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Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. Amacchiante: [amaro] "bitter" + [macchiante] "staining". (Or some derivation from [amare] "to love".)
  2. Zannagro: [zannare] "to maul, to bite" + "agro" [sour, acidic].
  3. Ditosto: Probably in part from [tosto], of various meanings but esp. "fast" or "tough". The first
  4. component [could] be [Dite].
  5. Gaudanno: Possibly a portmanteau of [gaudente] "pleasure-seeker, hedonist" or [gaudioso] "joyful" with
  6. [anno] "year" or [danno] "damage; mischief".
  7. Algerasso: [Algeri] "Algiers" or the archaic word [algente] "cold, chilly" with ... one of several words,
  8. so let's go with [satanasso], "devil".
  9. Pelingua: [lingua] "tongue, language". The initial component is obscure.
  10. Strugnello: [struggere], "to melt; to consume slowly" + [agnello], "lamb". My, what a pleasant image.
  11. Buscaglitore: [buscare] "to procure, to get" + [raccoglitore] "collector, reaper" or "folder, album".
  12. Vetrompina: [vetro] "glass" + [rompere] "to break" + [-ina] feminine diminutive suffix.
  13. Lentoleone: [lento leone] "slow lion".
  14. Baciaratto: [baciare] "to kiss" + possibly [ratto], of several meanings: "swift", "abduction", or "rat";
  15. alternatively, perhaps [attratto] "attracted".
  16. Rumogatta: [rumore] "rumor" + [gatta] "female cat; sex kitten".
  17. Mendicante: Uniquely, this is a word: [mendicante], "begging".
  18. Scarbagna: [bagnare] means "to soak; to bathe"; the [scar] component may come from any of several words.
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