Erma's new friend

Jul 31st, 2019
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  1. I
  3. Erma was a sweet young girl but far from normal. Being born from an Yokai demon and a human male she had always lived in a grey area between the supernatural and the normal. She would play with dolls and pester her daddy for ice cream all the same as phasing through walls and distorting her body into abnormal shapes. While sweet she did have a shameful enjoyment on scaring and pranking others, perhaps it being the Yokai blood running through her, and this affected her in many other ways. A Yokai can vastly outlive any human and as such how quick they mature is not an easy question to answer.
  5. It was like a night like any other. Her parents had sent her to bed and they had followed some time later but Erma had not yet gone to sleep. She waited for it all to go quiet before hopping out of her bed and floating as quiet as a shadow to her TV. Placing a hand on the screen it came to life and flickered in light before letting her slip through it and into the static, one of many paranormal realms that the Yokai haunt. As fast as the electricity itself, as fast as the internet could move, she zipped and zapped from one town to another.
  7. A small TV flickered to life in a dark house that sat on the outskirts of a city. A hand emerged and grasped the sides to allow her to pull herself through. She was quick and quiet as always and sank low to the ground, her body distorting and becoming dark much like that of a shadow itself. She crept along the floor and under doors before climbing the stairs. Slipping under a door she lifted herself up into the air to give a look over a man sleeping soundly in a bed. She smiled. Erma had been haunting him so to speak for some time now and it had become her favorite past time for when her parents slept.
  9. Floating across the room her white skin did nothing to help her stand out, indeed she seemingly blurred into the background of the darkness itself. She picked up his jacket and gave it a hug before inhaling deeply his scent. “Curry and chips.” Erma whispered like a cold wind. She gave it another sniff before folding it up neatly and putting it on a nearby office chair. His room was always so messy and she loved working out what he had been doing during the day just from the differences.
  11. Leaving him to his sleep, for now at least, she slipping back under the door and downstairs. She picked up a few loose bits of trash like loose papers and soda cans and put them into the bin, all without a sound. Every change she did to his home no matter big or small would only drive him nuts when he woke up and she loved that. What would he realize had changed and what would he come up with to explain it, sleep walking? Ghosts? Erma had to keep herself from giggling out loud just at the thought!
  13. With the room a tiny bit more tidy and a picture or two made just the slightest bit crooked she went into the kitchen to see what else she could mess with. The fridge was always full of delightfully unhealthy things but just taking stuff would be rude, her parents did tell her that stealing was wrong after all. She opted for the carton of milk and took a good mouthful from it. It is amazing how many people do not remember how full the drink containers were when they wake up. She blushed. The thought of an indirect kiss was quite nice as well. Pausing for a moment to enjoy her thoughts, she licked the carton’s opening before putting the cap back on and putting it back into the fridge.
  15. What next she thought to herself, what next. Ah yes his phone. He always left it on the living room table and she just loved to give it a look over, read his messages, see any new photos and of course put it back in a different place just to mess with him. Sitting on the sofa she picked up the phone and started to go through it when she found he had been making notes about strange happenings at night. Oh, that was interesting. He had been noticing some of her actions but not others and even more fascinating was that he had been blaming them on a ghost. A small white ghost in fact that he swore he had been having hard to remember dreams about. Erma was grinning ear to ear to see he was able to remember something about her, it was truly the little things that are the most enjoyable.
  17. Her eyes glanced to the digital clock on the wall and she remembered, it was friday today! That meant that her parents would be waking up later than normal and so, she could stay much longer. Rolling her eyes over forgetting something so important she slid her dress off and threw it away before slipping her fingers around the waistband of her underwear and letting them drop to the floor. Ah to feel so exposed in someone else's home never got boring. Looking around the pitch black room with ease she snatched up a t-shirt that has been left on the floor and threw it onto herself. The difference in size let it hang off one shoulder and just barely cover herself. She loved the feeling and that musky scent that clung to it as well. Stretching out her arms and spinning her head a few times to loosen up she phased through the ceiling and headed into his bedroom. Looking the man over she gently stroked his hair with a finger and in doing had temporarily cursed with him sleep paralysis. It did not matter now what she did as he would not be able to fully wake up or move until the sun came up.
