The Show Must Go On

Sep 9th, 2015
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  1. Hey everyone. Me again with another update.
  3. The past few days have been wild, to say the least. There's been quite a bit of controversy regarding me and my story, as well as its future. And I hope to resolve this.
  5. SpergLight will not be rewritten nor will it be canceled. I am going to continue it as is, hopefully within the coming days, though with school and work and all, it's hard to put out content everyday. So my story is not dead, and it will never be dead until it's over.
  7. I will be honest: I do have some regrets about the story's direction. If I could go back and do things a bit differently, I would. But I'll just have to power through them. Yes, the beginning was a bit rocky with all the back story being spit out too quickly via Twi's therapy sessions. Yes, how purple smart and bacon hair became friends could have been different. But I'm just going to have to deal with it and move forward, and I hope you guys like what's to come.
  9. So yes, Sperg is not dead. I do not want to kill it, and redoing it at this point is just silly. I am trying to get better as a writer. It's why I always ask for feedback. It's why I have EQGWF helping me out and giving me tips so I can make the story stronger. Because I'm trying to improve as I go.
  11. Anyhow, thanks for all the support. I enjoy hanging with you guys on the thread, discussing things, reading amazing stories, and just having crazy stupid fun. It's an honor to be its OP. You guys are amazing, and I hope to continue entertaining at least some of you. Hopefully things simmer down in the coming days and the madness can calm down a bit.
  13. Thanks for everything. Love you all.
  15. -NST_OP
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