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  1. Alright Seddit, this is my first [FR]. I was readin' through all of yours to get an idea of how to follow up with this One Night Stand, and then I decided I might as well write one myself!
  2. Me and my buddy, ages 17 and 15 respectively, are invited out to an invite only house party at my gay friend's house. He hooks us up with liquor and women, since we threw a cool house party ourselves a while back. We get into state on the way there, talking about previous plays with this girl my buddy is after. For reference purposes, he's Alex.
  3. NOTE: I am graduated, hence posting it here. If you'd like, I'd be happy to x-post this to r/highseddit.
  4. We get to the house party very early, to help set up and smoke a joint before things get started. We do just that, and by the time the party heats up, we have a good buzz going from a few games of beer pong. It quickly fills with LBs, something I wasn't hoping for. However, things are going well, the party is okay. I'm slipping in and out of state because there are so few women.
  5. Fast forward to around 11pm. Jello shooters come out, and I take one to this girl (HB 7-8) who's sitting by herself on her phone. I usually don't approach women, they approach me, so this was a step out of my comfort zone, but I didn't really give a shit, since the worst she could do is reject me, am I right? Not to mention I was drunk. I chat her up, offer her a jello shooter, and realize she's pretty shy. This works well for me, because I'm not the smoothest PUA so any insecurity women have works greatly to my advantage. The conversation ends, I end up sitting there awkwardly, and she eventually gets up and goes to the group of girls standing by the beer pong table. No big deal, this happens, I start a conversation with the dude next to me.
  6. Fast forward a little more, my wingmen - Alex and a girl who's telling HB 7 how hot I am - are feeding her booze and telling her about how bad she should bang me. This probably isn't something Seddit sees a lot, but these are drunk teenaged girls we're talking about, not experienced clubbers. All the while, Alex and his girl (another HB7) are having copious amounts of sex in the shower, hottub, bedroom, and upstairs bathroom. I end up approaching her again, and in a drunken slosh of words, get her to follow me downstairs. It's sexy time. I take her on this bed that happens to be right in front of the bathroom door, and after a short exchange of poorly assembled sentences, we make out - right as the homosexual host leaves the bathroom. I DGAF, but we stop, and he points to a room to our left, and says "That's your room". We head to it, close the door, and get down to business. As it turns out, she just got out of a relationship a month ago and has only had sex with one guy, and doesn't want to have it again - After removing some clothes and making out for a good 45 minutes, she changes her attitude. We have some of the worst sex I've had, and probably some of the best sex she's had, for a good 20 minutes. We stop, then go at it again in a few minutes, finish, and pass out in each other's arms (aww!).
  7. I just texted her a few minutes ago (today is the day after) about making future plans to hang out.
  8. I think the biggest problem I encountered was her lack of confidence - I shine when I have a girl who will reflect my confidence back to me. Let me know what you think, Seddit.
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