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  1. (4:01:30 PM) Sequence: Eva saunters in, all packed up and ready to go.
  2. (4:01:37 PM) Wombat: Ryan arrives, loaded for bear as usual.
  3. (4:04:20 PM) NullAshton: Dmitri files in, loaded up. He takes a lighter and a small bottle of flammable liquid inside his labcoat, a couple of precautions based on the last time he headed into the pool.
  4. (4:08:21 PM) Daedalize: Director Corbette is standing near the edge of the pool. Several Security officers are present, supervising several D-Class who are hoisting a wooden door and doorframe out of the pool.
  5. (4:08:38 PM) Wombat: "Oh god..."
  6. (4:09:41 PM) Wombat: "What's going on this time?"
  7. (4:09:46 PM) NullAshton: Dmitri watches the d-class subjects suspiciously. He asks Corbette as the door is taken out, "I presume the reason you called us has something to do with that door?"
  8. (4:09:58 PM) Daedalize: "Ah, um, hello Poolboys. As you can see, we have, uh, found something floating in the pool."
  9. (4:10:12 PM) Wombat: "Does this mean we have to go diving again? I hate diving."
  10. (4:10:13 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander wanders onto the scene, pump action shotgun complimenting his standard side arm and pistol
  11. (4:10:20 PM) Sequence: Eva suddenly disappears. She was never there.
  12. (4:10:29 PM) ShadesO`Gray: knife*
  13. (4:11:14 PM) Daedalize: "Yes, we were tracking a possible emergence event, but this door came up instead. We're assuming, therefore, that it, uh, is said emergence."
  14. (4:11:56 PM) Wombat: "Have you tried opening it?"
  15. (4:12:43 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Have we tried ignoring it until it goes away or makes a nuisance of itself?"
  16. (4:12:59 PM) DoubleU left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  17. (4:13:21 PM) Daedalize: "The door itself is, well, fairly normal, but it gives off strange readings, almost like something is trying to emerge from the door itself. We fear it may be some kind of extension of the pool."
  18. (4:13:43 PM) DoubleU [Mibbit@CBF7016B.BEF1A99C.7E25B20E.IP] entered the room.
  19. (4:13:57 PM) Wombat: "Is it locked?"
  20. (4:14:03 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Right then...I'll grab a hammer and nail, and we can just nip this thing in the bud."
  21. (4:14:28 PM) NullAshton: "...maybe the pool reproduces somehow, and creates other similar portals."
  22. (4:15:00 PM) Wombat: Ryan advances towards the door, and places his hand on the knob.
  23. (4:15:03 PM) Wombat: "Ready guys?"
  24. (4:15:05 PM) Daedalize: "Not locked, but we did try shooting it before bringing it in, and it seems more durable than we'd expect of a normal door."
  25. (4:15:35 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well I suppose that rules out the hammer and nail option...
  26. (4:15:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  27. (4:16:04 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Hold that thought Ryan...."
  28. (4:16:29 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander walks up to the door with a length of rope, tying one end about the knob, before stepping back...
  29. (4:16:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Safety first..."
  30. (4:17:25 PM) Wombat: "How you going to open it without rotating the knob?"
  31. (4:18:49 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Hmm, that is a ponderance..."
  32. (4:18:50 PM) NullAshton: " an unknown door, and you just want to open it right here? Can we at the very least get this to a safe location first, where anything that emerges from the door can be more easily contained?"
  33. (4:20:02 PM) Daedalize: "We'd have preferred to, but whatever seems to be emerging from it is coming too fast to get proper security in place. It has to be dealt with as quickly as possible."
  34. (4:20:08 PM) Wombat: "Hey, this place has the largest blast doors..."
  35. (4:20:48 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander passes Ryan his ID badge, "Here wedge this between the frame and the knob, and then get the hell back."
  36. (4:21:04 PM) Wombat: Ryan shrugs, does so, then backs off and raises his gun.
  37. (4:21:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander, standing roughly 8 feet away from the door, gives a firm pull on the rope...
  38. (4:22:01 PM) VAE [] entered the room.
  39. (4:22:39 PM) Daedalize: The door flies open, revealing... it looks just like the surface of the pool, only rotated 90 degrees and fitted within the door frame.
  40. (4:23:10 PM) Daedalize: The liquid wall is opaque, but there are small ripples in it.
  41. (4:23:39 PM) Wombat: "Woah."
  42. (4:23:41 PM) NullAshton: "Miniature pool. Great."
  43. (4:23:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Heh...didn't see that coming..."
  44. (4:23:50 PM) Wombat: Ryan picks up a rock, and tosses it at the surface.
  45. (4:24:37 PM) VAE: The door open , and Sandor chases in, apparently having been busy recently - there's a fresh solder burn on one of his hands, and a coil of wire pokes out from his pocket.
  46. (4:24:50 PM) Daedalize: The rock disappears into the surface. Oddly, it doesn't ripple or splash on impact.
  47. (4:24:58 PM) Wombat: "Huh..."
  48. (4:25:09 PM) Wombat: "Anyone got a camera on a stick?"
  49. (4:25:33 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  50. (4:25:40 PM) VAE: "Technician Munkas reporting."
  51. (4:25:42 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Fack
  52. (4:25:42 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Fack: 3 (6df+5=-, -, 0, +, -, 0)
  53. (4:26:08 PM) Daedalize: The rock shoots back out of the doorframe at high speed, narrowly missing Ryan's head.
  54. (4:26:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well, that's interesting."
  55. (4:26:29 PM) Wombat: "Okaaaay... I guess it doesn't want rocks..."
  56. (4:26:37 PM) Wombat: Ryan picks up a stick, and slowly pushes it in.
  57. (4:26:57 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Circles around the door, to get a look at the other side
  58. (4:27:10 PM) Daedalize: About halfway in, the stick stops, as though hitting a wall.
  59. (4:27:24 PM) Daedalize: The other side looks exactly the same, though no stick protrudes through.
  60. (4:27:34 PM) Wombat: "Huh." He lets go of the stick, and steps back.
  61. (4:27:34 PM) VAE: "What the hell's going on?"
  62. (4:28:06 PM) Daedalize: The stick is ejected from the door, though not as violently as the rock was.
  63. (4:28:11 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Door made of 'redpool stuff,' doesn't like rocks or sticks apparently..." accommodates Vander
  64. (4:28:29 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "You got a camera, technician?"
  65. (4:28:58 PM) Daedalize: Salman coughs. "Um, we believe the door may act similarly to the pool itself. That is, you'll have to enter it to reach whatever is emerging."
  66. (4:29:07 PM) VAE: "Camera? Of course!"
  67. (4:29:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well lets try and get a look at what we're up against then...
  68. (4:29:35 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  69. (4:30:08 PM) NullAshton: "...entering it. Is there a reason why rocks apparently won't stay inside, but people will?"
  70. (4:30:43 PM) VAE: "What should I take a pic of? Just set the camera to auto-timer and poke it through?"
  71. (4:30:56 PM) Daedalize: Salman shrugs, looking uncomfortable.
  72. (4:30:58 PM) Wombat: "Well, we're going to have to go in eventually..."
  73. (4:31:05 PM) Wombat: Ryan grits his teeth.
  74. (4:31:06 PM) Feierzeit [] entered the room.
  75. (4:31:19 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "No doubt, but lets try and take it one step at a time..."
  76. (4:32:02 PM) Scantron left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Feierzeit)).
  77. (4:32:07 PM) Feierzeit is now known as Scantron
  78. (4:32:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Whatever works, just give an indication of what I need to shoot."
  79. (4:33:06 PM) Scantron: Green rolls in. "Sorry I'm late. What did I miss."
