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  2. O'Bribeline: but i look so good
  3. Anaklusmos: they wouldn't accept me
  4. O'Bribeline: anak
  5. O'Bribeline: they need to know
  6. Anaklusmos: NO YOU CANT MAKE ME
  7. Anaklusmos: im bored
  8. O'Bribeline: listen to barbera streisand
  9. O'Bribeline: and look in a mirror
  10. Anaklusmos: whats a barbara streisand
  11. O'Bribeline: tell me the results
  12. O'Bribeline: its what you listen to when you get your period
  13. Anaklusmos: i dont get those
  14. O'Bribeline: do you get vagina bats
  15. Anaklusmos: bats in vagina?
  16. Anaklusmos: i dont have a vagina
  17. O'Bribeline: they fly out of the cave at night.. you know
  18. O'Bribeline: do you want one?
  19. Anaklusmos: you're weird
  20. Anaklusmos: eh
  21. Anaklusmos: no
  22. O'Bribeline: me neither
  23. Anaklusmos: good
  24. O'Bribeline: reminds me of a
  25. O'Bribeline: rotting roast beef sammich
  26. O'Bribeline: i digress
  27. Anaklusmos: yap
  28. Anaklusmos: well thats only when you get old
  29. O'Bribeline: do you ever wear your sisters clothing
  30. Anaklusmos: LOL
  31. Anaklusmos: no way
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