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  1. FINALLY! the build is done!
  3. =====================Choice 1: Eromancy
  4. Various effects listed in other sections
  5. Store orgasms as energy for various powers:
  6.     give target a potent extended orgasm.
  7.     replace effort in spellslinging.
  8.     Instantly make creation, infusion, or preparation.
  9.     Double an existing creation potency or infusion for an hour.
  10.     reduce ritual time by one step.
  11.     alter demesne effects instantly.
  12.     grant lesser wish for thousands of points.
  13.     pheonix. (complicated, but good)
  15. =====================Choice 2: Boosted Famliliarship 20 (Arcane Familiar)
  16. -0 Intelligence (Dragon Aspect)
  17. -1 Loyal Follower
  18. -1 Watchful Master
  19. -0 Durability (Dragon Aspect)
  20. -1 Durability (I'm double dipping this one. RAW doesn't say I can't, and now my famailars are shockingly resilient)
  21. -1 Stealth
  22. -4 Empowerment Talismancy (Implement)
  23. -4 Empowerment omnimancy 7
  24. -8 Empowerment Alchemy 9
  26. Pet Small black Dragon.(Dragon Aspect)
  27. Agile and extremely durable.(Dragon Aspect)
  28. Capable of flying and breathing fire.(Dragon Aspect)
  29. can shapeshift into highly attractive human, or hybrid forms. (eromancy)
  30. Can perform known alchemy, and rituals. (eromancy)
  31. Can communicate telepathically and share pleasure with master. (eromancy)
  32. Highly devoted, attracted to, and happy to share her master. (eromancy)
  33. Familiar functions as implement. (Implement)
  34. Location is always known and can be detected. (Implement)
  35. Extremely durable. (Implement)
  36. Can be used to locate various materials. (Implement)
  37. Can be used to write draw. (Implement)
  38. Familiar can cast 1 spell known. (Implement)
  39. Double orgasms generated. (eromancy)
  40. Implement(familiar) and focus(familiar) can fuse. (Focus)
  42. =====================Choice 3: Boosted Famliliarship 20 (Astrology Familiar)
  43. -0 Intelligence (Dragon Aspect)
  44. -1 Loyal Follower
  45. -1 Watchful Master
  46. -0 Durability (Dragon Aspect)
  47. -1 Durability (I'm double dipping this one. RAW doesn't say I can't, and now my famailars are shockingly resilient)
  48. -1 Stealth
  49. -4 Empowerment Talismancy (Focus)
  50. -4 Empowerment Wishmagic (1 wish)
  51. -8 Empowerment Invocation 9
  53. Pet Small white Dragon. (Dragon Aspect)
  54. Agile and extremely durable. (Dragon Aspect)
  55. Capable of flying and breathing fire. (Dragon Aspect)
  56. can shapeshift into highly attractive human, or hybrid forms. (eromancy)