  80. (4:33:08 PM) VAE: "/w 4
  81. (4:33:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Door made of red pool stuff, bout to stick a camera in it and see what needs shooting..."
  82. (4:33:55 PM) Scantron: "Sounds like a plan."
  83. (4:34:09 PM) VAE: "Ookay, anyone got anything I can fix the camera on?"
  84. (4:34:15 PM) VAE: 6df+3 perception to find.
  85. (4:34:16 PM) Glacon: VAE: perception to find.: 4 (6df+3=0, -, +, +, -, +)
  86. (4:34:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander offers a stick and his rope
  87. (4:34:44 PM) Wombat: Ryan waits.
  88. (4:35:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6ef+6 ties the camera to the stick
  89. (4:35:27 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 ties the camera to the stick
  90. (4:35:28 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: ties the camera to the stick: 7 (6df+6=-, -, +, +, +, 0)
  91. (4:35:43 PM) VAE: (i was just about to do that)
  92. (4:35:43 PM) Daedalize: The camera is pretty secure.
  93. (4:36:15 PM) VAE: "Okay, hand it to me"
  94. (4:36:32 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Passes it off, and then noticable steps back away from the door
  95. (4:36:36 PM) ***NullAshton stays back away from the door, in case the door doesn't like cameras being inserted into it..
  96. (4:36:59 PM) VAE: "Sandor sets the camera's timer to thirty seconds, then walks forth and attempts to poke it in."
  97. (4:37:07 PM) VAE: (arch, why are there quotes)
  98. (4:37:16 PM) VAE: (also , should I roll somethign?)
  99. (4:37:31 PM) ShadesO`Gray: (Don't think so...)
  100. (4:37:49 PM) Daedalize: The camera slides in, up to the same point where the stick had stopped previously.
  101. (4:38:13 PM) Daedalize: But when the stick is withdrawn, the camera and rope are missing!
  102. (4:38:33 PM) VAE: "Bloody hell... "
  103. (4:38:55 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander sighs heavily, "Fuck...was afraid of that..."
  104. (4:38:55 PM) VAE: "That either was fixed shitty, or the pool ate it."
  105. (4:39:06 PM) Scantron: "I'm guessing demons."
  106. (4:39:10 PM) Wombat: "Well, here goes nothing. If I'm not back in five minutes... "
  107. (4:39:20 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Okay...who volunteers to go first onetwothreenotit"
  108. (4:39:20 PM) Wombat: Ryan slowly walks toward the door.
  109. (4:39:35 PM) VAE: 6df+4 Science - does signs of acid damage or anything on the stick, that could help ascertain what happened?
  110. (4:39:35 PM) Glacon: VAE: Science - does signs of acid damage or anything on the stick, that could help ascertain what happened?: 3 (6df+4=+, -, 0, 0, -, 0)
  111. (4:39:49 PM) Wombat: Ryan walks into the door.
  112. (4:39:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Just poke your head out if your still alive
  113. (4:39:53 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  114. (4:39:56 PM) Daedalize: Nope. Stick is perfectly fine.
  115. (4:40:36 PM) Daedalize: As Ryan steps through, he feels wet for a moment, like he'd stepped into the pool itself. Then the feeling recedes, and he's standing in... an apartment?
  116. (4:40:42 PM) Sequence left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  117. (4:41:05 PM) Wombat: He turns in a full circle, and reconnoiters.
  118. (4:41:12 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 What's up in here?
  119. (4:41:12 PM) Glacon: Wombat: What's up in here?: 7 (6df+6=-, +, +, -, 0, +)
  120. (4:41:15 PM) VAE: "Fuck.. nothing happened to the stick.. it's like.. it selectively ate the thing alone"
  121. (4:41:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Or someone just took the the camera..."
  122. (4:41:34 PM) Scantron: "So it's probably a smart demon or something."
  123. (4:41:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "God I hate it when they're smart..."
  124. (4:41:51 PM) VAE: "Green.. there are no demons."
  125. (4:42:09 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Says he whom has probably never done field work before..."
  126. (4:42:17 PM) VAE: "It's just... something's doing sweaty, hot things down there... to physics itself"
  127. (4:42:28 PM) Daedalize: Behind him is an open door, leading onto an empty hallway. A single light flickers on the hallway ceiling. The apartment itself looks to be a loft of some sort, with an open door at the far end leading onto a bedroom.
  128. (4:43:04 PM) NullAshton: "Right. Anyone else want to go in?"
  129. (4:43:13 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Checks the time, and wanders what's taking Ryan so long with the whole 'sticking his head out' part...
  130. (4:43:21 PM) Daedalize: It's very spartan, with no decorations besides plain, wooden furniture.
  131. (4:43:42 PM) Wombat: <<It's an apartment.>>
  132. (4:44:08 PM) Daedalize: Ryan's radio transmission does not reach the others.
  133. (4:44:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well I didn't get all dressed up for nothing I suppose..." says Vander, before simple walking past the threshold...
  134. (4:44:42 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
  135. (4:45:05 PM) Daedalize: Vander has a similar experience as Ryan. Ryan sees him step out of nothing into the apartment, where the doorframe is.
  136. (4:45:11 PM) Sequence is now known as AwaySeq
  137. (4:45:31 PM) Wombat: Ryan covers him, then lowers the rifle.
  138. (4:45:35 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Woh...that was an experience..."
  139. (4:45:41 PM) Scantron: Green turns to Sandor. "Should we go after them?
  140. (4:45:42 PM) Scantron: "
  141. (4:45:58 PM) VAE: "You seen what happen to the camera?"
  142. (4:46:01 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "So...anything trying to eat us yet?"
  143. (4:46:21 PM) Wombat: "Nope." Ryan turns on his IR scope, and peers at the room through it.
  144. (4:46:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Looks for the camera...
  145. (4:46:41 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Looks for the camera...: 7 (6df+6=+, +, -, +, 0, -)
  146. (4:46:43 PM) Scantron: "I figure if it wanted us dead, it could've killed us already."
  147. (4:47:00 PM) NullAshton: "Or perhaps just lazy, and wants us to come to it."
  148. (4:47:01 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 IR
  149. (4:47:02 PM) Glacon: Wombat: IR: 6 (6df+6=+, -, 0, +, -, 0)
  150. (4:47:09 PM) Daedalize: Nothing of note, though Ryan now notices that the windows have no light coming through them, and are as cold as the rest of the room.
  151. (4:47:27 PM) Wombat: "Windows are fake..."
  152. (4:47:30 PM) VAE: "Yeah... who knows?"
  153. (4:47:40 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Did you try opening them?"
  154. (4:47:42 PM) VAE: "We ain't lemmings , man"
  155. (4:47:51 PM) VAE: "Until those are coming back, am not going in."
  156. (4:47:57 PM) Wombat: "Not yet. Might not be a good idea, though. No light coming through, and no temperature difference."
  157. (4:48:13 PM) Scantron: "That's true. We shoulda told them when to come out if it was safe. I say we give 'em an hour."
  158. (4:48:14 PM) VAE: "Happened in Egypt.. a bunch of folks walked into a well, one by one, after a chicken."
  159. (4:48:19 PM) ShadesO`Gray: " do we wait for back up, or venture boldly into the unknown?"
  160. (4:48:40 PM) VAE: "All dead... it got written off as drowning, but one of our guys was at the case."
  161. (4:49:13 PM) NullAshton: "You've worked here a while then?"
  162. (4:49:52 PM) VAE: "Well, not a long while, but yeah."
  163. (4:49:52 PM) Wombat: "Clear the closed rooms. Then check the hallway."
