Feb 10th, 2020
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  1. <b><size=50><align="center"><color=#00ff00ff>[EU-West]</color> <color=#000080ff>JopoCraft</color> <color=#00ff00ff>roleplay only</color></align></size=40></b>
  3. <b><size=25><align="center"><link="https://discord.gg/hAuJmqH"><color=#cdf>Click me to join the Discord server</color></link></align></size=40></b>
  5. <b><size=25><align="center"><color=#00ff00ff>Our rules</color></align></size=40></b>
  6. Roleplay rules:
  7. 1. Always follow the roleplay.
  8. 2. No RDMing (this means no killing anyone without a reason.)
  9. - Chaos and MTF can kill each other on sight.
  10. - MTF can't kill class-D on sight unless they don't follow orders or are a threat to the MTF.
  11. 3. Teamkilling is allowed under special circumstances. This means that if it fits the roleplay.
  12. - This includes mtf not following orders of higher-ups. (Those orders must fit roleplay aswell. eg: no random sacrificing.)
  13. 4. No failRP.
  15. General rules:
  16. 1. Hacking or Cheating will be punished with a permanent ban from the server.
  17. 2. Playing loud music or mic spamming down the intercom, through radio or in spectator is not allowed.
  18. 3. Using glitches or exploits for your advantage is not allowed.
  19. 4. Any language other than English is prohibited.
  20. 5. If a mod tells you to stop doing something. Stop doing it. Rules are always up for interpretation by the mods, so listen to them.
  21. You can always make complaints to an O5 or higher afterward if you feel it is unjustified.
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