Pony Plush Pt 1

Jul 1st, 2012
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  1. >Wake up to a sunny summer morning
  2. >Realize it's already 9:30 AM
  3. >Parents are already at work, and sister's still in bed
  4. >Go downstairs, find some food lying around and call it breakfast
  5. >Suddenly, doorbell
  6. "Who the hell's at my fucking door this time of day on a Thursday? Don't they know people are trying to sleep?"
  7. >Cats rush to the door, anxious to see what's going on
  8. >Make my way over less urgently
  9. >Open the door, bump the cats inside, grab the package someone left on the porch
  10. >Someone sent me a package?
  11. >No return address
  12. >Shrug, walk over to the kitchen
  13. >Open the package
  14. >Balled up paper everywhere
  15. >Pony plush inside... my OC?
  16. "...Wow."
  17. >Don't even have a name for him, and someone went and made a plush
  18. >Not a bad job, either
  19. "Who do I even know that makes ponies? Who have I even talked about my OC with?"
  20. >Thoroughly confused
  21. >Throw out box and head back to my room to bum around all day
  23. >All quiet on the net
  24. >No good threads on 4chan, nobody online to talk to
  25. >Browse video game collection
  26. >Nothing there looks good
  27. >Decide to draw a map of nowhere in particular
  28. >Not sure where anything I'm putting down's coming from
  29. >Unusually productive
  30. >Practically portfolio-tier by the time Mom calls for dinner
  32. >Steak, fresh off the grill, with sides of broccoli and corn on the cob
  33. >Just not in the mood for steak
  34. >Mom's worried. "Is everything all right? I thought you liked steak?"
  35. "I do like steak. I just... don't want any tonight."
  36. >"Well, all right then."
  37. >Mom doesn't believe me
  38. >"By the way..."
  39. >Oh, great. This sounds fantastic.
  40. >"When was the last time you had a haircut?"
  41. >Check my hair
  42. >It IS longer than I remember
  43. "I don't know; I haven't been keeping track. You're usually the one who sends me in, anyway."
  44. >"I'll make you an appointment."
  45. "Thanks, Mom."
  46. >Head back to room
  47. >Check on the internet
  48. >Chat for a while before going to bed
  49. >Fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly
  50. >Unusual, but nice
  52. >Wake up the next morning
  53. >Another suffocating, sunny, summer day
  54. >Get out of bed and stumble
  55. >Feeling a little dizzy, or something
  56. >Make it to my computer, surrounded by a small herd of tiny plastic ponies and one very well-made plush
  57. >People are talking, but I just can't seem to type
  58. "fgubuk thus; i
  59. ";m gnna gho thae shiweer"
  60. >Might as well be wearing boxing gloves
  62. >Go to bathroom, look in mirror
  63. >Hair may have even gotten longer
  64. >Things are a little out of focus
  65. >Take my glasses off to clean them
  66. >Vision almost gets clearer
  67. >Blink, look down at glasses, my reflection in the mirror, and through my glasses at the mirror
  68. "Eh, what the hell. I don't need glasses to shower anyway."
  69. >Get in shower, fumble the soap
  70. >And everything else
  71. >Repeatedly
  72. >Eventually get close enough to clean, turn off the water, and dry off
  73. >Skin doesn't seem paler, exactly, but it does seem a little bit off
  74. >Decide to put some clothes on and go do something outside
  76. >Go downstairs for breakfast first
  77. >Sister's left a note
  78. >"Hanging out with Jessica. Probably sleeping over"
  79. >Suits me just fine
  80. >Consider just walking outside
  81. >Open the door and cats come running
  82. "This... no, I don't just want to go outside."
  83. >"Mrow?"
  84. "You don't want to go outside either."
  85. >But he DOES want to go outside
  86. >In no mood to watch the cat get into trouble and try to herd him back inside
  87. >Go upstairs to grab a backpack and plan for more than a walk around the block
  88. >Stuff bag with trail mix, water bottle, cell phone... paper and pencil?
  89. >Paper and pencil.
  90. >What the hell, throw in the plushie too
  91. >Realize I'm not wearing my glasses
  92. >Grab them from the bathroom, put them on
  93. >Don't seem to sit right, and make things blurry anyway
  94. "Weird. Have to visit the eye doctor later."
  95. >Head downstairs
  96. >Cat still yowling at the front door, begging to go out
  97. "No, you're not going outside. I'm going to go on a little walk. I might let you out when I get back."
  98. >Leave the cat at the front door and head out the garage
  100. >Half-mile walk to reservoir through pristine suburbia
  101. >Almost pristine
  102. >Lawns fading from green to yellow and brown
  103. >Seem even uglier than usual
  104. >Noticing street names for once
  105. "Why ARE there so many streets with 'bridge' in their name around here when there's not a single river?"
  106. >Been asking the same question since I moved here as a kid
  107. >Still no fucking clue
  109. >Arrive at reservoir
  110. >Nobody in sight
  111. >Middle of the day, 92° F, 86% humidity
  112. >People must be at work or staying inside
  113. >Why the fuck did /I/ come here again?
  114. >Water level's low
  115. >Head down to docks by the shore and take off my pack
  116. >Take out water bottle, take a drink
  117. >Take out paper and pencil, and try to draw
  118. >Take out plushie, and set it on the dock
  119. >Might get dirty; I don't care
  120. >Looks damned cute sitting there staring at me
  121. >(Hee, what an adorable pone)
  123. >Wind up drawing a map
  124. >Big fucking surprise
  125. >Been years since I've really drawn anything else
  126. >Still, feeling pretty good
  127. >Sketch an hour or so
  128. >Realize I never put on sunscreen
  129. >Ought to be red as a beet
  130. >Skin looks off, but not exactly red
  131. >Consider heading home to treat mysterious blue sunburn
  132. >Consider the heat
  133. >Maybe it's heat stroke?
  134. >Never had heat stroke
  135. >Must be heat stroke; heat stroke does funny things
  136. >I got sunburned; I just THINK I'm turning blue
  137. >Decide to go swimming to cool down
  138. >Remember my swim trunks are at home
  139. >Look around, still see nobody
  140. >Fuck the police
  141. >Put stuff in bag, zip it shut, strip to underwear, jump in reservoir
  142. >Decide just to swim to the other side, and then to swim right back
  143. >At least a quarter mile
  144. >Realize this was kind of a bad idea
  145. >Keep swimming anyway
  146. >Make it to the other side
  147. >The hell was I thinking? I've never swum that far before
  148. >The hell did I make it?
  149. >Sun is scorching, arms and legs aching like nothing I've ever felt
  150. >Shore covered with fucking plant shit
  151. >Too damn exhausted to care
  152. >Collapse
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