Vertex - Chapter XI, Ex Tempore

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  1.                 Chapter XI, Ex Tempore
  3. She'd been in a really good mood today, Craig thought to himself while changing into some shorts in the locker room. I mean, it's like she'd been beaming literally. Cuter than usual. Was it because of the kiss?
  4. "Man, I was so fucking wasted!" one of his classmates said.
  5. "Yeah, me too, like totally fucking out of it" said another.
  6. "Fucking hell I got laid" said a third.
  7. Such an intelligent discussion these three were having, Craig thought. All the more intelligent because he'd known them long enough to know none of them had been drunk or gotten laid. Especially not Samuel, the fat bastard.
  8. He himself had been drunk though. And he'd gotten a kiss. Hah. These guys were losers now. None of them would ever get a kiss from someone like Farai. Not without paying for it, anyway. Heh. Paying for kisses. Losers.
  9. "I mean, her cunt was like, so tight, it squeezed my urethra shut and I couldn't cum, so my balls like, fucking blew up!" Samuel said.
  10. Lo-hoo-se-heeer!
  11. "Damn Sammy, you're stupid as fuck!"
  12. "Oh fuck you, you're just jelly!"
  13. "Tell me about the bags of sand, Sammy"
  14. "FUCK YOU!"
  15. Losers all around. But Craig? He was a winner. Next weekend could very well spell the end of his boyhood. And more importantly, the start of something more wonderful than just getting laid, regularly or not. This was the perfect time to hum and whistle and shit.
  17. Craig had not been all that enthusiastic about seeing Farai in the morning, actually. He'd been worried about how she'd feel after the whole getting drunk fiasco, but rather than being upset or ashamed or reserved or cold and distant or completely getting out of the situation by simply taking a later bus, Farai showed up even more upbeat than usual and gave her Cwaigie-waigie a smooch on the cheek.
  18. "Weeeell~?" she asked, grinning so all her perfect teeth showed. Perfect subjectively, the ones on her lower jaw were a little crooked. Craig noticed because he couldn't really look her in the eye with his embarrassment and shame.
  19. "W-well what?"
  20. "Did you think about me last night?" she asked, her voice all chirpy.
  21. Did I what?
  22. "Yes..."
  23. No Craig, no!
  24. "Aww, that's so sweet, Cwaigie-waigie!" she said, hugging his arm. "But tell me..." her voice shifted to a sensual coo, "...did you touch yourself?"
  25. Did I WHAT?
  26. "Yes..."
  27. A melodramatic and exaggerated fake sniff escaped from Farai.
  28. "To think, the boy I like violated my body in his thoughts all night, aaahh, I feel so sullied and unusual... how am I to ever get married now?"
  29. Take responsibility, asshole. Say it. Say it! SAY IT!
  30. "I... I will take responsibility..."
  31. "Oh? I'm to be married to my rapist like in Old Testament times?"
  32. Uh-oh.
  33. "Well I..."
  34. Smooch.
  35. Oh.
  36. "Oh"
  37. "Don't 'oh' me young man or you'll get a righteous spanking!"
  38. Will I? Yes please! Say 'Yes Mistress, please discipline me for I deserve it!'
  39. "I guess I deserve it"
  40. You're not even trying.
  41. "You bet your ASS you do!" she said, copping a feel while pushing herself closer. "But I'm a merciful woman. I'll let you off the hook this once. And you know why?"
  42. "Why?"
  43. "Because I touched myself while thinking about you too"
  44. Dear diary; JACKPOT!
  46. They'd taken a while more to talk about their relationship, which had apparently changed rapidly since the last time they met. They managed to deal with a lot of anxiety by just getting close to each other, and even managed to agree that they were, in fact, boyfriend and girlfriend, and what they'd done at Raquel's place, Junko's. They had a giggle at the name until Craig remember Junko was not only one of the girls in Victory Gundam, but also the name of a woman from a hentai who had sex with her own son while he was asleep. That was nasty. Tangent aside, the two snuggled up in the bus and enjoyed leaning their heads together while talking about absolutely nothing, finally parting with a kiss when they had to head to their own classes. Craig immediately began to regret it. If he'd had more balls, he'd have taken her by the hand and left the damn place, skipping school and going... somewhere. Then he realized it was probably better that he hadn't, since he had absolutely no idea about what to do with a girl beyond lewd stuff, and a date couldn't be all about sex, right? No use crying over spilt milk though.
