.
  106. Again she found herself smiling to herself like an idiot as she rehearsed the letter by memory.
  107. She had no idea why, but she kept re-reading the two letters over and over ever since she got them.
  108. They just gave her this warm fuzzy feeling inside of her chest. She didn’t know what to call it.
  109. But it felt nice. Being special to someone felt nice.
  110. Susie took a pen and paper from under her mattress, her heart beating in her chest, her heart was practically gushing, and she would pour it in its entirety into this letter.
  111. Kris wasn’t looking forward to school today.
  112. He had been beating himself up over the past couple days.
  113. For about a week now he had been acting as Susie’s “secret admirer “ and he was getting sick of it.
  114. He couldn’t help but feel dirty when writing them, he didn’t like stringing Susie along like this, he planned to tell her the first day, but bailed out, worried about Susie hating him.
  115. And the thing that really makes him feel like scum?
  116. He could tell that she put her all into writing those replies.
  117. He didn’t know she had the vocabulary for this sort of thing, but looking at her work made him feel dumb in comparison.
  118. She was great at poetry.
  119. And she didn’t even know it.
  120. Kris held his head in his hands. As he rubbed his temple. He had to tell her.
  121. Kris got out of his bed, did his daily routine, and went out the door.
  122. As he walked down the concrete path, he kept thinking of ways he could tell Susie that it was just a prank that got outta hand. That damn valentines day prank.
  123. The same prank that made Catti drop her phone and Noelle to faint.
  124. It was supposed to creep her out! Not make her fall in love with someone he made up!
  125. He didn’t want to hurt Susie in any way, but at this point it’s become her obsession.
  126. She’s always so out of it whenever lunch rolls around.
  127. Barely talking to him, but sitting next to him an elbow on the table, her hand holding up her slightly blushing face.
  128. She was love drunk, and it was his fault, he needed to make things right.
  129. Kris felt determined as he walked towards the school.
  130. He has to have “Fernando” break up with Susie.
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