  57. Can perform known alchemy, and rituals. (eromancy)
  58. Can communicate telepathically and share pleasure with master. (eromancy)
  59. Highly devoted, attracted to, and happy to share her master. (eromancy)
  60. Familiar functions as focus. (Focus)
  61. Cannot be removed by accident, and extremely hard to remove by force.
  62. Can emit pheromones. (eromancy)
  63. Implement(familiar) and focus(familiar) can fuse.
  65. =====================Choice 4: Omnimancy 15 (Arcane Familiar) +7
  66. Learn 1 ritual. (imbue Phlactary: Enhance the dragon pearl instead of making a new one) (dragon pearl)
  67. -3 catalyze         Gives access to all potions
  68. -3 Spellcharge Item Gives access to all spells
  69. -3 Summon Familiar  (Demesne familiar)
  70. -3 Theory
  71. -1 teleport
  72. -1 Panacea
  73. -1 Cornucopia
  74. -1 ward
  75. -1 Scry
  76. -2 Create material
  77. -2 Fabricate
  78. -1 illusion
  79. -0 Summon succubi (eromancy)
  81. Sex can replace common ritual components. (eromancy)
  82. Implement strengthens all magic. (Implement)
  84. =====================Spellslinging
  85. Can prepare any spell with time and a ritual (spellcharge ritual)
  86. Learn 3 spells that cost 1 point each. (Implement)
  87. Learn 1 spell. (dragon pearl)
  88. -0  Increase libido or pleasure to others and yourself equally. No effort. (eromancy)
  90. Spells more powerful with more skin exposed. x5 if nude. (eromancy)
  91. Implement strengthens all magic. (Implement)
  92. Any 1 spell does not tire out the caster 3 times per day. (Implement)
  93. Can spellcharge unlimited number of spells into implement. (spellcharge)
  94. Investing spells reduces effort by one step, and prevents casting without focus. (all invested) (Focus)
  96. =====================Alchemy 9 (granted by Arcane Familiar)
  97. Can prepare any of the example preparations with significantly increased time and effort (catalyze ritual)
  99. -1  Orichalcum Creation
  100. -1  Orichalcum Infusion
  101. -1  Adamant Creation
  102. -1  Adamant Infusion
  103. -1  Darksteel Creation
  104. -1  Darksteel Infusion
  105. -1  Starmetal Creation
  106. -1  Starmetal Infusion
  107. -1  Hihi'irokane Creation
  108. -0  Hihi'irokane Infusion (dragon pearl)
  109. -0  Fertility/infertility potion. (eromancy)
  110. -0  Give the fluids of others the effect of a potion. (eromancy)
  111. -0  Cure/grant immunity to STDs. (eromancy)
  112. -0  Alter sexual endowments. (eromancy)
  113. -0  Craft hyper-realistic living dolls. (eromancy)
  115. Implement strengthens all magic. (Implement)
  116. Investing alchemy doubles the doses or duration, and prevents creation without the focus. (all invested) (Focus)
  117. Investing alchemy doubles the effectiveness, and prevents creation without the focus. (all invested) (Focus)
  118. Sexual fluids can either double duration, effect, or replace all but rare alchemy ingrediants. (eromancy)
  120. =====================Famliliarship 5 (granted by Summon Familiar ritual)
  121. -0 Intelligence (Dragon Aspect)
  122. -4 Demesne
  123. -0 Durability (Dragon Aspect)
  124. -1 Durability (I'm double dipping this one. RAW doesn't say I can't, and now my famailars are shockingly resilient)
  126. Golem/elemental large living wood Dragon.
  127. Extremely strong and durable.
  128. can shapeshift into highly attractive human, or hybrid forms. (eromancy)
  129. Can perform known alchemy, and rituals. (eromancy)
  130. Can communicate telepathically and share pleasure with master. (eromancy)
  131. Highly devoted, attracted to, and happy to share her master. (eromancy)
  133. =====================Demesne 10 (granted by Summoned Familiar)
  134. -2 Guardians            Dryad orgy under the sign of the lover (jeeze, such a terrible chore to renew each year!) feeding me energy.
  135. -1 Senses               aware of everything in demesne. Can control guardians.
  136. -1 Mobility             Airship now. Spaceship with some alchemical enhancements and omnimantic theory?
  137. -1 Hidden               invisible airship!
  138. -1 Mansion              now 4 acres.
  139. -2 bigger on the inside now 40 acres on inside.
  140. -1 Utilities
  141. -1 Luxurious
  143. Weather, season, plantlife, time of day can be changed at will over the course of a few minutes.
  144. Hostile animals or insects cannot enter the demesne.
  145. Ward location can last forever in the demesne.
  146. All trespassers can be sensed.
  147. Aging is slowed to half.
  148. Healing speed is doubled.
  149. Prestidigitation can be used anywhere or from anywhere in the demesne.
  150. Pathways and rooms can be shuffled at will.
  151. Normalizes fetishes. (eromancy)
  153. =====================Invocation 18 (granted by Astrology Familiar)
  154. Invocation points invested are doubled, and cease to function without focus. (9 becomes 18) (Focus)
  155. Implement strengthens all magic. (Implement)
  156. Implement strengthens invocations. (Implement)
  157. Implement Aspect empowerment duration increased by a month before and after empowerment. (Implement)
  159. -0 The Lovers Arcana: (granted by eromancy)
  160.     Can exude aura that makes others much more open to liaisons.
  161.     Can induce infatuation with touch. Lasts 1 week.
  162.     Orgasms caused by previous lovers are added to storage for one year.
  164. -1 The Fool Arcana:
