How Do You Define Rustic Decor

candisnell985 Nov 14th, 2017 57 in 24 days
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  1. ach person's interpretation of rustic decor may vary to a large extent. One person's rustic decorator style may be a mountain fishing lodge while others may be a Mexican hacienda.
  3. Rustic decor is certainly not limited to the boundaries of the United States. Many homes exhibit a southern European rustic flavor.
  5. The word rustic, according the Merriam Webster's dictionary, means relating to, or suitable for the country, made of the rough limbs of trees or appropriate to the country. The majority of designers and decorators, however, expand the meaning of rustic to include worn, handcrafted, homespun and distressed.
  7. It appears that in order to obtain a decor in the rustic style, you will need to move closer to nature. Rough woods, basic plain woven fabrics and lots of handcrafted items are necessary to set the tone. Highly polished furniture, gold brocades and Queen Anne furniture does not have a place in this type of decor.
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