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  1. 4:19 AM <dlea> what the hell happened in V&L?
  2. 4:19 AM — kittynat snuggles
  3. 4:20 AM <dlea> did you fight with sir alexei?
  4. 4:20 AM <kittynat> not directly
  5. 4:21 AM <kittynat> he's stupidly self centered and makes everything about himself
  6. 4:25 AM <kittynat> our first interaction was actually him making the discussion if my srs about himself
  7. 4:30 AM <kittynat> s/if/of/
  8. 4:31 AM <dlea> can you do me a favor please, if he pisses you off again can you settle your differences in pm
  9. 4:32 AM <kittynat> uh
  10. 4:32 AM <kittynat> lea
  11. 4:32 AM <kittynat> i didnt say anything to him
  12. 4:33 AM <kittynat> im sorry that conflict bothers you but it's not fair of you to blame this on me
  13. 4:34 AM <dlea> i'm not blaming anything on you
  14. 4:34 AM <dlea> i'm asking you in the future to take it to pm if there is an issue
  15. 4:34 AM <kittynat> wtf
  16. 4:34 AM <kittynat> he's the one who had the issue!
  17. 4:34 AM ⇐ dlea quit (~dlea@ Quit: Leaving
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