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Jan 24th, 2020
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  1. A. the furniture B. the dresser. C. the dressing table. D. the closet / closet. E. the bed
  2. F. the nightstand / light. G. the lamp. H. the desk. I. the sink.
  3. J. the fridge / refrigerator. K. the dishwasher. L. the microwave. M. the oven. n. the stove
  4. O. the chair P. the table Q. the sink, sink R. the bathtub / bathtub. S. the shower
  5. T. the toilet. U. the carpet. V. the bookshelf. W. the sofa. X. the armchair.
  6. Y. the television / TV / TV Z. the electronic game. AA the stereo. BB Radio
  7. DC. the phone. DD. the answering machine. USA mirror. FF the washing-machine. GG the dryer
  8. H H. the c
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