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  1. [6:11 PM] XFox: yeah
  2. [6:11 PM] XFox: he basicall told dallas to fuck off
  3. [6:12 PM] XFox: yo did you look at the shadow rogue?
  4. [6:13 PM] Zanos: i don't play 5e so probably not
  5. [6:13 PM] XFox:
  6. Shadow Rogue (3.5e Class)
  7. [6:13 PM] XFox: its the 3.5 class I found
  8. [6:13 PM] XFox: looks gay right?
  9. [6:13 PM] Zanos: this is homebrew
  10. [6:13 PM] XFox: yeah
  11. [6:14 PM] XFox: trying to talk to robert about it
  12. [6:14 PM] Zanos: you can find ultra gay shit like fucking bleach shinigami homebrew on dndwiki
  13. [6:14 PM] Zanos: its trash
  14. [6:15 PM] XFox: meh
  15. [6:15 PM] XFox: it looks fun
  16. [6:15 PM] XFox: and from what Iv seen people do in this game
  17. [6:15 PM] XFox: not to op
  18. [6:15 PM] Zanos: At 2nd level Shadow Rogue gains the ability to meld with the shadows. He gains a +4 bonus to all hide and move silently checks, gainings an additional 2+(1/2 his level rounded down) bonus if he is in the shadows. If a Shadow Rogue is caught in an antimagic field it will instead act as the stealthy feat.
  19. [6:15 PM] Zanos: ?
  20. [6:16 PM] Zanos: don't know why this needs a scaling bonus to the easiest to boost skills in the game
  21. [6:16 PM] XFox: would remove it
  22. [6:16 PM] XFox: ?
  23. [6:16 PM] Zanos: is this just better rogue
  24. [6:16 PM] Zanos: what are you actually trying to do is what i don't get
  25. [6:17 PM] Zanos: like this just looks like edgy better rogue to me
  26. [6:17 PM] XFox: thats the idea
  27. [6:17 PM] Zanos: A shadow rogue with a negative Intelligence modifier may choose to not use this only after succeeding a DC 15 Intelligence check. This check need only be made once per lifetime.
  28. [6:17 PM] XFox: but its more for the things I get at later levels
  29. [6:17 PM] Zanos: lol
  30. [6:17 PM] XFox: yeah I know
  31. [6:17 PM] XFox: that partws retarded
  32. [6:19 PM] XFox:
  33. `Shadow Stash (Sp): At 6th level, a Shadow Rogue may open a hole to the plane of shadow where she can store items and and minions for later use (standard action). She can recover objects and summons placed in the portal while the power is still active, or by casting another shadow store later. The portal remains opened until closed by a Shadow Rogue, stays stationary to where you cast it, and the storage is infinite. Only nonliving objects, undead, and Shadow Rouges may pass through the hole unharmed, any living creature or object (thats not a Shadow Rogue) will start taking 10% of their HD as necrotic damage per round. Any creature that dies because of this spell, is either turned into a shadow or greater shadow depending on a d20 roll (1-14 is a shadow, and 15-20 is a greater shadow). The shadow created is always under the shadow rogues control.
  34.  this
  35. [6:19 PM] Zanos: DAWN/DUSK BLADES
  36. [6:19 PM] XFox: is what Im really interested in
  37. [6:19 PM] Zanos: fucking anime
  38. [6:19 PM] XFox: yeah ignore that edgy shit
  39. [6:19 PM] XFox: but imagine it
  40. [6:19 PM] XFox: I never have to worry about leaving a body behind
  41. [6:20 PM] XFox: if I shove them in my hole
  42. [6:20 PM] XFox: and a you know
  43. [6:20 PM] XFox: Minraans hole has always been a place of darkness
  44. [6:21 PM] Zanos: you can just buy an extradimensional pit you know
  45. [6:21 PM] XFox: I could
  46. [6:21 PM] XFox: But this seems more minraans style
  47. [6:21 PM] XFox: also making free fodder from people I shove ito my hole seems nice
  48. [6:22 PM] Zanos: will start taking 10% of their HD as necrotic damage per round.
  49. [6:22 PM] Zanos: there is no such thing as necrotic damage in 3.5
  50. [6:22 PM] XFox: really?
  51. [6:22 PM] XFox: then this is retarded
  52. [6:23 PM] Zanos: there is negative energy damage, probably what the writer meant
  53. [6:23 PM] XFox: oh ok
  54. [6:23 PM] XFox: why no necro damage?
  55. [6:24 PM] XFox: so other than the edge anime weeb shit of the class
  56. [6:24 PM] XFox: is it to bad for the game?
