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  1. gir piss wizard
  2. 23:53 < GIR> piss wizard is muppet or dickweasel or 'garbage' (adj.) or shapeshifting
  3.              horse-fucker or yogurt-eater or type-a fuckmonster or lout or butt clown or
  4.              dickloaf or hamfucker or dongripper or fuckdragon or fuckpigeon or incompetent
  5.              shitheel or nuisance person or douchecanoe or shitmartin or pork sword or
  6.              shitbarn or angry shitcannon or angry #mefi
  7. 23:53 < GIR> canon or shitman jojo or fuckstain or cheeseknuckle or Janklord or couchfucker
  8.              or cunt parrot or paint-huffing shitgoblin or slopebrowed weaseldick or
  9.              basement-dwelling sweatbeast or bugfuck crazy or dr dickburn or chowderfucker or
  10.              ass-necked idiot or jowl-dicked motherfucker or goober or dweeb or water trash
  11.              or needledick or fuckshark or
  12. 23:53 < GIR> recalcitrant doctor-fucker or logfucker or slurpy scrotumbrain or cockprinces or
  13.  congrats to mach5, who now has a reason to stop driving like a dick all the time            
  14.              greasy-haired shitworm or dickbreath or holy spiderfucker or literal party
  15.              pooper or rat-tailed cannibal or pusillanimous pustule or paperclip maximizer in
  16.              human disguise or portugese water dog or
  17. 23:53 < GIR> Satan's Personal Toilet or shitwhisper or stooge
  18. 23:53 < tmkf> tehloki: ^ you're welcome.
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