  48. All this and more was going through Craig's head while he sat on the bench in the locker room and waiting for gym class to start. They were going to play basketball or something. Meh, that was boring. Letting his eyes wonder, he noticed Andrea, who had been unusually quiet this morning. He was almost doubled over, like he was trying to look as small and unnoticeable as possible. For a moment their eyes met, and the little bugger looked like a deer in the headlights, his eyes were all saucer-like and stuff. There was something off about him.
  49. "What about you, Andy? You get laid during the weekend?" asked one of the Casanovas.
  50. "Mmhm" he mumbled.
  51. "Hyuk-hyuk-hyuk! Nah, he's a faggot! Faggots don't get laid!"
  52. "Yeah, you're right. What about you Craig?"
  53. "Huh?" the question caught him off guard.
  54. "Nah, he didn't get laid either, he's a faggot too!"
  55. "You know I've got a girlfriend now, right?"
  56. "What, you dress Andy up in a dress and fuck him up the ass?"
  57. "You're a real classy guy Johnny-boy, you know that?" Craig asked, smiling condescendingly. He was so far above these losers, he could afford to piss them off.
  58. "Yeah? How about I kick your ass?" asked Johnny-boy.
  59. "You couldn't kick anyone's ass, you pansy" Craig said, and to his surprise, several others joined the conversation on his side.
  60. "He's right you know. You ARE a fucking pansy"
  61. "Well at least I'm not a faggot!"
  62. "Neither are they"
  63. "Huh? They're totally faggots!"
  64. "Nuh-huh, I saw Craig kiss that Elf from class-C"
  65. "What? Which Elf?"
  66. "The hottest one, duh. What's that Johnny-boy, shut your mouth before birds make a nest in it!"
  67. Johnny-boy was afraid he was starting to lose face, so he tried to salvage what he could.
  68. "Andy's still a faggot though! He's a fucking faggot!"
  69. "Nah, he's got a Succubus for a sister, he gets laid every day and night and probably gets blowjobs every morning. You get blowjobs in the mornings, Andy?" one of their classmates asked.
  70. "Sure..."
  71. "Your sister gives good head?"
  72. "Oh, I KNOW she gives good head, just the other day I..."
  73. "Can we please not talk about my sister?"
  74. "Huh? Got a problem faggot?"
  75. "Goddammit Johnny, let it go already"
  76. "Nah, I won't! I think I'll kick this faggots ass!"
  77. "You really don't want to..." Andrea warned, fidgeting.
  78. Now would be a very good time for the teacher to show up and get them on the gym floor.
  80.                         ***
  82. "Whacha doin' there, nerd?" asked the Ogre, sitting backwards in her chair, leaning on the backrest and staring at Farai's notebook, which she was doing her best to hide.
  83. "Nothing, Mara. Just, you know. What the teacher told us to do" Farai replied, trying to be nonchalant.
  84. "Oh yeah? So what'd teacher tell us to do?"
  85. "Umm, group assignments?"
  86. The guess wasn't entirely baseless, since there were some people in the class grouping up. They weren't doing any schoolwork though.
  87. "Try again"
  88. "Okay, you caught me. Now buzz off"
  89. Mara's eyebrows twitched.
  90. "C'mon..."
  91. "No"
  92. "C'mon"
  93. "No!"
  94. "C'mon!"
  95. "NO!"
  96. "Yoink!"
  97. Farai had lifted her head from her notebook to give emphasis to her denial, and thus Mara had gotten and opportunity to snatch it from her.
  98. "Hey, give that back!"
  99. "Whaaat, you doodling dicks in here?"