  57. [6:24 PM] Zanos: i'm still reading it
  58. [6:24 PM] Zanos: i just don't usually like dndwiki homebrew because it's badly edited and doesn't hew to convention
  59. [6:24 PM] Zanos: weird shit like "10% of your HP as damage per round"
  60. [6:25 PM] XFox: yeah
  61. [6:26 PM] Zanos: Blinding Offense: Enemies count as flat-footed against any attacks you make with your Dawn Blades.
  62. [6:26 PM] Zanos: fucking lol
  63. [6:27 PM] Zanos: permanent flat footed?
  64. [6:27 PM] Zanos: nice
  65. [6:27 PM] XFox: meh
  66. [6:27 PM] XFox: I mean its good
  67. [6:27 PM] XFox: but I roll shot
  68. [6:27 PM] XFox: shit
  69. [6:27 PM] Zanos: not that you can use these, because you're evil
  70. [6:27 PM] XFox: yeah thats another thing
  71. [6:27 PM] XFox: thats just off limits to me
  72. [6:28 PM] XFox:
  73. The shadow rogue must be able to see the sun setting in order to create a dusk blade.
  74.  look at the edge(edited)
  75. [6:28 PM] XFox: last line
  76. [6:29 PM] Zanos: please stop
  77. [6:29 PM] Zanos: i can't take the edge
  78. [6:29 PM] XFox: dont you edge all day long
  79. [6:29 PM] Zanos: Rogue's Charm (Ex): At 9th level, a Shadow Rogue seems to have an almost magical way with words. She gains the persuasive and negotiator feats. She may also take a standard action to increase her bluff chance even more, this functions effectively as glibness.
  80. [6:30 PM] Zanos: can't wait for that (Ex) +30 bluff
  81. [6:30 PM] XFox: nah b chi
  82. [6:30 PM] XFox: actually
  83. [6:30 PM] XFox: isnt that normal?
  84. [6:30 PM] Zanos: no?
  85. [6:30 PM] Zanos: normally glibness would be a spell
  86. [6:31 PM] Zanos: that you have to like, cast
  87. [6:31 PM] Zanos: so everyone would see you cast it
  88. [6:31 PM] Zanos: not just something that happens and is totally undetectable
  89. [6:31 PM] Zanos: that's basically undetectable permanent +30 to bluff
  90. [6:31 PM] Zanos: plus your ranks and other mods of course, glibness is stupid
  91. [6:31 PM] Zanos: also lol, the fuck is this
  92. [6:31 PM] Zanos: Creeping Shadows (Sp): At 9th level, a Shadow Rogue can cause a target to be slowly engulfed by their own shadow. This inflicts them with ever increasing necrotic pain for 6 rounds. The subject takes 1d6 cumulative points of damage per round (ie, 1d6 on the first, 2d6 on the second, 3d6 on the third and so on). Only one fortitude save (DC 15 + Wis Mod) is allowed against the power, and if successful it halves the damage in each round (only a 20 stops it). If they die due to this they become a shadow under the control of the Shadow Rogue. If the target rolls 3 consecutive 6s in a row, they die and become a greater shadow under the Shadow Rogue's control.
  93. [6:31 PM] Zanos: "if you roll three consecutive 6s, you die"
  94. [6:32 PM] Zanos: ???
  95. [6:32 PM] XFox: yeah thats dumb
  96. [6:32 PM] XFox: 666 you dead
  97. [6:32 PM] Zanos: also i don't think anything in the game has a special effect if you roll a 20 other than attack rolls
  98. [6:32 PM] XFox: hmm
  99. [6:32 PM] XFox: #get greg'd
  100. [6:33 PM] Zanos: Shadow's Terror (Sp): At 10th level, a Shadow Rogue can pull from the essence of shadow to horrify and frighten her enemies. Any creature that fails a will save is frightened for 1 round/level (10 rounds minimum).
  101. [6:33 PM] Zanos: explain what this does
  102. [6:33 PM] Zanos: because i don't know
  103. [6:34 PM] XFox:
  104. A frightened creature flees from the source of its fear as best it can. If unable to flee, it may fight. A frightened creature takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. A frightened creature can use special abilities, including spells, to flee; indeed, the creature must use such means if they are the only way to escape.
  106. Frightened is like shaken, except that the creature must flee if possible. Panicked is a more extreme state of fear.
