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  1. Thread revival mo-fuckas.
  2. Recently got some solid high quality aPBP to give it a shot. It doesn't seem too popular & most folks say its not that great. However there are the occasional reports that it was a little bit better than aPVP (however the product they received could have been something different.)I'm a fan of aPVP. It's fucking evil as hell, I mean this stuff is worse than meth in the evil department. You think MA makes you want to "throw rocks at old people" (figuratively. It's a quote from a tweaker I know and I thought it described the stuff well) aPVP is the king of stoning old folks. MDPV was a bit creative to me, and harder to sustainably abuse, whereas aPVP you can go 3 days and start getting the paranoia after 2.5. aPVP I found pretty damn euphoric especially if you get big hits, it vapes nicely etc. The sexual aspect is fucking out of this world too, however it doesn't make me that creative or anything and obviously not a good functional stim.
  4. I also recently tried the MDPHP (md version of a-PHP) that is on the market, and you can read that thorough run down here:
  6. aPBP initial impressions:
  7. Received a few grams of aPBP, high quality stuff from a solid source. Note: I don't have an NMR/GC/MS result for this, I'm taking it at face value, and obviously did allergy tests. It was fine crystal granules, like granulated sugar but a tiny bit smaller and white colored. Even if it was no where near as good as aPVP, the consensus seemed that it was at least decent. Nothing could be more worthless than MDPHP in my books. I have messed with solid large crystal PVP, as well as slightly tan powder batches, both produced the same results but the crystals were obviously cleaner tasting and a tad bit more potent.
  9. I have found that the PVs not only burn better with foil, but also permanently destroy your glass pipe after a day of vaping. I have also [personally] found that the vapor is waaayyy to hot when in a pipe, and also doesn't taste as it should, maybe I have bad technique, maybe I'm superstitious, or perhaps there is something strange going on. I have found that with aPVP using foil (with no wrinkles or holes) and a gas station lighter on low setting, burns it the best and wastes the least. So I actually prefer the foil method for the PVs. That said, your "suction" tool needs to have a big opening on both ends to catch as much smoke as possible, and plastic tools melt on the ends which is not good for your body.
  11. I had been testing out MDPHP (which was crap, not inactive but crap) for 3 days prior to this aPBP experience. However, the day RIGHT BEFORE this trial, I only drank 3-4 beers, no drugs other than that. While my tolerance was obviously not zero at all (MDPHP does have a kind of PV style stimulant effect for sure) and I have a high stim tolerance naturally, I figured it would be suitable for an arm-chair review especially for harm reduction purposes as well.
  13. After a couple allergy tests I loaded up about 10mgs onto the foil, built a paper suction tool, and made sure my lighter was on the low-butane setting, for a nice slow burn trying to minimize destroying the chemical. Also its good to have a crease in the foil and to angle it so the melting PV can slide.
  15. MDPHP vaped like shit, and only became a bit better after a recrystallization. The aPBP vaped nicely, very similar to aPVP or the white MDPV (for the remainder of this post when I mention MDPV I am referring to the white current stuff. No one really seems to know what the deal was with the tan stuff, we may never know. )
  17. It melts a bit, bubbles and start smoking. Tasted a bit similar to MDPV or aPVP, but less like semen and more like citrus. It has a citrus PV taste for sure. I honestly do not like the taste. The taste of aPVP the first few times I tried it was gross as well, but I eventually came to love it (which is odd because that means I like the taste of semen, but I digress.) Usually when I take a fat aPVP hit with little tolerance, I get a bit queasy in the stomach for a few seconds, and then the rush hits and I feel great. aPBP (or MDPHP for that matter as well) did not produce this.
  20. I took a solid amount of fat hits, like 4-5 off the 10mg I put down. No rush really even after a few minutes. Stimulation started within about 20 seconds. It was a nice solid stimulation not too jittery or anything, and definitely less paranoia inductive than MDPV or aPVP (although aPVP only really starts making me freak out after I have been binging it for a couple days.) , but the euphoria was limited, as was the sexual excitement. However, I knew that the dose may be 2x-3x a normal PVP dose and honestly didn't know what to expect.
