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Nov 6th, 2018
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  1. With the launch of the Curse of the Vampire Coast campaign pack comes a new update for Total War: WARHAMMER II. This will be applied automatically to the game when you log into Steam.
  3. The Aye Aye! Patch introduces some significant changes for the traditional Vampire Counts factions in Mortal Empires, chief of which is the new Bloodlines mechanic. It also grants Heinrich Kemmler a faction of his own, a new campaign start position and extra bonuses.
  5. New Free-LC content is also available in the shape of Legendary Lord Lokhir Fellheart, the Krakenlord. A Dark Elf of noble birth, he is a terror of the sea lanes and rightly feared for fielding many dread Black Arks. Fellheart can be downloaded from his own Steam page here.
  7. The Aye Aye! Patch update also brings a plethora of balance changes to factions, Legendary Lords and units, along with numerous tweaks, fixes and improvements to a great many areas of the game. Please see below for exhaustive details.
  9. The Vampire Coast sets sail!
  10. The Vampire Coast have arrived, and has bought with it the terrors of the deep… Playable for owners of the new campaign pack, but also present in the Mortal Empires and Eye of the Vortex campaigns as AI-controlled factions for those players who don’t.
  12. Adding a huge new threat, or indeed ally, to the game, the Vampire Coast promise to shake up your game experience and introduce a new range of opponents to match yourself against.
  14. New Vampire Counts Mechanic: Bloodlines
  15. Vampire Counts factions in Mortal Empires can now awaken powerful Lords of the five ancient Vampire Bloodlines: the Lahmians, the Von Carsteins, the Blood Dragons, the Necrarchs, and the Strigoi.
  17. Up to three of these Arch-Lords may be awoken from each Bloodline, and with each awakening, a new wave of powerful faction-wide bonuses is unlocked reflecting the character and focus of their Bloodline. These Lords also have unique skill trees designed around their Bloodline’s nature.
  19. These Lords are not easily awoken, however, exacting an increasingly heavy price in Blood Kisses. These unique new tokens are granted by vassalising other factions, slaying faction leaders, and wounding or assassinating characters through Hero actions. For each Lord awoken, the Blood Kiss toll for the next Lord in the same Bloodline rises. Unleash the Banshees!
  21. All Legendary Lords (including Vampire Coast Legendary Lords) have also undergone balance changes and tweaks. Please see Faction Changes below for details.
  23. Heinrich Kemmler
  24. Heinrich Kemmler has left the service of the Vampire Counts at long last. Bidding Sylvania adieu, He strikes out west to pursue his destiny! Now a faction leader in his own right in Mortal Empires, he commands the Barrow Legion from Blackstone Post, the new Province Capital of the Northern Grey Mountains bordering Bretonnia.
  26. Kemmler now gains a mount for the first time (Barded Nightmare) and his army is now immune to the attrition usually caused to Vampire Counts armies by Untainted territory. He can also use the new Bloodlines mechanic to awaken the fabled Vampire Lords of yore.
  28. Free-LC: Lokhir Fellheart
  29. The Druchii sea-scourge Lokhir Fellheart leads the faction of The Blessed Dread, and is now playable in the Mortal Empire and Eye of the Vortex campaigns (in which he follows the Vortex storyline). He begins play with ownership of the island of Chupayotl, just south of the Star Tower of Arch Mage Teclis in Lustria.
  31. The Krakenlord does not need to perform Rites in order to raise Black Arks. He can recruit one for each major port settlement he captures, ultimately amassing a fleet of them with which to terrorise the Lustrian coastline and beyond. In addition, his armies enjoy a 50% upkeep cost-reduction for any Black Ark Corsairs they recruit. In place of the usual Black Ark rite, he can perform a sacrifice to Anath Raema, granting Black Ark Corsairs the Cause Fear and Stalk traits, plus bonus AP missile damage, and conferring bonus armour for Kharibdysses.
  33. Lokhir Fellheart is not technically part of the Aye Aye! Patch, and must be downloaded from his Steam page here.
  35. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the wealth of changes in the Aye Aye! Patch, it’s highly likely that any existing multiplayer campaign saves you have will no longer work. If you’re midway through a multiplayer campaign therefore, and wish to continue, we’re keeping the Reinforcement Update (the last major patch) live under the Betas tab in Steam. This will enable you to conclude your multiplayer campaign before updating the game from the Reinforcement Update to the Aye Aye! Patch.
  37. New multiplayer campaigns begun when both players have the Aye Aye! Patch installed will work as normal. Single player campaign saves are unaffected, and any you have from before the Aye Aye! Patch will be compatible with the updated game.
  39. Campaign Changes
  40. Heinrich Kemmler Start Position Update
  41. Moved Heinrich Kemmler to Blackstone Post in Mortal Empire with new faction The Barrow Legion, removing him from the Vampire Counts faction
  42. Made Kemmler’s army immune to non-vampire territory attrition
  43. Made Blackstone Post capital of Northern Grey Mountains province in Mortal Empires
  44. Added base level of Vampiric Corruption to Northern Grey Mountains, Bastonne and Forest of Arden provinces
  45. Campaign Map Changes
  46. Added Heart of the Jungle province and Bowmen of Oreon AI faction to Mortal Empires campaign
  47. Added Land of the Dervishes province and Sudenburg AI faction to Mortal Empires campaign
  48. Adjusted other provinces and settlements to accommodate these changes
  49. Added Chupayotl settlement to the Headhunter’s Jungle province in Mortal Empires campaign (owned by Lokhir Fellheart)
  50. Added The Galleon’s Graveyard province to both Eye of the Vortex & Mortal Empires campaign
  51. Faction Select and Ordering Changes
  52. Re-ordered factions in the campaign faction select screen: base game factions shown first, followed by the newest DLC in order, or WH2 then WH1 factions
  53. Re-ordered factions in the Custom Battle faction select dropdown menu to match with campaign’s new ordering
  54. Re-ordered factions end-turn ordering, to match with the faction selection screen when starting a new campaign; playable factions go first, followed by minor factions, followed by other unique faction types
  55. Legendary Lord and Faction Bonus Changes
  56. High Elves
  58. Tyrion
  59. Faction:
  60. +30 diplomacy with High Elf factions NEW
  61. -100% build time on Shrine of Khaine building chain NEW
  62. Lord:
  63. +3 recruit rank for Lothern Sea Guard NEW
  64. Dark Elves
  66. Morathi
  67. Faction:
  68. -50% upkeep for Heroes and Hero action costs (CHANGED FROM -50% hero action cost)
