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  1. Name: Sakamaki Izayoi
  2. Age: 19
  3. Gender: Male
  4. Species/Racial Origin: Human
  6. Personality/Attitude: Izayoi is a very unpredictable (quoted from himself) young man who likes to use his clever mind and impressive strength to solve everything and appreciates a good fight. He easily described himself as vulgar, savage and a hopeless hedonist, which makes sense as he can be fairly perverted. Izayoi is surprisingly highly intelligent
  8. Gifts: Gifts given to him from multiple gods: Code: Unknown, [Last Future of Embryo], Aurora Pillar, Leo's Sun Authority
  9. Skills/Talents:
  10. Supernatural strength, speed, durability, endurance, stamina, senses, light manipulation, ability to negate Gifts or other supernatural powers
  11. Favorites/Likes:
  12. Most Hated/Dislikes:  Being bored
  13. Strengths: Has the ability to challenge even gods.
  14. Weaknesses: Cannot overpower the queen without a close fight as his powers mostly help him aganist deitys and Gods. So basicly overpowed aganist humans and angels, but weak aganist demons and devils.
  15. Sexual Preference/Experience/Values:
  16. Backstory:  Izayoi was placed in a foster home. Often he was adopted but found himself back at the homes due to him being too much for the parents to handle.The orphanages eventually grew sick of that as well, for they started to dump him from one orphanage to another. Eventually, he grew sick of the way he was treated and while used by several people, he managed to get back at them by swindling them out of a decent amount of money. Using this money, he decided to host a game. The goal of the game was to find him; basically hide and seek. He would give prize money if someone found him before the time limit. If they failed to find him, he would probably go on a rampage because the world was too boring. He played these games to find someone on his level.
  17. Canaria found him three minutes before the time limit and made him admit defeat. Canaria proposed another game. If she won, he would be her son. If he won, she would play with him for the rest of her life and provide a wonderful place for him. With this, they both went around the world for two years. During this time, he learned many things and became an expert on mythology.
  18. During their time at the Iguza Falls, Izayoi is heavily disappointed when he learned the 'Demon of Iguza' did not exist. Canaria decided to take him to a nearby village to show him how people lived there, and to a nearby dam, teaching him about the modern world's alchemy. Izayoi, filled with excitement, decided to destroy half the dam with a punch, causing both him and Canaria to flee the count
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