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  1. <LawnPygmy> so, playing Oxygen Not Included, and I must conclude that, for this first attempt, 'Dump' was an appropriate pick for the name of my colony
  2. <LawnPygmy> there's piss and shit and vomit all over everything because the toilet won't work and every keeps stress vomiting
  3. <LawnPygmy> the air is barely breathable because i can't get the air scrubber to do what it's supposed to, the guys that aren't vomiting into the water supply are breaking all the electrical equipment needed to power the O2 generators
  4. <LawnPygmy> there's a chlorine leak somewhere, the hydrogen plant won't start without power for the gas pump and the manual generators are busted
  5. <LawnPygmy> the only bit of breathable air is in an empty spot I dug into and then abandoned
  6. <LawnPygmy> when I can get them working, the lights i put up to help the food crops and algae terrariums grow are apparently too hot if you overlap them at all
  7. <LawnPygmy> and i have no means of dispersing heat
  8. <LawnPygmy> i'm chewing through algae at a phenomenal rate
  9. <LawnPygmy> like, as soon as I manage to dig some out, it's gone
  10. <LawnPygmy> the algae farms are sucking up the little water left too fast for the water purifier to keep up
  11. <LawnPygmy> but that doesn't matter because somehow i managed to hook up the plumbing backwards
  12. <LawnPygmy> so the toilets aren't working, and everyone's just pissing themselves and shitting on the floor which makes them super-stressed so half of them vomit and the other half take it out on the life support systems
  13. <LawnPygmy> and there's so much piss that it's dripping into the water supply
  14. <LawnPygmy> like, three floors, wide ones too, covered in sewage
  15. <LawnPygmy> somehow, a morb got into the base, probably through the hydrogen plant
  16. <~RAWK_LAWBSTAR> wots a morb?
  17. <LawnPygmy> alium
  18. <LawnPygmy> which doesn't work. normally, the hydrogen plant produces some excess hydrogen, so I put the gas pump higher than the plant, since, y'know, hydrogen's a light gas and it'll rise. except that it keeps getting stuck with no hydrogen to pump to the plant, which is powering the pump, which means it can't send fuel to the plant so it can't power the pump so it can't send fuel so it can't pump
  19. <LawnPygmy> and the manual generators which would normally provide the first kick to get it going again are all broken because everyone's fucking pissed
  20. <LawnPygmy> every floor except the algae cave i opened up and this area I abandoned with a bunch of algae farms is chlorine, CO2, sewage fumes and disease
  21. <LawnPygmy> fucking Sadie snores too goddamn loud
  22. <LawnPygmy> but that doesn't matter anymore because everyone's dead except for one lone survivor scrambling about this shit-splattered tomb trying desperately to keep the oxygen flowing
  23. <LawnPygmy> all in all, i made a glorious mess
  24. <LawnPygmy>
  25. <LawnPygmy> Welcome to Dump.
  26. <%Ashen> i'll be honest, if you added a few mentions of clowns i'd assume this was SS13
  27. <~RAWK_LAWBSTAR> honk!
  28. <LawnPygmy> no, but the paintings are pretty goofy
  29. <LawnPygmy> oh yeah, and I can't figure out how to get the air scrubber to work since it doesn't use gas pumps but liquid pumps
  30. <LawnPygmy> it's a pretty fun game :D
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