  100. "N-no..."
  101. Mara stood up so Farai couldn't reach her arms and she perused through the treasured notes.
  102. "Whaaat, this is just a shopping list! Whaddya need this much rope for anyway?"
  103. "You know exactly what I need that much rope for, you big lummox"
  104. "Who're you gonna be tying up then, eh?" Mara asked, scratching the base of her horns, an ever itching spot.
  105. "None of your business. Gimme!"
  106. "Now you just wait a bit there, Fanny. If my little girl is growing up and starting to do weird shit in the bedroom, I'mma have to give you a pep talk!"
  108. Farai sighed. Mara might be her best friend, but talking to her about this stuff wasn't exactly something she was comfortable with. Not when she'd never even done it. Dammit.
  109. "Ya listening? Okay, here goes. Ahem. First of all..." Mara put up her finger in a lecturing manner, "...use condoms if you don't want a baby right away, don't bite his dick so hard it bleeds or he'll go limp, and drink lots afterwards!"
  110. There was a brief silence, during which Mara crossed her arms and nodded to herself, satisfied, while Farai stared at her, expecting her to continue. When she didn't, the Dark Elf let out a sigh.
  111. "Lot of good that'll do me, that's just common sense you dumb brute"
  112. "Common sense is important! When he's thinking with his dick and you're thinking with your pussy, you'll forget this stuff! You'll just do whatever!"
  113. "Mara, you're a virgin too, right?"
  114. "Like hell I am! I've done it lots of times!"
  115. "With who?"
  116. "Sancho"
  117. "Your vibe is not a guy"
  118. "Maybe not, but he makes me feel like a woman just fine. Now you? You're gonna be full of baby batter if you don't take my advice!"
  119. Farai slumped her shoulders and face-desked theatrically.
  120. "You're a damn fool, Mara" she moaned.
  121. "Just looking out for you girl" the Ogre said, patting her friend on the back.
  122. "Seriously speaking though, who's the lucky guy? Someone I know? Is it Lewis?" Mara stole a glance at the aforementioned Lewis, a member of the school's Rape Ball team.
  123. "Like hell"
  124. "C'mon, tell me!"
  125. "Fiiine. It's Craig"
  126. "I dunno any Greg"
  127. "C-r-a-i-g, Mara. And you do know him. He was in our class back in elementary school"
  128. Farai soon found that her face and ears were heating up. Of course they were. She'd been super-duper excited all day.
  129. "Really? Which one was he then?"
  130. The kind-hearted one who'd help build a house for a homeless person without expecting anything in return.
  131. "Umm, you know, the one nice one, who, uhh...
  132. He's got that thick, strong hair that looks like he has Kejorou-blood in his family.
  133. "...he's got a mullet now, and, uhh..."
  134. He's got booksmarts and he'd help a dumb bitch like me with my math without expecting anything in return for that, either.
  135. "...he gets good grades and, uhh..."
  136. He's got a body that looks like he goes to the gym, probably does a lot of bench presses.
  137. "...and he's got nice pecs"
  138. Oh goddammit, you're a pathetic bitch, Farai.
  139. "Hmm? Oh yeah. He's the one who hangs out with Lance for the Rape Ball team and that wimpy kid"
  140. "Andrea"
  141. "Yeah, him"
  142. "Well that's who I'm going out with"
  143. "Andrea?"
  144. "No, Craig"
  145. "Ah. Right. Since when?"
  146. "Since today"
  147. "Does HE know you're going out? Because if you're getting that rope to kidnap him, I don't mind helping you out, I mean I could carry him and hold him down and stuff..."
  148. "Haa-haa, very funny"
  149. "I'm being serious"
  150. "Ahem. Anyway, yeah, he knows. We're all kissy-kissy now"
  151. Saying that felt nice. Really, really nice. She'd been all nervous about seeing Craig again after the way they'd parted the last time, she'd barely gotten any sleep last night. She fell asleep around one or two in the morning, then woke up at five. Made coffee. Masturbated a little. Then some more. Did push ups and sit-ups and squats. Took a hot shower. Masturbated some more while in the shower. Tried to shake things up with a cold shower. Couldn't handle it.