  69. -25% Construction cost for Sorcery buildings (moved from Lord to Faction effects)
  70. Skaven
  72. Tretch
  73. Lord:
  74. +13 MA during ambushes (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
  75. +13 MA after retreating (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
  76. Skarsnik
  77. Lord:
  78. +14 Charge Bonus Night Goblin Squig Hoppers NEW
  79. Vampire Counts
  81. Heinrich Kemmler
  82. Faction:
  83. Suitable climate mountains NEW
  84. +30 diplomacy Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos NEW
  85. -25% raise dead cost REMOVED
  86. -50% upkeep necromancers (UP FROM -25%)
  87. Helman Ghorst
  88. Faction:
  89. +30% Research (UP FROM+10%) – also moved to correct Faction effect position now)
  90. +3 Corpse cart recruit rank NEW
  91. +12 Corpse cart Charge Bonus NEW
  92. Lord:
  93. Poison Attacks (moved to correct Lord effect position now)
  94. Isabella Von Carstein
  95. Faction:
  96. +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
  97. Lord:
  98. Undying Love +15 MA and MD when Vlad and Isabella reinforce each other (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
  99. Mannfred Von Carstein
  100. Faction:
  101. +10% movement range (UP FROM+5%)
  102. +2 recruit rank Grave Guard and Black Knights (UP FROM+1)
  103. -15% upkeep Grave guard (UP FROM-10%)
  104. +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
  105. Lord:
  106. +30 WoM reserves NEW
  107. +10 leadership vs Men (UP FROM+5)
  108. Vlad Von Carstein
  109. Faction:
  110. +10% movement range (UP FROM +5%)
  111. +1 Blood Kiss on campaign start NEW
  112. +30 diplomacy with Arkhan the Black, all Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast factions NEW
  113. Lord:
  114. Undying Love: +15 MA and MD when Vlad and Isabella reinforce each other (moved from Faction to Lord effects)
  115. Norsca
  117. Throgg
  118. Faction:
  119. +15% Physical Resistance for Trolls (UP FROM +10%)
  120. -20% upkeep for Trolls (UP FROM -15%)
  121. Wulfrik
  122. Faction:
  123. -15% upkeep for Marauders (UP FROM -10%)
  124. Lord:
  125. +30% reinforcement range (UP FROM +20%)
  126. Bretonnia
  128. Alberic
  129. Faction:
  130. -1 recruitment time for cavalry NEW
  131. +25% income from trade (UP FROM +5%)
  132. Lord:
  133. +10 MD knights of the realm (UP FROM +5)
  134. Louen Leoncoeur
  135. Faction:
  136. +50% aura size all characters when attacking (UP FROM +25%)
  137. Lord:
  138. +8 MA vs enemies of The Lady NEW
  139. +12 Leadership vs enemies of The Lady NEW
  140. Empire
  142. Balthasar Gelt
  143. Faction:
  144. -50% upkeep reduction battle wizards (UP FROM-25%)
  145. +2 wizard agent cap (UP FROM+1)
  146. Lord:
  147. -20% Winds of Magic cost NEW
  148. +10% artillery missile damage NEW
  149. Whiter grill, no less chill NEW
  150. Karl Franz
  151. Faction:
  152. +10% movement range (UP FROM+5%)
  153. -15% Reiksguard and Greatswords upkeep (UP FROM-10%)
  154. +30 diplomacy with Empire factions (UP FROM+10) – moved to correct Faction effects position now
  155. Lord:
  156. +8 Leadership (UP FROM+2)
  157. Volkmar
  158. Faction:
  159. -30% upkeep Flagellants (UP FROM -15%)
  160. +20% ancillary drop chance (UP FROM+10%)
  161. Lord:
  162. +30% casualty replenishment Flagellants NEW
  163. +12% Physical Resistance Flagellants NEW
  164. +14 MD Flagellants NEW
  165. Greenskins
  167. Grimgor
  168. Faction:
  169. +10% Movement Range (UP FROM+5%)
  170. -15% upkeep Black Orcs (UP FROM-10%)
  171. Lord:
  172. +12 leadership Black Orcs (UP FROM+6)
  173. +10 Armour Black Orcs (UP FROM+5)
  174. +30% post-battle loot NEW
  175. Azhag
  176. Faction:
  177. +25% Sacking income (UP FROM+10%)
  178. +25% Research (UP FROM+10%)
  179. -1 Construction time (settlements) NEW
  180. -25% Construction cost (settlements) NEW
  181. Lord:
  182. +75% aura size (UP FROM+15%)
  183. Wurrzag
  184. Lord:
  185. -50% recruit cost Savage Orcs NEW
  186. Dwarfs
  188. Thorgrim
  189. Faction:
  190. -25% military recruitment building cost (UP FROM -10%)
  191. +3 recruit rank Hammerers (UP FROM+1)
  192. +30 diplomacy with Dwarfs NEW
  193. -15% upkeep Hammerers and Longbeards (UPFROM -10%)
  194. Lord:
  195. +75% aura size (UP FROM+15%)
  196. Ungrim
  197. Faction:
  198. -50% Slayer recruitment cost (UP FROM -25%)
  199. -75% construction cost Slayer & Landmark Buildings NEW
  200. Lord:
  201. +10 MA Slayers (UP FROM +6)
  202. +30% casualty replenishment Slayers NEW
  203. -25% upkeep Slayers (moved from Faction effects)
  204. Belegar
  205. Lord:
  206. +10 leadership VS Skaven and Greenskins NEW
  207. +30% Tunnel evasion chance REMOVED
  208. Grombindal
  209. Faction:
  210. +60% tunnel evasion chance (UP FROM+40%)
  211. +20% WS all units vs Elves NEW
  212. Lord:
  213. +10 army leadership NEW
  214. +50% reinforcement range (UP FROM (+30%)
  215. Chaos
  217. Archaon
  218. Faction:
  219. +10 Chaos Warrior leadership (UP FROM +5)
  220. -30% recruit cost Chaos Warriors (UP FROM -15%)
  221. -30 diplomacy with all faction (UP FROM -20)
  222. Lord:
  223. +50% Raze income (UP FROM+25%)
  224. +5% Ward Save for all units (CHANGED FROM Chaos Knights only physical resistance)
  225. Kholek Suneater
  226. Faction:
  227. +4 chaos corruption NEW
  228. -60% recruitment cost Dragon Ogres (UP FROM -50%)
  229. Lord:
  230. -30 upkeep dragon ogres (CHANGED FROM-30% recruit cost)
  231. +8% Speed Elven units REMOVED
  232. Sigvald
  233. Faction:
  234. +15 Armour for Lords and embedded Heroes (UP FROM+10)
  235. +15 leadership VS Men (UP FROM+5)
  236. Lord:
  237. +3 Horde growth (UP FROM+1)
  238. -60% Marauder upkeep NEW
  239. +3 Marauder recruit rank NEW
  240. Wood Elves
  242. Durthu
  243. Lord:
  244. +10 Charge Bonus for Dryads, Tree Kin, Tree Men NEW
  245. -30% upkeep Dryads, Tree Kin, Tree Men NEW
  246. Orion
  247. Faction:
  248. -15% upkeep for all cavalry CHANGED FROMjust Wildwood Riders -20% upkeep
  249. Lord:
  250. +8 Charge Bonus Wild Riders NEW
  251. +20% WS Wild Riders NEW
  252. Beastmen
  254. Khazrak
  255. Faction:
  256. +40% Raid bonus (UP FROM+10%)
  257. +10 Leadership vs Men (UP FROM+5)
  258. Lord:
  259. -30% upkeep Bestigors NEW
  260. +3 recruit rank Bestigors NEW
  261. -50% recruit cost Bestigors (UP FROM-30%)
  262. Malagor
  263. Faction:
  264. +2 Bray Shaman cap (UP FROM+1)
  265. +30 diplomacy with Beastmen factions (UP FROM+20)
  266. +2 horde growth NEW
  267. Lord:
  268. +3 Bray Shaman recruit rank (UP FROM+1)
  269. -8% enemy replenishment (local province) NEW
  270. -8 enemy leadership (local province) NEW
  271. Morghur
  272. Faction:
  273. +30% upkeep Minotaurs (DOWN FROM+40%)
  274. -30% Spawn upkeep (DOWN FROM-40%)
  275. +3 Chaos Corruption spread (UP FROM+2)
  276. Lord:
  277. +12% Chaos territory attrition (UP FROM+8%)
  278. +8 spawn MD NEW
  279. +20% missile resistance for Spawn NEW
