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Dec 31st, 2018
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  1. - - -IMPORTANT RULES - - -
  3. 1. Once you log into the VPS, DO NOT touch or go to the billing area. Any meddling there causes the account to suspend.
  5. 2. ONLY apply this coupon when you have reached 75% of your spend/threshold. Do NOT use it any earlier as this may cause suspension of the account.
  7. 3. Do NOT close the browser, simply disconnect your VPS when you are finished with your campaign. Log in as many times as you like but do not close the browser
  9. 4. A good daily budget would be between $40 to $50 a day. Try and keep it within this budget.
  11. 5. If you have any cause to increase your budget, do so only when you have attained not less than 80% of your threshold, else your account will be suspended.
  13. 6. Once inside the VPS, do not change the IP....use the same IP all through, as any change will lead to a suspension
  15. 7. Be careful when you setup your campaign. Google is very particular and sensitive to the campaign. Any wrong things will cause a suspension of the account. Do NOT use trademarked or copyrighted words, do not use affiliate links.
  17. 8. Do NOT use the same URL you have used on another Google Ads campaign. This causes suspension. What most do is to buy cheap domains and setup landing pages on those domains, so with every new account they use different domains.
  19. 9. Do not use cloaking or other similar things. If you are good at it you can try it but this could cause a suspension.
  21. 10. Google Ad's standard answer when an account is banned, even if a campaign is bad, will say due to suspicious payment activity. We provide an account which already comes with clicks and impressions which means we passed the google ad review with the payment added. Following actions would mostly result into a suspension: 1 - you meddled with the billing area or 2 - your ad campaign was rejected. We always make sure that a dummy campaign has been successfully approved before we give you the account.
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