Reeaper May 25th, 2019 70 Never
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  1. {18 pp to use}
  3. Note: (Semi-Unique) Master Machinist - This Al-Bhed is instantly locked as a Machinist, however when purchasing perks of this tree they get to spend 1 less power point then usual. {I'm an Al-Bhed}
  5. Ammosmith (T2) -1 pp {17 pp left}
  6. Magitek Engineer (T3) -2pp {15pp left}
  7. Endurance T2 -2pp {13pp left}
  8. Stamina T2 -2pp {11pp Left}
  9. Roboticist (T3) -2pp {9pp left}
  10. Vehicle Mechanic (T2) -1pp {8pp left}
  11. Seasoned Miner (T2) -2 pp {6pp left}
  12. Magic T2 -2pp {4pp left}
  13. Speed T2 -2pp {2pp left}
  14. Reflex T2 -2pp {0pp left}
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