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Darkmoon Faire

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  1. >Another set of fireworks pop off causing your floppy ears to perk up.
  2. >You stretch back on the sacks of hay resting against the tent and take another gaze over the crowds of suckers.
  3. >It's no wonder the Darkmoon Faire is able to stay afloat with the ludicrous amount of people it attracts.
  4. >In the corner of your eye sits the weighty coinpouch you've managed to stock full from the generous pants of several oblivious partygoers.
  5. >You scoop it up, latch it onto your waist, and hop up to go for another round of charity gathering.
  6. >The booming white noise of so many voices and sounds gets harder to manage as you bob and weave through all sorts of lines for gimmicky attractions.
  7. >A bump here and a nudge there leads you into the busy food court where fire-eaters can't reach your slightly singed fur anymore.
  8. >"You there! Little lady!" You look like the kinda worgen that could go for a funnel cake. Whattaya say?"
  9. >You keep walking but turn your head to the beckoning vendor.
  10. "I'd say you look like the kind of moron that needs to watch your stuff."
  11. >Sure enough, a dog was behind him eating his sausages.
  12. >Your giggle was cut short when a blur crashes into your shoulder and swings you around.
  13. >You instinctually rush a hand to pat your coins which are thankfully still there.
  14. >He shouts back at you "Sorry! Sorry! It's starting!"
  15. "Hey! What's starting!?"
  16. >"The show!"
  17. >The blatant excitement in his worgen face piques your interest enough to trail him.
  18. >Unfortunately, that means you would have to find him again since you already lost track of his robed attire.
  19. >It certainly doesn't help that anyone who isn't a gnome or goblin practically has your face at their crotch height.
  20. >Instead of weaving through those scents in the sea of tipsy crowds, you shimmy your way up onto a nearby foodstand's roof.
  22. >While dangling your legs over the edge, you lean forward and peer into the converging audience waltzing toward a stage lit by sparklers, spotlights, and various magical auras.
  23. >Your eyes disjoint from the far fixation when the roof rattles under more pressure.
  24. >That same white dog with a sausage in her mouth tries to climb up but instead only succeeds in hanging off the edge with her claws dug into the wood.
  25. >Out of sympathy, you slowly reach out to pull her up, despite her snarl.
  26. >Knowing she won't bite your own paw, you hoist her up and have her sit beside you.
  27. >Getting back to business, you finally spot the red robes closer to the front of the stage.
  28. >You could see the worgen's beaming face all the way from over here even through his shaggy silvery hair.
  29. >You map out a good route to him by the side of the Faire.
  30. >The mutt beside you begins making sloppy noises licking and knawing away at the sausage.
  31. >Your tongue runs over your own fangs even though you already ate earlier.
  32. >That well known feeling hits you again, making your legs cross over the edge of the roof.
  33. >It's only been a few days into this heat, though this time it's been much harder to stifle your wetness.
  34. >Your paws fidget near your crotch fighting the temptation to slip one under your belt.
  35. >Breaking your gaze on the sausage, your back reclines onto the wood.
  36. >After staring into the night sky, sighing, and pushing down any lewd thoughts, you roll off the side onto the grassy ground then trudged a path through to your planned route.
  37. >It didn't take long to make it to the front.
  38. >You find your mark perusing over a billboard covered with the Faire's events.
  39. >You bump his hip with yours.
  40. >His shocked face yells over the gathering.
  41. >"Oh hey! Sorry again about earlier."
  42. "So what are we looking at?"
  43. >He points at an elegant poster highlighting a wand with all sorts of fireworks drawn around it.
  44. >"There's gonna be an awesome magic show in a little bit! People keep saying he's the best in Azeroth!"
  46. "The best huh?"
  47. >You eye around the place noting how this certain stage is much more elaborate than the others.
  48. >Tickets must have been a hard hitter this time around for people that didn't sneak in.
  49. >Which means there's more than enough loose change to go around.
  50. "What's so great about him?"
  51. >"Everyone keeps talking about his wand and how it can make the coolest explosions!"