  164. (4:50:09 PM) DoubleU left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  165. (4:50:12 PM) Wombat: Ryan leads the way into the bedroom.
  166. (4:50:40 PM) VAE: "I just overheard that tidbit in the rec room on site 19.. was talking to a lady, see."
  167. (4:50:46 PM) DoubleU [Mibbit@8CC48217.541FB72E.7E25B20E.IP] entered the room.
  168. (4:50:51 PM) Daedalize: There is a closet, hanging open with nothing inside, and a closed door, presumably to a bathroom. No bed, only a wooden dresser in one corner.
  169. (4:50:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Covers his back with the pistol, eyes tracing the corners of the room
  170. (4:51:00 PM) Wombat: Ryan looks in the dresser.
  171. (4:51:26 PM) Daedalize: The drawers seem to be jammed. Roll athletics.
  172. (4:51:35 PM) NullAshton: "...if it's anything like the previous incursion into the pool I was along with, there's probably some sort of other dimension on the other side. Not sure how we actually got back though, we just woke back up here."
  173. (4:51:50 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  174. (4:51:52 PM) Scantron: "That does keep happening."
  175. (4:52:03 PM) VAE: "Yeah.. like that submarine.."
  176. (4:52:06 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Damn Drawers
  177. (4:52:06 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Damn Drawers: 5 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, +, -)
  178. (4:52:11 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander hugs the wall next to the 'bathroom' and gently nudges the door knob...
  179. (4:52:38 PM) Daedalize: 6df+6 Fuck you, I don't open when you tell me!
  180. (4:52:38 PM) Glacon: Daedalize: Fuck you, I don't open when you tell me!: 5 (6df+6=0, -, -, +, -, +)
  181. (4:53:29 PM) Daedalize: The drawer finally gives way and opens, though Ryan is pulling hard enough that he winds up falling back when it does.
  182. (4:53:40 PM) Wombat: Ryan looks in the drawer that is now in his lap.
  183. (4:54:15 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander spares a look at Ryan, and deciding the stealth was now well and trully dead, just opens the door he had been nudging
  184. (4:54:23 PM) Daedalize: There is a rushing noise, and a gust of wind seems to blow around him for a moment. Roll Perception.
  185. (4:54:29 PM) Daedalize: (Ryan, that is.)
  186. (4:54:53 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  187. (4:54:53 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 6 (6df+6=0, -, 0, +, +, -)
  188. (4:55:53 PM) NullAshton: Dmitri stays outside. He's not going in until some other people go in at least. That thing still makes him nervous.
  189. (4:56:01 PM) Daedalize: For a moment, though squinting from the wind, Ryan sees... a box? He blinks once, and there is nothing there. The gust has died away.
  190. (4:56:11 PM) Scantron: Green drums his fingers on his wheelchair. He tries to whistle but he's not very good at it.
  191. (4:56:18 PM) Wombat: Ryan runs his hands along the inside of the box.
  192. (4:56:22 PM) Wombat: *drawer
  193. (4:56:40 PM) Daedalize: Vander's door is locked.
  194. (4:57:18 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Dah, fuck..."
  195. (4:57:22 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Pick the Lock like a BOSS
  196. (4:57:22 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Pick the Lock like a BOSS: 5 (6df+6=-, -, -, +, 0, +)
  197. (4:58:46 PM) VAE: "Sandor stays outside too, fiddling with a pencil nervously"
  198. (4:58:48 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Don't lock a door unless your hiding something..."
  199. (5:00:12 PM) Daedalize: Ryan finds nothing. The drawer is apparently empty.
  200. (5:00:13 PM) Scantron: "Nice third person talkin' ya got there."
  201. (5:00:23 PM) Wombat: "Damn."
  202. (5:00:58 PM) Wombat: Ryan stands up, and walks over to the door.
  203. (5:00:59 PM) Daedalize: Vander almost gets the door open, but his lockpick is brittle, and breaks.
  204. (5:01:04 PM) Wombat: "Need some help there?"
  205. (5:01:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Nah, just need to knock a little harder it seems..."
  206. (5:02:18 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Stand clear please," says Vander, before leveling his shotgun at the door knob
  207. (5:02:22 PM) Wombat: Ryan feeds a belt into his Shrike, and works the cocking handle.
  208. (5:02:33 PM) Wombat: "Knock Knock, Mosackra."
  209. (5:05:12 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "On three then, one, two, three."
  210. (5:05:29 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+4 KNOCK SHOTGUN SHELL KNOCK
  211. (5:05:29 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: KNOCK SHOTGUN SHELL KNOCK: 4 (6df+4=0, -, +, 0, -, +)
  212. (5:07:10 PM) Daedalize: The door is blown off of its hinges, and...
  213. (5:07:19 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan and Vander.
  214. (5:07:31 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 BARREL ROLL
  215. (5:07:32 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: BARREL ROLL: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, -, +, -, 0)
  216. (5:07:42 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Fuck you
  217. (5:07:43 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Fuck you: 9 (6df+5=0, +, +, +, +, 0)
  218. (5:10:33 PM) Daedalize: The door flies back outward, accompanied by a massive blast of wind and water. Ryan manages to dodge to the side of the doorway, but Vander is hit head-on. -1 Body
  219. (5:11:05 PM) Wombat: "The Hell?"
  220. (5:12:10 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Fuck..." growls Vander, going prone from where he had been knocked down, and training his sights on the room...
  221. (5:12:21 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Can I see what's inside?
  222. (5:12:22 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Can I see what's inside?: 7 (6df+6=-, +, -, +, +, 0)
  223. (5:12:32 PM) Wombat: Ryan is sorely tempted to frag the room.
  224. (5:12:51 PM) Scantron: "So, how 'bout that local sports team?"
  225. (5:13:09 PM) Daedalize: It is a bathroom, though obviously the worse for the blast that just came out of it. The toilet is shattered, and water is all over.
  226. (5:13:23 PM) Wombat: "Damn."
  227. (5:13:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Indeed..."
  228. (5:13:46 PM) NullAshton: "Don't follow sports much."
  229. (5:14:02 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander pulls himself to his feet, poking his head into the room, giving a through once over
  230. (5:14:03 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Any sign of what caused this?
  231. (5:14:04 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Any sign of what caused this?: 7 (6df+6=0, -, +, +, +, -)
  232. (5:14:59 PM) Daedalize: Ryan notices that the glass shower broke away from the sink, which has a still-closed cabinet under it.
  233. (5:15:15 PM) AwaySeq left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  234. (5:15:18 PM) Wombat: Ryan opens the cabinet.
  235. (5:15:22 PM) Daedalize: (The glass shattered outwards from the origin of the blast, in other words.)
  236. (5:15:29 PM) Daedalize: It is stuck shut.
  237. (5:15:55 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Open Sesame!
  238. (5:15:55 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Open Sesame!: 7 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, +, 0, 0)
  239. (5:16:15 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander trains his gun on the cabinet
  240. (5:16:30 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  241. (5:16:53 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  242. (5:16:53 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, -, -, 0)
  243. (5:17:31 PM) Daedalize: As the door is blown open, a jet of high-pressure water shoots out like a fire hose, knocking Ryan on his ass again.
  244. (5:17:52 PM) Daedalize: The floor is harder in here, and it hurts like hell. -1 Body.
  245. (5:18:14 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Where is the water coming from?
  246. (5:18:15 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Where is the water coming from?: 6 (6df+6=-, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  247. (5:18:24 PM) Wombat: "God-Damn! We sure could use some backup in here!"
  248. (5:19:19 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Yes, the more soaking wet, and frustrated armed individuals running about this apartment possibly located in Hell the better..."
