JR. HIGH: Getting in Trouble for Complimenting

Sep 20th, 2013
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  1. Alex: Well you see, I don't really have any good blood with Mr. Johansen.
  2. Stokes: And why is that?
  3. Alex: I was walking down the hall, and I see this 7th or 8th grade girl. She looked really cute, so I called her "beautiful."
  4. (Cue various comments along the lines of "Wooow, I didn't know that Alex liked young girls!" By the classmates)
  5. Stokes: Uh-huh...
  6. Alex: So later that day, I was called down to Johansen's office, and when I went in, I saw that same girl crying. Mr. Johansen asked her what was wrong and she said "He called me beautiful!"
  7. Stokes: When exactly did this happen?
  8. Alex: Yesterday, I think.
  9. Stokes: Alex, yesterday was Sunday.
  10. Alex: But Mrs. Stokes! Mr. Johansen really did get me in trouble for complimenting a girl!
  11. Stokes: Riiiight...
  13. (The next day....)
  15. Stokes: I talked to Mr. Johansen about your little story, it never happened.
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