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  1. Chewie (Min) - Today at 5:16 PM
  2. I understand, but it’s difficult to draw a line at a certain age. A restriction such as 18+ is a legal distinction, whereas a restriction such as 16+ is subjective. And because we already have minors who fall within the range of 13~15 (not just the newcomer; we have another minor who is 15), it would still be hypocritical to impose the age restriction.
  4. One of our mods also brought up that if a minor is interested in this ship, they’re less likely to be impressionable. Keitor is a ship that started to be recognized starting S3/4, which means that the minor has most likely been in the fandom for a while and understands its nuances. Also, Keitor is easily a ship that antis could construe as unhealthy, especially since S4 implies that Lotor is 10k+ years old. But if the minor hasn’t fallen for such rhetoric yet, we can assume (to a certain extent) that they have their own opinions on shipping and that conversations of adults won’t influence them as much.
  6. (Of course, this is a generalization that should be taken with a grain of salt. But it’s something worth thinking about, especially in regards to the concen that adults may need to monitor their conversations in SFW-oriented channels.)
  8. Lastly, although the other mods aren’t as visible as I am (since they’re not as talkative), they’re attentive and monitor channels thoroughly. We also have a chat log that records all edited/deleted messages, to ensure that potential problems aren’t escaping our notice. Hence, if the mingling of younger minors and adults requires greater supervision on part of the staff, that is a responsibility we can handle.
  10. ---(edited)
  11. That said, we don’t want to alienate any of you with this decision, and it’s not a final one. As I brought up before, we want to open up a group chat (through DMs) where we can discuss the issue in greater depth and reach a compromise. So if that offer seems fair to you, please let us know.
  13. And regarding your proposal (of bringing the topic to the floor), here are the reasons the mods are against it:
  15. - It embroils members in conflict. Many people come onto servers to have a fun time, and we don’t want to trouble them with a conflict they might not be concerned with. And while I understand that the purpose of the channel would be to ask for feedback, the sheer act of creating one would place pressure on them.
  16. - We don’t want to create a policy/pattern of publicizing issues the server runs into.
  17. - It would call attention to the minor who just entered the server and somewhat ostracize them. While it’s fair for adults who are uncomfortable with their presence to block or ignore them, we don’t want to encourage most members in our server to be wary of them.
  18. - Inviting only adults into the channel would be a form of alienation. If we’re making it a server-wide discussion, they should also have a say in what happens.
  20. But if you have any other suggestions on gauging how many adults in the server are concerned about this issue, feel free to let us know. At this point, it may seem a bit useless to continue talking to us, but I want to clarify that we’re not disagreeing with your suggestions for the sole purpose of shooting them down. Our opinions are based on the topic/suggestion, not on personal bias. So even if it seems like we’re being a bit unfair, we’re still receptive to conversation, especially since comfort is a big issue for us. Thanks for your patience!(edited)
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