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  1. Moreover, I am grateful to Prof. Athena Vakali as well as Prof. Apostolos N. Papadopoulos for their lasting encouragement and continuing trust throughout my endeavor while being members of my PhD advisory board. I would also like to gratefully acknowledge [tade], [tade], [tade] and [tade] for their time and participation as members of the dissertation examination committee.
  3. During the course of this journey I've also had the luck and privilege of meeting and associating with a number of exceptional people that assisted me in completing my goals. A special thanks goes out to my fellow lab members Georgia Kougka, Athanasios Naskos and Antonia Gogoglou who were always there to assist me during tough times as well as celebrate with me the happy ones. Additionally, I am extremely grateful to Christos Bellas and Theodoros Toliopoulos for our excellent collaboration and for their assistance in various technical and implementation details in my PhD thesis. Last but not least, I would like to thank all the lab members I've met in my last year of doctoral studies, and especially Valentina Michailidou, Maria Pegia, Georgia Baltsou, Nikodimos Nikolaidis and Ioannis Christoforidis.
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