  165.     Learning Speed vastly increased.
  166.     Physical fitness improvements vastly increased.
  168. -2  The Tower Arcana:
  169.     Can bring minor ill luck to those nearby.
  170.     Can impose severe bad luck with a touch.
  171.     Any physical or mental bonds can be broken with willpower alone. (huge synergy with Taurus!)
  172.     Touch can accelerate entropy.
  174. -2  Wind Mantle:
  175.     Summon wings to fly.
  176.     Control wind.
  177.     Send audible messages through the atmosphere to specific recipients.
  179. -3 Taurus Aspect:
  180.     Store physical energy in gems. Only half efficiency when not Taurus month.
  181.     Use gems to cast spells or bolster strength. Can be used on others.
  182.     Can anchor objects in space.
  183.     Toggleable enhanced willpower/motivation.
  184.     Superb balance.
  185.     During Empowerment(mid April-mid May):
  186.         Physical energy transfer at 1:1 efficiency.
  187.         Extreme durability and immobility on clear nights.
  188.         Grant Willpower to others.
  190. -4 Gemini Aspect:
  191.     Gain extra perkless phylactary. (mostly only used to activate another tarot)
  192.     Gain Anima; an, opposite gender twin.
  193.         telepathically linked.
  194.     During Empowerment(mid May-mid June):
  195.         Spells have double effects, strengths, durations, or targets.
  196.         Familiars and Djinni gain twins.
  197.         Extra phylactary gains full points.
  198.         Rituals take half time.
  199.         Potions have double duration.
  200.         Two Tarot aspects may be active.
  202. -5 Dragon Aspect:
  203.     Gain eidetic memory.
  204.     Can sprout and retract claws that can rend steel.
  205.     Gain slight charisma bonus.
  206.     Familiars gain intelligence perk.
  207.     Familiars can be small dragons.
  208.     Gain phylactary (Dragon Pearl)
  209.     Can prestidigitate fire.
  210.     During Empowerment (October):
  211.         Slight charisma bonus becomes strong.
  212.         Reduce effort of all spells by 1 level.
  213.         Alchemy requires half the normal ingrediants.
  214.         Rituals that take a day or less now take only half the time.
  215.         Djinni can cast any spell that takes low effort or less.
  216.         Djinni can cast any 1 chosen spell.
  217.         Can breath fire with moderate effort.
  219. =====================Phlactary 3 (granted by Dragon Sign Pearl)
  220. -0 Durability (better version granted to pearl by default)
  221. -0 Hearthstone (better version granted to pearl by default)
  222. -1 Youth: already have pheonix to keep me from dying of old age
  223. -1 Danger Sense: May as well
  224. -1 Summon: Could be handy if in danger I guess?
  226. Functions when safe or in possession.
  227. Nothing short of small nuclear arms can damage it.
  228. Functions as a phlactery with hearthstone perk.
  229. Can prestidigitate fire with minimal effort. (can breathe fire during dragon empowerment)
  230. Gain dragon transformation. (greater during empowerment)
  231. If the owner dies of anything other than old age, they are teleported alive and unharmed to the phlactary.
  232. Can allow a second Tarot to be activated.
  233. Can store arousal. (eromancy)
  235. =====================Wishmagic (Astrology Familiar)
  236. gain one greater wish.
  237. Can invest greater wish to gain 1 lesser wish every year. (done) (Focus)
  238. Gain 1 lesser wish every year. (Implement)
  239. Gain 1 lesser wish every year. (dragon pearl)
  241. Gain djinn servant that can assist in all mundane tasks.
  242. Djinn is highly attractive, devoted, attracted to, and happy to share her master. (eromancy)
  243. Djinn will grant three minor wishes per day related to sex. (eromancy)
  244. Implement strengthens all magic. (Implement)
  246. =====================summary=====================
  247. The short of it is; Exploit the greater returns from investing in familiars to obtain nearly everything!
  248. For example, one of my picks could've been 15 omnimancy ritual points, however by buying a familiar instead I can get those same 15 points AND an implement on top of it. The effect is further multiplied by cherry picking overlapping perks that expand on each other, such as gaining spells and a phlactary from the dragon sign. The only potential downside is the risk of losing a familiar. RAW dictates that if just one of my familiars died I would lose quite a bit more than half my powers. Fortunately Eromancy can grant me wishes and ressurection should the worst come to pass. Funny enough- Eromancy is kinda the ONLY thing you cannot get with familiars. Fine by me though. There isn't too much that this build doesn't have already.
