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  1. [11:45:56] <``Lucas> In the far corners of the library sat a familiar tactician. Speaking in a mix of angered grunts and sighs, he continued to feverishly write on a small slip of paper, before folding it up and tossing it into the corner. Thankfully nobody was around to yell at him about this, but just as a pre-caution he did promise to pick things up once he'd finished. (Apparently once the head librarian heard it was for the sake of romance she instantly went along with it, strange.).
  2. [11:46:19] <``Lucas> "This doesn't feel natural...why is it so hard to put my thoughts to paper nowadays...."
  3. [11:52:33] <``Lucas> "Ah, to hell with this." He'd tear up the remaining paper (Even the blank sheets for some reason.) "If I can't speak my mind on this directly, I'm a failure as a man anyhow."
  4. [11:53:10] <Ellamae> GUESS AGAIN NERD. There is someone around to...not yell at him, but there's definitely someone around now. Following an incident involving marathonning a trashy flick involving some boring villager attracting the attention of an armor knight that glitters both his armor AND his own body and some hairy bandit set in a town called Spoons, she's feeling the desire to find something actually worth reading for a change. And lo and behold, Lucas! She snaps to attention rather quickly on seeing that he's not sobbing in a corner, merely frustrated at...something. "Lucas!" Give him a moment to adjust to the presence of someone else. Might need that.
  5. [11:55:22] <``Lucas> "Gah!" He'd let out a small groan+yelp combo, he was certainly taken aback. On top of he was being stared at by the other patrons (Assuming they weren't already weirded out by him). "Ah, Lady Ellamae...did you need me for something, or are you just looking to pass the time." The way he spoked was obviously a bit nervous, but at the very least you could tell he's cheered up quite a bit since before.
  6. [12:08:25] <Ellamae> "Well, I was here to pass the time, but since you're around...I guess it's not exactly either now? I mean, I don't need you for anything in particular, but...the way you vanished all of a sudden and seeing you here like this, there's certainly fair cause to worry. ...It's one heck of a mess, ain't it? With Edwin and Kiuru getting together, Eileen's got it rough, and
  7. [12:08:25] <Ellamae> she's, uh, taking it all very poorly from what I gather. Causing her to do some things under pressure."
  8. [12:14:52] <``Lucas> "She's what!?" Once again causing eyes to fall on him from his rather high volume, Lucas stood up with a large slam of his arms on the table. "Gods..what have I done, I'm such a fool..." His face was getting rather emotional at this point. Might not have been a good idea to point out something to make him worry even more than he already was. "If only I'd explained myself proper...I could've..damn it all, and I call myself a man." At this point he wasn't even registering your presence, he was just blurting out the first things that came to his mind as he once again fell down to the table. head facing the floor.
  9. [12:25:11] <Ellamae> Maybe it wasn't, yeah. People are hard. Emotional people are hella harder! She tries to find a quiet moment to re-establish her presence! "H-hold on! From what I heard, you had every reason to be flustered beyond the hope of reason. P-please calm down for a moment and hear me out for a moment."
  10. [12:25:52] <``Lucas> "..." He didn't respond, but a slight tilt of his head indicated he at least heard you.
  11. [12:36:11] <Ellamae> Nice, 'for a moment' twice. She's slipping up too. She certainly SEEMS calm, at least? "...There's no way anyone could have taken her sudden advances--caused by her already freaking out--without freaking out yourself. And with her freaking out already, uh, I'm not sure you could have explained yourself properly to begin with. When people get as...emotional as they do, things like this are bound to result no matter how prepared someone is. ...Kinda tried to do things calmly and I think I still made you freak out, there's an example right there. ...But dwelling on the past doesn't get anyone anywhere anyway. You just have to focus on how you're gonna make things right...right now. That's the best thing to do in situations like this,
  12. [12:36:11] <Ellamae> right?"
