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Cat Cannon Types Information

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  1. Normal Cannon
  3. Upgrading priority
  4. N/A
  6. Stats & Gains per level
  7. N/A
  9. Description & Usage
  10. The basic cannon; this should be your go-to for most stages. Great for clearing weak peons across the whole field, interrupting or syncing enemies, gaining a bit of distance and clipping.
  11. This cannon’s attack counts as a wave, and therefore has no effect against enemies with wave immunity. However, it can still affect enemies that (only) have knockback immunity.
  15. Slow Beam
  17. Upgrading priority
  18. Low
  20. Stats & Gains per level
  21. Slow duration at level 1 is 30f (1 second)
  22. +2~3f duration per level (lvl 2-10), then +5f per level (lvl 11-20)
  23. Slow duration at level 20 is 100f (3.33 seconds)
  25. Description & Usage
  26. Slows all enemies on the field with a wave similar to the regular cannon, without the delay. This cannon has very limited uses, but one of those is slowing enemies on base hit (either to prevent enemies clipping into your frontline such as brollows, or to cheese stages). It can be used in other ways, such as in Floor 30, but most of the time you’d be better off using another cannon instead.
  27. Slow Beam does not deal damage, regardless of its level.
  28. Requires level 7~8 to be usable.
  32. Iron Wall
  34. Upgrading priority
  35. Low
  37. Stats & Gains per level
  38. Level 1 stats : 60f (2 seconds) max duration, 5 HP
  39. +3~4f duration and +1 HP per level (lvl 2-10), then +3~6f duration and +0~1 HP (lvl 11-20)
  40. Level 20 stats : 135f (4.5 seconds) max duration, 16 HP
  42. Description & Usage
  43. Spawns a metal wall in front of the nearest enemy. This wall counts as a cat unit, meaning it takes up a slot in the cat limit and is vulnerable to critical hits. It stays on the field until the end of its max duration or until it loses all of its HP, whichever comes first.
  44. Similarly to Slow Beam, this cannon has very limited usage and is most often used to trap enemies behind their base when you trigger a boss wave, either to prevent them from clipping into your frontline or to cheese the stage. You could use it to temporarily stop enemies from pushing, but other cannons will often provide better results.
  45. This should be obvious, but this cannon does not deal any damage.
  46. Usable at any level; the higher the better.
  50. Thunderbolt
  52. Upgrading priority
  53. Mid
  55. Stats & Gains per level
  56. Level 1 stats : 15f (0.5 seconds) freeze duration, 30% damage (% of regular cannon’s dmg)
  57. +1~2f duration and +1% damage per level (lvl 2-10), then +3f and +0~1% (lvl 11-20)
  58. Level 20 stats : 60f (2 seconds) duration and 48% damage
  60. Description & Usage
  61. Freezes enemies nearest to the target point. Thunderbolt does not affect the whole field, instead targeting enemies based on the farthest ahead cat unit.
  62. Unlike Slow Beam, this cannon will turn up decent results in generic stages (though it’s still often better to use Normal cannon or Breakerblast instead). Best used to approach enemies you wouldn’t usually be able to and deal quick damage, i. e. using Awakened Bahamut on Professor A.
  63. Requires level 7~8 to be usable.
  67. Waterblast
  69. Upgrading priority
  70. Low
  72. Stats & Gains per level
  73. Power at level 1 is 11%
  74. +1% per level (lvl 2-10), then +1~2% (lvl 11-20)
  75. Power at level 20 is 35%
  77. Description & Usage
  78. Hits in an area in front of the farthest ahead cat unit.
  79. This cannon only affects metal enemies (or does it ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1tD6mJ38ew), taking away a percentage of their remaining HP, meaning it cannot kill. It works very well for what it does, but isn’t really worth upgrading due to it needing a lot of resources relative to its overall usability, which is very limited.
  80. Requires a high level to work (ideally 10 or higher).
  84. Holy Blast
  86. Upgrading priority
  87. Mid-high
  89. Stats & Gains per level
  90. Level 1 stats : 0.5% power against surface zombies, 10% against burrowed zombies
  91. +0.2~0.3% surface and +0.5~0.6% burrowed (lvl 2-10), then +.7~.8% and +1.5% (lvl 11-20)
  92. Level 20 stats : 10% power surface, 30% burrowed
  93. Freeze duration is the same regardless of cannon level (15f ? I don’t actually know)
  95. Description & Usage
  96. Fires a wave, covering the whole stage.
  97. This cannon only affects Zombies, taking away a percentage of their max HP (meaning it can deal the killing blow; the cannon also has Zombie Killer), freezing them for a short time, knocking them back (counts as a wave, see the normal cannon’s description for details), and even bringing them back above ground if they were burrowing.
  98. Holy Blast works extremely well against zombies, as a badly timed burrow can often badly mess you up.
  99. Usable at any level since the main appeal is the ability to unburrow, but the higher damage associated with a higher level is very nice.
  103. Breakerblast
  105. Upgrading priority
  106. Mid
  108. Stats & Gains per level
  109. Level 1 stats : 160 blast range, 30% power (relative to normal cannon’s dmg)
  110. +4~5 range and +2~3% dmg per level (lvl 2-10), then +12 range and +5% dmg (lvl 11-20)
  111. Level 20 stats : 320 blast range, 100% power
  112. Knockback distance is the same regardless of level.
  114. Description & Usage
  115. This cannon hits all enemies in a definite hit area and targets the nearest enemy. It counts as a knockback effect, meaning kb-immune enemies are safe against it.
  116. This is the best cannon when it comes to gaining stage distance and pushing back enemies, and is the second best cannon overall. Its only downside compared to the regular cannon is that it might sometimes knockback the frontline only and cause your units to die to the enemy backline, though this rarely happens. Despite this, Breakerblast is far easier to time due to it having a much shorter delay, and it not being affected by stage width.
  117. Usable at any level, but the extra reach is always appreciated.
  121. Level-specific stats for every cannon are available here :
  122. https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Ototo_Development_Team#Base_upgrade_materials.2Finformation
  126. Credits to Waran
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