  250. =====================Flavor text=====================
  251. The Ritual familiar is black, and the Astrology familiar is white, both familiars are large cat sized dragons, and I think yin-yang imagry is fitting. While human they take the form of two girls with slightly varying builds, faces, and contrasting skin and hair color. They only tend to become fully human when attempting to blend in, or at the whim of occational erotic inspiration. They are most comfortable in their hybrid form and spend most of their time as such. The Au-ra race from FFXIV and the characters Ember or Sinder by the artist Kanelfa are some of the visual inspirations. The two have a sort of not-too-rivalrous/not-too-affectionate sisterly red-oni/blue-oni relationship. They frequently share each other's bed and as with all girls in the demesne, they find the idea of sharing partners with their master highly arousing.
  253. RF is firey and driven to learn and hoard knowledge. Especially magical knowledge. She can become preoccupied with her own theorycrafting easily, and a day spent studying in her lab is a day well spent. Yes, I said HER lab. The demesne is large enough, and she is dedicated enough to have her own separate from mine. Though I am welcome in it, or even to assist in it, she can get snappy if others, especially the unversed interfere. When not immersed in her work, she tends to be expressive and bombastic. She loves food, and in large portions. She is like a capacitor in bed. She is aggressive and tireless up until the moment her energy runs out and either rolls over and falls asleep, or passes out. She enjoys falling asleep on top of, or clinging to her partner, or otherwise spread eagled, hogging the entire bed.
  255. AF is collected and polite. She enjoys conversation and pleasent quiet in equal proportions. She values social connections with others, and knows the names of all the garden's many denizens. She is a culinary master, and enjoys preparing fantastic meals for the garden's inhabitance and guests. Colaboration and competitions with the djinn in the kitchen are not infrequent. She feels somewhat stiffed by the dryads seeming inability to enjoy anything but the most simple of sugars however. She enjoys making plans and keeping things in order. She has a fascination with human martial arts, and while limiting herself to human potential, she is uncontestedly the most capable purely physical fighter in the group. She spars with the the demesne familiar from time to time, which usually results in the whole realm quaking from the shockwaves. This greatly annoys her sister. In bed she enjoys giving pleasure to others above her own. She prefers slow, long, encounters, and while she finds aggressive domination distasteful, her partners will find that relaxing and allowing her to take the lead can result in the most intense of experiences. She is particularily adept at erotic massages, a skill that the demesne familiar takes every opportunity to partake in.
  257. They acompany their master on adventures and are always nearby. Since they feed power into each other via implements they can fuse together into a balanced, less eccentric, more powerful single entity. The result of their fusion is an angelic-draconic being. The fusion can be maintained for a virtually infinite amount of time, however when too focused on one side of her two aspects, she will split back into halves. The fusion can easily function using both skillsets, especially if the situation is dire, however extended use of ritual magic without any use of astrologic magic, for example, will unbalance her. Investigating their individual experiences while trasformed results in hazy less-than-half memories of being a part of a greater being. Neither enjoy dwelling on the debate of weither or not they should strive to be connected all the time or none of it. They treat their fused self similar to an older sister with whom they care about, but have little interaction with. Regardless, the two enjoy being together and being separate equally, change as the situation demands, and prefer not to think too hard on the subject.
  259. The demesne is a mobile flying airship. It's form is comprised of an alien wood, grown and molded to form the outer hull of some airborne tree-ship. In fact, the vessil IS a living tree, grown from the soil of it's master's homeland, and a living part of the demesne familiar. It sails high above the ground obfuscated by magic that phases it slightly into the veil. It's outer hull is roughly 200 meters in length and appears to takes the form of a giant seed with a green canopy sprouting from it's surface and trailing behind it. This canopy is capable of shifting outward to gather sunlight more efficiently, or inward to conceal the transparent upper hull of the ship. As it would seem at first glance, the ship is indeed a giant tree. The wood of the tree is magically strengthened and warded. Even if a direct assult were able to uncloak the ship, the hull would still remain a significant defense to penetrate.
