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  1. [@everyone] This was never an announcement any of us planned on making however it can no longer be dismissed. The situation with Ori is completely messed up. He has not told everyone the full story and i'm typing this to release our side of the story (The truth). Ori came to me with the idea of merging with Dawn for HCF, Wez and I worked on practice while Ori strictly worked on HCF only. Originally i was planning on doing a practice server called "Astro". Everything you saw on Dawn during the betas we had was created by Sam, Koupah, Wez and myself. Nothing on that server was created by him. Ori has constantly lied to Wez and I. Originally we were informed that the HCF was almost done and we had made an agreement that Wez and I only work on Practice and Ori works on HCF only. However when time passed Ori slowly got himself involved in practice. Up until a few days ago Ori had only just started to work on HCF. Every time Wez had questioned the progress of the HCF server Ori had a new excuse. Ori had left the impression on others that everything was made by him without directly informing them that he did make it. No developers were given any credit they deserved, Sam, Koupah etc. Everything on Dawn was made by Developers as well as the Invict development team. Upon merge Ori had pressured me into giving him access to the discord which at this point was the only thing I had actually had full control of. Ori owned the Domain, Hosting, Discord after basically forcing me to give it to him, all Artwork. Ori owned everything including our plugins which we had uploaded to his hosting under the impression that he was a good guy and wouldn't do anything to screw us over. The situation where Ori had "Pulled back all of Eden" was a complete lie on his side. Wez and I had spoken to Genngar about what had actually happened. Ori had made an agreement with Genngar when Eden was sold. Ori remained as an Admin instead of an Owner. However Ori had abused for himself and friends multiple times with warnings. Spawning himself in everything. Ruining the servers economy, a stack of Winter crates. Multiple things an average player couldn't receive without dishing out hundreds of dollars. Ori had revived himself and friends with no reason. Genngar had enough and demoted Ori as a normal server Owner would. Ori had completely ruined Genngar's map. Ori also lets his friends cheat, "Emx, Chimed etc." Emx aka Eighteens (AusHeroes Admin) was given a private cheat by Ori. And given anticheat bypasses on Ori's servers allowing him to cheat. Ori's side of the Genngar situation was, and i quote "Yeah so, he doxed and charged back and i got the server and stuff, he doxed a day before i pulled the server back, then he charged back, and if he said i charged back on him i never sent him money, so." However this is complete rubbish and also no proof was provided that Genngar was the one who had actually doxed MMO. Genngar has sent me proof showing that Ori had actually pulled the server back before someone doxed him. Ori had actually purchased 2 different servers using
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