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  1. Key: Mimmo1993

  2. Race Name: Mushin Clan

Race Lore: The Mushin Clan are a race of humanoids that were native to the planet Garned. They were a predominantly peaceful people who had forsaken wars and allowed themselves to attain peace through respect and sport, settling their differences with martial arts and their mutual desire for personal enlightenment. Thanks to such traditions the Mushin people did not seek conflict with other worlds and races and became highly protective of their own and any in the line of destructive harm. Through their mutual and constant aiding each other in their martial arts journeys the people had despite their frail bodies, quickly  began reaching states of combative enlightenment . In order to do this from a young age the people of Mushin were taught to not only both embrace their overflowing emotions but as well as learn to control them, as to not let them govern their actions in battle and lead to regret. This practice was difficult for the Mushin but allowed them to remain quite a calm people, that is not to say they are emotionless, but instead that they try to curb their more destructive emotions.
  5. It is said that those of the Mushin people are quite strange opponents in combat. Albeit their relatively frail bodies they seem to be very skilled to adapting to the flow of battle reactively. Some have even fabled that the people of the Mushin clan , at least those with more experience are so adept in such a fighting style that they can raise their ki's at exponential rates for short periods of time. That is not to say the Mushin clan is not normally adept at such ki endeavours naturally, however  those with experience seemed to delve deeper than the more youthful of their kind to a near dangerous degree.
  7. The main flaw of the Mushin people resides in two main factors. The first of which is that they can never truly fully curb and control their emotions as all mortal beings. Although they may put a greater emphasis in the middle of combat, to avoid the repetition of  a crisis in their history in which they had nearly gone extinct due to the over obsession of their pursuit leading  to a drop in the population growth. Meaning the one emotional desire that the Mushin people purposely avoid controlling are those of love and the desires of lust, for their own sakes. If such emitions and desires are sparked in the midst of combat it is near impossible for a Mushin to focus enough to even attempt raising their ki. The secondary and originally primary factor is simply that their bodies are far too frail, they are a race of people that adapted to combat, they had not originally been of such a nature and with their peaceful demeanours their bodies simply never became sturdier for the sake of a more life threatening environment .

Race stat bonuses: +2 Spd ,+2 Off, +2 Def, +2 Eng, +2 Recov , x1.5 Zenkai , x3 Training Rate, locked 105% Anger, x0.5 Str, x0.5 Force,x0.25 End, x0.25 Res, x0.25 Regen ,x0.25 Potential, Afterimage Strike, Wild Sense, Limit Breaker(Fighter Class Locked)
Defining Characteristics: Light Blue to Light Purple skin, Silver Irises , Hair fades to a tone of silver or white by the ages of 18-21, slim body builds, inability to use Power up or Limit Breaker against female characters, very calm, Alignment cannot be Evil unless forced.
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