  13. [12:44:58] <``Lucas> Well, he certainly wasn't expecting to get a light lecture directed at him (If you could call it that). It was a nice change of pace, but he wasn't sure how to react to it. He'd sigh a bit before raising his head then. "Even still...I can't forgive myself for the way I acted...even if it was the only natural outcome..." He'd finally stand up again. Taking a close look around the library to make sure he wasn't being stared at anymore. (He was, by the way). "There is truth in your words though...I'v realized it myself, but to hear it from another certainly puts me at ease. If only partially. Instead of dwelling on my mistakes, I really should just re-double my efforts towards what I can do for her right now..." He'd fold his arms, and nod a little bit to himself. Seems he satisfied with something.
  14. [12:52:11] <Ellamae> Getting lightly lectured. Heh. ...And by a girl that seems 10 years old, at that. NOT A MAN AT ALL??? "...But, you seem to be ahead of the curve considering what's going on, so...forgive yourself, alright? Granted, you were too caught up in what happened, or perhaps what COULD happen, that you can't get anything down at all from what it seems. Goodness knows I've had enough issue with that already, I'd hate to see someone else make a mountain of wasted paper. ...And if you, well, actually like her, I hear it's hard for most people to properly express themselves to someone they like, too, so you can add that right on top?"
  15. [12:59:45] <``Lucas> "It's..more a matter of principles that I'm so hard on myself but..I'll heed your advice, there's no real point beating myself up over it some more..." He'd take a gaze towards the outside, thoughts focused a bit beyond it. "I felt embarassed to say it before..but I shouldn't have trouble with it now. I do love her, and I intend to let her know...I just...well, a man has his pride, and I've a debt to meet before I can truly settle down. Even still, that's not an excuse to drag her into my own stupidity...she deserves to know my circumstances at the very least."
  16. [13:08:20] <Ellamae> "..Not wanting to drag people into your messes. Yeah, I understand that all too well." Ellamae sighs...and man that seems like a deep sigh actually. She resumes her peppiness soon after! "But if you love each other enough, that mess won't truly matter. That much, I can assure you! It's got a way of overpowering things like that~"
  17. [13:19:32] <``Lucas> "You don't say." Smile returning to his sorrowful expression, Lucas, for the first time in a while felt truly blessed. "Lady Ellamae, your words have brought me peace of mind..for that, I am more thankful than you could ever imagine. Now...I believe there's some business I need to attend to...if you'll excuse me." He'd make his way to the door, a certain determination helping each step.
  18. [13:23:03] <Ellamae> "Sweep her off her feet~" She waves as Lucas departs, happy that she can at least help SOMEONE out in those trying times.
  19. [13:24:10] <``Lucas> "Before I go though...I will say one last thing." He'd turn back to face the girl directly. "I'm glad we met, Lady Ellamae..we've only fought together for long, but I already consider you a treasured friend of mine. Perhaps you do not feel the same, but I felt like it should be said nonetheless. Here's to working together in the future then Lady Ellamae." And with that, he bolted out of the library (Once again disrupting the silence. At this point he was about to be banned).
  20. [13:27:44] <Ellamae> ...She was caught off guard, and he managed to leave AGAIN before she could get a word out. She mulls over it for a while.
  21. [13:33:24] <Ellamae> ...Maybe he managed to catch onto her very vague hinting this time, huh? Still, not much better she can do than wish for their happiness. Being her is tough as nails. That all well and thought, perhaps it's time to return to the forbidden archives to read the sequel to that shitty book. Apparently it has one! Focuses more on the hairy bandit that time around. That should be fun.
  22. [13:34:58] <Ellamae> Still cute, though. Even though he's probably got like, hella abs. How else would he swing a sword around? OK, imagination, that's enough. To the punishment room!
  23. [13:35:00] <Ellamae> /A~
  25. [13:50:11] <``Lucas> radical
  26. [13:50:12] <Giantree> You people do so many suppos that I'm going to just go full Mabinogi and have you be able to go on to rank 9, and then all the way to 1
  27. [13:50:21] <Giantree> and then you start taking master and grandmaster rankings
  28. [13:50:35] <``Lucas> my b
  29. [13:50:48] <Giantree> oh it's not a bad thing, you know how i love teasing
  30. [13:50:49] <Ellamae> no, your a
  31. [13:50:54] <``Lucas> FUCK
  32. [13:50:55] <``Lucas> You beat me to it
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