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  1. ;;ini=C:\Convert_list.ini                                                   ;;Load Conversion list
  2. ;;FileRead, OUTPUT, C:\LOAD.CSV                 ;;LOAD FILE to be translated
  3. ;;Loop, read, C:\BadPartList.txt                            ;;Start a loop that cycles though bad Parts
  4. ;;{                                     ;;
  5. ;;badPart=%A_LoopReadLine%                                                          ;;Sets badPart Var equal to the current line being cycled in the badPartsList.txt file
  6. ;;IniRead, GoodPart, %ini%, PartXref, %badPart%                                     ;;Sets GoodPart equal to the cross refrence of the badPart of the current cycle located in Convert_list file
  7. ;;StringReplace,  OUTPUT,  OUTPUT, %badPart%, %GoodPart%, 1                 ;;Per iteration updates the output var by replacing badPart with GOOODPart for all instances in the variable
  8. ;;}                                     ;;
  9. ;;FileAppend, %OUTPUT% , C:\Converted.CSV               ;;After Main Cycle runs out of things to check output variable is written to Converted.CSV
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