  52. >You murmur to yourself.
  53. "Sounds expensive."
  54. >He perks his ear. "What?"
  55. "I said it sounds neat!"
  56. >A goblin makes his way to the stage and takes the podium.
  57. >A hushing murmur grows over the crowd as the announcer booms.
  58. >"Due to technical difficulties, the main event will be delayed for an hour! We are sorry for the inconvenience but there are more game tokens to be bought just around the -"
  59. >His voice was drowned out by the disappointed boisterous protests of the variously raced attendants around you.
  60. >Deciding you've had enough of this crap, you grab onto the now sulking worgen by his arm and pull him off to the nearest moonlit table.
  61. >"Well that sucks. What am I supposed to do for an hour? This place is ass."
  62. "That depends. Did you come with anyone?"
  63. >"Why?"
  64. "Just answer the question."
  65. >"Well yeah my Aunt's here but she's off doing... I dunno."
  66. "Wanna have some fun?"
  67. >His confused face contorts into snickering doubt.
  68. >"Pfft yeah sure. Darkmoon Faire. Fun."
  69. "That's not what I meant. You said something about a wand? Wanna see what it's all about?"
  70. >"What you do mean? The stage isn't open for like another hour."
  71. "Backstage. I know that when things go wrong, it's either really panicky there or really quiet because the right people aren't around."
  72. >"And you're hoping for the second one?"
  73. "Oh yeah. You in?"
  74. >"Have you seen the security around here? Those ogre's are ten times our size."
  75. "What are you? A pansy?"
  76. >"Warlock in training so yeah I guess you could say that."
  77. >His paws wriggle for few seconds as he thinks it through. "Fine, I'll go."
  79. "Nice. Just follow me and don't make any noise."
  80. >Before reaching the connecting storage tent, you stop by a set of cages holding a dozen or so chicken.
  81. "What's your name anyway?"
  82. >"Axel. You?"
  83. "Hilda. Alright so we're gonna pass through storage, crawl through management, and hit VIP."
  84. >"Seems easy enough. What about security."
  85. "That's what this is for."
  86. >You slide the cage open, spook the chickens with a yelp, and book it into the cascade of tents.
  87. >The scattering of distracting chaos outside already started to resonate throughout this section of the Faire.
  88. >The sounds of trampling boots, likely from security, head your way from a nearby tent.
  89. >You grab Axel by the arms and swing him around into a wall shrouded by darkness with a thump.
  90. >A set of bulky dwarves blaze by past you both.
  91. >Axel moans become clear over the distant stomps as he rubs his shoulder.
  92. >You bite your tongue a little, feeling your thighs quiver over his sexual sounding discomfort.
  93. >You ignore the sudden and annoying pressure in your groin.
  94. >Then you resituate your pants near your panties to stop them from grinding against your nethers.
  95. >Axel gives you a weird look so you whisper to him.
  96. "Didn't mean to throw you. My bad."
  97. >You gesture him to get on all fours to dodge around the various crates, barrels, and booths to get to your destination.
  98. >Following the plan while only scraping a close call with some bickering circus acts landed you both at a sturdy door with a star on it labeled "Millhouse Manastorm".
  99. >You nudge the door open just a smidge to see if anyone's in there and get rewarded with an empty section of the giant tent.
  100. >Axel strays in behind you and starts gawking at all of the arcane runes illuminating books, chests, and portable furniture.
  101. "Don't touch anything."
  102. >A particularly ornate chest glimmered just a bit more than the rest so you went to work lockpicking it.
  103. >"This stuff is crazy expensive. Whoever this guy is much be loaded. Check this out-"
  105. >Just as the chest lock clicks, you hear a fracture of wood and a clashing of vials above your head.
  106. >An unstable shelf holding all types of potions falls around you, one specifically drenching you by shattering on your back.
  107. >You quietly seethe through your teeth.
  108. "Axel what the hell!?"
  109. >"I didn't mean to! Wait, whaaaat's your shirt doing?"
  110. >You glance down and don't notice anything.