  22. I waited about 25 minutes after that first ~10-12mg session. Stimulation was present and was smooth, although not as powerful as I had hoped. A tad bit jittery, but much less so than aPVP. Not that much sexual stimulation, however it was indeed present. I could barely get/keep an erection if I was lucky, but half of the fun of sex/masturbation on aPVP is when you just keep hitting the vape smoke until you are ripped, I wasn't ripped.
  24. I was talkative, which was nice, I don't get very talkative on aPVP (I do a little bit on MDPV though.) It almost felt like a middle-ground between something like MA (or 2FMA) and aPVP. Which was interesting, however I really wanted something closer to aPVP.
  26. I did a few more breaks, and trials. Eventually heading up to about 30mg. Now obviously because of how much smoke there is, and the extreme inefficiency of the foil method I didn't actually vape and inhale 30mg worth during the mini-session, more like 15-18 if I had to take a wild guess. The citrus PV taste just lingers in your mouth, and even about a full day of messing with the stuff, I still despised the taste, unlike PVP. aPBP when vaped tastes like pine-sol, straight up fucking Pine Sol, and if you have ever accidentally gotten Pine Sol in your mouth, its not pleasant.
  28. I never really felt a big urge to re-dose from the drug itself priror to T+40 after a vaporizing session. Any re-dose urge was just my natural fiendishness to want to break the boundaries and get that original aPVP feeling back. It never came. Although as I will discuss in a moment, this isnt a worthless chem, just probbably not worth the money especially considering that it is illegal now along with aPVP in many places, no point in using it as a replacement if its illegal as well. (I hear aPHP is currently the go-to, but I have yet to try it.)
  30. I would like to add that I really went hard on this vaping trial, I tried a few different techniques and temps (but never a glass pipe) but made sure to get a ton of fat hits, I honestly wanted to see how similar this was to the beloved aPVP, and if it just required a bit of an extra push. Didn't seem to work. My stimulation increased a bit, as did my sexual stimulation, however it seems that this chemical has a ceiling to it. My negative effects (jitters, paranoia, tension) did not increase either when I hit the ceiling.
  34. Initial Vaping summary: taste is like Pine Sol, hard to get out of your mouth. Burns very nicely, similar to aPVP, but plumes up a bit faster. Effects require only a tad bit more than a normal aPVP dose. Stimulation was smooth, very present and enjoyable, considerably clear headed for a PV analog. No enactogenic qualities, no creativity, mild talkish-ness. Sexual arousel was minimal at best; could still get erect, but the desire to grow 8 dicks and have a 10 day orgy was non-existent. At best it boosted my sexual appetite just a tad bit. For a non-PV comparison I found 2FMA to be much much more sexual than aPBP. 4MMC was also much more sexual than aPBP, but keep in mind getting and staying erect on 4MMC was a bit difficult for me, same with 3MMC, they shrink your dick like a sex change.
  36. Not much euphoria. There was a tad bit, but realistically not much. On a solid plus side however, there was hardly and negative side effects, physical and mental. Not much paranoia, no tension, barely any jitters even after lots of hits.
  39. The vaping trials were mediocre. Not bad, but dissapointing because I hoped for a bit more on the euphoria side. It was a smooth high, but sometimes you don't want smooth amIright?
  41. I don't really snort drugs much anymore. Mainly because over the years my septum has been fucked up. aPVP (and MDPHP) both did a number on it, and back in the day EPH did as well. aPVP snorted has to be dry and crystalline or you are going to have a bad time. MDPV was impossible for me to snort successfully, it was too clumpy.