  19. With a cold kiss on the cheek to say goodbye she took his laptop and sat in the closet looking at his files and browser history. In particular she was checking her cursed images. Handy things a cursed image, once they are seen they will disappear and slowly fade from the mind thus leaving the person questioning if they were even real. Every time she visited she found all her images had been set off, it made her grin. Turning on the camera she pulled up his t-shirt and snapped a few extreme close ups of her bare form, a few tweaks later and they were primed to be set off if he visited the same sites as before. Traps now set up again she turned it off and left to see what other chaos to cause.
  21. Back in the kitchen she looked around. What to change, what to do… Erma noticed something different here, fruit. “Aw he is trying to be healthy,” she muttered on her breath. Taking the entire bowl she sat herself down on the cold tiled floor and looked over the selection. Picking up a fresh and shiny looking orange she breathed it on and polished it on her shirt much like she had seen others do with apples. With it looking perfect she gave a long lick across its textured zesty skin. Giggling she rubbed it against her pale chest to feel the cool scaly texture on her skin and then she went lower and traced it along her belly. Falling onto her back she slid it down across her pussy and back up. Biting her lip she traced circles with the small fruit and blushed. It felt quite different to anything else she had used so far, although the more she rubbed herself the warmer it got. Having fun and now curious she replaced it with an apple to find the smooth skin contrasted greatly with the rougher orange. Her legs shuddered. Turning the apple over and over it soon became slippery too sticky to hold.
  23. Stopping her efforts for a moment she took a bite of the apple and looked over what options. Grapes would hardly do anything but… Oh. Erma grinned as she grabbed the banana. With the taste of the apple glazed in her own excitement crammed into her young mouth she slid the banana across the folds of her sex once, then twice, before pushing it hard into herself. The curve spread her open and hit her hard. Loudly moaning through the fruit in her mouth she continued to forcefully violate herself with the banana until her legs shook and she collapsed on the floor. It was just too rough for her and if she tried any harder she would only ruin the surprise as well. While she had to eat the apple to hide the evidence the orange and banana she put back into the bowl. Erma truly wished she was able to be there to see him have his breakfast. She sighed. Her imagination would have to be enough for now.
  25. She needed more and did nothing to hide the slight drips on the carpet as she floated into the living room and then to the stairs. “I think I have left him long enough.” Erma thought to herself. Landing down the ground she began to walk up the stairs. Every second step she would make sure to have them creak loudly and apun reaching his bedroom she opened his door all the same, slow but loudly. Even if he woke he would not be able to do anything after all. She climbed up onto his bed and looked him over. Pulling down his covers she put her legs on either side of his waist and laid her head down on his chest. Slipping a hand between her legs she used her powers to stare into his mind, into his very dreams...
  27. It was sunset and the bus home was packed with tired adults travelling back to the comfort of home. It was packed shoulder to shoulder and the heat was affecting everybody. In the distance a crying baby could be heard as well as the quiet noises of a mother trying her best. A man stood next to the doors of the buss. His back was to the crowd with his front faced a couple of seats. He would have loved to sit down but a young child with black hair was kneeling on the seat instead. She had her hands on the window and seemed completely lost in her own world. He had been watching her for some time. The long black hair he found cute but with the dim lights of nighttime creeping in he could not get a good look at the rest of her.
  29. He could not help but reach out and touch that hair. It felt nice, soft like silk, and there was just so much of it. A black waterfall of beauty cascading down her back only to part around her small and perky butt. The cute white dress she had on was already short but thanks to her kneeling position it rode up onto the small of her back and he could see a good glimpse of her panties. She did not react to him touching her hair. Nor did she even flinch as he decided to somewhat innocently pet her head. She seemed completely engrossed in looking out the window but how she could see anything in that darkness was beyond him. The man was tired and his touchings little more than a reflex, like petting an animal when stressed. Even so his hands moved down from her head to her shoulders and then further to her back. It took him some time to realize he had been rubbing the curve of her butt and when he finally realized he did not want to stop. She never reacted so surely she did not mind.