  249. (5:23:31 PM) Wombat: Ryan attempts to re-close the door.
  250. (5:29:48 PM) Daedalize: The water is spraying from a burst pipe underneath the sink. After a moment, the pressure dies down, and Vander can see that it was burst by Ryan's gunshot.
  251. (5:30:06 PM) Daedalize: With the pressurized jet of water gone, the door closes easily.
  252. (5:31:11 PM) ShadesO`Gray: " that I'm soaked in water that just as friggen cold as the rest of this place...mayhaps we should move on."
  253. (5:31:20 PM) Wombat: Ryan never fired...
  254. (5:35:05 PM) Daedalize: *pipe was burst inward, as if by a gunshot
  255. (5:35:17 PM) Wombat: "Okay, who shot the pipe?"
  256. (5:35:46 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Didn't see..."
  257. (5:35:58 PM) Wombat: "Wasn't me."
  258. (5:36:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Would've been a hole on the outside of the door if it was me..."
  259. (5:37:09 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander looks about the room...twitching slightly and unknowingly fingering his knife...
  260. (5:37:18 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Come on, lets keep moving."
  261. (5:37:27 PM) Wombat: "Okay, Next door..."
  262. (5:38:08 PM) Wombat: Ryan hauls himself up, shakes the water out of his Shrike, and heads for the hallway.
  263. (5:38:52 PM) Daedalize: The light there is still flickering, erratically. There are 3 doors besides the one they entered through, but the numbers are all scratched out.
  264. (5:38:53 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander follows in his wake, changing his shells out for dry rounds
  265. (5:39:29 PM) Wombat: Ryan tries the first door.
  266. (5:41:15 PM) Daedalize: Locked. He's starting to sense a pattern here.
  267. (5:41:20 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander presses his ear to the first door, and gives a good hard listen
  268. (5:41:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  269. (5:41:27 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 4 (6df+6=0, -, -, -, +, 0)
  270. (5:41:29 PM) Wombat: "Stand back."
  271. (5:41:45 PM) Daedalize: Vander hears nothing from the other side.
  272. (5:41:54 PM) Scantron left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  273. (5:42:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Okay...look I'm probably a big a fan of water works as you are, but lets wait and look for a door that isn't locked before we continue testing our luck..."
  274. (5:43:00 PM) Wombat: "Never said anything about bullets.
  275. (5:43:10 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 The Mighty Foot
  276. (5:43:10 PM) Glacon: Wombat: The Mighty Foot: 10 (6df+8=+, +, +, -, -, +)
  277. (5:43:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander stands noticeably clear
  278. (5:43:34 PM) Wombat: Ryan plants a combat boot right where the deadbolt is.
  279. (5:44:43 PM) Daedalize: The door slams open... then another blast of wind hits Ryan. Roll Athletics.
  280. (5:45:03 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  281. (5:45:03 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 3 (6df+6=-, 0, -, -, +, -)
  282. (5:45:20 PM) Erit_Invictus [Mibbit@878B54DF.1EC4D6AB.77423906.IP] entered the room.
  283. (5:46:04 PM) Daedalize: Ryan is sent stumbling back and trips, falling against the wall. That's going to bruise. -1 Body
  284. (5:46:18 PM) Wombat: "Fuck!"
  285. (5:46:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Are we starting to see my point yet?"
  286. (5:46:27 PM) Daedalize: Oddly, though, the wind isn't dissipating this time. It keeps blowing out of the open door.
  287. (5:47:21 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Vander braces himself and takes a good look inside...
  288. (5:47:22 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Vander braces himself and takes a good look inside...: 1 (6df+6=-, -, 0, -, -, -)
  289. (5:48:19 PM) Daedalize: The fierce wind causes him to close his eyes as he tries to look, and he is forced to pull his head back.
  290. (5:48:34 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Damn it..."
  291. (5:48:57 PM) Wombat: Ryan presses his eye to his IR scope, and peeks around the corner with it.
  292. (5:49:08 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 See'in Thangs
  293. (5:49:08 PM) Glacon: Wombat: See'in Thangs: 5 (6df+6=0, -, 0, -, +, 0)
  294. (5:49:44 PM) Daedalize: Nothing stands out. The room is just as cold, if not colder, than the rest of the rooms Ryan's been in.
  295. (5:50:13 PM) Daedalize: Both of you, roll Perception.
  296. (5:50:27 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  297. (5:50:27 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 6 (6df+6=0, -, 0, +, 0, 0)
  298. (5:50:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 VAnder Looks HARD!!!
  299. (5:50:29 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: VAnder Looks HARD!!!: 7 (6df+6=0, -, +, +, -, +)
  300. (5:51:22 PM) Daedalize: As they glance around, the two notice that there is water on the floor. It leads up the hall to one of the other doors, the one furthest from them.
  301. (5:52:38 PM) Wombat: Ryan grimaces, and heads towards the door.
  302. (5:52:45 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander looks to Ryan and very quickly says, "Nose goes," before putting his finger to his nose
  303. (5:53:04 PM) Wombat: "Go fuck yourself."
  304. (5:53:47 PM) Wombat: Ryan drops down to one knee, and puts a burst through the lock from a distance just in case.
  305. (5:54:09 PM) Wombat: 6df+12, Tagging Peace through Superior Firepower.
  306. (5:54:16 PM) Wombat: 6df+12
  307. (5:54:17 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 10 (6df+12=+, -, 0, -, 0, -)
  308. (5:54:38 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Harsh..."says Vander, forming up to Ryan's right
  309. (5:55:50 PM) Daedalize: The lock is shot clean through, and the door blows open just as the other has. This time, though, there's also water pouring out.
  310. (5:56:29 PM) Daedalize: You can faintly hear a sound like the jet of water from the bathroom.
  311. (5:56:44 PM) Wombat: "And this is why you stand back."
  312. (5:56:49 PM) Wombat: Ryan slowly advances.
  313. (5:57:32 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Yes sir," says Vander, mock saluting in Ryan's wake, "wwwayyy back sir," he says mostly to himself
  314. (5:58:10 PM) Wombat: "I heard that."
  315. (5:58:39 PM) Daedalize: The wind isn't as strong coming out of this room, but the ceiling seems to have collapsed in places, and there is a ruptured pipe with water pouring out into the room. It's almost up to the top of Ryan's boots.
  316. (5:58:52 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well your hearing good, alright I'll make a note of that for future reference..."
  317. (5:59:20 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Look up through the collapsed ceiling
  318. (5:59:20 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Look up through the collapsed ceiling: 4 (6df+6=-, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  319. (5:59:52 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Look too.
  320. (5:59:52 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Look too.: 6 (6df+6=-, +, 0, +, 0, -)
  321. (6:01:00 PM) Daedalize: It's dark up there, but Ryan can just about make out another room above them.
  322. (6:01:10 PM) Wombat: "Let's go up. Got any rope?"
  323. (6:02:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Sure, but I'm a bit short on hooks..." says Vander, eying the caved in roof suspiciously,"Besides that the roof already caved in, do we really want to put MORE stress on that?
  324. (6:02:39 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  325. (6:03:48 PM) Daedalize: Roll Athletics, both of you.
  326. (6:03:56 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Get up to the second floor
  327. (6:03:57 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Get up to the second floor: 5 (6df+6=+, -, -, 0, -, +)
  328. (6:04:00 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  329. (6:04:01 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 3 (6df+6=0, -, 0, -, -, 0)
  330. (6:05:34 PM) Daedalize: Unfortunately, the waterlogged floor beneath them cannot hold the additional weight of two men, and begins to give way. Ryan manages to leap aside, but Vander slips and drops beneath the water into the room below.