  152. She was a worry-wart, there was no denying that. She was afraid of how he'd react to her. She was afraid he wouldn't have felt like she did. But then she thought back on how he'd always been willing to be with her and go along with her, and how he'd wanted to... yeah. It was fine. Nothing had changed for the worse. They were going to be girlfriend and boyfriend and that was that! Craig was always so reserved, so she would have make up for it. And make up for it she did! She acted like a total goofball in love, and dammit that's what she was!
  153. And then they'd parted when school started, and she got worried again. What kind of games could they play together? What kind of games would they play? It was pretty much expected that they'd have a little rendezvous during the weekend and the longer they'd anticipate it, the more excited they would be for it, the more expectations they would have for it.
  154. Of course Mara had interrupted her planning. She tried to explain that to her without embarrassing herself too much.
  156. "You're doing it all wrong, ho" the Ogre rebuked her, rolling up the notebook and gently hitting her friend on the head with it.
  157. "Huh?"
  158. "Your Craig ain't gonna be expecting some divine experience and getting disappointed if you catch him off guard"
  159. "Huuuh?"
  160. "Come on, you know how it is, everyone likes surprises, right? And you said that the more you wait, the worse for you, right? So tell him to come over today, after school. And then get erotic!"
  161. That was so very... Ogre of her.
  162. "Just one problem, Mara. I can't just snu-snu him and be done with it. I don't think just doing penis-in-vagina is what I want, especially not on our first time... well, our first time doing stuff, you know? I want something different. Something less physical and more sensual" Farai tried to explain her predicament.
  163. Mara shook her head.
  164. "I told you, get erotic. Didn't tell you to mount him. C'mon, this is what I meant when I told you to use your head. You're already thinking with your pussy and you aren't even in the same room with him. Jeez"
  165. Farai felt her ears flare up. This big, strong brute was smarter than she looked. She ought to have known it by now, they'd been BFF for like, eight years.
  166. "So, like... I should... just...? Help?"
  167. "I dunno ho. What do you guys normally do? Just do that, but in your underwear. Or something"
  168. Huh. Well what DID they do together "normally"? Build houses for the homeless? That wasn't going to cut it.
  169. Craig liked... he liked anime, right? Maybe some hentai... oh hell no, that was all wrong. Maybe he had a soft spot though. Something like... oh. Oooh. Oooh!
  170. "Oooohhh!"
  171. "You look like you got something there"
  172. "Sure did!"
  173. "So? You gonna play COD in your underwear or something?"
  174. "Hell no. We're going to watch anime in very modest clothing"
  175. "Like tentacle stuff?"
  176. "No, just relationship drama"
  177. "Lame. Figures you two nerdlings would do something like that" Mara said with a shrug.
  178. "You know, I might need your help with something..."
  179. "Oh yeah? So you need me to hide in the closet and pounce on him if he tries to run?"
  180. "No, I need you to cover for me"
  181. "Cover for you?"
  182. "Yeah, I'm ditching school" Farai said, unable to cover her grin while she stuffed her stuff in her bag.
  183. "You? Now?" Mara asked, head tilted like a dog's.
  184. "Yup. No time like the present, right? Need to catch him off-guard. Need to take control. Well I'm dragging his goody two-shoes ass out of school!"
  186.                         ***
  188. "What are you still doing in there, jerking off? Get your asses out here!" Arno, the esteemed, acrofatic gym teacher, hollered at them, defusing the situation, and the young braves slowly lined out, some of them somewhat eager to play shoot some basket.
  189. Arno, a manlet with jowls, a stubble and a beer gut, was a man of surprises. He made up for his lack of reach with unexpected flexibility, that is to say, he could reach his toes, a feat Craig had never quite been able to replicate. He didn't have a rubber spine, no sir.
  190. "Alright, alright, settle down there. Today... we're going to do fitness tests" he said. There was much protesting.
