Kaguya Jutsu Training

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  1. Karamatsu no Mai - Dance of the Larch
  4. 1. Kaguya, Yasuro finds a secluded arena. His yellow eyes scan the area, it's silent, and seems empty. Not long after investigating his surroundings, the Kaguya takes a fighting stance. He manipulates his chakra, letting it proliferate, and amass in his bones. His shoulder blades crack, as do his knees, but nothing else of significance happens. Yasuro sneers.
  6. 2.Kaguya, Yasuro // Sliding his feet across the tiled floor, Yasuro tries again. His eyes shut, a deep breath fills his lungs with oxygen. The bones beneath his skin warp and twist like serpents. The Kaguya's face is red throughout, his stance strained. "Painful.. It needs to be not." he says, or rather, grunts while the bones slowly cease writhing.
  8. 3.Kaguya, Yasuro decides on one last try before a short break to regain much needed chakra and stamina. He sucks in his cheeks, taking the usual steps in the act of replicating a technique he'd only witnessed once or twice. A technique where bones shoot from him and leave him more resembling a porcupine. Such a thing would be ideal.
  10. 4. // The jutsu is one he'd only witnessed once before. Used by his father, one saturday afternoon. A ferocious battle raged, and Kaguya stood at the center of it, being showered by fist and sword. The normal shinobi would fall to the attacks, but the Kaguya, with the hardened bones ejected from their knees, wrists, back, and elbows, tore through the masses. Yasuro reminisces with the smallest of smiles.
  12. 5. Kaguya, Yasuro's bones crackle like a fire, shifting around grotesquely. But much like before, this attempt amounts to nothing. "Rest is just as important as training." he reassures himself, taking a seat in the dojo, wiping sweat from his brow. From his robes he finds a bottle of water, and a sandwich. He munches on the sandwich. It's ham and cheese.
  14. 6.// Time passes. About ten minutes, enough time to eat, before he takes to his feet and let's his limbs move into position. His teeth click, the Kaguya jolts forward. His chakra spikes, and bones traverse his innards. Little white specks pierce the ends of his wrists, the ends of what must be an arm bone, protruding only momentarily, before being sucked back from whence they came.
  16. 7. Kaguya, Yasuro's anger flourishes in his red face, he kicks his now empty water bottle. A bone spikes from his shoe, and stabs through the plastic, tearing the water bottle asunder. "This is going to take ages." he now realises. But his stubborness won't let him give up that easily. Nor did it his ancestors. "Nap time for now. I'll work this out later on."
  18. 8. Kaguya, Yasuro awakens to a new day. A new sun rises on the horizon, he exits the dojo, yawns, and stretches. Meandering the streets, avoiding the many civilians and shinobi that clutter the path, Yasuro finds the waterfall. Some morning meditation will do him good. While he sits cross-legged upon the water, he visualises the technique, the dance involved.
  20. 9. // Eventually, with a glimmer of motivation in his otherwise generally dull eyes, the Kaguya flexes. He pushes forward and hunches. Chakra whorls around within him, and white bones, pointed and disgusting eject from his wrists, knees, back, and elbows. "And now the hard part." he murmurs to himself, if only to remind himself that though he shows progress, there's still a lot more to go.
  22. 10. Kaguya Yasuro leans, drawing a breath. And then suddenly he pounces, spinning his body like a beyblade. In his minds eye, the porcupine-like bones he's extended are tearing enemies to pieces. But in reality, the dance is less than graceful. He's a dizzy mess, and not long into the effort he splashes into the water and plunges some ways into the depths. After a minute, he rises again, soaked.
  24. 11. // A child snickers over on the other side of the small lake. Yasuro, drenched all over, sloshes through the water, nearing the kid. He stares, cold and callous. "I can't have any witnesses to this." However, the child dashes away before Yasuro can reach him, and it's a good thing to. With the child gone, and the Kaguya finding solid ground, he manifests bones and tries the dance again.
  26. 12. Karamatsu no Mai, it was called. The Kaguya looks to the sky in rememberance. Every member of their clan had their own spin on it. And already, Yasuro's started to develop his own. Where others might eject one or two bones, Yasuro protrudes several. His movements are delicate, not ferocious or unrestrained. Like leaves, shifting in the wind, so too does Yasuro.
  28. 13. Kaguya, Yasuro's excitement shows in his grin. With each turn, each pivot, he gains speed and fluency. The bones are so brutish and savage. To a commoner he must look a demon. And yet, in direct contrast, he flows over the ground smoothly, barely flattening blades of grass. A distant tree, he twirls over to it like a ballerina. The weapons exerted from his figure are like swords, as he turns, bark is cleanly shaved from the tree trunk. "Faster.."
  30. 14. Kaguya, Yasuro is so close he can taste it, rarely fumbling or mistepping as he dances away into the shadowy morning. "Faster." And yet still, his movements quicken, until he's but a blur of white, what water remains of the lake drenched in his clothing is wrenched from his clothing by his momentum. And then he stops. The bones slither back inside their pale sheathes. "I need to test this."
  32. 15. Kaguya, Yasuro relocates back to the dojo where it had all begun. He lines up dummies, about fifteen of the things. Two lines of them on either side of him, parallel. He tucks his head low, and crosses his arms, sprouting the bones from his knees, back, elbows and wrists. "Time to see how far I've come." He presses his toes to the floor and races forth with a burst of speed, spinning on his heel with majestic timing and precision. The dummies all around are shredded, broken beyond repair. Yasuro quickly evacuates the scene.
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