  111. "Stop going crazy on me, dude."
  112. >"No, your.. umm." He points at your entire backside.
  113. >You peer into the mirror opposite of the chest to see that your clothes are slowly dissapearing.
  114. "What was in that potion! I told you not to touch anything!"
  115. >You try and pat off the wet spots on your clothes, noticing now that the transparent liquid is creepily spreading around all sides.
  116. >You can grasp at the cloth and feel its rough fabric but all you can see is your paw tightening on nothing.
  117. >Axel grabs the nearest paper label from the potions and reads it off.
  118. "Moroes Famous Polish. Just one drop will polish the scuffs away, and every...thing else."
  119. >Your eyes go wide in embarrassment.
  120. "You're shitting me."
  121. >Peering back at the mirror gives you a full view of your furry butt.
  122. "Fuck."
  123. >Axel's eye continuously dart from you to the paper slip. "It doesn't say what to do if you spill it!"
  124. >You look for anything to cover yourself but the only cloth is the carpet beneath you.
  125. >You go full frontal to him with the invisibility creeping around from the back of your waist.
  126. "J-just turn around or something! I got this."
  127. >He does so, staring straight into the same mirror waiting there.
  128. >The awkwardness of trying to find any spot of clothing that wasn't drenched was made harder by the fact that it felt like you were still wearing everything.
  129. >All that was left was your fading panties and undershirt.
  130. >Giving up, you covered your breasts and snatch with your arms and paws.
  131. >Breaking your stare from the pants you swore you were wearing to Axel was harder than you thought.
  133. "You're still looking aren't you."
  134. >"You told me to turn around and this mirror was here and yeah uh. Sorry."
  135. >His eyes finally shut when you made eye contact into the reflection of the mirror.
  136. >Moving your hair out of the way and peeping around for ideas, you grab the nearest intact vial and try to read it but it's all in moonrunes or some shit.
  137. "Axel."
  138. >"Yeah?"
  139. "I can't read any of this. You think you can find anything to turn this off?"
  140. >His flustered voice pipes up.
  141. "You can't really turn these sort of things off."
  142. "Comon dude! I can't walk out of here like this. Figure something out."
  143. >You skirt back away from the swirling glasses, trying your best to cover yourself.
  144. >Axel's tense ears stay perked as he opens his eyes, twists around, and starts digging through to find anything.
  145. >"There might be some sort of neutralizer but I doubt that's magic so..."
  146. >"I guess an unbending potion would do something but I don't see one around here."
  147. >He keeps his eyes firmly locked on the labels while sifting through the pile.
  148. >You catch a glimpse of the buldge stretching against his pants.
  149. >Feeling more hopeless that this won't get fixed and slightly tingly from heat, you decide to make the best out of the worst situation.
  150. >You quietly shimmy behind Axel, your invisible pouch of coins slightly clacking and the noise of the festival still booming outside.
  151. "Hey Axel~"
  152. >His hair stands up around his neck.
  153. "I was just thinking, maybe it wears off after time?"
  154. >You kneel behind his now sitting back.
  155. >"Sure? It's a possibility. How do you even move that quiet?"
  156. "Whoever this Millhouse guy is, I can't see him coming back for a while."
  157. >"I dunknow about that..."
  158. "Let's see what you do know."
  159. >You slip a paw over his pulsating chest, trail it down his stomach, and reach under his waistband to put an index finger on his head.
  160. >To your amusement and relief, a bead of precum meets your finger.
  161. "You know you can't keep your eyes off my ass."
  162. >"I mean, the mirror was right there!"
  164. "You know I've been a bit distracted."
  165. >He yelps as you begin rubbing the lewdness around the tip of his shaft.
  166. "And you know you need this."
  167. >You twist his face around and plant your lips on his, making sure your tongue massages every part of his.
  168. >More rhythmatic rubs from your finger is paid with twitches, pulses, and moans.
  169. >He snaps out of his gaze into your eyes and starts reacting to your tongue.
  170. >He shifts and wraps his arms around your body, feeling up your naked figure through your clothes.
