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  1. So the vast majority of these mods are purely quality of life. They do not change the look of the game in any big way.
  3. When you have these mods, you can change their settings by going into...
  4. Menu: Interface Options, (Look at top left, click Addons) and bam.
  6. [Advanced Interface Options]: Just gives you some of the oldschool interface options that blizz removed.
  8. [Atlasloot]: Lets you search reputation, crafted, and dungeon/raid loot.
  10. [BadBoy]: Filters/blocks spam like gold-selling in chat. [Bigwigs]: Gives you general warnings for stuff going on in raids-- boss abilities etc.
  11. You can also download [LittleWigs] as well to also have the dungeon version but that's not too important.
  13. [ClassicCastbars]: Shows you an estimate of what the enemy is casting. [Details]: You see your damage or healing or w/e and everyone else's.
  15. [Leatrix Plus]: A ton of optional behind-the-scenes quality of life improvements. I have it set to auto-sell my greys and repair, and auto-accept when friends or guildies invite me to party. [Mapster]: A basic map improvement. Reveal everything, etc.
  17. [Neatplates]: Improved enemy nameplates, shows debuffs over their heads etc. And has a Classic WoW skin.
  19. [OmniCC]: Shows you the cooldown of your abilities on the bars. [Prat]: A bunch of basic chat improvements.
  21. [Total RP 3]: See people's RP stuff.
  23. [DejaClassicStats]: Get to see stuff like your spellpower, spell crit etc. In your character panel. By default it shows stuff like itemlevel but you can change the settings ingame.
  25. [Titan Panel]: This IS a visual mod. It adds a bar on the top or the bottom of your screen that you can populate with useful info things, like how much XP an hour you're getting, your latency and stuff.
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