  191. "Oh, shut it. If I had told you it was coming, you'd have taken drugs or something, I know you rascals. Now you're unprepared in both body and mind, and we can see just how well you REALLY perform, rather than at your peak!"
  192. The was much more protesting.
  193. "Alright lads, pair up, pair up, take some space"
  194. It was only natural for Craig to find himself paired up with Andrea.
  195. There's something wrong with him, Craig noticed. His posture is all slumped and stuff. Like he's depressed or tired or something. Maybe Roxxie kept him up all night? Was that it? The oversized shirt he used during gym class looked even baggier on him than usual, like he'd maybe lost mass... but that was impossible, they'd just seen each other the other day and... eh, maybe he'd been losing weight for a long time and Craig only noticed it now because it had tallied up?
  197. "First things first, we need to do some stretches and warm up! Let's start with the calves!" ordered Arno and knelt to begin the stretches. They took a good five minutes going through different muscle groups. Craig knew this because he had been fortunate enough to end up in a spot where the clock was visible. He felt incredibly stiff to start with, and kept wondering how it was that someone like Arno or even Andrea could bend and stretch and flex like they did. Dad always said stretching and warming up was for women and children.
  198. "Alright, now let's see some jumps!" ordered the teacher and began to do X jumps. This they kept up until everybody was breathing heavily. And thus the foreplay was over, and Arno got everyone's attention with his whistle.
  199. "Come grab some mats, one per pair" instructed he, opening up the storage room. As nobody was in any hurry to get to the rough experience of the test, some began screw around and play rock-paper-scissors over who had to go get the mat. Craig and Andrea caught the mood as well, and Craig lost because he tried to play poor, predictable rock.
  200. Eventually every single pair had their mat on the gym floor, and Arno blew his whistle again.
  202. "Since you clowns took your sweet time, we'll start with the push-ups right off! You know how it works, don't you? Do it like the men you pretend you are, knees off the ground! Your partner will put his fist on the ground and your chest needs to hit it every time for it to count! Everybody ready?"
  203. Andrea mumbled that Craig could go first, and so he got down first, with his partner getting down right by his side. His hair smelled kind of nice now that they were this close... ohh hell no. Probably residue from his sister. Yeah.
  204. Arno blew his whistle, and Craig began to do his push-ups. A minute passed quick, but toward the end he began to feel like it would never be over. He'd lost count at around 12, or precisely at 12, but surely he'd gotten to thirty.
  205. "So how many was that?" he asked, getting up.
  206. "Twenty-seven"
  207. "Huh. That's not really..."
  208. "Mhm"
  209. That was far from the worst score in the class, of course, but still it felt a little unsatisfactory. Maybe the work he'd put into building "Junko's" had left his arms all fatigued. Yeah, that must've been it.
  210. The teacher took his time going from pair to pair, asking for their scores, shaking his head and hissing through his teeth, complaining about how the youth of today was either out of shape or stinky liars, depending on whether their scores were too low or too high. Once done, he blew the whistle again and told the pairs to switch.
  211. Andrea got down with a little hesitation.
  212. The whistle blew, and the minute began, and Andrea, having a light body and strong muscles, was obviously going to score high. Except that he didn't touch Craig's hand.
  213. "Dude, all the way down" Craig rebuked him.
  214. "Sry"
  215. "Don't waste your breath, just do it properly" Craig said sternly like an Anubis drill sergeant.
  216. "Hnmmnh"
  217. Andrea hesitantly did it properly, and then began to catch up on the ones he'd missed. When the minute came to a close, Craig had counted 34. That was nice, but way less than he knew Andrea could do.
  218. "Wassup Andy?" he asked.
  219. "Nothing"
  220. The teacher asked the same question, and Andrea gave the same reply. Now what's eating Gilbert Grape?
  222. "Right then! Push-ups are done, next is sit-ups! Grab your partner by the ankles, sit on them if need be, and make sure their head reaches their knees!"
