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  1. Okay so Kris was sitting in her room. Wait that doesn't make sense. Shit. Okay let me start over okay so Belona was in the veil or where ever and she was really pissed because Kris shit I mean one of the humans had outsmarted her. She was pacing and stuff and she was really mad. Jolken I mean Joklen came in and he was pissed too but it's okay because he's always pissed.
  3. He asked Belona "Wh-y a-r-e you Pi-ssed- that's my j-ob."
  5. "<==BECAUSE I AM IN HATE WITH AN ALIEN=||=" She replied wait shit she wouldn't say that. Did I even get her quirk right? Crap. Crap. What am I doing what ahhhh??? "<==BECAUSE I AM NOT IN HATE WITH AN ALIEN=||=" Is what she actually said because she's a hate tsundere.
  7. "K-ay" said Joklen and he left. Okay i actually don't have a plot in mind for this now what? Uh okay maybe someone else could come yes that works.
  9. Okay so then Kris appeared through shenanigans and she was all "Oh you're /so/ in hate with me (dang why did it take me so long to spell that???) Beeeeeeels"
  11. "<== No I am not stupid xeno!!==||=" Belona said but she was totally blushing and it was pretty obvious she was lying. Also go me for remembering to use xeno!! Still not sure about the quirk though.
  13. "Shut up and kiss me, you hatable alien" And suddenly there were like five Krises and they all tackled Belona and sloppy makeouts happened and shit.
  15. The end.
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