  331. (6:05:55 PM) Wombat: Ryan looks down. "You okay?"
  332. (6:06:13 PM) Daedalize: Said room is entirely flooded, and the water is cold as ice.
  333. (6:06:53 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander Breaks the surface of the water...coughing and dragging himself clear, "Yea...p-p-peachy."
  334. (6:08:50 PM) Daedalize: The hall outside is now flooded just as badly as the room they are in, and the wind stills howls from the other room back up the hall.
  335. (6:08:56 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander shakes the water out of both his pistol and his shotgun, exchanging dry ammo from his weather-lined bag for both...
  336. (6:09:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Okay...up s-s-sounding decidedly better by the minute."
  337. (6:11:12 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander pulls his rope from his pack and passes it to Ryan, offering his shotgun as the impromptu 'hook'
  338. (6:15:35 PM) Wombat: Ryan takes the shotgun, and looks for a place to wedge it.
  339. (6:15:50 PM) Wombat: *secure the rope
  340. (6:15:57 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  341. (6:15:58 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 6 (6df+6=0, +, +, 0, -, -)
  342. (6:17:22 PM) Daedalize: Ryan manages to loop the impromptu hook around one of the less-damaged pipes, giving them a way up to the floor above them.
  343. (6:17:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Ladies first."
  344. (6:18:06 PM) Wombat: Ryan rolls his eyes, and climbs up.
  345. (6:18:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander keeps his eyes on the hallway, not particularly encouraged by the still howling wind
  346. (6:22:10 PM) Daedalize: The room above is dry, and contains no furniture. A single door stands open, leading to another room.
  347. (6:22:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Anything looking hungry for faces yet?":
  348. (6:22:35 PM) Wombat: "Nope."
  349. (6:22:42 PM) Wombat: Ryan waits for Vander to come up.
  350. (6:23:03 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "I'm almost disappointed," grumbles Vander before climbing up himself
  351. (6:26:18 PM) Dae [] entered the room.
  352. (6:26:29 PM) Daedalize left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Dae)).
  353. (6:26:32 PM) Dae is now known as Daedalize
  354. (6:27:01 PM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  355. (6:27:20 PM) Daedalize: Through the open door, Ryan and Vander can see light in the next room.
  356. (6:27:38 PM) Wombat: Ryan slowly advances into the room.
  357. (6:27:55 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander retrieves his shotgun, and follows in his wake
  358. (6:28:02 PM) ShadesO`Gray: *and rope
  359. (6:29:28 PM) Daedalize: This room is much larger than the others they've been in, taking up most of the floor. In the center, illuminated by a spotlight hanging in the rafters, is a wooden pedestal with a familiar box atop it.
  360. (6:29:48 PM) Wombat: Familiar? How so?
  361. (6:29:58 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 WTF is with this box?
  362. (6:29:59 PM) Glacon: Wombat: WTF is with this box?: 7 (6df+6=-, +, 0, +, 0, 0)
  363. (6:30:14 PM) Wombat: Ryan slowly advances, checking for traps.
  364. (6:30:15 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 what he said
  365. (6:30:15 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: what he said: 6 (6df+6=-, +, 0, 0, +, -)
  366. (6:30:40 PM) Daedalize: Ryan faintly recalls seeing such a box in the dresser he first opened. It's a jewelry box, shut and locked.
  367. (6:30:57 PM) Wombat: He carefully picks it up.
  368. (6:31:03 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander moves behind him scanning the room for movement...and the floor for weaknesses
  369. (6:31:26 PM) Daedalize: Roll Perception, Ryan.
  370. (6:31:41 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  371. (6:31:42 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 8 (6df+6=+, -, 0, 0, +, +)
  372. (6:32:16 PM) Daedalize: Ryan notices a trembling in the floor under his feet.
  373. (6:32:44 PM) Wombat: Ryan dives for the safe section. "It's gonna collapse!"
  374. (6:32:59 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Aw Fuck not again," Vander dives
  375. (6:33:15 PM) Daedalize: The floor bursts upward as Ryan leaps aside, water streaming forth into the air.
  376. (6:34:03 PM) Wombat: Ryan figures that what's causing this must be in the box. He puts the blade of his combat knife where the latch should be, and pries.
  377. (6:34:10 PM) Daedalize: More and more jets erupt around the two. Then, the water stops and comes together, forming a sphere in the air, at least 3 meters across.
  378. (6:34:22 PM) Daedalize: Roll Athletics, Ryan.
  379. (6:34:29 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Bugger
  380. (6:34:30 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Bugger: 4 (6df+6=-, +, +, -, -, -)
  381. (6:34:52 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander levels his shotgun at the sphere, but holds fire for now...
  382. (6:35:06 PM) Daedalize: He cannot get it open, and suddenly a stream of water shoots out from the sphere and knocks the box from his hands.
  383. (6:35:25 PM) Daedalize: Said box lands on the floor several feet away, and the water makes as if to encircle it.
  384. (6:35:46 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander cursing under his breath the whole way makes a dive for the box
  385. (6:35:51 PM) Wombat: 6df+10 Ryan dives for the box, tagging "Practical Man".
  386. (6:35:52 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan dives for the box, tagging "Practical Man".: 12 (6df+10=0, +, -, +, 0, +)
  387. (6:36:17 PM) Daedalize: (Vander, you roll, too.)
  388. (6:36:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 THIS WONT END WELL
  389. (6:36:26 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: THIS WONT END WELL: 5 (6df+6=0, +, -, +, -, -)
  390. (6:37:09 PM) Daedalize: Ryan leaps over the streams and snatches up the box, but they trip Vander up, and he falls flat on his face. -1 Body.
  391. (6:37:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Damn it, why is it always the face..."
  392. (6:37:39 PM) Daedalize: Tendrils of water are leaping out from the sphere in all directions now, as if readying to attack.
  393. (6:38:00 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+4 Holding Action
  394. (6:38:00 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Holding Action: 3 (6df+4=0, 0, +, 0, -, -)
  395. (6:38:07 PM) Wombat: Ryan remembers that Water is incompressible, and if he can blow this thing up...
  396. (6:38:13 PM) Wombat: 6df+4 FRAG OUT
  397. (6:38:14 PM) Glacon: Wombat: FRAG OUT: 6 (6df+4=0, +, 0, +, 0, 0)
  398. (6:38:24 PM) Wombat: The water should also contain the fragments.
  399. (6:38:42 PM) Wombat: Ryan makes his best baseball pitch at the center of the sphere.
  400. (6:40:24 PM) Daedalize: The grenade splashes into the sphere, then detonates, sending a good deal of water flying in all directions. The tendrils are forced to draw back as the water-being reforms itself.
  401. (6:41:42 PM) Daedalize: Vander, roll Pdef.
  402. (6:42:00 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 OH MY GOD
  403. (6:42:00 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: OH MY GOD: 4 (6df+6=-, -, -, +, 0, 0)
  404. (6:43:05 PM) Daedalize: Suddenly, one of the walls near Vander explodes inwards, as a massive gust of wind sweeps him off his feet. He is sent tumbling to the other side of the room. -1 Body
  405. (6:43:12 PM) Wombat: 6df+12 Ryan fires at the spotlight overhead to break the bulb, then to break the bracket holding it. This should drop the light right onto the beast. (Tagging Peace through Superior Firepower)
  406. (6:43:12 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan fires at the spotlight overhead to break the bulb, then to break the bracket holding it. This should drop the light right onto the beast. (Tagging Peace through Superior Firepower): 14 (6df+12=+, +, -, 0, +, 0)
  407. (6:44:20 PM) Daedalize: The light plummets straight through the water blob, forcing it to once again draw its tendrils in to maintain mass.