  280. Vampire Count Changes
  281. Vampire Count Heroes
  282. Moved Wight King to level 2 Binding Circle building chain from level 3
  283. Added +2 Wight King Hero rank to level 3 Binding Circle building chain
  284. Added ability to recruit Necromancer Heroes to level 2 Boneyard building chain
  285. Added +1 Necromancer Hero rank to level 3 Boneyard building chain
  286. Added +2 Necromancer Hero rank to level 4 Necromancy building chain
  287. Vampire Count Mounts
  288. Reduced all Nightmare and Barded Nightmare mounts to be unlocked at level 5
  289. Reduced all Hellsteed mounts to be unlocked at level 10
  290. Reduced all Zombie Dragon mount to be unlocked at level 20
  291. Reduced all Corpse Cart mounts to be unlocked at level 10
  292. Reduced all Corpse Cart (Balefire) mounts to be unlocked at level 13
  293. Reduced all Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone) mounts to be unlocked at level 16
  294. Heinrich Kemmler can now unlock Barded Nightmare mount
  295. Vampire Count Techs
  296. Added 3 new techs:
  297. Rotten Flesh
  298. The Ravenous Dead – Includes new ability “The Ravenous Dead”
  299. Unnatural Strength
  300. Added effects to all four initial branching techs
  301. The Book of Arkhan
  302. Liber Necronomica
  303. De Noirot’s Blasphemous Bestiary
  304. The Lahmian Book of Blood
  305. Reworked, reduced research time and reordered numerous techs relating to Zombies and Skeletons within the Book of Arkhan tech branch
  306. Increased Enshrine Ancient Lords attrition bonus to 30%
  307. General Campaign Changes and Fixes
  308. Blessed Spawnings for Lizardmen now trigger as intended.
  309. Loyalty Dilemmas for Dark Elves now trigger. In some cases they may now trigger too often – we are currently balancing their frequency.
  310. Fixed several rare end-turn crashes
  311. Fixed a rare instance where the player could end turn before the campaign flyover had finished resulting in a crash
  312. The Tier 3 and Tier 4 Dark Elf entertainment buildings can now be constructed by those who do not own The Queen and The Crone
  313. Fortress Games, Skavenblight, Hell Pit and Occupied Elven Colonies can now be upgraded by those who do not own Tomb Kings
  314. Sisters of Slaughter are now recruited from Tier 3 Halls of Ravaging
  315. Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Spearmen are now available to recruit from the Infantry Level 1 building Open Graves
  316. Lords will now correctly be removed from the army when wounded by attrition
  317. Fixed various instances of lines in diplomacy being delivered without consideration for the character’s gender
  318. Fixed a rare instance where ambushes could be discovered when armies were not near the ambush
  319. Thorgrim’s Grudge Against Undead skill now also applies to Tomb Kings
  320. The overcast version of Command of the Unliving has been added to campaign
  321. Fixed all engage_force_army_invading mission conditions so they will now trigger
  322. Fixed Hellebron’s early game mission to upgrade Har Ganeth to point at the correct region
  323. Fixed Alarielle’s early game mission to upgrade Gaean Vale with the correct building requirements
  324. Boris Todbringer now has access to Imperial Pegasus and Imperial Griffon mounts in campaign
  325. Boris Todbringer now has Middenland Runefang & White Cloak of Ulric as starting campaign magic items
  326. Moved Clan Eshin faction leader to Axlotl from Marks of the Old Ones settlement in Mortal Empires campaign
  327. Clan Eshin now has control of Axlotl settlement from the start of the Mortal Empires campaign
  328. Reduced the initial army strength of the Southern Sentinels in the Vortex campaign
  329. Skeggi’s landmark building can once again be constructed
  330. High Elf wood resource buildings now also affect Shadow Warriors and Sisters of Avelorn
  331. Dark Elf pasture resource buildings now also affect Doomfire Warlocks
  332. Dark Elf medicine resource buildings now also affect Sisters of Slaughter
  333. Bretonnia can now construct their own variant of the Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia
  334. The Archecclesiatium of Myrmidia now gives more corruption reduction and public order
  335. The Couronne Tournament Grounds income is no longer affected by Farm buildings
  336. The Tower of Hoeth correctly applies its bonuses to Swordmasters and Battle Wizards now
  337. The Dark Elf ‘Daylight Denied’ technology now affects the income of the correct buildings
  338. The Dark Elf ‘Harnessed Fury’ technology now also affects Kharibdyss units
  339. The Dark Elf ‘Hardship & Cruelty’ and ‘Masters of Murder’ technologies now also affect Doomfire Warlock units
  340. Various High Elf technologies now also affect Sisters of Avelorn and Shadow Warriors
  341. The Vampire ‘Decipher Nehekhara Manuscripts’ and ‘Incantations of Nagash’ now properly increase the income of the associated buildings
  342. The Vampire ‘Vampiric Revivification’ and ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ no longer incorrectly affect Blood Knights
  343. Altdorf now has a proper garrison when occupied by Dwarfs or Greenskins
  344. The Pyramid of Nagash now has a proper garrison when occupied by Skaven, Lizardmen or Dark Elves
  345. Increased priority of High Elf Dragon Princes, Bolt Throwers and Chariots in garrisons
  346. Fixed Wulfrik’s innate reinforcement range bonus being applied twice
  347. Fixed some Norsca events using Chaos event pictures instead of Norsca specific ones
  348. Fixed a number of effects that were not applying to the correct unit rank restrictions
  349. Fixed army upkeep penalty not showing for Norsca
  350. Fixed Dark Elf Sorceress (Beasts) Hero using Lord magic skills
  351. Fixed Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress (Death) Lord using Hero magic skills
  352. Fixed Tomb Kings Tahoth rite not applying unit recruitment rank bonus in local recruitment
  353. Fixed Alarielle’s Spiritual Defender applying melee defence instead of melee attack to Sisters of Avelorn units
  354. Fixed Warriors of Chaos quests not triggering if the advisor was not available
  355. Fixed the Dark Elf Assassin ‘Shroud of Darkness’ skill not reducing vigour loss correctly
  356. Fixed the Handmaiden’s ‘Resistant’ trait not applying its effects properly
  357. Fixed Avelorn Treemen/Dryads/Treekin and Shadow Walkers recruitment issues
  358. Fixed Strigoi Terrorgheist mount transferring issue
  359. Fixed missing Immortality skill on Norsca Marauder Chieftains
  360. Fixed missing attrition immunity for some Norsca units
  361. Changed sacking bonus to razing bonus in the Eye Opens Wider dilemma for Warriors of Chaos
  362. Changed Heinrich Kemmler’s Chaos Tomb Blade effects, removing the Skeleton Warriors upkeep reduction and replacing it with Chaos attrition immunity
  363. Fixed Norsca ritual armies being able to occupy settlements
