Napoleon's Legacy Mod

Sep 7th, 2015
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  1. --- Napoleon's Legacy ---
  3. --- Status ---
  4. I now have the entire project in its own GitHub repository. See
  7. When I finish my North America rework, this pastebin will only link to the github
  9. Download (ONLY 3.04):
  12. Ideas and Problems:
  15. Ignore this section, doesn't mean anything-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. -Porting latest HPM over (Still in progress as of 10/15)
  17. -Improved on mod cover photo.
  18. -Redid Union-Imperial Australian conflict (removed unnecessary decisions that would never be taken, and removed useless modifiers).
  19. -Replaced Union-Imperial Australian flags with the respective government flags from Australia.
  20. -Restructured most events/decisions file for ease of access.
  21. -Gave correct country colors to Austria-Hungary and Danubian Federation.
  22. -Rewrote "The New Confederation" decision localization for Peru, and made sure Peru doesn't get infinite infamy claiming Bolivia.
  23. -Reshaped Hanover and Hamburg to look slightly nicer.
  24. -Repurposed #2681 (Yamalia-Russia) to Connaught-Ireland as Westport to act as the British port in Ireland.
  25. -Renamed The Britains file to Britains, and edited file, removing bloat and simplifying events.
  26. -Added Italian cores to Italian lands, and changed up all events/decisions regarding Italian formation.
  27. -Corrected noculture in #83. anglo -> anglo_canadian.
  28. -Removed truces relating to Chitral and Lahej, since they wouldn't apply to this timeline.
  29. -Added missing CAN core to #1724 (Orkney and Shetland).
  30. -Gave #545 (Neustrelitz) to Mecklenburg, since Hesse-Kassel shouldn't even be there.
  31. -France is given the chance to return the land around Jutland Peninsula to the Rheinbund, Danish, or Prussians.
  32. -Established new Rheinbund situation as a loose confederation.
  33. -New Rheinbund events relating to their centralization, and enforcement of the power of the government.
  34. -Added scottish as accepted to the British Union.
  35. -Ensured Reino Unido will never colonize Gran Chaco.
  36. -Gave Wurzburg its demonym localization.
  37. -Changed South Africa's requirement to annex Boer states from Nationalism and Imperialism to State and Government.
  38. -Fixed Napoleonic Spain having no government.
  39. -Renamed Prussian land gain decisions and gave pictures.
  40. -Edited PLC's choosing allies event to make them more likely to select the french, and 10% for Russia, Austria, Prussia, and alone.
  41. -Removed unnecessary localization.
  42. -Adjusted event that determines whether Lucca is split or annexed by French, or left as is.
  43. -Simplified AFA deconstruction.
  44. -Changed Irelands opinion of France from Cordial to Friendly
  45. -Irish chain will not start if they are allied with France, and can only start if the Irish are not in the French sphere.
  46. -Gave Irish decisions pictures, same for AFA declaration.
  47. -Added Malayan countries to Dutch Indonesian Expansion
  48. -Changed most of British pops in Ulster to Scottish based off the Plantation of Ireland.
  49. -Changed a good portion of British pops in Scotland to Scottish, primarily Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  50. -Implemented HPM Libya and other province changes.
  51. -Added Illyrian core to #615 (Lienz).
  52. -Removed South German and Northern Italian as accepted from Illyria.
  53. -Bavaria regained Tirol lands, since they should never have been returned to Austria.
  54. -Created event to handle Tirolean land with it either becoming Austrian or not.
  55. -Implemented most HPM changes, such as events, tech names, country-colors, and decisions.
  56. -Renamed event-modifiers to more rational names and removed unused modifiers. Also placed mod modifier at top of file.
  57. -Austria can now form Austria-Hungary and Danubian Confederation now.
  58. -New Austrian events/decisions
  59. -Moved Austrian events to their own file.
  60. -Gran Colombia now owns Marabitanas and Puca Urco becuase they historically held those lands. Adjusted current events to work with new land ownership.
  61. -The British Empire now holds #2200 (Bluefields).
  62. -Corrected typo in PLC expansion, also restructured decision ordering.
  63. -Simplified German and PLC event files
  64. -Lowered Native Confederation pops by around 200k since the area was illogically highly populated
  65. -Gave Native Confederation larger OOB and unique general Black Hawk
  66. -Prussia has HPM generals, same for British Empire
  67. -Changed starting map position to hover above Paris
  68. -Removed Bohtani core on #2414 (Jezira)
  69. -Renamed New England to Boston Commonwealth
  70. -Renamed Native Confederation to Illinois Confederation
  71. -Added flavor to Illinois Confederation
  72. -Renamed German, Belgian, Spanish, and Italian provinces in France to their French counterpart, created decisions to switch between the two versions of languages
  73. -The British Empire now owns the Columbia area since the Hudson's Bay Company never held that land. Also altered events/decisions to work.
  74. -Removed capital changing decisions and merged them with the HPM version.
  75. -Removed Palatinate and Cologne tags, replaced them with Rhineland tags
  76. -Spain will annex Catalonia if it owns Madrid during the dismantlement of the Coalition of Nations
  77. -Fixed Johore having its land as colonial possessions.
  78. -Renamed #37 (Churchill) to York Factory.
  79. -Added anglo_canadian pops to York Factory.
  81. Changes before 0.3.2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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