  408. (6:44:46 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "OMPF...that was possibly a rib..." says Vander pushing himself to his feet
  409. (6:47:24 PM) Wombat: 6df+4 MOAH FRAGS
  410. (6:47:25 PM) Glacon: Wombat: MOAH FRAGS: 4 (6df+4=0, 0, -, +, 0, 0)
  411. (6:47:34 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Just...pass me the box already, and keep the water off me..." shouts Vander, pulling his emergency lock pick free
  412. (6:47:44 PM) Wombat: Ryan slides Vander the box.
  413. (6:47:48 PM) Daedalize: The wind howls in through the breached wall, sweeping Ryan's thrown grenade away.
  414. (6:48:10 PM) Daedalize: Now the wind and water are merging, forming a miniature waterspout in the middle of the room.
  415. (6:48:26 PM) Daedalize: It lunges after the box, towards Vander.
  416. (6:48:29 PM) Wombat: "Whirlpool, huh? Those like to suck things in. Well why don't you SUCK ON THESE
  417. (6:48:37 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Vander.
  418. (6:48:46 PM) Scantron [] entered the room.
  419. (6:49:19 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+9 Tagging Paranoid I SAW IT COMING CAUSE I'M CRAZY
  420. (6:49:19 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Tagging Paranoid I SAW IT COMING CAUSE I'M CRAZY: 7 (6df+9=-, 0, 0, -, +, -)
  421. (6:50:11 PM) Wombat: 6df+4 Ryan dispenses his last two grenades right into the waterspout.
  422. (6:50:11 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan dispenses his last two grenades right into the waterspout.: 2 (6df+4=+, 0, -, 0, -, -)
  423. (6:50:23 PM) Daedalize: Expecting the attack once the box was passed, Vander barely manages to dodge and escape uninjured. The box, however, is swept up into the whirlwind.
  424. (6:51:20 PM) Daedalize: Ryan's grenades are knocked out of his hands by a tendril of water before he can pull the pins, and roll away across the floor.
  425. (6:52:10 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "GOD DAMN IT ALL TO THE BURNING LAKE OF SULFER WE'RE PROBABLY ALREADY IN" shouts Vander, bracing his rope about his chest, and wedging the shotgun into the rafters
  426. (6:52:14 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 Dakka Dakka?
  427. (6:52:15 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Dakka Dakka?: 12 (6df+8=+, +, +, +, +, -)
  428. (6:54:35 PM) Daedalize: Ryan opens fire, and his aim is true, one of the shots hitting the box as it swirls about and blowing it open. Something shiny can briefly be seen, but is lost to sight in the vortex.
  429. (6:55:00 PM) Daedalize: Vander, roll Athletics.
  430. (6:55:18 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  431. (6:55:18 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 8 (6df+6=+, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  432. (6:55:53 PM) Daedalize: The shotgun lodges firmly in the rafters, giving Vander an anchor.
  433. (6:56:36 PM) Daedalize: The vortex sweeps across the room towards Ryan, tearing up floorboards as it goes. Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  434. (6:56:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "If I die...know I died an idiot to the last," he calls to Ryan, before abruptly leaping into the worldwind for whatever the hell is in the box
  435. (6:56:55 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Godspeed, noble sir!
  436. (6:56:55 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Godspeed, noble sir!: 8 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, +, +, 0)
  437. (6:57:39 PM) Daedalize: Ryan is thrown aside by the vortex winds, but not injured.
  438. (6:58:00 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Can't catch me!
  439. (6:58:00 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Can't catch me!: 4 (6df+6=0, -, 0, -, -, +)
  440. (6:58:13 PM) Wombat: Ryan tries to lead the Vortex on a merry chase to buy Vander some time.
  441. (6:58:38 PM) Daedalize: Another tendril sweeps out and trips him up, sending him to the ground. -1 Body.
  442. (6:59:10 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+9 Tagging SELFISH SOB swims for the box, too determined to not die to fail
  443. (6:59:11 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Tagging SELFISH SOB swims for the box, too determined to not die to fail: 8 (6df+9=-, 0, 0, 0, -, +)
  444. (7:01:22 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Swims for all he's got for the stupid shining symbol of possibly false hope...
  445. (7:01:23 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Swims for all he's got for the stupid shining symbol of possibly false hope...: 5 (6df+6=-, 0, -, +, -, +)
  446. (7:02:29 PM) Daedalize: Like Ryan, Vander is tossed aside, slamming into a wall as he swings from his rope anchor. -1 Body.
  447. (7:02:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "FFFUUUUC-OMFP"
  448. (7:03:16 PM) ShadesO`Gray: " more time..."
  449. (7:04:34 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "But that is IT!"
  450. (7:04:47 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Charges back into the spout
  451. (7:06:09 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Damnit, where did my grenades get off to?
  452. (7:06:09 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Damnit, where did my grenades get off to?: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, +, -, -)
  453. (7:06:48 PM) Wombat: Ryan frantically looks for his grenades.
  454. (7:07:01 PM) Daedalize: There! In the corner.
  455. (7:07:10 PM) Wombat: Ryan grabs them!
  456. (7:07:28 PM) Wombat: "Vander, get out! I've got them!"
  457. (7:07:45 PM) Daedalize: Vander, roll Athletics again for jumping into the spout.
  458. (7:08:43 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Oh shit
  459. (7:08:44 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Oh shit: 4 (6df+6=-, +, -, -, +, -)
  460. (7:08:52 PM) DoubleU left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  461. (7:09:40 PM) Daedalize: Again, Vander is flung away by the winds, smacking (again) into the wall. -1 Body, compelling Selfish SOB.
  462. (7:09:55 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "'s all you sir..."
  463. (7:10:16 PM) Wombat: 6df+8, Tagging Loose cannon for OVERKILL
  464. (7:10:28 PM) Wombat: 6df+8
  465. (7:10:29 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 3 (6df+8=-, -, -, 0, -, -)
  466. (7:11:46 PM) Daedalize: The grenade is flung aside just as Vander was, tossed into the room they came in from and exploding. Only one grenade left.
  467. (7:12:14 PM) Wombat: 6df+4 LAST CHANCE
  468. (7:12:15 PM) Glacon: Wombat: LAST CHANCE: 3 (6df+4=0, -, 0, -, +, 0)
  469. (7:13:07 PM) Daedalize: The same result, only this time the grenade blows a hole in the already-weakened floor. Roll Athletics, Ryan.
  470. (7:13:15 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 FUUUUUUUUUUUU
  471. (7:13:16 PM) Glacon: Wombat: FUUUUUUUUUUUU: 6 (6df+6=0, -, +, -, +, 0)
  472. (7:13:55 PM) Daedalize: Ryan barely manages to avoid the collapsing floor, but is now trapped in the corner of the room as the waterspout descends on him.
  473. (7:14:32 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  474. (7:14:49 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Ryan grits his teeth, and howls defiance into the maelstrom,
  475. (7:14:49 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan grits his teeth, and howls defiance into the maelstrom,: 6 (6df+5=-, +, +, 0, 0, 0)
  476. (7:15:03 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Action point overcome Selfish SOB
  477. (7:16:07 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander gets to his feet, narrows his eyes, runs and jumps into probably certain death
  478. (7:16:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH
  479. (7:16:24 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH: 9 (6df+6=-, 0, +, +, +, +)
  480. (7:16:24 PM) Daedalize: Bits of wood slice Ryan up as the vortex starts to suck him in...
