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  1. Gi: Белл-кун, we're a long way from the Guild.
  2. Gi: Head north!
  3. Gi: Right!
  4. Gi: We'll handle them.
  5. Gi: You head to the Guild!
  6. Gi: We'll follow you when we finish up here!
  7. Gi: But...
  8. Gi: Just go!
  9. Gi: Thanks! We're counting on you!
  10. Gi: Li'l Lili, back me up!
  11. Gi: I know!
  12. Gi: But you're sure you're okay \Nwithout Bell-sama, right?
  13. Gi: Yeah. Right now, I'm...
  14. Gi: probably pretty strong!
  15. Gi: Stay focused, Li'l Lili!
  16. Gi: You, too, Welf-sama!
  17. Gi: Don't get tripped up!
  18. Gi: There you are, Arde.
  19. Gi: Zanis-sama?
  20. Gi: I'm glad to see you're doing well.
  21. Gi: I was told you were dead.
  22. Gi: Li'l Lili, what are you doing?
  23. Gi: Where's my backup?
  24. Gi: Li'l Lili!
  25. Gi: Welf-sama... I'm going back to Soma Familia.
  26. Gi: Tell Bell-sama I won't cause \Nany more trouble for him.
  27. Gi: What are you talking about?
  28. Gi: Hey, Li'l Lili, where are you going?
  29. Gi: What the hell is going on?
  30. Gi: That emblem is...
  31. Gi: Damn it, where is he?
  32. Gi: Find him!
  33. Gi: Are you okay, Белл-кун?
  34. Gu: Yes... I think.
  35. Gu: The Guild is still a ways off.
  36. Gu: And there are many pursuers, too.
  37. Gu: Can you hear me, Bell Cranel?
  38. Gu: No matter where you hide, we'll keep chasing.
  39. Gu: It doesn't matter if you survive this one time.
  40. Gu: We'll keep chasing you.
  41. Gu: Here on the surface, and in the Dungeon, too!
  42. Gu: You'll never have a moment's rest!
  43. Gu: They'll follow us everywhere?
  44. Gu: Белл-кун, listen to me.
  45. Gu: We have no future at this rate.
  46. Gu: We have two choices. \NFight a battle we can't win,
  47. Gu: or flee Orario.
  48. Gu: I'll be happy anywhere as long as I'm with you.
  49. Gu: I'll keep running with you for your \Nwhole life, until they give up.
  50. Gu: With you, Goddess?
  51. Gu: Белл-кун, do you like me?
  52. Gu: It's important!
  53. Gu: If you say you do, \NI'm willing to make the choice.
  54. Gu: I'll be able to do anything \Nif I can believe your words.
  55. Gu: I'll be able to fight anything.
  56. Gu: I like you, Белл-кун.
  57. Gu: I like you very, very much.
  58. Gu: I want to be with you forever.
  59. Gu: I don't want anybody else to have you.
  60. Gu: Goddess...
  61. Gu: Белл-кун, what do you think about me?
  62. Gu: I respect you!
  63. Gu: That's not what I meant!
  64. Gu: There they are! The canal!
  65. Gu: Let's run away, Goddess!
  66. Gu: Curses! They interrupted me at \Nthe most important point!
  67. Gu: They'll pay for this! Белл-кун, southwest!
  68. Gu: Go southwest, not north!
  69. Gu: H-Huh? Isn't southwest...
  70. Gu: The enemy's headquarters? To Apollo Familia?
  71. Gu: Apollo, you're in there, right?
  72. Gu: Open the gate!
  73. Gu: Hello, Hestia.
  74. Gu: What brings you all the way out here?
  75. Gu: Prum, give me that glove.
  76. Gu: O-Okay.
  77. Gu: Fine! I accept your challenge to a War Game!
  78. Gu: Both deities have agreed!
  79. Gu: The War Game will take place, everyone!
  80. : All right!
  81. Gu: Tell the Guild!
  82. Gu: Call an emergency Denatus!
  83. Gu: I'm so excited!
  84. Gu: It's been too long!
  85. Gu: The rules will be decided fairly, \Nin the presence of the gods.
  86. Gu: I'll send you the details later.
  87. Gu: Bell! Hestia-sama!
  88. Gu: Welf! Are you okay?
  89. Gu: Yeah. But...
  90. Gu: Li'l Lili was taken by the \Nguys in the Soma Familia...
  91. Gu: Lili?
  92. Gu: Wait!
  93. Gu: Белл-кун, we'll save Miss Supporter.
  94. Gu: You do what you must.
  95. Gu: What I must?
  96. Gu: I'll buy time until the War Game begins.
  97. Gu: Until then, you must become strong as you can.
  98. Gu: That's the only way for us to win.
  99. Gu: Become strong, Bell!
  100. Gu: Stronger than anybody who attacked \Nus today. Stronger than anything!
  101. Gu: You can do it!
  102. Gu: No, only you can do it!
  103. Gu: Okay, Goddess!
  104. Gu: Please! Please!
  105. Gu: I need to ask her something!
  106. Gu: Let me see Ais Wallenstein-san!
  107. Gu: Don't be ridiculous!
  108. Gu: We've heard the rumors!
  109. Gu: Don't you think it's shameful,\Nasking Ais-san to join you in the War Game?
  110. Gu: That's not it! Please!
  111. Gu: What's all this shouting?
  112. Gu: Tione-san!
  113. Gu: Get lost.
  114. Gu: You know there's no way \Nwe're letting that happen.
  115. Gu: Hey, Argonaut-kun.
  116. Gu: Ais-san! Tiona-san!
  117. Gu: Ais saw you coming to our Home.
  118. Gu: She figured out what was going on and \Nhad Tione put on that little show.
  119. Gu: She can't be seen meeting \Nwith you in public, you know.
  120. Gu: I'm sorry.
  121. Gu: I heard about the War Game.
  122. Gu: My familia has its reasons, but I \Nstill think it's wrong to abandon you.
  123. Gu: I want to win the War Game.
  124. Gu: Can you help me train?
  125. Gu: Okay, then it's settled!
  126. Gu: I'll help, too! So teach the\NApollo Familia a lesson, Argonaut-kun!
  127. Gu: Thank you, Tiona-san, Ais-san!
  128. Gu: I'm going to become strong, \Nfor everyone's sake...
  129. Gu: So that I can beat him!
  130. Gu: Next Time
  131. Gu: Conversion\NComing Together
  132. : Next time: "Conversion."
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