  171. >You can feel yourself getting into it just as he seems to be and take your finger out from his pants.
  172. >You put your chest up to his and put most of your weight into him, causing him to flop on down to his back with you sitting on his package.
  173. >His eyes blink in tune with your breathing as he locks onto your breasts.
  174. >You look down to his buldge making contact with your pussy.
  175. >The wetness from your heat starts making contact with your transparent panties, making it seem surreal.
  176. >Taking another twitch from his nethers as a cue, you begin grinding back and forth on his prone body in that sweet certain area.
  177. >Both of your breathing becomes more sporadic as the tiniest bit of drool starts dripping from his mouth.
  178. >Your hands quickly reach his shirt as you unbutton and tear it off.
  179. >His silvery streaked navy colored fur body rises and falls.
  180. "Hangin' in there?"
  181. >"Y-yeah-"
  182. "Wanna have some real fun now?"
  183. >All he can do is nod.
  184. "Help me take these off."
  185. >He squirms around with your pants until he managed to undo your belt and start yanking them down.
  186. >Meanwhile, you're stuck with your arms tangled above your head trying to get your layers of shirts off.
  187. >Axel chuckles and bucks his hips, making you lose your balance and fall onto him.
  188. >Your nipples graze his furry chest, making you gasp into his cheek and retract your elbows.
  189. >Axel grabs your arms and helps you out of your bind, now ensuring that your shirts are off.
  191. >Not wasting a second, you peck him on the cheek as a thanks and flip around to where you're sitting on his face.
  192. >It wasn't until he put his muzzle on your lips that you realized you still had your panties on.
  193. >You slip them off and toss them away with a slight thud on the carpet.
  194. >He took that chance to take his own pants off.
  195. "You know, for as garbage as this Faire is, they have some damn good hot dogs."
  196. >"Worst joke."
  197. >And with that you sit on his face once again and bend down to start sucking him off.
  198. >Your tongue starts lapping his entire shaft, stopping just before his knott.
  199. >Every time his salty tasting cock reaches the back of your throat, his own tongue slathers your sensitive slit.
  200. >Eventually the drive sends you over the edge and you feel that familiar sensation rising up from your groin.
  201. >You mouth pops off his cock.
  202. "Gah! Fuck~"
  203. >You sit up and put more weight on his face, his tongue working overtime to get you off before he has to take a break to breath.
  204. >Your legs start trembling.
  205. >You tilt your head back, hands barely holding you up.
  206. >He digs deeper with his mouth ever so slightly which sends you just over that peak to get you moaning and panting like crazy.
  207. >A shock of electricity sparks from your lower body to your head, making you wiggle and cum hard.
  208. >It seemed like forever as you rode out that wave but in the end you realized Axel was breathing heavily below you.
  209. "Oh! Sorry!"
  210. You kneel off of him and he takes a gigantic breath in.
  211. >"Wow. If I suffocated there would you get charged with assisted suicide?"
  212. >You hold a laugh when you glance on down to his own belated orgasm.
  213. >"You taste really good by the way."
  214. >You peck him on the muzzle again and lick up some of your own cum off his cheek.
  215. "You taste better. Speaking of which-"
  216. >After testing to see if your legs still work, you get on all fours in front of the mirror and wiggle your butt.
  218. >It only takes a smile and a wink to his gaze through the mirror to get him springing up to kneel behind you.
  219. >He grabs you by the waist and you feel the tip of something really wet poking at your entrance.
  220. >"You good?"
  221. "Mmnff..."
  222. >That was all he needed to ever so slowly slide into you.
  223. >Your walls squeeze down on his member, squeezing down on the occasional throb eliciting from his excitement.
  224. >The musk alone gets you going again, making him even more slippery from the noise of him teasing every inch of his length.
  225. >As he picks up the pace, your legs start shaking under the soreness.
  226. >The mirror shows you as a mess. Hair everywhere, fluids drooling off your tongue, and splotches of liquid dripping in between your thighs.