  31. His hand lifted the dress up further so it could rest on her back completely. Not able to see enough he let his imagination fill in the flanks. Her skin was cool and smooth, so very soft. So teasing. With one hand holding her waist as to get a good idea of just how small she was to him the other slipped lower. Following the curve of her body his fingers pressed between her legs and he could feel the rise and fall of her sex even through her panties. They were warm unlike most of her body and so plush. The man traced his fingers around whatever slight shapes he could feel but the thin cloth hid so much. He glanced around slowly to find that the crowd and darkness was simply too much for anyone to notice, or care. His right hand joined the other side of her waist much like the left and while staring closely at the back of her head for any movement, he slid her panties down her legs. Seeing her not caring about any of this only drove him further.
  33. His large rough fingers pushed and pulled at the primary schooler’s pussy without any care. It was just so soft, so damn hot under his touch. He froze as he realized his fingers were not dryly exploring her but rather easily sliding over. That was too much for him. With his erection straining in his pants he curved his fingers and pushed the index all the way to the base without much issue. It was so hot. Both the bus and her body. It hugged him, kissed him, this primary schooler wanted it just as much as he did he knew it, he was so sure. So he gave her another finger to join the first and delightfully he felt her shudder from it. He dug his hands into her without any care until she did something that fully surprised him, she pushed back at him.
  35. The man wanted to do more. If she was facing another direction or was able to stand up then surely she could have even returned the favor. Oh to imagine the sight of those no doubt large innocent eyes staring up at him as she tastes and sucks on everything he had. His hands grasping and running through her ocean of silky black hair. He swallowed and tried to shake the idea but another one would not leave him. He was already fucking this little girl with his hands and nobody had any idea so considering that because she was kneeling on the seat all the size difference between them meant nothing, what if... He could replace his hands with something else. It was dangerous and that made it even better. Removing his fingers she pushed herself back again and this time tapped into his waist with her butt. The man could not resist trying, she clearly had the same idea!
  37. Unzipping your pants without anyone hearing is quite difficult, especially when the sheer excitement is making every noise you hear so much loudly. The man could swear he could taste her with how hot the bus was as well. She wigged that perk butt at him as if to complain he was taking so long but he had to be careful. Praying to the stars above he grabbed both sides of her tiny waist and pulled her backwards to him. She did make a peep as his large adult dick rammed into her unused, young and intensely hot pussy. The man kept pulling her back more and more towards him until the two met. The girl was shaking so hard but she made not a single noise, nor did she turn her head to look at him. She just squeezed him. Squeezed him so hard that a few drops of her arousal slipped out and hit his shoe like raindrops. The man could not move. If he did then the people behind him would notice and so, he moved her instead. He was much stronger than her and with both hands grasping her waist so firmly he could ram her into himself as much as he wanted to. Sure he tried to take it slow, to make it quiet but he was just so close and the next stop would surely be coming up soon. He was sure people knew what he was doing as he could smell it and hear those tiny noises. Even with his pants to muffle what would normally be the loud smack of flesh on flesh it did not cover everything. Why did not nobody care. Why did she keep swinging those hips back at him every time he would make contact as if silently screaming at him to fuck her. Why was it that when he looked out the window he saw nothing. No lights of the city or houses, no street lights, no stars, nothing. The man found his answer when he finally found release and poured a lifetime of virgin cum instead of his perfect girl. The answer was that nothing mattered but to keep breeding her.
  39. Erma let out a moan right at the sleeping man’s face as she furiously came onto his waist for the third time that night. Both her hands were covered in his mess as well as the crotch of his pants but she did not care. He would not even notice the stains on his sleeping wear for how hard he just came in them. She panted hotly into the now suffocating heat of the room. Numb legs tried to pull herself off her sleeping prince but she found she could little but lay there on his chest. He always did have the nicest dreams.
  41. Pulling herself to the bathroom she leaned onto the cold stone sink and wiped the matted hair from her face. “That was the best dream yet.” Erma spoke to herself with a smile. Dropping the now soaked and stained shirt to the ground she got into the shower for just a moment in order to erase what she had been up to. A quick brush of her teeth to freshen up and some drying with a towel she found in the laundry basket and she was ready to go. She got dressed quickly and sighed. If only she could have stayed longer and enjoyed those nostalgic dreams more but no, he would be free to wake come sunrise and it would not do anyone any good to reveal herself. Diving into the TV she zipped home in a few seconds and had just enough time to toss herself onto her bed for some rest.
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