  261. the ship has three quarters
  262.     The largest section is the garden, which covers the majority of the ship. The basin is the lowest floor of the ship and takes most of the space. The glades are a beautiful sprawling tangle of dense forested gardens. The act as one of the ship's defense mechanisms, enchanted to mislead and entrap uninvited guests, and is the residence of the ship's many dryads. The ways are a series of well tended paths that crisscross the glades. They work in tandem with the glades to allow welcome guests a means of reliable navigation from one end of the ship to another, and deny enemies a reliable sense of direction. The Ring is the physical outer rim of the ship. While unobservable from the exterior, the Ring from the interior appears to be a broad balony that overlooks the edge of the ship. The ring encircles the circumfrence of the ship, and may play tricks on the mind as it is also the border between the magnified space of the ship's interior, and regular space of the outside world. Wind and fresh air can be allowed to pass into the glades from here, and traversing clouds can cause the forest to fill with dense fog.
  263.     The teirs are accessable from the second floor of the ship. They rise in sharp cliffs from the Gardens without any clear borders and at times a sharp turn is all that is needed to find yourself deep in the ways. Living quarters and non-crucial facilities comprise this quarter, with many individual apartments and interconnected walkways that comprise what is essentially the manorhouse of the master. While the halls and rooms are much more clear cut than the gardens, they still remain more sprawling and heaped, with many interconnected crossway, and cozy nooks that exemplify and draw attention to the natural beauty that surrounds it. This part of the ship is tended to by the Djin and her staff of dolls, who take upon themselves the duty of housekeepers. Permanent residents and guests can call upon them to tend to their day-to-day needs. From here guests can also access the springs that flow from the summit. Here steaming water pours from above and collects in pools. the water is runoff coolant from the core of the vessil and as such, aspected with draconic/druidic magic.Those who expose themselves to the pure water, weither through bathing or imbibing will be infused with vigor. Those who are magically attuned will find similar magic come to them more easily. From here the pools spillover into rivers and streams that wind their way through the basin.
  264.     The highest floor of the ship is the crown and is further devided into the summit and the canopy. The Canopy is the control center of the ship, from which the systems can be more easily observed and controlled. The Summit is the heart of the ship. It is preluded by the master's quarters and contains the central enchantments that control the ship, the Dragon pearl, the ship's power source, and it's most powerful defenses. While not directly the power source for the ship, the pearl is the artifact that has been enchanted to contain and support the demense spells, such that the two could be considered one and the same. The pearl lies in the depths of a seemingly volcanic spring that spews fourth the magical water that the gardens subsist on. The deep pool is in the center of a large room of ankle-deep water in which the demesne familiar has made her eternal vigil. Should an invader make it to this place, they would find the full might of the master brought to bear in order to destroy, or excize all those with malignant intent.
  266. Though she also posesses the alternate eromancy forms, unlike the other two familiars, this one is a golem that takes the form of a living wood dragon and prefers to spend most of her time as such. DF has little to offer for conversation. She speaks few words and spends most of her time luxuriating in the steamy lifegiving water of the mountain spring. The wards and divinations she is enchanted with has afforded her much leeway with how she spends her time. So long as she remains at her post the possibility of invaders remaining undetected is nigh impossible. This arrangement suits her well, as little gives her more pleasure than long naps in the warm waters. DF is charged with the defense of the spring, and as such many defer to her as a second in command in military matters. The dryads especially hold her in high regard, as she is the solid foundation of the demense, upon which the gardens have been built. While little amuses her beyond her self-imposed dormancy, she does enjoy the infrequent opportunity to stretch her muscles. AF and DF can be found sparring from time to time. While AF is completely outclassed by the full might of DF, DF is adept at pulling her punches and pushing AF to improve. Likewise, just as all the other eromanticly infused creatures in the demesne, DF too enjoys physical pleasures. She prefers passive rolls, and occationally calls upon her dryad harem, who are all too happy to lavish attention upon their steadfast protector. Whereas others might moan or whisper sweet nothings in their bliss, DF expresses her delight with an involuntary, deep, rumbling, draconic purr that the has no shame using to indicate her pleasure. The dryads take no small delight in inducing these rapturous tones upon the object of their affection, and compete and cooperate as a point of pride to satisfy their beloved dragon. Despite her inactive lifestyle, when duty calls her to take action in the name of defending the demesne, she can be a terrifying force.