  227. >Soon enough, your legs fully give out and the only thing holding you up is your face and your knees.
  228. >Your hair acts as a nice pillow against the carpet.
  229. >The twitching inside of you becomes more rapid not only from Axel picking up the desperate pace to get himself over the edge but also from your own butterfly riddled stomach.
  230. >Your ears start bouncing back and forth lazily.
  231. >The slapping from his sack and waist hitting your ass intensifies.
  232. >Axel snarls and with one final thrust, he knotts you.
  233. >You both moan as he fills you.
  234. >That's when the ropes of warmth shoot inside of you.
  235. >Shot after shot he moves his hips slightly back and forth to keep the grinding going as he climaxes.
  236. >One last look in the mirror gives you an Axel with his head hanging down catching his breath.
  237. >Just when you think it's all over, he starts sliding out of you.
  238. >Biting your lower lip, your other lower lips open even further as his knott pops out.
  239. >The cum flows out like the drool from your mouth.
  240. >You slouch your whole body down and go prone on your stomach.
  241. >Axel does the same next to you but on his back instead.
  242. >You stare into his satisfied face and glance at his messy member catching a break.
  244. >Shockingly, he takes a finger you didn't see and pokes your clit.
  245. >Your whole body vibrates and you smack him away an inch or two.
  246. >"Hehe. Gotchya."
  247. >You retaliate by slipping your paw around his sensitive dick.
  248. He crunches up and closes his thighs in response.
  249. "Dick."
  250. >For a while, all that you could hear was the faint noise of the Faire and your recovering breaths.
  251. >Until you heard voices closing in on the cracked door you came in from.
  252. >Axel snaps to you, face starting to freak out.
  253. >The high pitch voice yells "What do you think about the Maniac Millhouse Manastorm? No, maybe.. Mighty! Mighty Millhouse Manastorm!".
  254. >Another deeper voice responds "Yeah sure boss. Whatever."
  255. >You nudge Axel and point to a spot in the tent's edge where you both can crawl under to get back outside.
  256. >He does just that while you grab his clothes and throw them out behind him.
  257. >When you crawl under yourself, you take one last look at the chest you were here for in the first place and sigh.
  258. >The cool breeze from outside chills your matted fur.
  259. >Axel starts poking your leg as you situate your naked body.
  260. >When you finally look in his direction you realize he's being towered over by someone.
  261. "Oh."
  262. >"Hilda, this is my Aunt. I uhh... Well I dunno how she knew we were here."
  263. >She smirks. "Nice to meet you."
  264. >She then detaches her cloak and throws it on you. "Axel you savage, put your clothes on."
  265. >You wrap the comfy cloak around you, probably looking like some sort of hobo.
  266. >Should you run?
  267. >Are you about to get scolded by some old hag?
  268. >She looks down on you with an impressed look. "Impressive. Finally managed to find someone your own size. She's cute too."
  269. >Axel snarls "She doesn't need to hear that."
  270. "What?"
  271. >Urge to get the fuck out intensifies.
  272. >Until you remembered all your money was stuck in that tent.
  273. >Axel finishes putting his clothes on and looks at you with a lost expression. "I guess we're gonna miss the show?"
  275. >You dart back between him and the older worgen, looking for any clue as to what anyone's intentions are right now.
  276. "I don't know about you guys..."
  277. >You point in a circle in front of you.
  278. "but this is reaally awkward."
  279. >The chuckling Aunt starts walking to the lot of carriages beckoning you both on. "Axel we're going home. Bring your friend, you two look like you went through hell."
  280. >Axel strolls forward trying to keep his eyes on yours. "It'll be fine, let's just get cleaned up at my place. I'm sure she's got clothes that fit you."
  281. >Taking a second to churn it out in your hazed head, you decide you either try and find clothes and head home or go with them and not be the laughing stock of the Faire.
  282. >Choosing the latter you embarrassingly waddle behind them, still feeling cum dripping down your thighs.
  283. >At the end of the day it was a good fuck.
  284. >All you gotta say is:
  285. "What the fuck?"
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