Osfur GPS Translation

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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <Translations xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  3.   <!--Common messages, used in more than one command-->
  4.   <Translation Id="common_number_conversion" Value="There was an error converting your number." />
  5.   <Translation Id="common_page" Value="Page" />  
  6.   <Translation Id="gps_reached" Value="You reached at your destination." />
  7.   <Translation Id="gps_canceled" Value="The current GPS route was canceled." />
  8.   <Translation Id="gps_not_found" Value="This location couldn't be found." />
  10.   <!--/gpscancel command-->
  11.   <Translation Id="command_gpscancel_syntax" Value="The correct syntax is '/gpscancel'." />
  12.   <Translation Id="command_gpscancel_not_in_route" Value="You are not in a GPS route." />
  14.   <!--/gpsgoto command-->
  15.   <Translation Id="command_gpsgoto_syntax" Value="The correct syntax is '/gpsgoto <name or id>'." />
  16.   <Translation Id="command_gpsgoto_found" Value="The location was found and marked it on your GPS." />
  18.   <!--/gpsinfo command-->
  19.   <Translation Id="command_gpsinfo_syntax" Value="The correct syntax is '/gpsinfo <page>'." />
  21.   <!--/creategpslocation command-->
  22.   <Translation Id="command_creategpslocation_syntax" Value="The correct syntax is '/creategpslocation <name> <x> <y> <z>'." />
  23.   <Translation Id="command_creategpslocation_invalid_position" Value="There was an error with your position." />
  24.   <Translation Id="command_creategpslocation_created" Value="The location {0} with ID {1} was created." />
  26.   <!--/deletegpslocation command-->
  27.   <Translation Id="command_deletegpslocation_syntax" Value="The correct syntax is '/deletegpslocation <name or id>'." />
  28.   <Translation Id="command_deletegpslocation_deleted" Value="The location {0} with ID {1} was deleted." />
  29. </Translations>
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