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  1. Name: Rene Gade
  2. Race: Human
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Color: To Be Determined
  5. Description: Rene is a tall, reasonably good-looking blonde-haired man who wears a flashy, mostly blue outfit, including a large hat an an impractically long cape. He carries a spear, as well as a belt pouch with an assortment of other gear inside it.
  6. Rene is extremely confident in himself, much more than is justified, and will frequently boast that his opponent cannot defeat "ze great Rene Gade!" These boasts are usually followed up with humiliating defeats, which Rene insists are merely temporary setbacks.
  7. Rene's primary concern is proving himself to be the best fighter in the world - of course, he knows (thinks) he already is, but he has to [i]show[/i] it.
  8. Abilities: In theory, Rene Gade should be a competent fighter. In practice, however, his need to show off gets in the way, as does his cape; he generally trips over it at least three times a day. Of course, he never actually does anything about this, because the cape is too important to his image.
  9. Rene has a spear, a small crossbow with a few bolts, a few small stones and a sling, a hand mirror, and an assortment of objects that are of no real use but that he insists are of great importance.
  10. Biography: Rene Gade was a bounty hunter and mercenary. He took on various odd jobs of generally questionable legality and failed half of them miserably. He would probably have languished in obscurity if not for one mission, when the crime lord Lars Ennie hired him to kill his chief rival, Jay Walking.
  11. It was a difficult mission, but Rene succeeded in killing Walking and about two-thirds of his men, largely due to blind luck. This was much to the displeasure of Ennie, who had been expecting him to fail spectacularly. The attack was supposed to convince Walking that he would be safer if he allied himself with Ennie, but now that alliance was not only infeasible, but unrewarding.
  12. Ennie was going to send his men to kill Gade, but when they arrived at his home, he suddenly vanished before their eyes.
  14. It was at this point that Rene was entered in the Amazing Discordance. He and seven others had been taken from their homeworlds to fight to the death; however, out of his seven opponents, there was one in particular who caught his attention: Sur Gregory the Infatigible, wielder of the legendary sword Pyrfaen.
  15. Rene Gade knew that the defeat of a legendary hero would be the perfect test of his strength, and so he challenged Gregory at every opportunity throughout the battle, until Round Two when Gregory was run over by a space bus.
  16. And then the third round came. Though Gregory was dead, Pyrfaen had been brought through, and a local, Ethan Cromwell found the sword and became Sur Ethan the Bold. Rene realized that this was his true destiny - that Sur Ethan would be an even greater hero than Sur Gregory, and that Rene's victory over him would be all the more rewarding. And so he challenged Sur Ethan the Bold to a duel, which Ethan accepted (at the prompting of Pyrfaen).
  17. Meanwhile, two of the other contestants had found a way to use their powers and the local technology to create a transdimensional warp device, which would be able to send them all back home. They had just turned it on and were about to step in, when Rene and Ethan barged in on them, dueling. Then Rene tripped on his cape and tumbled into the portal, which sent him back home. Unbeknownst to him, Ethan had jumped in afterwards, at Pyrfaen's request, only to be returned to his own home dimension.
  18. Rene Gade was annoyed. He had been about to achieve his greatest triumph, only for victory to be snatched from him at the last moment. And now he might never see the legendary Sur Ethan again!
  19. Until one day, when he once again vanished from his world...
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