  43. However, I do remember that when I snorted MDPHP I got some quasi-pleasant effects compared to the almost-non existence effects from vaping. I racked up about 4 small lines, totalling about 30 mg. Hardly burned, didn't linger, did not taste bad. Got the same effects I did from vaping, but being worried about my nose, I decided that I would end the nasal trials. It seemed that even though I had to use a tad bit more product, I got more euphoria from the nasal route. That being said, it may indicate my temperatures used, or techniques used while vaping are less-than-stellar, or down right bad. It seems to bubble and vape nicely, and tastes as it should, but I didn't do much scientific research before hand on the properties of the chem.
  45. I will note that the nasal route (as long as your crush up the granules with something like a lighter or the head of a chapstick tube) seemed not too destructive (even better physically than 2FMA/3MMC to name a few) and produced solid effects. Like I said it uses more material, will eat away at your nose slowly, but seemed to produce more euphoria. It also seems that after you have hit the inhalation effects ceiling, nasal can help jump start it a tad bit; but even if you try to push it with nasal you'll still hit a ceiling it seems (keeping in mind I really only did a couple minor nasal trials.)
  48. I don't IV drugs so I can't attest to that. And oral PVs never really were much fun to me.
  50. All in all it seems that for the price, and considering its now illegal in places, probably a waste of time to try this out. Stimulation was solid and smooth, more clear headed than MDPV or aPVP. Not too many negative physical or mental side effects which was nice. However euphoria was hard to achieve without smoking a CRAP TON of product, and while nasal seemed to produce more results better, they were still pretty lack luster. Hope that helps someone. I can always answer questions and will probably edit this post after a few more sessions. I'm kind of bummed though.
  52. Thoughts: many people rave about MDPPP and aPPP and say that after the chain length getting past aPVP, it becomes lame and less euphoric. This seemed to be the case with MDPHP to a polar extreme. I figured since aPBP was in between aPPP and aPVP in chain length, it would be very similar, or even better than aPVP. I also read 2-3 reports that said it was much more euphoric overall. I disagree. I doubt I am going to try aPPP after this experience, and will just find something legal that works for occasional fun times, because I don't feel like messing with the law.
  54. Also, I hear from a statistically relevant number of people that aPHP is very similar to aPVP, but with less sexual side effects, and a slightly more smooth high. Cheers.
  56. Update:
  57. It seems the sexual aspect was trickery earlier. It does get you a bit more horny, not nearly as much as MDPV/aPVP/2FMA/4MMC, but it definitely does pique your sexual appetite. However getting and maintaining an erection was extremely hard, so much so that I gave up a few times. The stimulation isnt a "Cracky/horny" type like most amps/caths, its different, very smooth, and seems to fuck with your dick.
  59. After some fooling around with it further, I also brought one of my long time drug buddies into the mix to get his opinion. He has done loads of 4MMC, 2FMA, and all other sorts of the usual streets drugs with me and we have very similar views and tastes. I had hyped up aPVP to him like crazy and was disappointing to present him with this. He did not vape any, only nasal usage. He said it was similar to 2FMA in many regards, not a replica but very similar. He found the stimulant aspect of aPBP to be enjoyable, got mildly paranoid (something that does not ever happen on 2FMA/2FA) and said there was some solid mild euphoria. He agreed that the burn from nasal use was not bad at all, and it didn't feel too caustic or anything.
  61. He said it was definitely enjoyable, however he doubts he would choose it over 2FMA if given the opportunity. This is a nice chem, its got a lot of similarities effect-wise with methylphenidate and the smooth halogenated amps like 2FA, but its just nothing special, especially enough to warrant choosing it over something else.
  62. He also agreed about the plateau/ceiling. It's extremely hard to get stronger effects, even if you rail 150 lines, or vape 100mg, it just cuts you off, luckily it also cuts off the negatives which is nice I guess.... Seriously, theres no point in abusing this stuff because you can't staircase whatsoever.
  64. He had no comment on the sexual aspect or the creative aspect
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