  107. [6:34 PM] Zanos: no i mean
  108. [6:34 PM] Zanos: is there an aoe
  109. [6:34 PM] Zanos: where is the aoe
  110. [6:34 PM] XFox: basically "I am batman " I guess
  111. [6:34 PM] Zanos: is it centered on the rogue
  112. [6:34 PM] Zanos: is it centered somewhere else
  113. [6:35 PM] Zanos: whats the save DC
  114. [6:35 PM] Zanos: whats the range
  115. [6:35 PM] XFox: isnt listed
  116. [6:35 PM] Zanos: i know, that's what i'm saying
  117. [6:35 PM] Zanos: ability is nonsense
  118. [6:35 PM] Zanos: also the fuck is this
  119. [6:35 PM] Zanos: Concealed in Shadows (Su): At 11th level, a Shadow Rogue becomes hard to discern from the shadows. She gains the self-concealment feat in low light (1d10 needs to roll a 1), if in normal light the dodge is brought down to 5% (2d10 both need to roll a 1), if in bright/blinding light no dodge chance, and if in darkness the dodge is buffed to 20% (1d10 need to roll a 1 or 2), if in pitch black the dodge is buffed to 40% (1d10 need to roll between a 1 and 4).
  120. [6:35 PM] Zanos: self-concealment is an Epic feat
  121. [6:35 PM] Zanos: not a great epic feat
  122. [6:35 PM] Zanos: but still an epic feat
  123. [6:36 PM] Zanos: also this guy doesn't know how percentiles work
  124. [6:36 PM] Zanos: getting a 1 on 2d10 isn't a 5% chance, it's a 1% chance
  125. [6:36 PM] Zanos: getting two 1s, rather
  126. [6:37 PM] XFox: hmm
  127. [6:37 PM] XFox: can it be modified to be playable?
  128. [6:37 PM] Zanos: Clinging Shadows (Sp): At 12th level, a Shadow Rogue can call forth shadows that grab and pull at anything that moves through the area she designates, that's not herself. This can be cast as a standard action, and lasts for 1 round/level (12 rounds minimum). Any creature in the area or that enters the affected area on it's turn must make a reflex save or become immobilized. Any creature that begins its round immobilized may attempt a reflex save to end the condition. Attempting a reflex save takes a full-round action. If a creature succeeds on its reflex save to break free, it must succeed on another reflex save at the beginning of its next turn or succumb to the shadows again.
  129. [6:37 PM] Zanos: AoE, range, and save DC aren't defined again
  130. [6:38 PM] XFox: not my fault
  131. [6:38 PM] XFox: wanted to talk to you about it anyways
  132. [6:39 PM] Zanos: i never said it was your fault
  133. [6:39 PM] XFox: mhmm
  134. [6:39 PM] Zanos: Shadow's Horde (Su): At 14th level, a Shadow Rogue can claim her victims' souls for the horde. Any enemy killed by her will become a shadow, any enemy killed with a critical hit (that's not a natural 20) will become a spectre, and any enemy killed with a natural 20 becomes a greater shadow. Any enemy killed by this ability is under the shadow rogues control. If he lands the killing blow, this will always work (target isn't allowed a Will save), otherwise the target may roll a Will save (DC 15 +1/2 Wis Mod).
  136. This ability will work on any creature with a soul (except undead), but doesn't work in an antimagic field. Any undead hit three times (every 3 hits) by a Shadow Rogue must make a Will save (DC 15 +Wis Mod). If they fail the Will save, they fall under her control.
  137. [6:39 PM] Zanos: i don't understand this one
  138. [6:40 PM] XFox: kill a thing takes it soul turn into monster
  139. [6:40 PM] Zanos: no i mean
  140. [6:40 PM] Zanos: "any enemy killed by her will become a shadow...if he lands the killing blow this will always work...otherwise the target may roll a will save..."
  141. [6:40 PM] Zanos: how can you kill someone and not deal the killing blow?
  142. [6:41 PM] XFox: idk
  143. [6:41 PM] XFox: as we have seen
  144. [6:41 PM] XFox: some people dont die when they are killed
  145. [6:41 PM] XFox: lol
  146. [6:41 PM] XFox: yeah its worded in a rather dumb way
  147. [6:41 PM] Zanos: also i think the undead part is broken because there is no cap
  148. [6:41 PM] Zanos: allowing you to effectively control infinite undead
  149. [6:42 PM] Zanos: also all the undead you can create, the shadows and spectres, can create spawn of themselves, letting you make an infinite army of incorporeal undead
  150. [6:42 PM] Zanos: Mastery of The Twilight Path (Ex): At 15th level, a Shadow Rogue has Mastered her chosen path, mastering her skills with a blade(s). She also gains epic speed and improved combat reflexes feats, regardless of her path. A Shadow Rogue gains these feats even if she doesn't meet the prerequisites.
  152. Path of the Twin Blades: A Shadow Rogue becomes a master at duel wielding combat, she gains the perfect two-weapon fighting feat. If she is using two of the same dawn/dusk blades, her penalty turns into a bonus ((Dexterity+Strength)/10)-10 (always count as a positive number). She may only use both dawn and dusk blades if she is neutrally aligned.
