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Jul 27th, 2017
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  1. Artist's Commentary:
  2. "The sofa that the girl in her underwear is lying on is the sofa known as "grand confort", designed by the master modernist architect Le Corbusier. In regards to design, modernism believes in sensibly leveraging the characteristics of the materials, making a logical, functional design with no useless ornamentation; the lack of ornamentation in this type of architecture has caused it to be called an "abstemious rectangular box". And there are plants entangled with that modernism-style sofa. This does not represent the defeat of modernism by nature, but from the beginning was meant to, in an easy to understand manner, show its fusion with nature. As proof, the sofa does not look worn out, but rather it appears brand new. There is a girl wearing underwear settled into that "abstemious rectangular box", but what is displayed here is not simple eroticism. That defenseless appearance, even showing her navel. By looking at her in a state like that while she is unaware of the viewer, the viewer feels a kind of tension due to immorality. Also, a girl is a symbol of that which has not finished growing. It is indeed within that incomplete beauty that we can see completed beauty. Is the thing the girl has in her hands a mobile gaming device? If we assume it to instead be a cell phone, that makes it even more a symbol of "solitude". And she is diverting herself with that "solitude" in an action which also resembles masturbation. This illustration displays the existence and potentiality of the self of modernism."
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