  223. That last bit might have just been hyperbole.
  224. Craig got on his back and tried to get comfy on the mat. Sit-ups, huh? The best grade would be to do 45, right? He could do that. Sit-ups were easy. You could do hundreds of them in a row. Yeah.
  225. Turned out that he could do 38 before the time ran out.
  226. "I just don't know how to do them quicker" he protested when Andrea told him the score.
  227. Then it was Andrea's turn to lie down. He squirmed when Craig took hold of his ankles, but managed 51.
  228. "You gotta tell me how to do that" Craig said, and for the first time that day Andrea managed a smile.
  229. Then it was time for squats, "the push-ups of your legs" as Arno said. Craig managed 48, Andrea 55. For some reason this was as far as Arno took the test, leaving out distance jumping, and the students went back to their stretching and taking the mats back in the storage. The rest of the time was spent playing dodgeball. Nobody won.
  231. "Alright you goons! Next week we'll go run the 12 wonderful minutes of the Cooper test at the track in old stadium, but just because you know about it, don't even think you can get away with cheating! I'll bring in a magic detector built during the Cold War, a real antique! Ya hear?"
  232. There was some hollering and complaining, but most of the brave young men rushed out of the gym as quickly as they could in the hopes of getting a smoking break in before lunch. As a result of this rush, Craig and Andrea soon found that they had the locker room for themselves, and Craig thought that for once he could go and take a shower.
  233. "You going?" he asked nonchalantly from his friend, who had taken no action to change out of his gym clothes.
  234. "N-no I'm fine..." he mumbled.
  235. Craig had had just about enough at that point, and stopped undressing, turning around to face the moody mook.
  236. "Dude, something's obviously bothering you. What's up with you?" Craig asked, arms crossed.
  237. Andrea hesitated for a while, fidgeting and licking his lips, until he finally swallowed and steeled himself, standing up.
  238. "Umm, well, see... the thing is, Craig, I'm an A..."
  239. "Hey, you wigwams decent in here?" rang out the voice of a girl.
  240. "Hiii~!" Andrea was startled and he fell back on the bench.
  242. Without waiting for a reply Farai opened the door and stepped in.
  243. "Yo!" she said, throwing her hand up in a mock salute.
  244. What's she doing here?
  245. "What are you doing here?" Craig asked.
  246. "Oh nothing. Just chillin'. Killin'. Trying to grab some nuts"
  247. Her hand shot up at his crotch and groped him.
  248. "Oh, okay?"
  249. This is new.
  250. "Pucker up" she ordered, and Andrea turned his face away to try and not look at the kissing couple.
  251. This is nice...
  252. Their lips parted and a strip of saliva was left between them. The sign of a perfect kiss, eh?
  253. "We're going to my place. Now" Farai said, fixing the gaze of her lusty eyes into his.
  254. "'kay..."
  255. "Umm, hello? It's like, 10:15!" Andrea protested
  256. "Oh yeah. Uhh, tell everyone I got, like, sick or something" Craig mumbled while fumbling with his clothes.
  257. "Really? Dude!"
  258. "Now Andy you should know better! Craigie's my bitch, I say jump, he asks how high. Ain't that right?"
  259. Craig blushed.
  260. "Yes'm"
  261. "Not good enough. C'mon, show your buddy just how pussywhipped you are. C'mon..."
  262. Like what? Call you mistress? Okay...
  263. "Yes mistress"
  264. An awkward silence ensued.
  265. "That was lame. You didn't put your heart into it at all!" Farai complained.
  266. "Well excuuuuse me, Princess"
  267. "Oh that is it. You're gonna get it!"
  268. They kissed again.
  269. "Can you two just go already?" Andrea whined.
  270. "Hmm, jelly?" Craig asked, trying to channel as much smug into his expression as he could. It wasn't as easy as he'd thought.
  271. "Aww, don't pick on the poor guy. C'mon, let's go. I'll teach you to say 'mistress' and actually mean it..."
  272. The day was turning out better than expected. Surreally so. The lovey-dovey couple left the locker room so sucked in by each other they didn't even notice Andrea's tears.
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