  153. Path of the Grand Blade: A Shadow Rogue becomes a master with two-hand blades, she gains the great cleave feat. If she is using a dawn/dusk blade, she can take 1 minute (1 turn in combat) to change her dawn/dusk blade to the other form. She can only do this once until the new dawn/dusk (sunrise/sunset) occurs, and doing so provokes an attack of opportunity. If she is not neutral, when she changes the dawn/dusk blade to one against her alignment, it causes her to take 2d10 of initial backlash damage +1d10 of backlash damage per turn (1d10 per minute out of combat) so long as she has it. If she discards or throws the blade she will stop taking backlash damage.
  154. [6:42 PM] Zanos: more epic feats ,great
  155. [6:42 PM] Zanos: i have no id ea what the dext + strength / 10 - 10 thing is supposed to bne
  156. [6:43 PM] XFox: yeah I didnt get that either
  157. [6:45 PM] Zanos: Improved Shadow's Horde (Su): At 19th level, a Shadow Rogue can claim her victims' souls for the horde. Any enemy killed by her becomes a wraith, any enemy killed by a critical hit (that's not a natural 20) becomes a dread wraith, and any enemy killed with a natural 20 becomes a shadow of the void. Any enemy killed by this ability is under the shadow rogues control. If he lands the killing blow, this will always work (target isn't allowed a Will save), otherwise the target may roll a Will save (DC 15 +1/2 Wis Mod).
  159. This ability will work on any creature with a soul (except undead), but doesn't work in an antimagic field. Any undead hit three times (every 3 hits) by a Shadow Rogue must make a Will save (Dc 15 +Wis Mod). If they fail the Will save, they respawn under her control.
  160. [6:45 PM] Zanos: i know this is a level 19 ability
  161. [6:45 PM] Zanos: but a shadow of the void is a CR 26 epic monster
  162. [6:46 PM] XFox: Ummm
  163. [6:46 PM] XFox: .......
  164. [6:46 PM] XFox: yeah
  165. [6:46 PM] Zanos: This ability will work on any creature with a soul (except undead), but doesn't work in an antimagic field. Any undead hit three times (every 3 hits) by a Shadow Rogue must make a Will save (Dc 15 +Wis Mod). If they fail the Will save, they respawn under her control.
  166. [6:46 PM] Zanos: "respawn under her control"
  167. [6:46 PM] Zanos: lolwut
  168. [6:46 PM] XFox: game style man
  169. [6:46 PM] XFox: they just click the respawn button
  170. [6:48 PM] Zanos: if you just want extraplanar storage i'm not sure that you needed a badly edited homebrew class from a bad website
  171. [6:48 PM] XFox: I know
  172. [6:48 PM] XFox: but the edge called to me
  173. [6:52 PM] XFox: what would you use for save dcs?
  174. [6:52 PM] Zanos: the default i think is 10+1/2 HD + Charisma Mod
  175. [6:52 PM] Zanos: but this class is fucking weird
  176. [6:53 PM] XFox: yeah
  177. [6:53 PM] XFox: why char?
  178. [6:53 PM] Zanos: that's what the rules say
  179. [6:53 PM] Zanos: lol
  180. [6:53 PM] XFox: ok
  181. [6:53 PM] Zanos: if unstated, DCs revert to that
  182. [6:54 PM] XFox: oh ok
  183. [6:54 PM] Zanos: if it mimics a spell it would be 10+SL+Cha Mod instead i guess
  184. [6:55 PM] XFox: are any of them mimicing specific spells?
  185. [6:56 PM] Zanos: a couple, one of them was like imprisonment or something
  186. [6:56 PM] XFox: hmm ok
  187. [6:56 PM] XFox: think it would be worth trying to fix this mess?
  188. [6:58 PM] Zanos: what do you want to do with it because there's probably a printed class that does what you want
  189. [6:58 PM] Zanos: like are you trying to fix this whole shitshow just for extradimensional pocket sand
  190. [6:59 PM] XFox: more for the edge of the class itself and some of the abilities seem alright if they would be worded better
  191. [6:59 PM] XFox: if you have a class that does something similar Im open to suggetions
  192. [7:01 PM] Zanos: shadow hand swordsage is pretty edgy and sneaky
  193. [7:01 PM] Zanos: i thought someone was playing one?
  194. [7:01 PM] Zanos: was slav
  195. [7:01 PM] XFox: yeah
  196. [7:01 PM] Zanos:
  197. Spells in Shadow Hand – D&D Tools
  198. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!
  199. [7:02 PM] XFox: meh anything else
  200. [7:02 PM] XFox: dont wanna step on slavs toes
  201. [7:03 PM] Zanos: you already are if you want to make a shadow man lol
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