  364. Fixed a rare soft lock where Alarielle’s Star of Avelorn quest would not start if she had been confederated
  365. Brayherds and Waaaghs no longer feature Lords and Heroes as regular units
  366. Fixed a rare case where the player could not declare war on the Crooked Moon Mutinous Gits faction if they had re-emerged
  367. Fixed Kholek’s unique skill and quest item not applying replenishment bonus correctly
  368. Fixed Tree Spirit building chain not appearing in Crag Halls of Findol
  369. Fixed Forest Spirit building chain not appearing in Wydrioth
  370. Fixed Slayer shrine tier 5 having lower untainted effect than tier 4 building
  371. Fixed inconsistent population requirements for Wood Elf settlements, Savage Orc minor settlements, and Savage Orc and Norscan occupied settlements (Black Crag, Karak Eight Peaks, Karaz-a-Karak)
  372. Fixed Norsca technologies granting immortality to all characters (including garrison commanders) rather than distinguishing between Lords and Heroes
  373. Fixed Wurrzag’s Squiggly Beast stage 2 mission not accepting other Night Goblin variants
  374. Fixed a number of minor settlements having more than 4 building slots
  375. Fixed Wood Elf technology ‘Lileath, the Maiden’ not applying magic resistance to all units
  376. Reinstated upgraded version of Command of the Living for Strigoi Ghoul Kings
  377. Unit stats now show context bonuses (e.g. improved Melee Attack when fighting against Bretonnia) when appropriate on the pre-battle screen in campaign
  378. The Rite of Sotek can now be unlocked by winning defensive ambush battles
  379. Fixed inconsistencies in Bretonnian Warhorse mount naming
  380. Fixed Grombrindal’s Cloak of Valaya quest battle pre-battle screen not showing any enemy units
  381. Fixed Morathi’s quest chain getting stuck on an incompatible rite if she had been confederated into Crone Hellebron’s faction
  382. Frosty Beginnings mission should no longer trigger for Crone Hellebron is she is at war with the faction
  383. Fixed Norsca not being able to occupy settlements that were added in recent patches
  384. Phrase ‘Pirate Booty’ now freely interchangeable with ‘Pirate Dooty’
  385. Fixed an issue where loading an autosave after confederating as Norsca on legendary difficulty would not save the confederation
  386. Fixed an instance in the event feed where Brayherds could be referred to as Waaaghs
  387. Dark Elves now receive event messages when a Black Ark building is constructed or demolished
  388. Morghur’s Stave of Ruinous Corruption quest will now correctly proceed when the quest is aborted as a result of the Greenskins faction being destroyed
  389. As Warriors of Chaos, awakening a tribe in a region that was under rebellion no longer produces amalgamations of unimaginable horror
  390. Adjusted Campaigner trait so that it will no longer trigger when close to the faction capital
  391. Vlad’s Blood Drinker quest stage two has been changed to defeat an Empire army
  392. Dwarf campaigns will no longer start with -36 public order in their home province
  393. Changed the skill ‘Renowned & Feared’ to be gender-neutral so that it makes sense in both male and female characters’ skill trees
  394. Clicking on the resources in the Mortuary Cult to zoom to the nearest one should now work correctly for all resources
  395. Norscan garrison leaders can no longer be wounded and subsequently return from duty
  396. The second and third tier slave building chain for Norsca now correctly give bonuses to sacking
  397. The Norscan tech ‘Longer Hulls’ will now correctly give 10% bonus to sacking
  398. Players can no longer declare war on their own Blood Voyage
  399. Shadow Walkers and Shadow Warriors will no longer gain the 10% missile resistance of Favourable Winds prior to rank 7
  400. Skaven factions are no longer invisible to the player after being vassalised
  401. Alith Anar will no longer trigger an advisor message about Dark Elves when none are present
  402. The advisor now correctly shows for Vlad and Isabella
  403. The advisor will no longer incorrectly trigger when playing as Skaven informing the player of technologies being available when there are none
  404. The faction summary for Naggarond will now show the correct faction symbol when referencing Exiles of Nehek
  405. Fixed an issue with Kislev names not displaying properly
  406. Added a tooltip to the Toggle Notification options on Lords and Heroes to clarify the functionality better
  407. The tooltip for amber will no longer advise the player to demolish buildings to regain amber when the only buildings that require amber cannot be demolished
  408. Tooltips will no longer stay stuck on screen when turning a locked overlay on and exiting the overlay screen
  409. The Skaven mission Evil Knsqueevel will now ask the player to recruit a Doomwheel rather than a Chariot
  410. Fimir Balefiend skill Power Drain has been renamed Magical Reserves to better reflect its functionality
  411. Fixed a typo in Alith Anar’s Spectre skill
  412. Fixed a typo in Arkhan the Black’s flyover
  413. Fixed a typo in Tyrion’s Dragon Armour of Anarion quest battle event message
  414. Fixed a typo in Vlad von Carstein’s Blood drinker quest chain
  415. Fixed a typo with the magical item Pigeon Plucker Pendant
  416. Fixed edge-cases in AI vs AI autoresolver which favoured one side too much
  417. Fixed a typo on the Pearl of Infinite Darkness
  418. AI is now far less likely to construct two of the same building in the same province
  419. Port settlements will now show a port icon on the city info bar
  420. Vampiric Corruption will no longer overlap in the tooltip at certain percentages
  421. Kilhar the Tormentor will no longer stand in a T-pose on the campaign map
  422. Fixed a typo in the Forbidden Library flavour text
  423. Norscan long-term victory message should be more relevant to the faction now
  424. Fixed typos in Lucky Skullhelm’s flavour text
  425. Confederating as Norsca by defeating a faction lord will no longer results in the incorrect even message from being displayed
  426. Fixed a typo in the Gathering of Might skill tooltip
  427. Fixed an anomaly with the autoresolve bar display resetting in strength when adding more units
  428. Added income to Bretonnian settlements
  429. The button to disband the lord in the Character Details panel is now greyed out for Legendary Lords
  430. Fixed an issue where Malagor’s entire army could be lost if he was wounded
  431. Gor Grazen will no longer load the Shrine of Khaine battle from campaign
  432. General Battle Changes and Fixes
  433. Added a new Host Spectator toggle to multiplayer battles, in order to improve Tournament battle viewing and broadcasts. In this mode, the host can set up the battle but not join it as a contestant. When the match begins, the Host can freely spectate while the battle between players commences. This mode is currently in beta.
