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  1. 13:21:47 < bears> "just install docker" isnt that big of an ask
  2. 13:22:01 <~alex> yeah i know but some people are real whiny about it
  3. 13:22:24 < bears> yeah why is that, some people are like weirdly anti docker
  4. 13:22:37 <~alex> Verizon Network Defense and Response spends thousands of dollars per month to avoid docker
  5. 13:22:37 < bears> its not even that heavy
  6. 13:22:45 < bears> lol why
  7. 13:22:55 <~alex> people are afraid to learn
  8. 13:23:23 <~alex> only answer i can find
  9. 13:23:29 < bears> learning is uncomfortable
  10. 13:23:41 <~alex> eh i am very good at it
  11. 13:24:00 <~alex> treating it as academic seems to be most people's struggle with it
  12. 13:24:24 <~alex> and saying 'i am now learning' ... 'i have now learned and am now doing'
  13. 13:24:42 <~alex> i switch from learning to doing as quickly as every few seconds
  14. 13:26:19 <~alex> also its helpful to only learn what is practically applicable
  15. 13:26:37 < timmaha> learning blows
  16. 13:26:47 <~alex> most people seem to feel the need for an abundance of non-practical knowledge
  17. 13:29:12 < timmaha> not me
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