  268. The demesne is also populated by several hundred dryads. Coincidentally, little of what is required of them goes against their nature. They are to drink deep of the magical springwater and grow, bringing bounty to the garden. They are to orgy to their hearts desire, empowering the master's eromancy. Lastly, they are to maintain the garden's peace from within or without. The dryads are agile fighters, and the gardens are their home terf. Should a capable opponent manage to break into the demesne they will find themselves opposed by traps and guerilla tactics. Should an incapable, (un?)lucky fool stumble in by accident, they will find themselves detained as a plaything by forceful and horny plantgirls until time for their intent to be judged can be arranged. Not only are the dryads naturally handsy, to their delight, they have been ordered to be handsy!
  270. Each year a ritual will take place to renew the summoning of the demesne familiar, thus renewing the flow of the spring. The process will involve mating with all of the dryads, providing a constant income of orgasms for the year.
  272. I would live out my days researching magic theory, distancing myself, if not completely disconnecting myself from the world. As per the dragon I would be expecting invaders to arrive, however I would have years of magical empowerment to prepare and reinforce my demesne. I think I would eventually start dipping my toes in the outside world, however I would like to have redundant protections for my familiars before that via theory. Connecting my familiars to the pearl phlactary, shortening the ressurection ritual, enhancing their survivability, fusing them with me (giving them an alternate living-tattoo form would be EPIC), things like that. After that I like the idea of eventually becoming a renouned and reclusive wizard. Not the type to be a protagonist, but instead playing the role of the learned and knowledgable sage on the mountain that the hero must quest to speak with in order to defeat the demon lord! Also the my demesne is the location of the mandatory hotspring episode. BAHAHAHAHA!
  274. HOWEVER!!!...
  275. This is only my choice if I took the magic. I did this first just because it's more fun to theorycraft! If there was ANY chance of this being presented to me as a choice instead of just one option- ANY sign that the curse could be broken, I think I would gladly do that instead. Even without knowing I would get a reward. I'm the type to take pity on a cursed, bound being, and take reponsibility afterwards if I need to. So thus:
  277. =====================seven spells
  278.     not super relevent. Cass can spellcharge any spell.
  280. =====================alchemy material
  281.     all infusions (all three of us become super shiny.)
  283. =====================three rituals
  284.     catalyze            (Gives access to all potions)
  285.     Spellcharge Item    (Gives access to all spells)
  286.     Summon Familiar
  288. =====================Famliliarship 5 (granted by Summon Familiar) Gwenevere is jealous
  289. -4 Implement
  290. -1 Loyal Follower
  292. =====================Implement (granted by Ritual Familiar)
  293. all magic stronger
  294. dowsing
  295. prestidigitation
  296. gain 1 spell point
  297. can spellcharge unlimited number of spells into implement
  298. gain 1 lesser wish/year (maybe? not sure if the wish from the dragon pearl is enough to unlock this)
  299. invocations enhanced
  300. double orgasms generated
  302. =====================one talisman (Demesne)
  303. -2 Guardians            Dryads
  304. -2 Extradimensional     pocket dimension
  305. -1 Mobility             PORTABLE pocket dimension
  306. -1 Mansion              now 4 acres
  307. -2 bigger on the inside now 40 acres
  308. -1 Luxurious
  309. -1 Utilities
  311. =====================Invocation (Dragon)
  312.     month
  313.     eidetic memory
  314.     claws
  315.     charisma
  316.     familiars gain intelligence
  317.     familiars can be small dragons
  318.     gain pearl:
  319.         perkless phlactery
  320.         heartstone
  321.         1 free spell    (see spell section)
  322.         1 free formula  (Orichalcum Creation)
  323.         1 free ritual   (Resurrection)
  324.         fire prestidigitation
  325.         1 lesser wish every 5 years
  326.         dragon transformation
  328.         can sacrifice pearl for wishes and other temporary powers, but we would never never ever do that.
  330. =====================Flavor text=====================
  332. Not too much of a difference in the end. Two girls, a pocket dimension home, a bunch of magic powers. The only real difference is that it's not I who wields the power, but if Cass and Gwen are as devoted as the text suggests, I'm more than satisfied.
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