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  1. Hello dear WaveBreeze Villas,
  2. I'm the travel partner of Christian Mittelstädt and we have booked one of your lovely looking villas for the period of 26.09 - 03.10.19. Booking.com told us that of the total due amount of 1372,14€ you require a pre-payment of 50% or 686,07€. Is that information still correct? If so we would like to know how and when you would like us to pay.
  4. Also we arrive at the Paphos airport in the afternoon of the 26th (around 18:20) and I wanted to ask if you happen to know a reliable and cheap taxi company for transfer to WaveBreeze?
  7. Have a great week and many greetings from Germany!
  9. Marwin Misselhorn
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