  434. Host has visibility over armies of all players
  435. The host and all players must ready-up in order for the battle to commence
  436. Currently, AI armies cannot be assigned to player slots
  437. Currently additional spectators cannot be added to the battle
  438. Fixed some rare battle crashes
  439. Added The Barrow Legion faction to custom battles
  440. Reinforcements should now enter the battlefield from the expected direction
  441. The timer in replays will now count up rather than down
  442. Fixed an issue where the game could freeze and crash when hovering over “Multishot Ammunition” on Reaper Bolt Throwers
  443. Updated War Hydra and Kharibdyss unit category descriptions
  444. Reduced likelihood of artillery marching towards greenskin and high elf towers when given an attack order against these towers
  445. AI will now use Realm of Souls Ushabti and Menace from Below on non-ranged/artillery units
  446. If The Menace Below is used inside a settlement as the attacker, the towers will no longer fire inside the settlement
  447. Encourage attribute has been added to Goblin Great Shaman when mounted on a Giant Wolf
  448. Encourage attribute has been added to Night Goblin Shaman
  449. Norsca units (Trolls, Frost Wyrm and Manticore) now have siege attacker attribute
  450. Malekith now has the siege attacker attribute when on a dragon mount
  451. High Elf dragon mounts now correctly show the siege attacker icon
  452. Chanted “Decapods” thrice into a mirror while turning around and OH MIGHTY SIGMAR LOOK AT THE MESS WE’RE IN
  453. Fixed issue with siege attacker icon not appearing for High Elf lords mounted on dragons in custom battles
  454. Wulfrik now correctly has 15% missile resistance when mounted on his mammoth
  455. High Elf Noble will no longer incorrectly do damage on collision
  456. Added missing loading screen quotes for some units
  457. Ulthuan battle maps will no longer incorrectly be used when fighting in Badlands area of the Vortex campaign map
  458. Fireball can no longer be cast without it costing Winds of Magic and ignoring its cooldown
  459. Fixed scale of Wood Elf Heroes
  460. Fixed an issue where Beastmen models would appear too large compared to the Razorgor Chariot they were occupying
  461. Zooming limits adjusted – min camera height is lower, allowing for a ground-level cinematic angle, and max cam height is 17% higher, allowing for a slightly wider overview
  462. Lords on flying mounts should now respond correctly to movement orders after being interrupted or knocked back during duels
  463. Fixed an issue where invalid movement orders could be issued on several siege maps
  464. Heinrich Kemmler now has his Krell summon ability in his quest battles played via the front end
  465. Alith Anar will now use a Giant Eagle in his Moonbow quest when started from the front end to match the campaign starting army
  466. Rage is no longer removed when disabling Foe-Seeker or Fight or Die! from Marauder Chieftain Lord in custom or multiplayer battle
  467. Bjarke Black Raider will now display the correct model
  468. Dark Elf Manticore’s faceplate is now positioned correctly
  469. Templehof Luminark now displays the correct model and VFX when destroyed
  470. Fixed a graphical stretching issue shown on Dark Elf Manticore’s legs
  471. Fixed an issue where the Supreme Sorceress would clip through the seat on the Manticore mount
  472. Fixed an issue where Ushabti’s heads could show as small triangles when zoomed out
  473. Fixed an issue with Necropolis Knights where the main body would clip through the head
  474. Fixed an issue where Lothern Sea Guards shield’s kelp would not display correctly
  475. Blood should no longer appears as vertical lines on the Hydra and Kharibdyss’s necks
  476. Blood will no longer disappear on ranged units’s bows during their firing animations
  477. The Kharibdyss heads should no longer be so offset during the Kharibdyss matched animation
  478. Fixed various issues with elf units when weapon switching, which included weapons flickering or disappearing and holding swords and bows at the same time
  479. Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow) and Raven Heralds (Repeater Crossbow) will no longer change their bow model during their firing animations
  480. Pistoliers, Outriders and Outriders (Grenade Launcher) will no longer swap their sword between their hand and hip while idling
  481. Mounted Yeoman will no longer change their bow model during their firing animations
  482. Dark Riders (Shields) will now hold their shields correctly during charges
  483. The Handmaiden’s spear will no longer detatch from her hand during some attack animations
  484. The Blessed Legion of Phakth will no longer incorrectly hold spears and shields when the user is zoomed out a great distance from the unit
  485. Fixed an animation synching issue during Helstorm Rocket Battery’s firing animation
  486. Fixed an issue where low tier Empire and Bretonnia units would play the wrong animation during a moving attack
  487. Fixed an issue where Morghur would occasionally use a whip when attacking
  488. The Kharibdyss’s main head will no longer snap during any attacks
  489. The Kharibdyss will no longer cross its jaw during sweeping attacks
  490. Increased shadow map resolution on medium, high and ultra settings
  491. Added collision to some buildings that lacked it on Khemri siege map
  492. Troops will now hide correctly in the Khazid Irkulaz map
  493. Fixed an area in Eagle Gate map where troops could not be deployed
  494. Fixed multiple instances of floating walls and props on Port Elistor siege map
  495. The walls are no longer slightly floating above the terrain in the Ancient City of Quintex siege map
  496. Props will no longer flicker on Karak Zorn siege map
  497. Fixed an issue with the lighting in Kazark Izor siege map
  498. Ruination of Cities will no longer appear textureless
  499. Fixed some smoke VFX that appeared to be 2D
  500. VFX will now be properly displayed when the Sunmaker is destroyed
  501. Norscan Warhounds are now using the correct unit card
  502. The Branchwraith provided in the army for Sword of Daith stage one quest battle will no longer use the incorrect unit card
  503. Upgraded spells with a -15% miscast chance will now display the miscast chance in the tooltip
  504. Frost Breath now has the correct tooltip
  505. Sound will now correctly play when clicking on the unit info arrows in custom battle
  506. Wood Elf and High Elf archers will no longer swap bow models when firing Artillery will no longer be able to shoot beyond its intended range when forcing it to shoot at the ground
  507. Framerate drops should be less frequent during battle when units appear or abilities are used
  508. Lothern Sea Guards (Shields) should now correctly display on their backs when they are in missile mode
  509. Wood Elf and High Elf lords’ swords will no longer disappear and reappear during their firing animations when mounted on horses
  510. Individual archer units should no longer be killing an excessive number of enemies compared to the same units in the army
  511. Heroes will no longer die when flying over a wall that gets destroyed
  512. Order and movement VO no longer play as a spectator in multiplayer battles
  513. Order and movement VO no longer play during replays
  514. Projectiles now correctly show VFX when projectile trails are set to off
  515. Audio Changes and Fixes
  516. Reworked group vocalisation system and added new assets for most humanoid units:
  517. Blood Knights thirst for blood more
  518. Bretonnians (Knights and Peasants) are now overly honourable
  519. Dark Elves (Male, Female, and Witch Elves) are now extra malevolent
  520. Dwarfs now hold even more grudges
  521. Empire State Troops are now more disciplined
  522. Goblins are now extra stabby
  523. High Elves (Male and Female) have increased in arrogance
  524. Orcs now Waaagh! harder than ever
  525. Warriors Chaos and Norscans (Chosen, Marauders, and Chaos Warriors) worship the Dark Gods more intensely
  526. Wood Elves (Male and Female) are now wilder
  527. Tweaked and improved Individual Vocalisations
  528. New assets for Chaos (Chosen, Marauders, Chaos Warriors), Dwarfs and Ghost Horses
  529. Improved distinction between roars and screams for animations (battle and campaign), and retagged animations to use the suitable events
  530. Tweaked probabilities of individual vocalisations triggering
  531. Legendary Lords have all received the new Cinematic Kit 2 impact sounds for their melee attacks, appropriate to their weapon or attack of choice
  532. Improved the audio mix when music is enabled
  533. Rebalanced the mix of multiple larger creatures
  534. Improved the audio feedback on the magic and ability targeting
  535. Reduced spamming of targeting UI sound when moving between targets
  536. Reduced cannonball impact spam
  537. Blasting Charge limiting updated
  538. Reworked Empire and Norsca battle environment ambience
  539. Set Alarielle, Alith Anar, and Crone Hellebron’s campaign lord details panel VO to 2D
  540. Front End ambiences now crossfade when switching between backgrounds
  541. Front End lord portrait videos now play once at full volume, then reduce volume for subsequent loops
  542. Malekith has had a bit of a lie down, is feeling much better now thank you, and will no longer scream incessantly in raiding stance
  543. Sound will now correctly play when clicking on the unit info arrows in custom battle
  544. Character and Unit Balancing
  545. Beastmen
  546. Malagor: +400 mass, +1 run speed, +100 mp cost, +10 melee attack, +10 melee defence, +10 ap melee damage, +15 base melee damage.
  547. Gorebull: +200 mass, +5% hit reaction ignore chance, +5% knock interrupt ignore chance. No longer has terrain penalties in Shallow Water.
