[PlayboyPlus] Eugena Washington - True Nature (2016)

reliz-boy Aug 21st, 2016 19 Never
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  1. Playmate Eugena Washington reveals her most private fantasies in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. In little more than fur stole, Eugena is living in the lap of luxury—she’s sexy, she knows it, and she wants the world to know it, too. Take it from a girl who’s gone skydiving in nothing but a zebra-print bikini—life is for living, and the female body is beautiful and worthy of your attention. “All I wanna do is wake up every morning living life to its fullest potential,” says Eugena. “I love to move and express myself, and I’m very comfortable in front of the camera. Everyone at Playboy has been super great and so supportive. I’m basically having the best time ever!” Join in on the fun with the bold, bubbly Miss December, right here on Playboy Plus.
  3. Eugena Washington - True Nature (2016) [] - HD 720p
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