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  2. (05:46:54) [Moxie]mads: What?
  3. (05:47:23) Miki Sayaka: type /spiritduels
  4. (05:47:24) [Moxie]mads: Buying crobat and salandit
  5. (05:47:33) [Moxie]mads: Bwahahaha
  6. (05:47:53) [Moxie]mads: Am secretary officer
  7. (05:48:00) Miki Sayaka: nnice
  8. (05:48:06) [Moxie]mads: I will be a slut secretary
  9. (05:48:28) [Moxie]mads: Would that be fine with nept?
  10. (05:49:17) Miki Sayaka: it won't affect him much
  11. (05:49:24) Miki Sayaka: he is already obsessed with someone else
  12. (05:49:38) [Moxie]mads: Ohhh. Who
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