  548. Khazrak – Razorgor Chariot: +10 armour
  549. Morghur: +50 mass
  550. Feral Manticore: -100 cost
  551. Gor Herd (dual): -50 mp cost
  552. Minotaurs: -50 cost
  553. Minotaurs (Shields): -100 cost
  554. Minotaurs (Great Weapons): -100 cost
  555. Razorgor Herd: -50 cost
  556. Giant: +35 ap melee damage, +15 base melee damage, +1 splash attack max targets
  557. Dwarfs
  558. Belegar: -50 mp cost
  559. Runelord: +50 mp cost
  560. Grombrindal: -100 mp cost
  561. Thorgrim: -50 mp cost
  562. Thane: +4 melee defence
  563. Bugman’s Rangers: -2 health per entity
  564. Hammerers: +2 health per entity
  565. Peak Gate Guard: +2 health per entity
  566. Gyrobomber: +200 health, +20 clattergun ammo
  567. Skyhammer: +200 health, +20 clattergun ammo
  568. Quarrellers (GW): +2 melee defence
  569. Greenskins
  570. Skarsnik: +300 mass
  571. Grimgor: +600 mass, +5 armour, +7 melee defence.
  572. Night Goblin Shaman: added encourage
  573. Goblin Great Shaman – Wolf: added encourage
  574. Night Goblin Archers: -25 cost
  575. Night Goblin Archers – Fanatics: -25 cost
  576. Squig Herd: +10 health per entity
  577. Orc Boar Chariot: +4 melee attack
  578. Savage Orc Boar Boyz Big Uns: now truly Bigga’ and ‘Arder with +5 bonus vs. large, -2 charge bonus.
  579. Giant: +35 ap melee damage, +15 base melee damage, +1 splash attack max targets
  580. Empire
  581. Royal Altdorf Gryphites: +50 cost, +8 health per entity, -2 charge bonus
  582. Demigryph Knights (Halberds): +8 health per entity, -2 charge bonus
  583. Demigryph Knights (Lances): +8 health per entity, +2 melee defence
  584. Helblaster Volley Gun: -50 mp cost
  585. Helstorm Rocket Battery: -100 mp cost
  586. Captain: -50 mp cost
  587. Crossbowmen: -25 cost
  588. Pistoliers: +8 charge bonus, +2 melee attack
  589. Witch Hunter: -10 ammo
  590. Greatswords: +2 leadership
  591. Halberdiers: +2 leadership
  592. Spearmen (no shields): +2 bonus vs large
  593. Steam Tank: +3 bonus vs infantry, +35 ap melee damage, +5 base melee damage
  594. Knights of the Blazing Sun: +1 ap melee damage, -1 base melee damage
  595. Great Cannon: improved accuracy
  596. Dark Elves
  597. Malekith: +300 mass on foot
  598. Sorceress (all) – Cold One mount: -50 mp cost
  599. War Hydra: -150 cost
  600. Chill of Sontar: -50 cost, Frost Breath is no longer flaming.
  601. Kharibdyss: +5 bonus vs large
  602. Feral Manticore: -100 cost
  603. Supreme Sorceress (all) – foot & dark steed: +150 mp cost
  604. Supreme Sorceress (all) – cold one: +50 mp cost
  605. Supreme Sorceress (all) – dark Pegasus: +100 mp cost
  606. Doomfire Warlocks: -1 health per entity, +100 cost.
  607. Slaanesh’s Harvesters: -1 health per entity, +100 cost.
  608. Sisters of Slaughter: -1 melee attack, -1 melee defence.
  609. Cold One Knights: -12 charge bonus, +8 melee attack, +2 melee defence.
  610. Dread Knights: -6 charge bonus, +4 melee attack, +2 melee defence.
  611. Knights of the Ebon Claw: -6 charge bonus, +4 melee attack, +2 melee defence.
  612. Shades (all): +2 health per entity
  613. High Elves
  614. The Fireborn: -50 mp cost, -5 physical resistance
  615. Dragon Princes: -50 mp cost, -5 physical resistance
  616. Silver Helms (both): +4 charge bonus
  617. Handmaiden: -50 mp cost, increased projectile speed, increased projectile penetration
  618. Sisters of Avelorn: +2 ap missile damage, -2 base missile damage
  619. Everqueen’s Court Guards: +2 ap missile damage, -2 base missile damage
  620. The Grey: -100 mp cost
  621. Storm Riders: -50 mp cost
  622. Tyrion: +100 mp cost, -2 melee attack, +90 ap melee damage, -110 base melee damage.
  623. Alarielle – Eagle: -8 melee attack
  624. Alith Anar: projectile slightly more accurate, increased projectile penetration.
  625. Tiranoc Chariot: added Martial Prowess, -4 melee defence
  626. Ithilmar Chariot: added Martial Prowess, -4 melee defence
  627. Bretonnia
  628. Blessed Field Trebuchet: -50 mp cost
  629. Field Trebuchet: -50 mp cost
  630. Alberic: -100 mp cost
