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  1. Review for team fdffc6547a5c805a9e4a48c0598ceba4            
  2. Legend:    
  3.   + Positive    
  4.   ~ Neutral    
  5.   - Negative    
  7. Given a scale with quarter points I would award:
  8.   Textual description: 5.75 / 6
  9.   Code quality:     6 / 6
  10.   Results:         5 / 6
  12. The grades given are based on the comments below. The negative and positive points are comments about either something lacking or which impressed me. A lack of comment on something is indicative that I considered it good or reasonably good.
  14. Overall comments:
  15.   + Usage of pickle is well done
  16.   + The commenting of functions created is extremely well done, giving an overall description of the function and then comments on more complicated lines of the function.
  17.   + The code is always very easy to follow and quite well written
  18.   - A few errors lead to some incorrect results which propagate.
  21. Comments per section:
  23. Section A:
  25. A1:
  26.   + Clear textual description
  27.   + Complete comments
  28.   - The column names have not been renamed to the requested format.
  29.   - Using ‘cvpr’ as index_col removes it from the list, leading to a conference being forgotten and a lower number of total papers.
  31. A2:
  32.   + Great use of eval function. Simplifies the code itself and the reading of it.
  33.   - Using explode would have simplified creating the author-centric paper, doing the whole ‘author df’ function in a line of code.
  34.   + Good comments on the author df function.
  36. A3.1:
  37.   - The plot gives the impression that the only outlier is Sheila A. McIlraith due to how the x labels are shown, though the second graph remedies to this.
  38.   - Bar graph or scatter plot would make it easier to see the actual number of papers published in the top 20 authors.
  39.   - Good use of double grouping to make it easier to see what is happening in one go.
  40.   - Really good textual description for this part.
  42. A3.2:
  43.   - There is no plot of the papers per year before cleaning the year column.
  45. A3.3, A3.4, A4
  46.   + Clear and concise.
  47.   + The textual description is complete.
  49. Section B:
  51. B1
  52.   + Analysis gets the most important points but perhaps could be extended.
  54. B2.1
  55.   + Good checks on the aminer_ai table.
  57. B2.2
  58.   ~ Perhaps use a bar graph for more readability rather than a long list.
  60. B2.3
  61.   - Not completely clear which list is the one for those absent in the H5 ranking, perhaps a bit more textual description or printing the full list would make it more readable.
  63. B2.4
  64.   + Based on the observed results (cvpr conference missing) the analysis is reasonable.
  66. B2.5
  67.   - A rotation of 90 on the x labels make them hard to read.
  68.   - The difference between both graphs with the title ‘Sum of the rank drop of the top20 per conference removed’ is unclear.
  69.   - Unconvincing analysis: ‘If an author publishes only in one conference and that conference disappears, then his rank will drop greatly.’ If I understood what’s being said, then this is a bit too self-evident.
  71. B3
  72.   + Very interesting analysis found.
  73.   ~ Could talk about potential issues with the new scoring method. The analysis is interesting but lacks critique.
  75. Section C:
  77. C
  78.   + The analysis is complete.
  79.   + The textual description is well done.
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