  481. (7:16:40 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 UP YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOURS!
  482. (7:16:41 PM) Glacon: Wombat: UP YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOURS!: 11 (6df+8=+, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
  483. (7:16:57 PM) Wombat: RYan's shrike spits defiance until water enters the barrel.
  484. (7:18:32 PM) Daedalize: Through some ridiculous coincidence, Vander catches the shiny thing in his hand, even as he tackles Ryan out of the way of the storm.
  485. (7:18:52 PM) Daedalize: The two plummet through the hole in the floor down into the water below.
  486. (7:19:08 PM) Wombat: "HNNNNNF!" Ryan is landed on.
  487. (7:19:35 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Gasps as he breaks surface,"You are FUCKING welcome!"
  488. (7:19:40 PM) Daedalize: Vander, roll Mdef.
  489. (7:20:09 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+9 tagging paranoid CAUSE I KNOW IT NEVER ENDS.
  490. (7:20:09 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: tagging paranoid CAUSE I KNOW IT NEVER ENDS.: 9 (6df+9=-, -, +, 0, +, 0)
  491. (7:20:49 PM) Daedalize: An overwhelming sense of cold hits Vander, emanating off of the thing clutched in his hand, but he /just/ manages to stay afloat.
  492. (7:21:22 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "OOoooooh, wow that's cold..."
  493. (7:21:50 PM) Daedalize: Above them, the vortex seems to have dissipated, but pieces of the building are raining down. It is clearly too damaged to stay standing for long.
  494. (7:22:08 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Can, we go home now?"
  495. (7:22:34 PM) Wombat: "Second the motion. Give that thing here, I can shove it in a pouch."
  496. (7:22:39 PM) Daedalize: The cold, shiny thing pulses, as though struggling to be free from Vander's grip.
  497. (7:23:12 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Passes it off to Ryan, "Don't loose that alright, I don't think I have another suicide dive in me..."
  498. (7:24:23 PM) Wombat: Ryan shoves the something into an empty ammo pouch on his harness.
  499. (7:24:30 PM) Dae [] entered the room.
  500. (7:25:15 PM) Daedalize left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Dae)).
  501. (7:25:21 PM) Dae is now known as Daedalize
  502. (7:25:32 PM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  503. (7:25:37 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  504. (7:25:37 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 4 (6df+6=-, 0, -, 0, 0, 0)
  505. (7:25:50 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  506. (7:25:51 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 8 (6df+6=0, +, +, -, 0, +)
  507. (7:26:24 PM) Daedalize: Ryan notices a thin layer of ice forming on the water around them, creeping inwards.
  508. (7:26:56 PM) Wombat: "It's freezing over. DO we try to get out of here, or try to destroy it?"
  509. (7:27:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "I'm...pretty much spent at this point...I vote DAKKA DAKKA
  510. (7:27:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  511. (7:27:48 PM) Daedalize: Both of you roll Mdef.
  512. (7:27:56 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  513. (7:27:57 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 4 (6df+6=-, -, 0, -, 0, +)
  514. (7:27:58 PM) Wombat: 6df+5
  515. (7:27:59 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 4 (6df+5=+, -, 0, 0, 0, -)
  516. (7:28:16 PM) Daedalize: *COLD*
  517. (7:28:57 PM) Daedalize: You can feel the shiny thing, whatever it is, in your heads, trying to slow you down, make you stay here and freeze to death in this flooded apartment building.
  518. (7:29:18 PM) Wombat: "Fuck it. I wanna LIVE!" Ryan books it for the room they came in through.
  519. (7:29:35 PM) Daedalize: -1 Mind, both of you.
  520. (7:29:40 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander is NOT far behind
  521. (7:30:30 PM) Daedalize: (The room where you first appeared when you came through the door?)
  522. (7:30:39 PM) Wombat: Ryan remembers that the portal isn't there any more... Crap...
  523. (7:30:51 PM) Wombat: Yeah.
  524. (7:31:47 PM) Daedalize: Athletics to break through the ice.
  525. (7:31:54 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  526. (7:31:55 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 4 (6df+6=0, -, 0, +, -, -)
  527. (7:31:58 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  528. (7:31:58 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 4 (6df+6=-, 0, -, +, -, 0)
  529. (7:33:10 PM) Daedalize: You manage to shatter the ice covering the door to the room you're in. You burst out into the hallway, finding it entirely frosted over.
  530. (7:33:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6. look for a way out...
  531. (7:33:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 look for a way out...
  532. (7:33:36 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: look for a way out...: 5 (6df+6=+, +, -, 0, -, -)
  533. (7:33:57 PM) Daedalize: The door to the loft apartment is still open, though you must pass the windy room to reach it.
  534. (7:34:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Back from whence we came, or do you have a better idea?
  535. (7:34:27 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  536. (7:34:45 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 There a window around here?
  537. (7:34:45 PM) Glacon: Wombat: There a window around here?: 5 (6df+6=0, -, 0, 0, +, -)
  538. (7:35:01 PM) Daedalize: None in the hallway, though you remember seeing some in the loft.
  539. (7:35:21 PM) Daedalize: The water that had spilled out into the hall is frozen, forming a slippery surface.
  540. (7:36:03 PM) Wombat: Ryan runs up and tries to slide along the hallway.
  541. (7:36:14 PM) Daedalize: Roll Athletics.
  542. (7:36:21 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  543. (7:36:22 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 3 (6df+6=-, -, 0, -, +, -)
  544. (7:39:10 PM) DoubleU [Mibbit@8CC48217.541FB72E.7E25B20E.IP] entered the room.
  545. (7:43:35 PM) Daedalize: Ryan slips, and winds up sliding on his back all the way down the hall, straight into the loft.
  546. (7:43:59 PM) Wombat: "Well that went better than expected!"
  547. (7:44:10 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "You see a way out?"
  548. (7:44:17 PM) Daedalize: He's too beat to stand.
  549. (7:44:33 PM) Wombat: "But I can't get up..."
  550. (7:44:37 PM) Wombat: Is the portal still there?
  551. (7:45:08 PM) Daedalize: No portal.
  552. (7:45:18 PM) Daedalize: (There never was a portal on that side.)
  553. (7:45:54 PM) Wombat: "Fuck! I think we've got to go out a window...
  554. (7:46:04 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 Shoot out the window
  555. (7:46:05 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Shoot out the window: 7 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, -, +, 0)
  556. (7:46:14 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Hold on I'm coming to you."
  557. (7:46:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander gets down on his back, and pushes down the hallway with his feet
  558. (7:46:56 PM) Daedalize: Still lying on his back, Ryan manages to shoot through the window. It shatters, but there's no response from anything or anyone.
  559. (7:47:25 PM) Daedalize: Vander manages to slide through into the loft, as well.
  560. (7:47:40 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 what's out the window?
  561. (7:47:40 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: what's out the window?: 1 (6df+6=-, -, -, -, 0, -)
  562. (7:48:12 PM) Daedalize: Vander can't see a thing. It's pitch-black outside.
  563. (7:48:30 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Okay...alternate escape roots?
  564. (7:48:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  565. (7:48:40 PM) Soulless [] entered the room.
  566. (7:48:48 PM) Wombat: "No portal... We've got to destroy it.
  567. (7:48:59 PM) Wombat: Ryan rips the pouch off its strap, and tosses it against the wall.
  568. (7:49:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Levels his shotgun, and fires a Volly.
  569. (7:49:32 PM) ShadesO`Gray: volley*
  570. (7:49:38 PM) Daedalize: Roll Mdef, both of you.