  631. Fay Enchantress: direct damage aura deals 20% less damage.
  632. Lord – foot, warhorse, Pegasus: -50 mp cost
  633. Foot Squires: +25 mp cost
  634. Green Knight: +4 melee attack, +2 melee defence
  635. Battle Pilgrims: +1 melee defence
  636. Holy Wardens of La Maisontaal: +1 melee defence
  637. Lizardmen
  638. Cold Blooded: Now stops rampage and gives +16 leadership. No longer has max uses, removed stat penalties and healing.
  639. Cold One Riders: Added Primal Instincts ability, +50 mp cost, -10 charge bonus, +10 melee attack, +2 melee defence, +4 ap melee damage, +2 base melee damage.
  640. Cold One Spearriders: Added Primal Instincts ability, -10 charge bonus, +10 melee attack, +2 melee defence, +6 ap melee damage, +2 base melee damage.
  641. Horned Ones: -12 charge bonus, +6 melee attack, +2 melee defence, +6 ap melee damage, +2 base melee damage.
  642. Feral Cold Ones: -12 charge bonus, +5 melee attack, +2 melee defence, +4 ap melee damage, +2 base melee damage.
  643. Kroxigor: +5 ap melee damage, +1 base melee damage.
  644. Skink Skirmishers: +1 base missile damage
  645. Saurus Scar Veteran – cold one: -100 mp cost
  646. Ancient Stegadon: +3 bonus vs infantry, -50 cost
  647. Stegadon: +3 bonus vs infantry, -50 cost
  648. Feral Stegadon: +3 bonus vs infantry, -50 cost
  649. Carnosaurs: +3 melee attack
  650. Skink Chief – Stegadon & Ancient Stegadon: -100 mp cost
  651. Skink Priest (both) – Stegadon & Ancient Stegadon: -100 mp cost.
  652. Bastiladon (Rev. Crystal): -25 mp cost
  653. Lord Mazdamundi – Zlaaq: now uses Ancient Stegadon weapon strength.
  654. Lord Mazdamundi – Palanquin: + 516 health
  655. Slann Mage Priests: +2 melee defence, +516 health
  656. Saurus Spearmen: +2 melee defence
  657. Saurus Spearmen (Shields): +2 melee defence
  658. Saurus Warriors: +1 melee attack
  659. Saurus Warriors (Shields): +1 melee attack
  660. Temple Guard: +2 health per entity
  661. Vampire Counts
  662. Strigoi Ghoul King (foot): -100 mp cost
  663. Helman Ghorst – Corpse Cart: +400 health
  664. Vampire Lord – Nightmare: +10 armour
  665. Devils of Swartzhafen: +2 melee attack
  666. Vargheists: +2 melee attack
  667. Terrorgheist: -2 charge bonus
  668. Cairn Wraiths: +2 melee attack
  669. Crypt Horrors: +1 melee defence
  670. Mortis Engine: direct damage aura deals 20% less damage
  671. Warriors of Chaos
  672. Kholek: increased projectile intersection radius to 0.95, -5 armour, +100 mp cost
  673. Archaon: +100 cost, +145 ap melee damage, -205 base melee damage
  674. Sigvald: +20 missile block chance, +10 armour, +5 leadership
  675. Dragon Ogres: -50 cost
  676. Feral Manticore: -100 cost
  677. Chaos Giant: Giant: +35 ap melee damage, +15 base melee damage, +1 splash attack max targets
  678. Swords of Chaos: +2 ap melee damage, -2 base melee damage
  679. Chaos Knights: +2 ap melee damage
  680. Wood Elves
  681. Wildwood Rangers: -50 mp cost
  682. Wardancers RoR: -50 cost
  683. Wardens of Cythral: +50 mp cost
  684. Waywatchers RoR: -50 cost, -1 ammo
  685. Waywatchers: -1 ammo
  686. Waystalker: +17 melee attack, +3 melee defence, +15 ap melee damage.
  687. Treemen: +190 ap melee damage, -260 base melee damage.
  688. Ancient Treemen: +154 ap melee damage, -225 base melee damage.
  689. Sisters of the Thorn: +100 cost, -10% physical resistance.
  690. Norsca
  691. Feral Mammoth: increased acceleration, -1000 mass, -11 melee attack, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown (re-introduced collision damage for mammoths)
  692. War Mammoth: increased acceleration, -1500 mass, -12 melee attack, -2 melee defence, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown.
  693. War Mammoth (Warshrine): increaseed acceleration, -1000 mass, -12 melee attack, -2 melee defence, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown.
  694. Soulcrusher: increased acceleration, -1500 mass, -12 charge bonus, -12 melee attack, -2 melee defence, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown.
