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  1. Graphics
  2. Improved Graphics
  3. Character dynamic self-shadowing
  4. Enhanced lighting
  5. Improved textures
  6. Better water spray effects
  7. Improved water reflection and refraction
  8. Enhanced electricity effects
  9. Environmental geometry tweaks
  10. Additional video texture work
  11. Physics
  12. Physics Enhancements
  13. Increased number of dynamic objects
  14. More realistic character water resistance
  15. Explosive forces re-balanced
  16. Controls, Cameras, Animation
  17. Overhauled Camera System
  18. Camera positioned closer to character
  19. Improved tracking of the action
  20. Enhanced collision detection
  21. Better FOV for framing the action
  22. Improved Movement and Animations
  23. More fluid and precise character control
  24. Improved character animations add realism
  25. Enhanced animation transitions make the character more weighty
  26. Platforming and Climbing
  27. All New Climbing System
  28. Continuous hand-over-hand climbing system added
  29. All new, more realistic animations
  30. More fluid climbing controls and movement
  31. Automatic ledge grab functionality
  32. Improved swing mechanic
  33. Improved jump-from-balance mechanic
  34. Control Layout
  35. Switch to a more traditional control layout
  36. A to jump
  37. LT to aim
  38. RB to detonate enhanced Gel and Energy Rounds
  39. Dialogue and Cutscenes
  40. Dialogue Re-edit
  41. Dialogue has been pruned
  42. Irritating or extraneous lines cut
  43. Cutscenes Re-edit
  44. Cutscenes reviewed and edited
  45. Overly long cutscenes shortened
  46. Collectables
  47. Collectables Interface Improved
  48. Emails and E-Books no longer interrupt gameplay when collected
  49. Collectables re-positioned throughout levels
  50. Points awarded for collectables tweaked
  51. New Waypoint System
  52. Waypoints for every objective and sub objective
  53. Choose permanent on-screen waypoints or new MAVI only mode
  54. Waypoints added for Ciphers and Frequency Keys with colour coding
  55. Corpses with Frequency Keys glow orange for easy identification
  56. Map
  57. Improved controls and button layout
  58. Default view of Kate's position
  59. Toggle Kate's position / objective location manually
  60. Easier to navigate
  61. Prompts
  62. Prompts re-worked for better clarity
  63. Prompt triggering reviewed and improved
  64. Tutorials
  65. Video tutorials cut back
  66. Improved in game tutorials
  67. New tutorial puzzles
  68. Wading Improved
  69. Enhanced physical character feedback from water forces
  70. Improved transitions between wade states
  71. Swimming Enhanced
  72. Improved swimming controls, more finely balanced
  73. 180 degree swim turn removed
  74. Improved camera behavior when swimming
  75. Underwater combat system streamlined
  76. Puzzle Improvements
  77. Improved feedback for Cipher and Frequency Keys
  78. Ciphers re-positioned for greater accessibility
  79. New mission orders related to Ciphers add to the backstory
  80. Existing puzzles refined where possible
  81. New electric puzzle elements added
  82. Damage System Improved
  83. Kate no longer unfairly damaged/killed by unseen elements
  84. Fire/electrical damage reduced
  85. Combat damage re-balanced
  86. Overhauled Damage Feedback
  87. Monochrome health feedback system implemented
  88. Enhanced directional damage indication
  89. Heartbeat force feedback and SFX added
  90. Audio ducking system improves health feedback
  91. All New Oxygen Feedback System
  92. Oxygen bar added
  93. Heartbeat force feedback and SFX added
  94. Phobia effect for oxygen feedback enhanced
  95. Phobia audio hallucinations added
  96. FOV pulse added for drowning feedback
  97. Phobia warping effect removed from non-submerged sections
  98. Combat and Cover Systems
  99. Overhauled Combat System
  100. Automatic weapon holster/unholster system
  101. Seamless integration of combat / non-combat systems
  102. Improved aim reticule
  103. Aim remapped to LT
  104. Destructible objects highlighted more clearly
  105. Destructible objects easier to hit
  106. A greater supply of ammo throughout the levels
  107. AI improved and enemies rebalanced
  108. More enemies and more engaging combat design
  109. Weapons Improved
  110. Sonic Rounds overheat removed
  111. Sonic Rounds charge time halved
  112. Sonic Rounds do more damage to NPCs and are lethal
  113. Multiple Gel and Energy Rounds can be deployed simultaneously
  114. Deployed Gel/Energy rounds can be detonated as a group
  115. All New Cover System
  116. Smoother transitions in and out of cover
  117. Easier and more intuitive to get in and out of cover
  118. Toggle cover whether armed or unarmed
  119. All new animations make cover system more realistic
  120. Checkpoints and Reloading
  121. Checkpoint positions reviewed and improved
  122. More checkpoints
  123. Automated and faster reload after death
  124. Levels and Game Balance
  125. Design Improvements
  126. Vent behavior improved
  127. General level design tweaks
  128. AI numbers and positioning improved
  129. Ammo amount and placement improved
  130. Collectable placement improved
  131. Gameplay balance improved throughout
  132. Value
  133. Price dropped to just 800 Microsoft points
  134. Trial extended to allow players to sample more of the game for free
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