  571. (7:49:45 PM) Wombat: 6df+5
  572. (7:49:46 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 7 (6df+5=+, -, +, -, +, +)
  573. (7:49:47 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df=6
  574. (7:49:56 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  575. (7:49:56 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 7 (6df+6=0, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  576. (7:50:29 PM) Daedalize: The feeling of sheer cold is in their heads again, but it is ignored as Vander levels his gun and fires.
  577. (7:50:48 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+4 FUCK YOU ICE THING
  578. (7:50:48 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: FUCK YOU ICE THING: 1 (6df+4=0, -, -, -, -, +)
  579. (7:50:50 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 Ryan fires all that's left in that belt.
  580. (7:50:50 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan fires all that's left in that belt.: 5 (6df+8=-, 0, -, 0, -, 0)
  581. (7:51:15 PM) Daedalize: The pouch explodes, tiny flecks of something red and gleaming going everywhere. One of which embeds itself in Vander's arm.
  582. (7:51:51 PM) Daedalize: He feels the cold engulf him as the entire apartment vanishes in a white light.
  583. (7:52:04 PM) Wombat: Did Ryan go back?
  584. (7:52:14 PM) Daedalize: AND THEN THE APARTMENT WAS #farrecon
  585. (7:52:18 PM) Daedalize: Yes.
  586. (7:52:22 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "GRAHHH-"
  587. (7:59:33 PM) Daedalize left the room.
  588. (8:13:44 PM) Salmander [] entered the room.
  589. (8:13:44 PM) mode (+qo Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  590. (8:28:39 PM) Wombat is now known as Nombat
  591. (8:37:27 PM) Nombat is now known as Wombat
  592. (9:12:45 PM) Todd [] entered the room.
  593. (9:13:47 PM) Todd is now known as Shades
  594. (9:14:13 PM) ShadesO`Gray left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  595. (9:14:25 PM) Shades is now known as ShadesO`Gray
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  597. (9:21:41 PM) Salmander is now known as Salmander|Away
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  599. (9:35:45 PM) Salmander|Away is now known as Salmander
  600. (9:40:24 PM) Wombat is now known as Wombat_zzzzzz
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  602. (10:33:44 PM) AwaySeq [] entered the room.
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  609. (1:15:52 AM) Dawny [] entered the room.
  610. (1:16:23 AM) Sequence: Eva derps around with Heart and Stoat. What is with her and making noun-name friends?
  611. (1:16:31 AM) Soulless: "...Likes me? What makes you think that?"
  612. (1:16:33 AM) minmin [Mibbit@9F4D7141.CFB7E18C.D4CCBA75.IP] entered the room.
  613. (1:17:18 AM) Daedalize [] entered the room.
  614. (1:17:18 AM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  615. (1:17:23 AM) Salmander: ~Heart says she's not that quick to judge.~
  616. (1:18:01 AM) Soulless: "Hello Heart. What's it like being relatively immobile?"
  617. (1:18:25 AM) Salmander: ~She says same old same old~
  618. (1:19:53 AM) Sequence: Eva laughs.
  619. (1:20:42 AM) Soulless: "You have an age?"
  620. (1:20:52 AM) Soulless: Joke flies over Stoat.
  621. (1:21:28 AM) Salmander: ~Eva please escort away this simpleton.~
  622. (1:23:01 AM) Sequence: "Hey, she isn't that bad..." Eva slumps slightly.
  623. (1:23:53 AM) Soulless: "Only because you can't escort."
  624. (1:23:56 AM) Soulless: "At all."
  625. (1:24:43 AM) Soulless: She looks back to Heart curiously, not knowing what to do or how to deal with it. How /does/ one deal with a beating sapient heart anyways?
  626. (1:25:25 AM) Salmander: ~You don't.~
  627. (1:26:10 AM) Sequence: "Well, Heart, do you want me to set up some music or something, or do you just want to beat for now?"
  628. (1:26:13 AM) Soulless: ~Don't read my thoughts.~
  629. (1:26:31 AM) Salmander: ~Heart's good with just beating~
  630. (1:26:47 AM) minmin: Agent Frederic is now on the roof.
  631. (1:27:13 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 Person! she hides behind Heart and Eva.
  632. (1:27:14 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Person! she hides behind Heart and Eva.: 12 (6df+8=+, +, +, 0, 0, +)
  633. (1:27:30 AM) Sequence: "Aight. See ya, d--" Oh hey, person hiding behind her this is new.
  634. (1:27:33 AM) minmin: "So...what's this all about? Hi heart."
  635. (1:28:22 AM) Salmander: lub dub lub dub
  636. (1:28:54 AM) Soulless: Stoat notes the radio.
  637. (1:29:04 AM) minmin: "...are you sure this guy's sentient? He seems pretty boring to me."
  638. (1:29:46 AM) Salmander: ~...Yes honey.~
  639. (1:29:53 AM) minmin: 6df+8 in the meantime, he keeps his eyes peeled for any teleporting spike balls
  640. (1:29:54 AM) Glacon: minmin: in the meantime, he keeps his eyes peeled for any teleporting spike balls: 12 (6df+8=+, +, 0, +, 0, +)
  641. (1:29:54 AM) Sequence: Eva glares coolly at Wang. "/Her/ name is Heart, and /yes/ she is sentient."
  642. (1:30:14 AM) Salmander: Fred roll mdef
  643. (1:30:23 AM) minmin: "But it...she just sits there and beats and stuff
  644. (1:30:59 AM) Sequence: Eva's glare temperature lowers a few degrees. "You just sit there and open your mouth, yes?"
  645. (1:31:03 AM) minmin: 6df+6
  646. (1:31:03 AM) Glacon: minmin: 8 (6df+6=0, +, +, +, -, 0)
  647. (1:31:21 AM) minmin: "Pretty much, that's what I'm paid to do."
  648. (1:31:55 AM) Sequence: "Well, Heart here is here to beat and stuff, so you can just shut your mouth."
  649. (1:31:55 AM) Salmander: Fred gets a harsher than average headache
  650. (1:32:45 AM) minmin: Fred can't exactly give a witty reply due to the FUCKING PAIN IN HIS SKULL ARGH
  651. (1:33:47 AM) Sequence: Eva shifts around a bit, trying to provide enough cover for Stoat to disappear if she wants to. Maybe Fred will go away soon.
  652. (1:34:45 AM) minmin: and Fred does, to go find an aspirin. Mysterious balls, a headache, and a sentient (?) heart, oh my.
  653. (1:36:22 AM) Soulless: Stoat is out of hiding. "I don't know how to deal with people suddenly appearing."
  654. (1:36:59 AM) Sequence: Eva shrugs. "Nah, it's cool. Surprises aren't everyone's thing."
  655. (1:37:27 AM) minmin: "People suddenly appearing, she's one to talk." Frederic says out of earshot.
  656. (1:38:50 AM) Soulless: She doesn't suddenly appear until people look for her.
  657. (1:39:16 AM) Soulless: "The radio mentioned something about a silver teleporting ball."
  658. (1:39:39 AM) Sequence: "That sounds interesting."
  659. (1:40:31 AM) Soulless: "We should go look for it in case it causes more trouble. Heart, let us know if you find anything? I'm assuming you can tell Brain to say hi."
  660. (1:43:13 AM) Sequence: Eva gives Heart a quick hug before traipsing back downstairs.
  661. (1:46:39 AM) Daedalize left the room.
  662. (2:47:49 AM) minmin left the room.
  663. (3:19:13 AM) Dawny left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
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  666. (4:09:33 AM) Sequence left the room (quit: Client exited).
  667. (5:48:24 AM) ShadesO`Gray [] entered the room.
  668. (5:57:57 AM) ShadesO`Gray left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
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