  695. Wulfrik – Mammoth: increased acceleration, -1500 mass, +15 missile resistance, -12 melee attack, -2 melee defence, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown.
  696. Marauder Chieftain – Mammoth: increased acceleration, -1500 mass, -12 charge bonus, -12 melee attack, -2 melee defence, -30 ap melee damage, +14 bonus vs infantry, +30 base melee damage, +4 collision attack max targets, 2 collision attack max targets cooldown.
  697. Feral Manticore: -100 mp cost
  698. Fimirs (Great Weapons): +50 mp cost
  699. Skinwolves: -50 mp cost
  700. Marauder Berserkers: -1 melee defence
  701. Brutes of the Hound: -1 melee defence
  702. Marauder Champions (Great Weapons): +2 melee defence
  703. Norscan Giant: +35 ap melee damage, +15 base melee damage, +1 splash attack max targets
  704. Frost Wyrm: Frost Breath is no longer flaming damage.
  705. Marauder Hunters (axes): increased projectile mass for more knockbacks
  706. Skaven
  707. Clanrat Spearmen: -25 cost
  708. Clanrat Spearmen (Shields): -25 cost
  709. Clanrats: -25 cost
  710. Clanrats (Shields): -25 cost
  711. Death Globe Bombardiers: -50 mp cost, +2 ammo
  712. Poison Wind Globadiers: -50 mp cost, +2 ammo
  713. Warpfire Throwers: -50 mp cost
  714. Hell Pit Abomination: +15 ap melee damage, +5 base melee damage, Summoned Skavenslave Spears now have Scurry Away and Strength in Numbers abilities.
  715. Warlord – Rat Ogre Bonebreaker: +400 health
  716. Queek Headtaker: +19 bonus vs. infantry
  717. Stormvermin (Halberds): +2 melee attack
  718. Tomb Kings
  719. Screaming Skull Catapult: -50 mp cost
  720. Casket of Souls: increased projectile accuracy
  721. Khatep – Casket of Souls: increased projectile accuracy
  722. Settra – Chariot of the Gods: +3 melee defence
  723. Necrosphinx: +200 health
  724. Sphinx of Usepkh: -200 health
  725. Sepulchral Stalkers: +1 melee attack, projectiles deal +1 ap melee damage each.
  726. Eyes of the Desert: +1 melee attack, projectiles deal +1 ap melee damage each.
  727. Battle Abilities Balancing
  728. Dreaded Thirteenth Spell: Summoned Stormvermin now have Scurry Away and Strength in Numbers abilities
  729. Soul Rain: increased ap explosion damage by 50%
  730. Soul Storm: increased ap explosion damage by 50%
  731. Soul Torrent: increased ap explosion damage by 50%
  732. Venom Staff: Increased ap explosion damage by +18
  733. Skarsnik’s Prodder: Venom Staff: Increased ap explosion damage by +18
  734. Comet of Casandora: +6 ap explosion damage
  735. Comet of Casandora Upgraded: +12 ap explosion damage
  736. Flame Storm: now drags entities towards it rather than pushing them away
  737. Vambraces of the Sun: now applies -22% flame weakness
  738. Shield of the Old Ones: Replaced 44% magic resistance with 22% Ward Save
  739. Pearl of Infinite Bleakness: added +8 leadership
  740. Dark Mail: changed to a passive self buff active in melee that adds +24 armour and +22% magic resistance
  741. Lance Formation: -12% charge speed, -10% acceleration, -10% deceleration
  742. Hunter of Champions: -1 melee defence
  743. Regrowth: Removed physical resistance, replaced with +100% vigour. Cost tweaks
  744. Regrowth Upgraded: Removed physical resistance, replaced with +100% vigour. Cost tweaks
  745. Shield of Thorns: Replaced missile resistance with 22% physical resistance. Reduced duration to 22 seconds
  746. Shield of Thorns Upgraded: Replaced missile resistance with 22% physical resistance. Reduced duration to 22 seconds. Reduced cost.
  747. Ballistics Calibration: reduced duration from 57 to 32
  748. Curse of Da Bad Moon: contact effect now reduces melee defence rather than melee attack
  749. Gork’ll Fix It: changed -24% movement speed to -48% movement speed, no longer affects vigour. Increased duration to 24 seconds
  750. Waagh!: Reduced melee attack increase from 26 to 20
  751. Scarecrow Banner: increased morale penalty for flying units from -4 to -8
  752. Light of Battle: added 40m effect radius, reduced duration to 22 seconds, +1 power cos
  753. Light of Battle Upgraded: increased duration to 44 seconds, -1 power cost
  754. Glittering Robe: removed morale increase, increased armour bonus to +60, duration reduced to 44
  755. Glittering Robe Upgraded: removed morale increase, increased armour bonus to +60, duration reduced to 4
  756. Rune of Hearth and Home: increased effect range to 45m
  757. Destroyer: now adds only +15 ability recharge per 90 seconds
  758. Cursed Blade: fixed the re-application of the direct damage
  759. Heart of Avelorn: now activates when Tyrion goes below 20% health
  760. Crown of Domination: increased effect radius to 55m
  761. Transformation of Kadon: Manticore unbinds 40% slower, reduced casting cost by -2
  762. Tomb Swarm: reduced direct damage by 25%
  763. Death Frenzy: increased duration to 28
  764. Death Frenzy Upgraded: increased duration to 2
  765. Skitterleap: now has a 40m radius, duration reduced to 41, +5 power cost
  766. Skitterleap Upgraded: now has a 40m radius, duration reduced to 82, +8 power cost
  767. Night Shroud: now has a 40m radius, duration reduced to 41, +5 power cost
  768. Night Shroud Upgraded: now has a 40m radius, duration reduced to 82. +8 power cost
  769. Eadbutt: -2 power cost
  770. Eadbutt Upgraded: -2 power cost
  771. Daith’s Sword: added 2 max uses, increased casting range to 100m
  772. Sneaky Stabbing: reduced wind-up time to 1
  773. Gaze of Malice: changed to an uncommon ability, max 3 uses, cost increased to 152, recharge time changed to 90
  774. Djaf’s Incantation of Cursed Blades: -1 power cost
  775. Djaf’s Incantation of Cursed Blades Upgraded: -1 power cost
  776. Sakhmet’s Incantation of the Skullstorm: -1 power cost
  777. Sakhmet’s Incantation of the Skullstorm Upgraded: -1 power cost
  778. Gaze of Nagash: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory
  779. Shem’s Burning Gaze: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory
  780. Vindictive Glare: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory, -1 power cost
  781. Vindictive Glare Upgraded: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory, -1 power cost
  782. Gaze of Mork: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory, -1 power cost
  783. Gaze of Mork: increased accuracy, changed to a higher ballistic trajectory, -1 power cost
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