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  1. do{
  2.     clean();
  3.     cout<<"The storm has woke you up. You are slowly opening your eyes, you are lying on ground."<<endl;
  4.     cout<<"You are looking at skies and the moonlight. The water drops are falling down on your face."<<endl;
  5.     cout<<"Its so refreshing... you are taking a deep breath."<<endl;
  6.     cout<<"You are slowly rising up to sitting position."<<endl;
  7.     cout<<"Now you are sitting on ground and you can see a security guard behind a roof wall."<<endl;
  8.     cout<<"The security guard has turned around."<<endl;
  9.     line();
  10.     cout<<"-You woke up... Thanks God..."<<endl;
  11.     line();
  12.     cout<<"1. Where am I? | 2. What happened? | What do you say?: ";
  13.     cin>>choice[1][1];
  16.     }while(choice[1][1]!='1'||choice[1][1]!='2');
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